The main reason women can't find "good men" is because, deep down, they don't really want "good men". You know, "good men" as society defines it. Kind, nice men. Affable, friendly men. Dependable, reliable, trustworthy, loyal men.

Oh, men can be all these things. But they must also be good at being men. And too many men are not good at being men.

A man who is good at being a man:

--is courageous

--has low tolerance for bullshit, especially from women

--walks away from situations and people who don't benefit him or add value to his life

--puts down clear boundaries, enforces them, defends them, and removes people from his life who cross them

--makes, builds, creates, does, performs

--has a mission (being a husband and father is NOT a mission. Don't confuse "function" with "mission").

--works at his mission every day

--is competent and proficient

--practices self control, mastery of his body and mind

--is dominant within his sphere of influence, i.e. shapes his immediate surroundings to his liking

--brings a woman into his life; he does NOT enter into a woman's life

Too many men are not good at being men because they put up with way too much bullshit from women and care way too much about what the women in their lives think. For example, no one even tries to hide AFBB anymore. It's just accepted now, because men have put up with it and tolerated it. Come on now - we have, and you all know it.

What's happened over the past 50 or so years with feminism and the sex rev and societal changes has essentially been

"How much shit are you men willing to take from us? How far are you going to let us push you? When are you going to push back? And as long as you're willing to take this shit, we're going to dish it out. As long as you're willing to let us treat you like this, we will do it, and we will keep doing it, and we will do it more and harder and worse and more frequently.

Until you say "stop". Until you say "no more".

So far, men have been accepting all this shit, mostly because other more powerful men have been passing laws requiring men to accept it. Up to now, we have been quietly accepting all this, all for the promise of some pussy. Maybe.

Until a few years ago you could put up with this and still have an expectation you were going to get sex from your GF/wife. Not anymore. Even a husband has no rights within his marriage. Even a husband has no right to expect ANYTHING from a wife.

What will it take before we all collectively start saying "no"? For the vast majority of society, I don't think we are at that breaking point yet because most men are still getting married and most men are still going willingly to that slaughter. There is a breaking point, though, and I think, candidly, it's going to involve poverty, collapse, and war. Some sort of hard "reset".

I believe most men are willing to continue taking this. Most men are willing to continue letting women push them while accepting some illusory "benefits". Most men are willing to accept the meager IV drip sex. Most men are willing to put up with the bullshit whilst expecting little in return.

I don't believe most of us are willing to start telling women "no". I don't believe most of us are willing to walk away from relationships that don't work. I don't believe most of us are willing to demand things we want from our relationships. So this is going to continue for the foreseeable future.

The answer is simple. Just tell women "no". If she isn't offering what you want/need, walk away. If you're not getting what you want and/or need from her, kick her to the curb. Are you going to have to do without sex for a while? Probably, particularly if you need some improvement. But at least you won't have to put up with a woman continually pushing you to see how much shit you will allow her to toss at you.

Women want men who are Good at Being Men. And too many of us are not good at being men. We put up with way too much bullshit from women. So stop. Just stop. Just start telling her "no" - "No" to her outrageous demands. "No" to her childish temper tantrums. "No" to her foot stomping tirades. "No" to her pettiness and short sightedness.

Start getting Good at Being a Man. Start telling her "no".