Hello everyone,

Two weeks ago, I quit my current job, and the leave is due in about a month or so. I've been working at a mall bakery for about 2 years, long enough to move out of my parents house into an appartment and buy my own car. I'm ready to move on and make a new step in my career, but I'm not sure how to go about it as I'm trying to get a job in marketing or some other administrative type workplace with room for advancement in position or just to get the skills necesarry for the future.

I'm also a college dropout and will be going for masters degree in Management and organisation of IT when I have the money, but I'm stuck since I have no real skills other than what I learned at work(people skills, basic knowledge of production and distribution procesess, general paperwork).

My question is, how to get an office job with zero experience in the field? I'm eager to learn new stuff and get after it, but since I've been a lazy fuck in college I'm now at a dissadvantage and want to make up for it.

Thank you for your time and help!