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- Hide Preview | 29 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by MentORPHEUS [Post Locked]

Would you like to join or help start a local Manosphere group?

There are two TRP-related groups growing now and forming local chapters. We're looking for men who would like to meet and join together, rather than remain connected to the Manosphere in cyberspace only. We will need leaders willing to step up and take the point position organizing a group in their local area if there is none. We need members interested in joining existing groups and participating in activities and campaigns. We welcome supporters and watchers interested in the public image of the Manosphere even if you can't actively participate in person at this time.

Not all men are in a position to take a public stand or join a group; this isn't a call to be reckless with your message and image, or careless about the choice of how public an image you choose to release. For those who ARE interested in joining together in person with their fellow Red Pill men, here is a call to action together.

The Fraternity is an exclusive, private group focusing on self-improvement, responsibility, and mentoring. New groups are holding meetups this month in New York City and Los Angeles/Orange County, CA. Coordinator for New York is u/EpsilonSigmaKappa, for LA u/VermillionManMarch. Check the sidebar for other cities where groups are forming. If you want to join a local chapter, respond to your local leader in the "Community leader selection" thread. If you want to start and organize a local chapter make a top post in that thread and contact u/bsutansalt by PM.

VermillionManMarch is a more open, inclusive group with similar goals, but also a meta-mission to put a more public face on RP and Manosphere issues instead of letting our reputation be forever defined by our vocal enemies and detractors, as well as providing an open source of tools, support, and networking for Manosphere oriented groups. Our first meetup is scheduled for Wed Jan 18, 7:30pm in the Long Beach/Lakewood/Mid-Cities area of Los Angeles. If interested, PM u/vermillionmanmarch ASAP for details.

VermillionManMarch is intended to help reclaim the public face of TRP and network local men to improve themselves internally through mutual mentoring, challenging each other, and self-accountability, as well as improve the external world by advancing Manosphere causes.

"Don't talk about fight club" is the common mantra around TRP, and for good enough reason. Enthusiastic newbies trying to spit mad Red Pill Truths^^TM to their friends and associates almost always wind up giving themselves and TRP a bad name. Also, SJWs have used TRP to dox and hurt people who go public with the Red Pill. The guy with a restaurant who became the subject of a Yelp crusade comes to mind, and beware the potential consequenses of HR knowing you're "One of those Red Pillers" in the current environment.

However, never talking about the Red Pill publicly results in our reputation being defined exclusively by our very vocal enemies. I call this Iterated don't talk about Fight Club and the ongoing result is plain to see today. We rebuff and refuse to talk to reporters, then complain when they write ignorant pieces about us. We complain about the outcomes of Feminist ideas and policies, but throw up our hands with "Enjoy the decline" rather than taking action to change things the way Captains and Leaders of men do. The final motivator for me was the Red Pill Movie, which interviews MGTOWs and others and calls them Red Pill when (to US) they clearly aren't.

VermillionManMarch is my solution to several problems faced by men in general and TRP in particular. The plan is to train, support, and unite those men willing to offer a more public face to Manosphere issues, provide resources to all manosphere groups, provide a soft-landing portal so people new to TRP have their first exposure through issues relevant to them personally, act as a manosphere unificationist bringing together and networking differing factions where we have common ground without diluting our respective philosophies for the sake of popularity, and share our experiences, successes, and failures to challenge and uplift each other toward the goal of uplifting the image of Masculinity itself.

Read more about my reasons and intentions for forming VermillionManMarch on TRP's official off-reddit site, TRP.RED

If you're interested in watching, following, joining, even becoming a leader in this movement, follow me by subscribing to and checking in periodically at VermillionManMarch. ^^Resubmit: ^^Removed ^^inter-Reddit ^^links, ^^add ^^to ^^intro

[-] Archwinger 6 Points 3 years ago

You know what makes The Red Pill subreddit so cool?

It's on the fucking internet. We're anonymous. And we're unrestricted geographically. People can talk about whatever they want, anonymously, with anybody else anywhere in the world.

