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- Hide Preview | 128 Comments | submitted about a year ago by BluepillProfessor [Post Locked]

The Red Pill is sexual strategy for men in a world increasingly dominated by feminism. However, this well known phrase that describes the TRP Subreddit may be a slight misnomer. It is not just a world increasingly dominated by feminists but a world increasingly dominated by WEAK MEN who defer to women and STRONG WOMEN who are arrogant, aggressive, vile harpy feminists who use their pussy to manipulate men as a primary strategy.

When that doesn't work right away, they immediately move from pussy power to victim power and fiercely shame any man who dares to treat them like an equal. NO! Women are "Equal" when it comes to job security and hiring and firing and everything where they want to be "equal." However, if they begin to lose at the competition, the GO TO move is to shame and blame and suddenly they are not equal because.....Vagina. It's a pretty damn good "heads I win and Tails you lose" racket they have pulled off.

A man MUST defer to a woman, listen carefully when she interrupts, and ONLY talk using "inside voices" when women are in the room.

The direct message that is drummed into our heads from the time we were toddlers is that the most important thing to do is to look down when SOFTLY and CALMLY talking to a woman so she is not threatened by your aggressive eye contact. Say "Yes Ma'am" and keep your hands folded in front of you when you are talking to a woman. When SHE starts talking, the "masculine" thing to do is to IMMEDIATELY SHUT UP AND LISTEN carefully to whatever the woman is saying! Let her finish! Don't interrupt a woman!

Of course you can interrupt a man. You can mock what he is saying. You can talk over him. You can tell him to shut up. Such words directed to a woman, however are "Misogyny."

Why? Because when you are used to privileged treatment, being treated as an equal feels like misogyny.

It doesn't matter whether you are the most Alpha dude on the planet. You can make a living grabbing em by the pussy. You can rule over a staff of 200 men. You can make decisions affecting the lives of everybody in the world. You can preside over a budget in the hundreds of Billions. You can get elected to Congress or to the Presidency. You can have a wife and a harem of eager, willing sluts to service you. None of that matters.


Yesterday President Trump met with Congressional leaders and a short exchange caught my attention:

The Post reported that during the dinner, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross asked the 11 people at the table -- including Pelosi, the only woman present -- what President Donald Trump got out of the deal made with Democrats on border security and DACA.

As Pelosi tried to make her point that Trump would get support from Democrats on a variety of issues, the men at the table started talking over each other.

"Do the women get to talk around here?" Pelosi asked, two people familiar with the exchange told the Post.

The table fell silent and she was not interrupted again

Readers take note that the question was not even directed at the woman but she was the person in the room who got to speak uninterrupted. At this table were the most powerful men in the world and ALL a women had to do to shut all of them up was to ORDER the men to shut up by shaming them. All of the "Alpha" men immediately shut up. They stopped the discussion between themselves. They IMMEDIATELY turned to the only woman in the room and everybody shut up for her.

Of course the WOMAN does not need to shut up and listen! NO! The women is the one running the panel! She is the one in charge! No man in this, or any country, has this kind of power once we exclude North Korea but EVERY woman in the country has this power.

Lessons Learned, Again:

  1. ANY woman is free to whine "equality" when it suits her and "Mah Vagina" when it doesn't.

  2. If you DARE speak up about the unfairness you must be a virgin woman hater (so keep quiet and remember to use your inside voices).

  3. ANY woman who is "equal" is actually dominate. As Rollo says: "For one sexual strategy to win, the other must lose." Men have lost completely.

  4. Feminism has won but has not created "equality" but female dominance and supremacy.

  5. Enjoy the decline.
[-] GayLubeOil 237 Points about a year ago

At some point you need to allow yourself to be the bad guy. Because at some point you have to start living your life for yourself and not for the approval of others.

That means being hated bad-mouthed and disliked. That's fine. At the end of the day that's better then mindlessly obeying every fake-strong lady and every convention until you die.

We're no longer children it's time to live our lives as men and that means upsetting people.

[-] HumanSockPuppet 115 Points about a year ago

We're no longer children it's time to live our lives as men and that means upsetting people.

I like to phrase it this way:

"You're nobody 'til somebody hates you."

[-] Helmut_Newton 62 Points about a year ago

Or, as Winston Churchill said: "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

[-] [deleted] 41 Points about a year ago

And when a man has enemies, he cant relax and he must remain sharp.

Law 2 "Never put too much trust in friends. Learn how to use enemies. If you dont have enemies, make some.

[-] harsha_hs 7 Points about a year ago

This is always true, I've gained respect over people only when I started enforcing strict boundaries and not agreeing whatever shit they are saying. I moved up in my career when I made few enemies.

[-] perplexedm -8 Point about a year ago

Can also be said by Hitler.

[-] [deleted] 8 Points about a year ago

I think that's a case of psychopathy being a double edged sword. Ghandi might've been just as much psychopath as hitler, just their values were different.

Good and bad people have enemies and it's a matter of the values of the person looking at the other person that determines the judgement of cet person. (Even though they might have the exact same psychological make up.)

And that is why you shouldn't care too much about somebody else's opinion they're expressing their own values if they don't align fuck them.

[-] ChadThundercockII 8 Points about a year ago

Hitler died 75 years ago. shut up about him. His names has become a scarecrow used by liberals as a stand in for their opposition. Basically a shaming tactic. And in a way, by saying what you said, you succumbed to the SJW narrative. Get the weakness out of your mind, bucko.

[-] max_peenor 5 Points about a year ago

Funny you should say that.

Years ago I was monologging during an extended e-staff meeting because I was pretty disturbed by some of the shit one of the other organizations was doing. I was being very clear about what they should be doing. At one point a woman in the room, she was probably two steps down he org chart from my peer, stands up and does the little finger mustache thing and puts her arm out to salute the fuhrer and says, "just do what I say and everything will be ok." Ok, sure, that was largely what I was saying. I looked at her and replied, "yup." The room burst into laughter, including me. She sat down and joined the herd laughing.

Two things came of this. First, I got my way. Second, people would occasionally flash me the finger-mustache thing and laugh. Works for me.

GLO is right.

[-] sailorJery 2 Points about a year ago

I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos

[-] vandaalen 38 Points about a year ago

I always tell people "Somebody's gotta be the asshole."

