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- Hide Preview | 128 Comments | submitted about a year ago by BluepillProfessor [Post Locked]

The Red Pill is sexual strategy for men in a world increasingly dominated by feminism. However, this well known phrase that describes the TRP Subreddit may be a slight misnomer. It is not just a world increasingly dominated by feminists but a world increasingly dominated by WEAK MEN who defer to women and STRONG WOMEN who are arrogant, aggressive, vile harpy feminists who use their pussy to manipulate men as a primary strategy.

When that doesn't work right away, they immediately move from pussy power to victim power and fiercely shame any man who dares to treat them like an equal. NO! Women are "Equal" when it comes to job security and hiring and firing and everything where they want to be "equal." However, if they begin to lose at the competition, the GO TO move is to shame and blame and suddenly they are not equal because.....Vagina. It's a pretty damn good "heads I win and Tails you lose" racket they have pulled off.

A man MUST defer to a woman, listen carefully when she interrupts, and ONLY talk using "inside voices" when women are in the room.

The direct message that is drummed into our heads from the time we were toddlers is that the most important thing to do is to look down when SOFTLY and CALMLY talking to a woman so she is not threatened by your aggressive eye contact. Say "Yes Ma'am" and keep your hands folded in front of you when you are talking to a woman. When SHE starts talking, the "masculine" thing to do is to IMMEDIATELY SHUT UP AND LISTEN carefully to whatever the woman is saying! Let her finish! Don't interrupt a woman!

Of course you can interrupt a man. You can mock what he is saying. You can talk over him. You can tell him to shut up. Such words directed to a woman, however are "Misogyny."

Why? Because when you are used to privileged treatment, being treated as an equal feels like misogyny.

It doesn't matter whether you are the most Alpha dude on the planet. You can make a living grabbing em by the pussy. You can rule over a staff of 200 men. You can make decisions affecting the lives of everybody in the world. You can preside over a budget in the hundreds of Billions. You can get elected to Congress or to the Presidency. You can have a wife and a harem of eager, willing sluts to service you. None of that matters.


Yesterday President Trump met with Congressional leaders and a short exchange caught my attention:

The Post reported that during the dinner, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross asked the 11 people at the table -- including Pelosi, the only woman present -- what President Donald Trump got out of the deal made with Democrats on border security and DACA.

As Pelosi tried to make her point that Trump would get support from Democrats on a variety of issues, the men at the table started talking over each other.

"Do the women get to talk around here?" Pelosi asked, two people familiar with the exchange told the Post.

The table fell silent and she was not interrupted again

Readers take note that the question was not even directed at the woman but she was the person in the room who got to speak uninterrupted. At this table were the most powerful men in the world and ALL a women had to do to shut all of them up was to ORDER the men to shut up by shaming them. All of the "Alpha" men immediately shut up. They stopped the discussion between themselves. They IMMEDIATELY turned to the only woman in the room and everybody shut up for her.

Of course the WOMAN does not need to shut up and listen! NO! The women is the one running the panel! She is the one in charge! No man in this, or any country, has this kind of power once we exclude North Korea but EVERY woman in the country has this power.

Lessons Learned, Again:

  1. ANY woman is free to whine "equality" when it suits her and "Mah Vagina" when it doesn't.

  2. If you DARE speak up about the unfairness you must be a virgin woman hater (so keep quiet and remember to use your inside voices).

  3. ANY woman who is "equal" is actually dominate. As Rollo says: "For one sexual strategy to win, the other must lose." Men have lost completely.

  4. Feminism has won but has not created "equality" but female dominance and supremacy.

  5. Enjoy the decline.