How is meeting people in the real world, including people who will pretend to be down with your cause just to learn your identity so they can get guys fired, destroy their marriages, and ruin their lives, some kind of good idea that is better or more meaningful than the internet?

[-] Dark-Ulfberht 3 Points 3 years ago

Look at what is going on in the world. The weak, mewling politically correct authoritarians overplayed their hands.

The entire purpose of TRP boils down to one thing: become strong.

The strong don't need to fear the weak.

If a man fears losing his marriage because he's on this forum, he sure as shit isn't maintaining enough strength in that relationship. I might see the point about a job, but goddamn: people need to be willing to cut ties with their employer, anyway, because they will damn sure cut ties with you. To fear losing a job such that someone will disallow himself to meet others like himself is self-imposed slavery.

[-] el_Technico 5 Points 3 years ago

What's to stop our enemies from entering these groups, since the invitations are now public?

[-] [deleted] 3 years ago
[-] el_Technico 3 Points 3 years ago

lol, jokes aside, any such group should be invite only at least initially. This will allow us more control and increase our security.

[-] SMGPthrowaway 1 Point 3 years ago

If someone wants to invade, they need only to plagiarize comments and posts and "fit in" long enough to get an invite. Sure, invite-only will dissuade the lulz trolls but somebody who's really wanting to "get inside" will likely not find much trouble in doing so.

[-] MentORPHEUS 5 Points 3 years ago

Good question. The upcoming meeting is a relatively open call, albeit with a layer of security whereby the location isn't posted publicly, prospects must contact me for consideration. This is an invatation to all Los Angeles and Orange County area Red Pill men to meet in person, find out where everyone is located, select leaders for each region, then the individual groups that form will have whatever layers of security they deem necessary for their meetings. Potential leaders from outlying regions toward Santa Barbara, Inland Empire, and San Diego are welcome to attend for ideas and inspiration toward forming your own local chapters.

Those who want to remain relatively secure and private, feel free to pass on this meetup but watch for the emergence of new local chapters of The_Fraternity and go through their vetting process to attend your first meeting in a private, exclusive setting.

I've managed groups for stigmatized causes in the past, and dealt many times with infiltrators and agents provocateurs. This isn't my first rodeo, and I'm unperturbed by their potential interest in us.

I'm hoping this regional meeting will spin off at least one independent chapter of The_Fraternity for Los Angeles and Orange County; the architecture of this group is very private and exclusive. I'm also looking forward to meeting those interested in joining me when opportunities arise for us to steer the public image of TRP and manosphere issues, or sharing our skills and experiences at effectively getting our message out in a more public way.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points 3 years ago

Well. Arent you full of surprises

[-] MentORPHEUS 3 Points 3 years ago

Arent you full of surprises

I've been teasing and mentioning this for some time, here and on TRP.RED. Now it's time for full public launch.

[-] Professional_Saltman 3 Points 3 years ago

We could always make a motorcycle club. Those are pretty RP for the most part usually.

[-] [deleted] 3 years ago
[-] ShamwowTseDung 1 Point 3 years ago

Watch how they act when discussing topics they hate.

[-] RedPillJohnny 3 Points 3 years ago

Men meeting with other men to discuss things like men is dangerous. The SJWs don't like it. The government doesn't like it. And your dad is afraid to do it.

This means we need to do it. The way of men is the way of the gang and gang's are and should be fucking dangerous.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 3 years ago


[-] MentORPHEUS 1 Point 3 years ago

That group originally was going to be an actual college fraternity, but expanded in scope over time, is my understanding.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 3 years ago


[-] SMGPthrowaway 2 Points 3 years ago

The point of this board is for those who are not naturals to become alphas themselves.

It's a spectrum. Everyone is on the journey, so you're not likely to find many.

[-] Claude_Reborn 1 Point 3 years ago

Fucking terrible idea. All it takes is one beta to sell you out for headpats.

Regardless of how well you screen, someone WILL fuck you over eventually.

[-] MentORPHEUS 4 Points 3 years ago

All it takes is one beta to sell you out for headpats.