[-] Hung_Chad 3 Points about a year ago

Silicon Valley. If you're not the asshole, there will be an asshole vacuum and somebody will fill it.

[-] Raspu101 14 Points about a year ago

I can't remember who said it, but "oh so you have enemies..Good. It means you've stood up for something in your life". Probably Churchill.

[-] FlamingAmmosexual 17 Points about a year ago

you have to start living your life for yourself and not for the approval of others

One of life's greatest lessons to learn but also one of its most difficult.

[-] InfiniteAscent 9 Points about a year ago

you have to start living your life for yourself and not for the approval of others One of life's greatest lessons to learn but also one of its most difficult.

It helps to experience an in-your-face dramatic example of how harmful it can be to pander to the needs of others. You must read all the TRP material, but once you understand it you need to experience it first hand for it to really sink in.

[-] drty_pr 6 Points about a year ago

The uncomfort of saying something that shuts the room up and has all eyes now on you, is quite liberating when you have became man enough to take comfort in it.

[-] Toverspreuk 9 Points about a year ago

So then Law 38, "Think for yourself but behave like others" becomes a more situational thing?

[-] -VaeVictis- 11 Points about a year ago

90% (or more) of the laws are situational

[-] nazis_are_socialists 5 Points about a year ago

Yeah, the laws are contextual dependent. If you try to follow all the laws simultaneously, you'll find that they contradict each other.

For example, how can you "court attention at all costs" while you're "behaving like others"? You have to employ whatever laws are necessary at a specific time to achieve whatever goal you're trying to achieve.

[-] BigBrotherZiggy 2 Points about a year ago

I see the laws as tools you add to your arsenal. It allows you to have a broader, more detailed view of social exchanges, it allows you to understand people's motivations and so forth. Having those tools in your bag, you consult them when needed. You look at motivations both yours and theirs, and from that trace a strategy to achieve yours.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] stephcurrythrowaway 2 Points about a year ago

Yep. Often times as men when we're right but were offensive we try and play PC and act nice. Fuck that. I'd rather be hated and respected than loved and not respected.

[-] all4gibs 2 Points about a year ago

think about the goal achieved by these interactions like Pelosi's example here:

women are such victims that we should let them lead our country

this is an effect of marxism. she is considered by the majority to be of higher social class than her male peers because she has a twat

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] MattyAnon 73 Points about a year ago

Why? Because when you are used to privileged treatment, being treated as an equal feels like misogyny.

Women relentlessly and unendingly use Special Snowflake Victim Privilege to get more power.

[-] [deleted] 33 Points about a year ago

..because they can get away with it.

As in with personal interactions with women, the very moment that the leverage is removed and the behavior disincentivized, female actions will adapt.

My point is: blame beta males for this, not female nature (which they cannot control). The women-bashing narrative is slightly useful in dislodging gynocentrism from total normies but ultimately the solution has to lie in men passing the shit test that is third wave feminism.

[-] PaperStreetVilla 42 Points about a year ago

How goes the saying?

A mans strongest weapon is a gun

A woman's strongest weapon is a man with a gun

[-] [deleted] 20 Points about a year ago

Man tests his gun; woman tests her man.

[-] MattyAnon 28 Points about a year ago

The women-bashing narrative is slightly useful in dislodging gynocentrism from total normies but ultimately the solution has to lie in men passing the shit test that is third wave feminism.

Absolutely. As you say, women can't/won't change. Why the hell would they, this is working for them.

The odd thing about men / betas / blue pills ..... is that it ISN'T working for them. Their instincts are being subverted to serve the gynogovernmental machinery of their own oppression... and for zero benefit.

Perhaps this is the key to getting the stupid fucks to wake up: realising there is no benefit and their own behaviour is why they are being disrespected.

[-] [deleted] 30 Points about a year ago

The benefit is shame-avoidance mainly.

I was at a party the other night and some girls were ragging on a guy there because he voted for Trump. Guy was getting super defensive. I immediately interjected and said "I voted for Trump too. Trump is the fucking man. Make America Great Again bitches. Anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton is mentally fucking retarded" etc. (Trump per se is irrelevant here of course and I didn't vote for him.) The whole shame power dynamic disappeared immediately. Shame tactics are easy to disable.

The pendulum swing of gynocentrism is beginning to slow considerably.. This may be a stretch but notice how seriously people took the idea of voting for Hillary to break the glass-ceiling: not at all.

There will be a point where the number of people resisting the shame-tactics of gynocentrism will grow large enough that it'll be genuinely mainstream and cool to be a shameless alpha asshole. Consider how uncool it once was in America to be an atheist and how relatively mainstream and cool it is now. I'm optimistic to a fault though.

[-] fromthecrypt8 12 Points about a year ago

Exactly. This comment of yours deserves a lot of attention. A perfect analogy is standing up to bullies. Once you stand up to a bully, you will not be bothered again. Shame tacs is bullying, ultimately.

Once enough men stand up and become shameless alpha assholes, its gonna a major fuckin blow for the entitled gynocentry.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points about a year ago

Wish i had the frame to do that. Jesus christ.

[-] [deleted] 7 Points about a year ago

It's much more fun to smash egg shells than walk on them.

[-] judethedude 1 Point about a year ago

You do have it, you just haven't accepted it yet!

[-] BluepillProfessor 5 Points about a year ago

ultimately the solution has to lie in men passing the shit test that is third wave feminism.

I just gave a specific example of the most powerful, most Alpha men in the whole world shutting up and deferring to a woman who throws down the vagina card.

If 'grab em by the pussy' and the entire Congressional leadership fails, how can any man pass the test? Are you more "Alpha" than Donald Trump? Do you have more power and charisma to pull it off? Does any man?

Want another example? Ask Brad Pitt/ Achiles / Tyler Durden.

[-] drty_pr 10 Points about a year ago

Those are high profile examples. If more men start standing up to this bullshit on the general level, the results will be a snowball effect that ultimately gets to the higher profile levels you speak of.

The amount of men I know who support the happy wife, happy life mantra, combined with the men who engage profusely in ridiculous arguments with there wives (arguments that not only draw you into her frame but also fuel the mean old misogyny fire), makes up the vast majority. I have very few friends who actually handle there interactions with their women in a stoic masculine way. It needs to happen outside the relationship too.

