Juice fruits

There are juice oranges and eating oranges, juice apples, eating apples and cooking apples, wine grapes and eating grapes. With every fruit that's juiced, the juicing fruit is different from the eating version of the same fruit. It's grown differently, it looks different and just about everything about it is different.

Eating grapes are grown to be crunchy. The bunches are smaller and the individual grapes are bigger. Wine grapes are grown to be juicy and squishy. The bunches are bigger and the individual grapes are smaller and sweeter. If you put those on the shelves in the supermarket, they wouldn't sell because they're squishy and mushy and the bunches are so long.

When you want to make wine, you buy wine grapes. When you want to make orange juice, you buy juice oranges. You might get some juice out of the eating variety, but the juice is not worth the squeeze.

Juicy girlies

Likewise, there are women who are like juice oranges or wine grapes and there are women who are like eating oranges and eating grapes (and those who are like rotten oranges and sour grapes). They're bred, raised and trained differently and are therefore good for different purposes.

If you're looking for a housewife who will be a good mom to your future children in a stable household - you'll need a carefully raised wine grape that'll produce good quality wine - you'll need a woman who was raised in a two parent, stable household herself. A woman who guarded and valued herself. A woman that hasn't been fried in the heat of sexual promiscuity nor has been frozen in the cold of the ice queen mentality. This particular breed of woman is currently an endangered species. Your average western woman is raised like the eating grape. Crunchy while fresh, but lacks any real potential for anything special. She can't cook or run a home, she's educated with bullshit degrees and works in dead-end jobs. Soon enough, the crunch will turn mushy.

Then you have the sour grapes version of woman. The one that was ruined in some way. The slut who slept around, the one raised without a father in the house, the one who was infected by the feminist pathogen. This version - with their smelly blue armpit hair - is vile and disgusting, just like sour grapes and rotten oranges. At this point, it doesn't matter if she was raised as a juice fruit or an eating one. Sour is sour, rotten is rotten, spoiled food is disgusting and will make you sick. Unfortunately, too many women today are of this variety.

Squeezing juice from a fruit

Juice fruits are grown specifically for juice, eating fruits aren't but you might still get some juice out of them. Either way, the fruits will never juice themselves until they spoil. Only then will the stinky juice ooze out on its own.

Women are the gatekeepers of sex and as such, they don't just give it up. You must earn your passage through the pearly gates. Whether your woman is a high quality wine grape or a plane Jane eating grape - she won't just let you in - fruits don't juice themselves unless they're rotten.

Even after you bought and paid for the wine grapes and juice oranges, they still won't juice themselves. Nor will the eating grapes and eating oranges with their inferior juice. Likewise, even after you pay for and marry a woman, you'll still need to earn sex. Fruits don't juice themselves. You'll still need to wine and dine her, buy her gifts, make a ton of money or be a ripped macho alpha bro. Either way, you'll be jumping through one type of hoop or another in order to earn your way through her pearly gates of paradise. You will do so because you sexually need her much more than she sexually needs you.

Only when the fruit becomes dangerously ripe and is about to spoil - only when the woman becomes desperate for a man because her options are running out - only then does she become ridiculously horny, oozing sex even more than a man. Of course, it goes without saying that she'll ooze sex and horniness if she's already spoiled. Because so many women today are of the sour grapes and rotten oranges varieties, many men mistakenly assume this to be the normal female setting. It isn't, it's the setting of spoiling or already spoiled fruit that oozes its juice.

Alternatively, some fruits are picked too early and are so hard, you can hardly get a drop of juice out of them. When you finally do get some juice - this juice certainly isn't worth the squeeze.


There are different types of fruit, only the best juicing fruits will produce good juice. Other fruit might produce some juice, but the juice is not worth the squeeze. Likewise, only the finest women are good for raising a family. Due to altercations between deep freeze ice queen culture, extreme heat promiscuity culture and the infertile grounds of divorce culture - such fruits are an endangered species.

Good juice fruit never Juice themselves. Even plane Jane eating fruit don't juice themselves. You want the juice more than the fruit wants to give you the juice even though it was raised for that purpose. Only rotting or already rotten fruit oozes juice. Likewise, healthy women need to be wooed to become interested in sex. As much as they need it, you need it way more than them. You'll need to earn entry into her gates of paradise. Dance monkey dance. Only rotting fruit are easy, only they ooze juice effortlessly.

So if anyone was wondering where all the good men are - the good men want good wine. For that you need fertile grounds, not grounds for divorce. You need well bred wine grapes, raised in a two parent stable family and healthy environment. And although the fruit won't juice itself, the juice must be worth the squeeze!