Whoa up there, partner. What exactly do you think "they" have against us, to discover and act upon in order to bring harm?

An infiltrator would discover a group of men working to challenge and better one another, and campaigning to right injustices in the legal and social arena. It would be akin to students infiltrating the PTA, to discover the conspiracies against them between parent and school, only to be bored to tears by the mundane functional reality of it.

An infiltrator would be in a position of having to resist the betterment of their self, in order to participate in our activities yet maintain a secret identity as an outsider or other. The basis for our beliefs and actions, the Red Pill praxeology, is based upon observable reality, not a cult or religion's web of mythology and lies. The deeper one examines it, the more convincing its objective truth and functional utility become. The only secrets for an infiltrator to discover is that we have no secrets, just a set of observations and theories based upon these. An infiltrator soon finds themselves wrestling not with Red Pill secrets, but their own Blue Pill prejudices and misunderstandings about the Red Pill, and their own worldview. This is the very plot of the Red Pill Movie, and the introduction of many Red Pill Women who went to that subreddit to criticize, and ended up staying because it actually made better sense than feminism once they read it.

Ultimately, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. The stigma against masculinity is real, but its basis is lies, and its existence depends upon people acting as if these lies are true. That's why I feel there is a need to present our side more openly in the marketplace of ideas. Initially, this will take men in positions where they can afford to face attacks on their reputation, to stick their necks out in the current climate. VermillionManMarch is conceived as a coalition of such men, able and willing to confront the stigma against masculinity, in order to remove it for the sake of those men who are tangibly held prisoner by it currently.

I personally am in a position to stick my neck out, and seek the synergy of banding together with other men in the same position, for the sake of ourselves and future generations.

Notwithstanding the above, I am NOT cavalier about the potential risks given the current feminine-primary environment. Careers CAN be ruined, and reputations badly damaged by SJW crusaders. There are many people out there who would love to "take down" a Red Pill man, and will use any opportunity they find. Therefore I am very open about acknowledging and warning of the potential risks, practicing security culture where necessary, and placing the onus of risk upon each individual.

I will be the first to tell you that the Shift to Risk, or Risky Shift, is a common subversive technique, which exploits the tendency of groups of humans to make riskier choices than individuals. I'm asking nobody to take risks they can't afford, I'm gathering those who are certain of their personal ability to speak openly to join me as far as it is safe to do so.

For those men who need to remain incognito in today's environment, The_Fraternity's exclusive architecture suits this need. Even though it's not my personal vision, this model serves a large percentage of the current Manosphere, therefore I am also working to get chapters of The_Fraternity started in my area as well. While the general membership may wish to remain secretive, somebody has to step forward to lead these groups; right now we're in a limbo of secretive-ing ourselves into never getting together in the first place. If attending a general meeting doesn't work out for all potential Fraternity members, I'm willing to help organize something in the near future that does.

Lots of people have expressed an interest in forming local Manosphere groups. This is your call to action to actually do something about it, now.

[-] el_Technico 1 Point 3 years ago

SJW, Feminists and the elites that control their agendas don't play fair. We could be meeting to organize a fund raiser for orphans and it wouldn't matter because as soon as you label it as a mens group, or the group is actively working to improve the situation for men only in society it will become evil in their eyes. Now let's be honest, the things we discuss here are dangerous because there is a level of honesty that is not tolerated in society at the moment. Many of our ideas and values are very conservative in nature as well. Society doesn't tolerate these things currently. You can expect to eventually be infiltrated and you already understand that the results of that would be a lose of your job/shaming and alienation in your community.

These are the same people that have successfully infiltrated every major religion in the world. These are the same people who are making Islam synonymous with the word terrorist in the minds of most people in the west. You need to be very careful.

Again I wouldn't make this a public event. I would also change the name of the group to something incredibly generic. For example: societal support group sounds like it has nothing to do with men. Tracking down a group with a very generic name is more difficult. It is also harder to build a hate campaign against a group that doesn't sound like it is pro-men.