Yesterday I was getting some beer at the grocery store. They young girl behind the cash started to send mine down the conveyor. There are 2 sides, so I'm the third customer now bagging. Suddenly one of my cans rolls into the groceries in front of mine. Chick goes "woah woah, your mixing my stuff up, can't you see I'm not done yet, you're going too fast! I'm on disability!". I stare at her, look the the cashier and say "would you pass me one of the deviders". She hands it to me and again I stare at this bitch as I place the devider. Cashier smiles and guy who is next in line gives me that "fuckin right man" kinda nod. She grumbles as she leaves; looking like a total fool. The amount of men who would let her away with this behavior is up above 95% I'd postulate.

As men, we need to collectively squash the solopsism of women. Or at least make doing so acceptable. Believe me when I say, when you shut your wife down in a social setting for unacceptable shit, every guy in the room is secretly cheering Go Team Man! We need to nurture that thought within our peers to cultivate a culture where it's common place for men to stand up to women. It won't happen over night, but it needs to start somewhere.

[-] RedPillHanSolo 5 Points about a year ago

Brad Pitt is a joker for establishment as is any actor in Hollywood (except guys like Eastwood). He depends on how society percieves him. And given the fact, that large portion of Hollywood is consumed by betas, proud feminists and women, I think we can put 2 and 2 together. Even Sean fucking Connery had to double down.

Thinking that these people have any power is a delusion. Consumers have power over them

[-] BluepillProfessor 3 Points about a year ago

Like money is a delusion. It is just a piece of paper and has no power except what society gives it.

Since it is just a delusion that can and should be disregarded you should send all of yours to me.

[-] Aaronindhouse 45 Points about a year ago

I asked my mother once why she alwyas refuses to move forward with anything my dad suggests(life decisions, where to eat, when to go get dinner, doesn't really matter), even when she doesn't even care one way or the other what the outcome is.

She said to me that she has never fully respected my dad, or the choices he makes, so even when she might agree she just disagrees anyways. She says no to watch his world(and indirectly hers) burn I guess.

Just further proof to me that women's opinions don't really matter in the context of a relationship. They value your assertiveness more than your deference to what they want for dinner or what to do for the weekend.

[-] BluepillProfessor 35 Points about a year ago

If this is my son, I told you to stay off Reddit and get a job.

[-] Aaronindhouse 12 Points about a year ago

Haha. I'm definitely not. Pops could definitely use a dose of red pill.

[-] ChiNadesler 2 Points about a year ago

Can relate with mu grandma

[-] nazis_are_socialists 1 Point about a year ago

Why do you suppose she doesn't respect your dad or the choices he makes?

[-] BluepillProfessor 6 Points about a year ago

Until the 1950's men were the default head of the family. He was the leader and the wife deferred to and supported him. A husband had conjugal rights and could tell a mouthy bitch to shut up and go to our room. Then he was free to discipline and then Fuck her.

This Worked for tens of thousands of years until we decided in the 1960's that we knew more than every Religious tract ever written and the lessons of human history.

Today conjugal rights are considered Rape. Male Authority is the awful Patriarchy.

More Starkly: Before men had rugged Strong Men Like John wayne. Now they have pathetic and weak simps like Justin Beaver.

[-] BigBrotherZiggy 2 Points about a year ago

How long until someone comes here and says "So you're suggesting we go back to the 50s? They were not so great you know"

[-] BluepillProfessor 3 Points about a year ago

I am sure this has happened over 100 times by now.

The 1950's were the last decade where fertility and customs were such to provide a sustainable culture in America. Patriotism was off the charts and the sexes got along a whole lot better. According to polls, people were much, much happier even with Jim Crowe and all the rest.

[-] Aaronindhouse 3 Points about a year ago

They got married when they were both mid 30's. Shes was a business woman most of her life. I suspect she settled(not that she was an amazing catch either). My dad is a nice, charismatic, hard working guy. My mom is super controlling. I don't think she could ever respect him because he never commands it. He has always been too deferent to her whims and wishes and lets her lead often times because she 'wants to'.

She's a crappy leader and always gets frustrated at him for not taking charge, but paradoxically gets frustrated when he takes charge because he's not doing it the way she thinks he should. I don't see them too much these days, but when I do, I try to throw red pill nuggets to my dad. He mostly thinks they are sexist or disrespectful or NAWALT. I don't think there is much hope.

[-] Mefic_vest 35 Points about a year ago

Of course you can interrupt a man. You can mock what he is saying. You can talk over him. You can tell him to shut up. Such words directed to a woman, however are "Misogyny."

Why? Because when you are used to privileged treatment, being treated as an equal feels like misogyny.

Bang, spot-on. The real heart of the matter.

[-] a_passager 9 Points about a year ago

Yep. The comment was probably a conscious decision by Pelosi, but for many women it won't be.

They won't think "Heh, let's see what they do when I say this," but will instead feel like they've been unfairly undercut. They will then demand to have what they feel that they unjustly lost.

[-] ImHereAtLast 3 Points about a year ago

Exactly this, with an old Milo appearance on a British talk show where three feminist harpies felt entitled to badger and interrupt him.

[-] Frenetic_Zetetic 1 Point about a year ago

Women are quite literally the "liberal" (modern day meaning of the term) sex.

[-] Mallago 31 Points about a year ago

Enjoy the decline.

Hell no. The mens rights and antiSJW movement grows everyday. I don't follow this rule, and I don't care if people make false accusations of misogyny. I'm right, I'm smarter than you, and I don't care. So try it. ' I'm noticing people are starting to get it more and more and more. I don't think radical feminism is going to achieve the "creeping domination" of gradually controlling society like they think they will. The cracks are already forming, and although they appear stronger than ever, they're building a castle on hollow foundations. Eventually, it will crumble. This is why Trump won as president. Very few people - myself included- would ever like Trump in normal circumstances, I'd have voted for Bill Clinton 100 times before Trump, but they subconsciously get something is very off with the left. The part of the brain that sends out warning signals are beeping.

