This happened yesterday in the evening.

She confessed yesterday that she had been meeting up with some guy she had met online (a friend of someone she knew), when she was supposedly at her sister's house babysitting and they kissed and he grabbed her ass and they supposedly didn't fuck.

Told her I wanted to break up and leave, got in my car but she ran out and hopped in and wouldnt let me leave.

I went back in the house went to bed and waited for her to go to work today to leave to my folks house. Before she left for work she asked me if I was going to be here when she got back saying this while crying.

She said she regrets meeting the guy and cried a lot. I'm in a pretty low place right now in my life even before this so I know I was being neglectful in the relationship and wasn't invested. I know getting oneitis is part of the problem.

I have doubts about her sincerity to put it mildly. She says she doesn't want me to leave but what does she expect me to do after this confession? Did she want me to break up with her? Did she want to start drama to produce feels?

I dont seen option where going back to her is the right thing to do, and I'm hurting bad enough to want to.

Appreciate any insight.