[-] Claude_Reborn 1 Point 3 years ago

Whoa up there, partner. What exactly do you think "they" have against us, to discover and act upon in order to bring harm?

Feminists and SJW's hate men for a bunch of dysfunctional reasons. Male betas will gleefully cut the throat of pretty much every other man, in order to get an ounce of female approval.

The stigma against masculinity is real,

Yes, and when groups like yours will get exposed, you will be crucified and lied about in the media. They will seek to destroy you utterly, and fuck up your life because they can.

If you are aware of the risks, then all the best and lots of luck.

But likely what will happen is the local feminists will find out about it, and you'll get sued to high heaven and low hell and be forced to admit women at metaphorical gun point, or your management will eventually get infiltrated with male betas working for "the greater good (tm)" and they'll let women in.

Under the current western legal climate, all male groups are the only groups without legal protection. They ONLY time I have heard of any male space being able to legally exclude women, have been gay clubs, and even then it was an uphill battle.

Like I said, lots of luck.

[-] theONE843663 2 Points 3 years ago

Listen man we are men. We can't stand still twiddling our thumbs and enjoy the decline forever. Ultimately, man has the natural instinct to bring order and stability into society. We are evolutionary martyrs. We have opposing thumbs not to twiddle them... But it is there so we can grasp a spear and thrust it deep into the hearts of our enemies.

A well planned coup can often crush the reign of a cruel Emperor... And it is always done by a few heroic men.

[-] VermillionManMarch 2 Points 3 years ago

I like the way you're thinking!

[-] theONE843663 2 Points 3 years ago

You know how it is brother I'm down to die in war if that is what the universe has decided for me. Whether we want to or not, we're fighting a war against the elites' social programming.

We now know that the blue pill philosophy not only damages men, but women aswell. Even from a women's perspective, weak beta men are repulsive to them and they are supposed to like those men?

We either restore the patriarchy, or die with the hopes that our efforts were actually worth a shit!

Either way, Imma die with my finger on the trigger!

[-] Auvergnat 1 Point 3 years ago

Hope you and /u/vermillionmanmarch have been studying closely the case of the Return of Kings February 2016 planned meet up and arranged things to avoid the same result.

[-] MentORPHEUS 3 Points 3 years ago

Thanks for bringing that up; the ROK situation makes an interesting case study, but my plans are fundamentally different and structurally immune to the problems that arose there.

I think the biggest problem was the sperg-ish I-Spy games. "Meet at a public landmark, use a secret phrase like 'Where can I find a pet shop?' to find each other, lead people on foot to your actual meeting place!" Hell, even I want to laugh at them, yet find a kernel of suspicion at their intent.

My own approach is informed by Judo-like philosophy, both verbally and confrontationally. I don't have anything to hide; there is no big "reveal" to our plans and activities. As in Aikido and Judo, attacking me is like fighting air; there is no target, and the attacker's moves exhaust their energy without finding any point of contact.

If people infiltrate our founding meeting, they will find it as mundane as crashing a city council meeting, in a city they don't even visit. There are no rape lessons to revile, no secret sinister plans to discover, no conspiracy grand or small to uncover, no systemic misogyny to expose, no scandal to parade, nor any legitimate enemy to attack.

If protestors show up to picket, I will invite them inside to observe us firsthand. If they remain quietly, they will discover nothing they can take away to harm us. If they use the opportunity to try to disrupt our meeting, I will simply trespass their asses out of there and we will continue about our business. I have a decades-built reputation in my community including the sheriff's department; outside agitators do not.

[-] JFMX1996 1 Point 3 years ago

This is awesome. I unfortunately live outside of California in a land of gambling and prostitution (aka blackjack and hookers) and am a 20 year old who may have a difficult time reaching the location, however I'd be totally willing to go someday when I'm able to, especially if it's a recurring thing like a once a month meeting.

[-] [deleted] 3 years ago
[-] JudoMonk 1 Point 3 years ago

I think its a great idea, but probably better not t publicly use words like manosphere and red pill