I think a massive social backlash isn't just going to happen, but already happening. I know it's not tied to you guys but look at the red pill documentary, and the alt-right...sure the alt-right is problematic and misguided, but thats because people are confused and lashing out at something they know is there but can't identify. I think the creation of a moderately toned, accessible and likeable movement based around the MRM would be very successful if the image is managed the right way. It's a multi front war where we can play soft on the outside and dirty in the inside. The figureheads need to be appealing and likable, much like the feminists, only our intentions are sincere and ethical, we just operate on a means to an end basis. Charm is key, that's what wins elections and catapults social movements. That's what SJWs did, the psychopaths they are, they charmed special groups one at a time to "recruit" them. (Trans, BLM, etc) But they never really care and don't care about them now.

Feminism is making a big mistake of turning to the fear and intimidation described in this post to control. They think they have society where they want to, so they're showing their "true colors." However, this is a massive mistake because

A. They aren't the big bad dictators with 100 armored divisions to back their power up like they think they are. They power is weak, and easily resisted. What if people didnt fall in line? What would they do? They couldn't even beat one of the most alienating presidential candidates of all time with a surefire will. They feel free to resist because they've never been seriously resisted before. They'll break fast when that happens. People will see their lies, see their true intentions, and the will face increasing dissent from within, especially as they get more confident in their own power. Think about black men who have been tricked into following SJWs, but face every male issue worse than men of other, prison, employment, homelessness, life expectacy, abusive girlfriends, etc.

B. They will begin to project an negative and unlikable image to people, especially people in their own ranks they no longer think they need ("male allies".) Psychopaths can never keep the same friends for long, eventually, their arrogance and deranged mindset ruin things for themselves.

I think overwhelming numbers are ready to oppose the, but are afraid to do so because they think they're alone. I've started being open about being an MRA in Los Angeles, and while I get the hate you imagine at first, people frequently begin to realize the image they have is false when they get to know me more. I'm not aggressive about it and usually dont initiate discussion about it, but when I have to I'm relentless and unapologetic. I work in the film biz and there I have to keep the act up, but believe me, the day will come when I'll send a few shockwaves. I love debate, never get rattled, couldn't care less about abuse or threats (lol celebs delete twitter because of nasty comments??), and I love coming up as the underdog. It's much more fun to go from hated to liked than always liked.

[-] learn-relearn 12 Points about a year ago

Great post. That 'thing' you talk about that people sense as being 'off' with the left is the relentless pushing for normalization of controversial and what would historically be deemed as unnatural agendas.

I think the trans agenda, or more specifically pushing for normalization of this in class rooms and seeing the results of post-op kids as adults is, and potentially will be, a very big turning point for many.

Another stage will be the ever decreasing influence and credibility of science as it starts to become more and more obvious that scientific data and experimentation methods are manipulated to favor the social agendas. I don't want to use the trans example again but for context, most research has concluded that children who undergo gender reassignment still suffer from depression and are just as likely to commit suicide than those who never underwent surgery. There's lots of evidence suggesting the want to transition is a psychological condition rather than genetic programming or the like, yet still the left insist on enabling humans who are too young to consider the long term consequences to essentially mame their bodies for life. This for me was a significant turning point and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

Finally, people might understand that normalization of controversial and unnatural agendas is, at the heart of it, manipulative and undemocratic.

[-] BluepillProfessor 5 Points about a year ago

I used to have your optimism.

Let me guess, you were certain that transgender boys in the girls bathroom would never become a thing. Or gay marriage. I didn't believe those could happen and now I think anything can happen.

I hope you are right.

[-] judethedude 1 Point about a year ago

You don't have to be so sarcastic, let him have his optimism, we are on the same side. Even though he puts up a strong front it is nice to have some allies even if they disagree with you.

[-] JFMX1996 0 Points about a year ago

Like you never thought transgender boys in a girls bathroom or gay marriage would ever become a thing, you don't think men can take back their societies.

Well, shit.

You just might be wrong again.

I sure hope so, hehe.

[-] Whitified 2 Points about a year ago

the problem with the "slippery slope" is that so far it seems to slide one way only

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Whitified -1 Point about a year ago

All of us are down to fight. But none of us are gonna die fighting a battle we can't win. Or a battle that doesn't even have a plan.

Some of us here have jobs. Some of us here have kids, families. Forgive us for not risking everything yet to so-called "fight". And by fight, it seems like all you guys (MRAs) are doing is making noise. Look, even the POTUS has to abide by feminist rules, as OP described. What hope is there for us?

Is there actually a "battle plan"? Or is the plan just to continue doing what MRAs have been doing for decades? You know, make a lot of noise while achieving absolutely nothing? Or succeed only in becoming the male version of feminism, never once realizing that "equality" is never possible on this earth?

They aren't the big bad dictators with 100 armored divisions to back their power up like they think they are.

Yeah but they control the men who do. Or rather, these men have to obey their rules, their will. And you know what these men also have? Nukes.

I think overwhelming numbers are ready to oppose the, but are afraid to do so because they think they're alone.

At the very most, people who think like us number up to... 20% in the West. And I'm being very very generous. Even then, we're still in the minority. What on earth can we do? Affirmative action and sympathy has always been reserved for those who are really in a position of power, we all know that. What on earth can we do?!

Until then, forgive us for hiding. Forgive us for doing only the things that makes a difference (such as staying quiet and voting Trump, which isn't really related to Red Pill, but still...)

Until then, all you not-covert proponents of the Red Pill are really doing us a huge disfavor, actually. While we are here hiding like Morpheus, red pilling whatever people we can, you are there in the spotlight shouting at the top of your lungs to the machines "HEY MACHINES! OVER HERE! WE WANT EQUALITY!!!111"

Yeah.. no thanks.

[-] [deleted] 25 Points about a year ago

The good thing is, you can never fuck with the natural order of things. Truth in nature. Women don't want power. They want recognition and affirmation. They are secretly terrified of being tasked with real responsibility. All leftism and feminism are, are mechanisms for the elite to secure more control. Any woman who buys into it you can write off as stupid. There are stupid, malleable people in this world. A lot of them. Anybody you know who promotes leftism is stupid. All there is to it. You don't need to make any other excuses for them.

Nancy Pelosi is a whore. She answers to powers above her. The reason for her behavior is theater. To appear like a strong female. To virtue signal for those who control her. Muh womanhood. Muh feelings. Must never let the narrative go off course, or slip even a shade to reality. People like her are doing the job of the enemy, day in and out. Some, like Pelosi and Hillary, are well aware of what they're doing(you can be damn sure of that). Others, who are not so bright, are completely sold on their importance as a female/minority/whatever else.

There will be no decline. A true decline would require way too much mental illness. I believe this is really about as far as you'll see things go. There's already a ton of backlash. People have had enough overall. Their nonsense movement will never succeed... especially in this country. At the end of the day, Nancy Pelosi and the screeching blue-haired lunatics at Berkeley (who were raised on family values and Capitalism and are still too stoned to realize it), don't matter a bit. The people who do matter are too few and weak. Money cannot support a global tyranny. No way, no how. The elite are terrified of you and me. That's why they use soft-Marxism rather than just attempting to kill us all. Because it's all they can do. They have no support, no real influence, and a total sense of what they're up against.

[-] nazis_are_socialists 5 Points about a year ago

Your username trips me out. It's a palindrome, but is it also supposed to be chords?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] vandaalen 18 Points about a year ago

"Shut up, bitch."

- Patrice O'Neal


[-] BluepillProfessor 8 Points about a year ago

Try to imagine the freak out if Trump had actually said that.

[-] d0lphinsex 2 Points about a year ago

Man I've listened through almost all of the Black Phillip shows. So worth it. He was a genius. Or probably like men were before this new pussy generation.

[-] Pope_Lucious 15 Points about a year ago

Men understand naturally you have to compete for attention. You have to have something-be funny, useful, or charming- in order to get any positive attention as a man. Women feel entitled to attention simply for existing.

Women, the strong victims.

[-] _Mephostopheles_ -4 Point about a year ago

Yeah, no. I'm not funny, useful, or charming—in fact, I'm sort of gross and annoying, or at least I think of myself as those things—but I still get positive attention from most decent people. You know why? Because I'm not a bitter fucking asshole.

Get over yourself and be kind and maybe people will like you. This isn't a gender thing, this is a you thing.

[-] Pope_Lucious 14 Points about a year ago

Honestly can't tell if this post was supposed to be counter-analysis or an insult. Seems to have failed in both cases.

[-] _Mephostopheles_ 0 Points about a year ago

Hey, it's okay. We're all guilty of denying the truth at one point or another, including me at a young age. Unfortunately, I don't think you guys are all that young, so... hmm...

[-] Aaronindhouse 3 Points about a year ago

Most people that come here to TRP, and understand it, realize that it IS them that are the problem. Go read the sidebar >>>

[-] [deleted] 14 Points about a year ago

I find talking over people works well. Especially when they ramble about feminism don't even give them space to maneuver. Last week I was having a conversation about sports at a local sports bar with an older guy and a woman interjected when we got to the point of cheer leaders and rambled about feminism we just kept talking and I upped my tone of voice when shed start get louder thinking we were listening. Eventually I couldn't raise my voice anymore without it causing a scene so I just turned to her and said excuse me adults are speaking. After a dramatic exit the sports talk continued. The trick is to not give them the attention they crave.

[-] albino_red_head 10 Points about a year ago

excuse me adults are speaking

This is the answer, or even better, just point out when someone, anyone is being rude. You don't even have to take the approach of insinuating "adults". Your method seems a bit childish (although no doubt effective). I find that simply, calmly stating directly to an interrupter or rude person just what they're doing, is a insanely effective at putting them in their place, and making them recognize yours.

[-] [deleted] 7 Points about a year ago

I said adults because she knew she was being rude (women know what right and wrong is they aren't stupid) so I was insinuating she was being childish she was literally talking at my shoulder as I was turned talking to another dude and enjoying conversation literally no one was listening for 15-20 mins until the game of raising our voices necessitated me telling her to STFU. It's not like I was trying to cause a problem but I'm enjoying myself nobody gives a fuck about politics and gender issues at a sports bar

[-] albino_red_head 8 Points about a year ago

yeah all good. In either case she probably would have been upset and at the end of the day, all the better. I think back to an early RP day when I first practiced this. Some B walks up to my group of homies smoking and just says "gimme your lighter". She started jabbering about something (no idea who she is) and I stop her with a "excuse me, you're being rude". The look on her face was priceless, and she proceeds to flip, calling me a dick, asshole whatever. I calmly state "my home boys and I were having a conversation, when we were rudely interrupted, by you". Staying calm and ignoring her insults (while pointing out her continued behavior issues), she ended up apologizing profusely, wanted to have a drink. I told her to go buy me one, she did. Probably would have done anything else I wanted her to.

Such a memorable early RP moment.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] SasquatchMcKraken 12 Points about a year ago

It is not just a world increasingly dominated by feminists but a world increasingly dominated by WEAK MEN who defer to women and STRONG WOMEN

So much this. The Spanish wouldn't have been able to conquer the Aztecs in the manner they did without tens of thousands of Native American allies. Leave whatever you might think of the Aztecs out of it and realize we're pretty much in the same position today. That's why I laugh when people on here act as though it's a cut-and-dry male vs female ordeal. It isn't.

[-] [deleted] 9 Points about a year ago

Very good, timely post to remind us of the gynocentric world we live in.

Enjoy the decline professor.

[-] Shakydrummer 7 Points about a year ago

The people who are like that (both men and women) are too far gone anyway so it's a waste of breath to change anyone's opinion. Just be a man and command your presence, and respond to idiots like you described with amused Mastery or just don't acknowledge their 'argument'. Works like a charm.

[-] Rollo_Mayhem3 5 Points about a year ago

Feminism and it's behavioral manifestations are based on shaming men, guilting them, and intimidating them (installing fear). Typically these psychological tactics are used by the weaker party within a relationship. They are usually effective on most people because most people are not secure and powerful, in other words they are vulnerable in some way. Smart men realize this and they realize when they pick their battles, polticians despite being powerful in fact are utterly weak and suspectible to public opinion. They were smart to let her speak..blah, blah, blah...

[-] [deleted] 5 Points about a year ago

Of course you can interrupt a man. You can mock what he is saying. You can talk over him. You can tell him to shut up. Such words directed to a woman, however are "Misogyny."

Such words directed to a woman are what gets her interested.

The feminism stuff just gives it more contrast, draws attention to it.

[-] Entropy-7 4 Points about a year ago

The vast majority of business, political and military leaders are men because it takes masculine traits to be successful. Female leaders tend to be "men in skirts" or they invoke pussy privilege to have some court or law say that they get a promotion or some such thing.

[-] GOATmar 4 Points about a year ago

Do the women get to talk around here?

Does the Little Spoon of the house have something important to say?

[-] TunedtoPerfection 3 Points about a year ago

Any woman can whine and cry all she wants, how you are seen receiving it is what matters. First impressions are huge here, and honestly a bad one is hard to fix.

There are a large number of women who utilize power dominance games as a way to weed out betas. It's the whole girls teasing boys they like thing from kindergarden amplified. Amused mastery is always the go to. But I see a lot of men going overboard specifically in this situation to the point of trying to "win" over the woman. Doing that is falling just as much into their frame as being a simp to it.

You have to remember, she is doing it solely because she thinks she can get away with it. If you ignore her, talk over her, berate her, or anything to assert dominance you feed her drama. If you concede you get dominated and tossed aside. But if you show her that you understand how silly her game is, she will fake get mad, call you an "asshole", then probably screw you in the bathroom later that night.

[-] hbPUA 2 Points about a year ago

I was at a convention a couple of years ago. And we had small group work to do with me, and older man and two women.

The older man had confidence to talk about a lot of things. And I had my own opinions that I had full faith in.

The women were mostly quiet until one of them speaks up, "can we get a say in this?" Okay, I respond. "We will be quiet and let's hear what your opinion on this from both of you. What do you suggest should be done?"

Obviously I was met with a long silence... they migth even have repeatedly something we had said.

Then I said "okay" and continued our conversation and they didn't say much more.

These were post walls hags in their forties or fifties with to much weigth and had probably not had an original though of their own since kinder Garten.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a year ago

The problem with OP's premise is that it assumes it's reasonable for a woman to have a seat at the table of important discourse in the first place. Her cognitive abilities only permit her the power of rote memorization. Please understand this is no exaggeration. She does not come equipped with the requisite white matter for ANY kind of deeper cognition. Couple that with the female propensity for emoting over logic and you'll understand why some have launched nationwide counter measures to uproot feminist decay in every single professional and academic arena. There is no field where they'll be spared their modicum of faux grrl power. We gave them an inch and they've now hung themselves with the mile long slack they took from weak unsuspecting betas. We've got influence in every grad school program and six figure career op nationwide. They are obligate dependents and if we're being honest it's hard to deny they are better served when their opportunities are curtailed.


We've made major headway and you will see this bear out in hard data on salary discrepancies per gender and also in the number of females not being accepted to competitive grad school programs. Graduate school affords them longer periods of independence which in turn makes them sluttier, more mentally ill and less deferential. Additionaly, their increased earning capacity from garnering professional credentials makes them more difficult to subordinate in their interpersonal relationships with men which compromises everyone's quality of living.


She does need to be spoken over any time she mistakenly asserts some kind of authority in the presence of men. She should not have equal billing and some of us are proactively taking steps to undermine the failed social experiment of feminism. It's easy and it's fun and everyone should do their part in closing the chapter on all the ill gotten gains of the last half century. It's time to let her sphere of influence and power match her agency, which is net zero across the board. They should have never been gifted equal opportunity to begin with because they are incapable of competing with men in any cerebral or physical context. They evolved that way for a reason and they need to start being used according to their purpose again. The audacity for them to so much as squeak out a complaint after all the affirmative action handouts we've given them. Back down the ranks ladies. Let's get this gynocentric party over with once and for all and put measures in place that prevent a redux of this female empowerment shit show ever again.

[-] pandapplexo 2 Points about a year ago

Nice masturbatory fantasy fodder, edgelord. You wanna throw down MCAT scores or academic decathlon it out, buddy? Why don't you follow this sub's advice and fixate on making your own existence less dismal and leave the diplomas and career paths of others alone. As for now you're just a weirdo with a hatefuck manifesto. Your grandiose revenge fantasies are only going to bring you further down. Once you discover that the merit of your accomplishments is directly attributable to your levels of human happiness, you will be able to mitigate all of this unproductive hostility. Get some help.

[-] BluepillProfessor 0 Points about a year ago

Her cognitive abilities only permit her the power of rote memorization.

This is a stupid statement. Pelosi is one of the most powerful members of Congress. She was the Speaker of the House. She is a lawyer. She speaks extemporaneously in public almost every day. We can say AWALT to sexual behaviors, shaming men, arrogant bitchiness, and constant lies (especially about sex and gender) but we certainly cannot say AWALT to intelligence. You underestimate the 'fairer' sex to your detriment.

[-] IllimitableMan 1 Point about a year ago

More accurate statements:

More men than women with +1-3 standard deviations in IQ, ergo of people with 115+ IQ, men are a majority

Women possess a lower grey matter volume and most struggle to use logic due to this, with the exacerbation effect compounded by the presence of high estrogen (postmenopausal women tend to be a little saner)

Saying women can only rote memorise was a silly assertion, but I think I see where he's coming from. High IQ logical people are rare, but high IQ women are rarer than high IQ men, and high IQ logical women are even rarer than high IQ logical men. IQ correlates with logic but is only a necessary not sufficient condition. A 130 IQ girl drowning in estrogen is still going to come off like an irrational dolt.

Women also tend to have lower stress tolerance so are more likely to lead ineffectively. The Pelosis of the world are exceptions. Most women in university do a weak non quant subject with a lower mean IQ.

Even a non quant high IQ subject like philosophy has few women due to the intense logical demands the subject places on students. Women also have 10% smaller brains relative to their total mass than men do. All in all, generally speaking, it is true women are less intelligent, just not to the extreme degree that man claimed.

The rare woman with a great analytical and intellectually curious mind is always a pleasure, she's simply rarer than her male counterpart due to the above mentioned factors.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points about a year ago

There were several neurosci studies conducted out of the west coast academic circuit on female cognition during the early naughts and the results were shocking even to the researchers collecting the data. The researchers were drummed out of their program and out of uni and the research was immolated and destroyed never to see the light of day. She is only capable of associating words with their correlative objects (i.e. She knows the word apple is associated with the red round edible object). Her syntax is the result of memorization and not grasping the lyrical interconnectedness of said words or what they mean beyond the phonetics and quick surface associations. Where as a man can memorize and learn all the steps of the Krebs cycle, just like a woman, a man will actually rotate the concept visually in his minds eye and will be struck by passing meta thoughts of how this pertains to nutrition and organismal wellness - a woman is not physically endowed with a prefrontal cortex that can do anything beyond memorizing the words that comprise the steps of the phenomenon in a chronological order with no greater meaning or understanding. There is no intellectual curiosity in the female brain just as there is no such thing as female creativity or deeper problem solving aptitudes for them. They operate cerebrally much the same way a great ape would were it endowed with more complex verbal centers of the brain along with the corresponding vocal mechanisms that we humans have. This is not hyperbole this is bannished science.

[-] BluepillProfessor 2 Points about a year ago

I know several women with keen, analytical minds and with near genius level IQ. However, I am not aware of a single woman who has great intellectual curiosity beyond their narrow discipline.

At birth, men and women have the same intellectual potential; there is no primary difference in intelligence between the sexes. It is also a fact that potential left to stagnate will atrophy. Women do not use their mental capacity: they deliberately let it disintegrate. After a few years of sporadic training, they revert to a state of irreversible mental torpor.

Why do women not make use of their intellectual potential? For the simple reason that they do not need to. It is not essential for their survival.

Theoretically it is possible for a beautiful woman to have less intelligence than a chimpanzee and still be considered an acceptable member of society.

By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way, they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work. In return for his support, they are prepared to let him make use of their vagina at certain given moments.

[-] TomeofBlood 1 Point about a year ago

Men on average lead women by 7 points to a whole standard deviation almost. But the IQ sex differences in scores are normed out since 1940.

Mostly in spatial awareness linked to holistic creativity, curiosity, top-down, intuitive learning, parallel processing, wider more abstract social ability etc. (Ref: science vs feminism/ sex differences in intelligence)

Women have lower optimal connectivity in their parietal lobes to support their extra grey matter which makes it a deficit in abstract reasoning capacity, logic, holistic intuition etc.

Women just always have a bottom-up, forced method of deconstructing the world's abstract patterns. (Rote memorization) They have weak central coherence.

They are more likely to become "socialized" by their professions and less challenging of the canonical wisdom because of sensitivity to in-group bias, status whoring etc. Her deference to authority and social influence makes her more prone to bounded cognition as well.

[-] sourdieselfuel 2 Points about a year ago

It's dominant. Dominate is something you do, not an adjective.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago

The point of this post: Physical violence is God.

[-] LightBearCares 1 Point about a year ago

In some ways, it doesn't matter if she has the floor to speak (this can also be applied in a general way). You can just ignore whatever the hell comes out of her mouth, or take whatever you find valuable from her rant, however grand or miniscule that may be.

[-] DenyHerYourEssence 1 Point about a year ago

Classic female shaming. People complain a lot about use of the race card, but in truth the gender card gets played far more often (women are 51.3% of the adult US population.) There are just too many men who are scared to call women out when they make shaming comments like Pelosi's or when that old chestnut "you'd never say that to a man" gets pulled out.

[-] Awes300meness 1 Point about a year ago

What would she have said if she weren't female?

[-] BluepillProfessor 1 Point about a year ago

She would have talked like all the other guys when it was her turn.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago


[-] BluepillProfessor 1 Point about a year ago

Is it upsetting to face the truth? Or have you not made it that far and just assume any man speaking up must be vile and atrocious?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] perplexedm 1 Point about a year ago

Pelosi got to talk just because others there didn't have much of credible value to put on table. Their fault that they allowed Pelosi go ahead with her points.

[-] BluepillProfessor 2 Points about a year ago

others there didn't have much of credible value to put on table.

Again I point out who was there- the god damn President of the United States. The Chief of Staff to the President. The leaders of the House. The leaders of Congress. Generals. The national security advisor.

You are saying:

  1. If all those "weak men" had anything credible to add they would have contributed. They shut up because this demented old hag knew more than all of them?

  2. Those leaders were weak because a REAL MAN would have stood up to her and not let her talk.

Why is it ALWAYS the man's fault? I know women have a 6 to 1 in group preference in favor of women, and men have a 4:1 out group preference in favor of vagina but this response is more like 50:1.

None of the leaders of the free world had anything credible to say so they rightfully shut up and let the goddess speak. OK, I guess that is one interpretation.

[-] perplexedm 1 Point about a year ago

Trump is supposed to the one of the top redpilled guys out there in politics. If he and his team kept silent, they did it on purpose, played her and public on a critical issue like this.

Why is it ALWAYS the man's fault?

Mens' fault is they don't put women in the place they deserve. Even top leaders. And everyone suffers becuase of that.

[-] LOST_TALE 1 Point about a year ago

lol they're going to be so scrued when all those end stage degeneracy countries go down the venezuelian drain. I hope they will be. From deplorable to internationally unemployable, all these beta cucks will likely have nothing left once they get financially slaughtered like the sheep they are by the bulls and bears. The duo can go extinct.

Genocide isn't always bad.

[-] macamoxitequipacho 1 Point about a year ago

Hell yeah OP thinks women are the dominant sex

[-] BluepillProfessor 1 Point about a year ago

The evidence that women are dominant as a group is overwhelming.

I have often said simply that women have won and men have been defeated. We have been defeated 95% on an individual level. Easily 95% of "men" today are not anything of the sort. We have been defeated on a social level. 99% of advertising, affirmative action and court actions favor women. In academia girls rule in science and girls rule in math while the same groups holler for lowering standards because it "math is a patriarchal discipline." Any man who protests that he is being mistreated is immediately labeled a "woman hater" and "not a REAL man." Women and their filthy White Knights join in on pummeling any man who dares speak out about his oppression.

In a "so called" committed relationship ANY man quickly learns that he has no power whatsoever. He can commit and spend all his money on a bitch while she is free to fuck around and ride the cock carousel until she gets thrown crotch first into the ground.

The pattern is everywhere you look. Women are like Saul Alinsky: They choose a target. They polarize it, "fix" it, and then throw sex at it every hour on the hour until the man drops all his other options. Then the women who has successfully addicted the man to her stinky, well used holes can- AND ALMOST ASSUREDLY WILL IN ALMOST EVERY CASE- 'cut off' a committed man in order to gain control of him.

Almost all men are trapped at this point. The girl can go out and play hop on pop that night with another man if she chooses. The man has a crushing 6 months to 1 year wait without the sex that he craves with every fiber of his body.

The ONLY way to "win" today in a LTR or marriage and prevent the ultimate "you don't get to fuck me unless you obey me" shit test is to score a Pyrrhic victory by truly not giving a fuck what she does and by keeping other options open.

The ONLY way a man can win when a woman throws down the "fucking me depends on obeying me" card is to laugh in her face, ghost her for up to two weeks, and fuck 2-3 other girls in that time. This works because it is the only way for a man with a normal sex drive to cope with women's power and manipulation.

It is almost like women infect us with a painful disease and then dangle the cure in front of your face and laugh at you when you reach for it. For the rest of your life she will use the cure to your disease in the most brutal, self centered way possible.

She will destroy "date nights" that took you months to prepare and over a thousand dollars just to watch you react. She will bring you to the edge and then suddenly stop, saying: "I am not feeling it."
She will act nice and flirty all day and even rub your cock through your clothes and then at bedtime she will disappear into the bathroom until well after bedtime. Then when she finally comes to bed she will be cold and her voice will be in monotone.

"I don't FEEEEEEEL Like having sex rigth now. Why do you always want to have sex?"

TLDR: If you are going to get married or LTR-ed you better not stop spinning plates. She WILL effectively use your vulnerabilities against you and denying a man sex who is used to such relief is the hydrogen bomb of modern relationships in the West.

If I had to do it again I would follow the advice of my father, Tom Leykus. Unless you have other options, it is certain you will be disrespected, constantly tested, and after a year, routinely denied sex. Believe it.

[-] macamoxitequipacho 1 Point about a year ago

Seems like your idea of oppression is being denied sex. I'm terribly sorry to inform you that, since it unfortunately takes two to tango, you don't get to have sex whenever you want with whoever you want. gasp! Horrifying, I know. It's almost as if gasp! life isn't fair and we don't get to have whatever we want whenever we want! I'm terribly sorry that you feel personally victimized by the inherent unfairness of life. Pity, isn't it. Well, best of luck to you, chump.

[-] BluepillProfessor 1 Point about a year ago

Great! We can negotiate a fair deal then.

I know: YOU don't get my resources unless I feel like it that day. You don't get my alimony check just because....gasp! Horrifying that it might is not fair. Sorry, maybe next month.

Wait that's wrong! You DO get my alimony check and you are right! I don't get to have sex when I want.

Take note fellow Terps. THIS is what marriage is today.

You pay and pay. She doesn't contribute a God Damn thing except headaches and nagging. They don't owe you sex! Nobody owes you jack shit. But guess what! It works both ways. We don't owe women jack shit either.

So gentle macamoxitequitacho, you have already demonstrated to us what MEN must give up when they get married. He gives up the right to future income in return for guaranteed sex.......and then when he is married you discover that the sex is not so guaranteed. In fact, it is TOTALLY at the whim of the woman. Like your paycheck. TOTALLY at the whim of the woman.

Please tell me dear Macamoxit. What do women give up when they say "I do." Go ahead, don't be afraid.

Men give up the male instinct to spread his seed wide and far. Men give up half their future income. Men give up the right to stray without consequences.

Men THINK they are trading all this for sex essentially on demand.

They are wrong, as Macamox explains to us! Life is not fair. To fucking bad bub. Go take out the trash.

Sex on demand is THE ONLY THING THAT WOMEN GIVE UP IN THE MARRIAGE VOWS. That is what they give up. They agree to HAVE AND TO HOLD this person. They don't agree to play the: "I get half your shit whenever I want but you don't get any shit unless I say so."

TLDR: Don't get married.

[-] macamoxitequipacho 1 Point about a year ago

I feel sorry for you that you have such a depressing view of marriage

[-] BluepillProfessor 1 Point about a year ago

I have been fighting the marriage battle for 25 years, moderate a forum to help men stay married and deal with their situation, and even wrote a book on the topic of restoring a failing marriage.

I feel sorry that marriage is so depressing today.

Don't feel bad though. Nobody is able to answer the question of what women give up in the marriage "contract" today because they don't give up a thing.

[-] Rian_Stone 1 Point about a year ago

When you realize your sphere of control is smaller than you had hoped, you learn to focus actions on the smaller sphere.

This is a good thing, you have much less concern over the ways of the world.

[-] Fapisluv -1 Point about a year ago

Strong and women used in conjunction next in each other.Thats where most people here should stop reading

[-] metallicdrama -1 Point about a year ago

Shit test. Just say sure, tell us about these sandwiches you're making!

[-] darkblackforest -9 Point about a year ago

I like how you started with a pretty good idea and then you went and turned it political there at the end.

Come on, man.

[-] GayLubeOil 23 Points about a year ago

This post is apolitical he just used a political example. There are a lot of spergs here wetting their beds whenever politics is mentioned.

However there is a difference between pushing politics and citing politics as an example. If you don't understand that nuance, your not intelligent enough to participate here.

[-] TheAirborne 7 Points about a year ago

He wasn't ready for you to obliterate him like that.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] vandaalen 9 Points about a year ago

I can see why you would need to imagine being able to look down to other people as a guy who's making burritos for a living.

[-] _Mephostopheles_ 2 Points about a year ago

Does it really matter what I do for a living? I'm young. At least I'm not thirty and living with my parents.

I have no inferiority complex, as you seem to imply. I know I'm not a saint, but I at least try to act decent and respectful to people who have not revoked their right to decency and respect. Can you say the same?

[-] vandaalen 8 Points about a year ago

Where does it say that everyone automatically has a right to decency and respect?

[-] _Mephostopheles_ 1 Point about a year ago

My personal moral code, I guess? What is the question even asking? It's not a legal thing, or a Constitutional thing. I'm just not a dick-bag to people if they've not been a dick-bag to me or anyone else who isn't a dick-bag.

[-] SovereignSoul76 1 Point about a year ago

So you hold everyone on society to your moral code? That's a great fucking plan there, Skippy. No way that could go wrong.

[-] learn-relearn 7 Points about a year ago

Well, at least the way you used italics doesn't come across like it's all about you.....

[-] saint_pill 7 Points about a year ago

Care to elaborate? Conflicting opinions are welcome, but you'll need to provide an actual argument.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] saint_pill 3 Points about a year ago

You seem like a great person.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago