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- Hide Preview | 110 Comments | submitted 2 years ago by Vietnom [Post Locked]

Sup folks,

So I sort of randomly and without thinking signed up to host a screening of The Red Pill. It was on this site that's sort of like Kickstarter, but for movie screenings. If enough people buy tickets, they screen the movie.

If you don't know, this is the super controversial documentary that's getting banned everywhere, in which a feminist takes The Red Pill (e.g. actually listens to some of the ideas on here and elsewhere) and starts questioning her reality. Trailer

I know you all aren't super into MRAs, which are a big part of the movie, and neither am I. Still, I think it's important to get this thing screened.

Tickets are $12. The theater is in Long Beach, CA, about 30-45 minutes from LA. Would love as many of you as possible to be there so we can hit the limit and make it happen. I mean, wouldn't it be fun to get picketed? Let's do it.

Link to event

PS. I am making absolutely no money on this whatsoever. I am not affiliated with any of these things. I'm just an ordinary type dude with a big ass dick.

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[-] babybopp 25 Points 2 years ago

I know..! Kinda like how every viagra commercial is done by some 45 year old woman and how she explains all that shit. It is not about the man but the woman. He should be ready to go when she wants it. Instead of having the commercial the other way round of a 55 yr old guy with viagra walking away with a 33 yr old girl.

[-] constructiveasshole 15 Points 2 years ago

Try 23. Then you've got my attention. The reason some guys want Viagra is because 45 year olds don't give them a boner.

[-] Forcetobereckonedwit 15 Points 2 years ago

I have no desire to have sex with women any where near my age. I am sure I am not alone. "Mother Nature" designs the game, we are all just players therein.

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[-] marplaneit 3 Points 2 years ago

yeah, well that body is better than regular 20's something girls in that case.

[-] Forcetobereckonedwit 0 Points 2 years ago


Yah, most women get treated like unicorns and don't give a second's thought to getting or staying in shape...and then they hit 28-30 and it's an uphill battle forevermore.

I'm 57 and look better than most 30 yr olds. I started training at 20 and except for a couple of multiyear gaps, have kept at it to this day. It shows, and the ladies like it.

Keep up the good work bruthuh!

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Wraeclast_Exile 0 Points 2 years ago

Ewww.. I'm 43 and I can't imagine getting it on with someone anywhere near my age!

[-] Prime_Tyme 2 Points 2 years ago

If you need Viagra than she isn't hot enough

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[-] TheRedThrowAwayPill 1 Point 2 years ago


This is why I can't understand why MRAs think this movie is doing them any kind of favor.

She purposely named it after TRP in order to conflate them with us.

[-] anthero 2 Points 2 years ago

The movie is not about this very specific Red Pill. Just like it's not about the red pill red pill that pol pushes about the jews and what not. Its also not about aliens or 9/11. There are different pills being discussed here. The movie is about MRAs and feminist dogma not slamming poon.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Squez360 1 Point 2 years ago

stupid question. What's the difference between the purple pill, blue pill, and red pill?

[-] [deleted] 4 Points 2 years ago

Blue pill is blanket term to describe the current state of masculinity, and sexual strategy/relations

red pill is focusing on actual male strategy, no fictions and lies, only praxeology (what works)

purple pill is doing a little lifting, saying AWALT, then trying to implement a blue pill life with it. e.g. failure

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] sir_wankalot_here 13 Points 2 years ago

Often I disagree with Rollo over minor points, in this case he is bang on. Reverse the scenario, if I made a film about woman's issues, according to feminists, I am mansplaining, I don't understand what it means to be a woman or some crap.

As usual it is a woman talking about how a man should feel, I am fedup with this shit. When a man explains how he feels, he is called angry, bitter, misogynist etc.

Men are perfectly capable of making films about their own problems, we don't need some former feminazi who will hijack the real issues.

[-] Azzmo 17 Points 2 years ago

Perhaps the only way to move things toward a more equitable mindspace is exposure to TRP-lite via feminists. I watched an interview with the woman who made this film and she said that, though it predictably triggered a ton of feminists, it also prompted many people to say to her that they'd never thought along these lines.

I'm a fan of small steps in the right direction, even if, admittedly, it's unfortunate that it requires a feminist just to get people to listen.

[-] [deleted] 11 Points 2 years ago


[-] Azzmo 1 Point 2 years ago

We're thinking about two different aspects of TRP.

You're thinking about growth through endurance in an introspective sense and I'm thinking about the social and political injustices and imbalances that lead most of us here. I'd love for women to be more empathetic and eventually sympathetic to men's struggles because I think that would mean vastly more quality women. Showing them this perspective would allow them to regain some respect for men that they almost completely lack now due to generations of one-sided indoctrination.

[-] [deleted] 5 Points 2 years ago


[-] Azzmo 2 Points 2 years ago

There's a big difference between a resentful feminist and a normal woman. The hope is to normalize them. I don't believe that them being turned into hateful drones is any part of their reproductive strategy or imperative. I believe it's unnatural conditioning designed to shift demographics that was applied to them when they were too young to resist it.

AWALT is workable but AWALT(with ear gauges, bad tattoos, a nose piercing, short blue hair, and cynical sneer) isn't even worth approaching.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points 2 years ago

Why take something seriously, when you need a woman to stand in front of you when you say it?

[-] Azzmo 9 Points 2 years ago

I see you're 25 years married. You probably haven't dealt with much of this:

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 2 years ago

holy fuck that was disturbing to look through.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Azzmo 2 Points 2 years ago

Have you been to or experienced a Diversity Studies / Gender Studies / Sociology class recently? I assume you've watched television and have listened to mainstream media.

Everything young people experience in these places has subtle implications that white men are a problem. Women are primed for that kind of thinking and then, when they get to college and their trusted professors proclaim it to be so with false data and anecdotes and a very curated curriculum in consecutive classes, they believe it. Their parents sent them here...these can't be lies. Their friends and classmates wouldn't be preaching these new facts as truths if they were false.

I'd like to get through to them but I can't get through the conversational diversions that they use. They're completely closed off to anything contrary, since they have 100 layers built up at this point. It is their truth. This trojan horse method obviously got a lot of people to at least think. Assuming you'd also like to turn young misandrists into potential mates, what method would you use to get them to reflect on this stuff?

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 2 years ago

37.—Pride has a larger part than goodness in our remonstrances with those who commit faults, and we reprove them not so much to correct as to persuade them that we ourselves are free from faults.

-- Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld

You're wasting your time. People don't want to be right, they want to belong. Want to persuade? Make a clan that people want to be a part of

[-] Spongejong -2 Point 2 years ago

Little close minded and dumb, but nice try

[-] Vietnom 8 Points 2 years ago

Is Rollo an LA guy? Perhaps he can come and give his opinion afterwards. Might be a cool addition.

And then we can get even more picketers!

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 2 years ago

He's going to be out snowmobiling, will have no time for movies

[-] [deleted] 3 Points 2 years ago


[-] Vietnom 4 Points 2 years ago

Fair. But still, all worth it to get picketed by SJWs. I've waited my whole life for that.

[-] bestCallEver 7 Points 2 years ago

You have way too much free time.

[-] strange_to_be 2 Points 2 years ago

She was just on Stephen Crowder and used the term hypergamy unironically. I don't think she's full of shit.

Naturally, I reject that notion, but it is precisely what has happened with The Red Pill Movie; a documentary that is ostensibly about the MRM. I say ostensibly because, while on the surface it seems to be about the Men’s (human) Rights Movement, the focus of the film is really on its (I presume formerly) feminist director/producer Cassie Jaye, a cutesy 29 year old whose feminine-solipsism pervades the entire documentary as well as all of the post-production promotions and interviews.

Rollo isn't an idiot, he's just not that intelligent.

Casie the feminist makes the entirety of the documentary not about the MRM as such, but more about her own ‘journey of self-discovery’, a common romantic theme that appeals to women’s innate solipsism. In every post screening interview about the film the story becomes primarily about her;

The highest rated posts on this subreddit are anecdotes that the other users read and relate to. Ever see a 'field report'? Never notice the constant 'my life since taking the red pill posts?"

Cassie set out to make a documentary centered around rape culture, and she thought that the MRM would be about denying rape culture and protecting men. She was completely blue pilled, and she became red pilled over the process of making the film and talking to MRAs

The other thing is, Rollo seems to think he has a monopoly over the term The Red Pill, but he doesn't, and TRP documentary is mainly about the MRM and uses the term in that context, a context it was being used in before it was being used how it is on this subreddit.

Honestly the whole post is idiotic, solipsistic, and narcissistic.

That's not to say that I agree with OP either. Several men have taken it upon themselves to get TRP Movie screened in their areas. I've seen at four now, and I'm sure there are more.

Why are they going through this effort, finding a venue, selling tickets? Because they want to fuck Cassie Jaye. Period. OP wants Cassie's pussy.

[-] Azzmo 36 Points 2 years ago

Though I am thousands of miles from the event and therefore can take no part in it, I congratulate you on the size of your penis.

[-] MentORPHEUS 27 Points 2 years ago

Count me in!

The way MGTOW were called "Red Pill" in this movie inspired me to explore ways to be more public about Red Pill ideas. The problem with iterated "Don't talk about fight club" is, your public reputation ends up being built entirely out of what our very vocal opponents claim about us.

Men in the LA/OC area who would like to meet up, and anyone who wants to follow this project and perhaps implement it on your own area, PM me. I'm building a contact list and will have much more on this topic in the future.

[-] Vietnom 4 Points 2 years ago

Thanks dude! Awesome. Yeah happy to get together and collab on this any way possible.

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 2 years ago

Hey, one thing about this though is if feminists catch on to it and see this post, they can identify TRPers by seeing the men go to this movie.

Which is quite a risk for those involved bro.

[-] Canadaismyhat 10 Points 2 years ago

What in the fuck are you afraid of?

[-] Vietnom 1 Point 2 years ago

Agreed. What are they gonna do dox me? My identity is public.

[-] Rollo-Tomassi 23 Points 2 years ago

This movie is not "Red Pill" in any way. It is a monument to MRAs and AVfM that they would do what they've always done, find a feminist to be the face of their movement and allow her to define them.

When Jaye & AVfM appropriated the title “The Red Pill” for the film I did my best to raise awareness that their doing so was entirely hypocritical. These are the guys who will do everything in their power to avoid being associated with virtually every aspect of TRP – especially when the mainstream media conflates the MRM with anything ‘Red Pill’, PUA, MGTOW, the TRP subred, etc. after some bad press (such as Eliot Rodger’s shootings).

Elam knew this move was wholly an attempt to cash in on the notoriety of the term/title The Red Pill because he hoped that conflation would raise more hackles with the MSM and feminists and bring him more publicity through the film. Casie Jaye has no fucking clue what The Red Pill is really about and it’s unfortunate for her that the first group she encountered in her online musings about doing a men’s film was AVfM. Her intent was never to dig any deeper. How many guys did she interview from this sub, the sub she identifies in the film?

That said, and unironically, Casie the feminist makes the entirety of the documentary not about the MRM as such, but more about her own ‘journey of self-discovery’, a common romantic theme that appeals to women’s innate solipsism. In EVERY post screening interview about the film the story becomes primarily about her; the MRM just playing a supporting role in her ‘transformation’. This is sort of a poetic justice for AVfM who all too readily employ and endorse any and every ‘former feminist’ who’s not a feminist (until they become a feminist again, couch Christina cough Hoff-Sommers) as part of their efforts to be more perfected egalitarian-equalists than the feminists they despise.

Mike Cernovich dropped $10K on this documentary and his near silence on Twitter about it should speak volumes about that decision now. Maybe it seemed less impulsive a year ago when Jaye was about to shit-can the film because she had no funds for postproduction or distribution which she conveniently blamed on feminist opposition to its release. Even Milo, who helped raise awareness and funding on kickstarter hasn’t made a single post on his blog or Brietbart about the film.

This film is NOT about The Red Pill, it’s about a 29 y.o. “feminist” actress-turned-indie-fim-director and her journey of self-discovery in which an opportunistic MRM is only too happy to play as her supporting actor.

[-] Vietnom 4 Points 2 years ago

Rollo, thanks for your reply. I haven't seen the film, but I'm inclined to agree that you are right about everything you say here.

However, let me explain why I think this film should be screened.

TRP has come to mean many things to many people. Fundamentally, I believe that the core of all them is living in the world not the way we want it to be, not the way we're told it is, but the way it actually is. That's why the metaphor of the red pill is so effective.

Whether we like it or not, the secret is out. And, as you so deftly point out, there are many who are trying to hijack and capitalize upon the truths found here. That vindicates us, as it is proof that our ideas, your ideas, are as powerful as we thought they were.

However, I don't believe the response to that should be to close the door to the treehouse and sit around being bitter. It's better to get a hold of this publicity, and to shape it and play a part in the discussion around it. Otherwise, the MRAs will indeed take over, and identity politics will win.

It's about living in the world how it is, not how we want it to be or how it should be. These are the facts that we've been given, and I say we bob and weave instead of turning away.

So, what do you say. Want to come out to this and guide the discussion afterwards?

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 2 years ago


[-] Vietnom 1 Point 2 years ago

TRP isn't fight club. Pretty familiar with the sidebar. Where does it say don't talk about it ever?

[-] TIMMEHblade 4 Points 2 years ago

It's a recent evolution of the ideology I've seen on this subreddit recently. People have agreed that by telling your inner circle about your Red Pill revelation you're only setting yourself up for sabotage and scrutiny. It's some incel-tier retardation. TRP isn't fight club. You haven't discovered an underground movement. All you've done is detach yourself from the female indoctrination about social reality. Let the dissonance sink into your mates heads and move on. No reason to think you're someone special who needs to hold onto this information because you're the only person capable of digesting it.

[-] Vietnom 4 Points 2 years ago

Agreed 100%. This is a public website. It's not a secret society.

[-] redpillren 1 Point 2 years ago

Its all about her, who would have guessed?

Maybe its a positive that mens issues are getting some sort of minor recognition, and Elam and Tara Palmatiers work on Shrink for Men was a huge help to me in my post cuck anger phase but, but, but its not TRP they are discussing, just a cuckservative view on why the mens have it bad.

Think Im gonna leave them to it and get on with my shit.

[-] TheRedThrowAwayPill 1 Point 2 years ago

the secret is out

However this film actually completely throws the normies in the wrong direction.


It keeps this sub still semi-hidden and semi-mysterious yet still in plain sight.

[-] HumanSockPuppet 1 Point 2 years ago

The Red Pill was always going to be appropriated by people looking to make a quick buck. And why not? By dropping the name "Red Pill", you have instant recognition and notoriety, with no need to pay royalties and no restrictions on usage. Any profit-seeker would be a fool not to try and capitalize on it. That's reality.

But these people are to the Red Pill what Chinese knock-offs are to core brands, with one notable exception:

We are not concerned with brand management because we are not selling anything.

Likewise, we don't sit in a tree house, because this isn't a club, and we do not worry about attracting followers, because men come here when they are ready to hear what we have to say.

You seem like you mean well, but this film is not what you think it is. The only reason to bring men together in the way you intend is to teach them, but you yourself are still a student. I am not trying to be condescending - this is a Red Pill prescription from me to you.

For now, this community is all anyone needs.

[-] Vietnom 1 Point 2 years ago

I would say the difference between MRA and TRP is more similar to the difference between Baptists and Methodists than Chinese knock-offs/the real thing.

This documentary just, unfortunately, only focuses on Methodists (MRAs). It apparently fails to illustrate that they're only a small part of something. Something that goes much deeper than pointing out double standards.

[-] sir_wankalot_here 2 Points 2 years ago

That said, and unironically, Casie the feminist makes the entirety of the documentary not about the MRM as such, but more about her own ‘journey of self-discovery’, a common romantic theme that appeals to women’s innate solipsism. In EVERY post screening interview about the film the story becomes primarily about her; the MRM just playing a supporting role in her ‘transformation’. This is sort of a poetic justice for AVfM who all too readily employ and endorse any and every ‘former feminist’ who’s not a feminist (until they become a feminist again, couch Christina cough Hoff-Sommers) as part of their efforts to be more perfected egalitarian-equalists than the feminists they despise.

Then in a year she can make a movie about how she got sucked in by MRA, and her journey to another self discovery where she finds feminazism again.

[-] nonthaki 16 Points 2 years ago

That movie is the fu*king reason why many know-it-all non-RedPillers and Women are coming to this thread now saying their own opinions and trying to encroach this private space . FUCK IT .

ONE SHOULD NOT TALK ABOUT THE RED PILL to Non-Red pillers. That's the first rule . The movie broke all that . I have also seen some posts in the Red Pill Women thread where a guy tells a girl directly that she is AWALT . Why the fuck are Red Pill terminologies being spouted out to the general public so much ? So many newcomers , having just glanced aside the Red Pill , without even reading the side - bar are now acting as though they know what being an Alpha, Beta or Chad and proclaim themselves as one .

[-] blackjackANDplates 3 Points 2 years ago

The movie broke all that

The movie is about Men's Rights activists, not The Red Pill subreddit. Chill.

[-] mara5a 1 Point 2 years ago

The movie is about whatever general public thinks it is about.

[-] Vietnom 2 Points 2 years ago

If you think TRP is your personal private club then you are living in a fantasy world.

[-] nonthaki 1 Point 2 years ago

I agree . Its not my "personal" private club . But it definitely should be a private club of people who actually want to understand and work out the ideologies given in this sub-reddit & not people who come to see this reddit just like they glance over whatever the latest trend is .

Men coming and discovering this place after having suffered in life and seeking answers over why women are so and so & why society is fucking itself up ; and then finally stumbling upon the Red Pill after many days of seeking . Isnt that process of discovery more better ?

[-] Vietnom 1 Point 2 years ago

I suppose. But those people come here because they've heard about it. It isn't private at all.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] TRPKid 13 Points 2 years ago

This is stupid.

TRP isn't meant to save the world, and you can only bring yourself trouble by trying to spread the word of TRP, this is basic sidebar shit. The only reason somebody would want to do something like this is for the money. You can't force people to swallow the pill, they have to want it, and if you have some sort of a job, say bye bye to it because you are a "sexist, misogynistic pig" as many people here have posted.

Maybe you personally are not making money, but somebody is, and you are just enabling and assisting them.

[-] [deleted] 6 Points 2 years ago

Enjoy the decline

I didn't create this mess, and I have no intention or a way to fix it. If guys want to live their BP lives, let them live. I never discuss RP topics with anyone except with my former classmate who is in 40s and is pretty much a natural Alpha.

Vote smart, work hard, read, lift. While being surrounded with feminists and betas, think as you want but behave like others, especially at the workplace. Never commit to anyone but yourself, never cohabitate, never get married. Enjoy the decline.

[-] NeoreactionSafe 4 Points 2 years ago


Enjoy the Destruction of the Blue Pill mythology.

"Kill the Beta"


But does this movie actually achieve that?

The real question is the movie itself... and from what I've heard it's total crap because it comes from the female perspective.

So I'd suggest this is a bad idea, but not for the same reason.


[-] [deleted] 3 Points 2 years ago

I personally think that TRP movie isn't needed.

If someone genuinely wants to unplug, he will find this sub sooner or later. From that point everything is really up to him. He might think "this place is full of misogynist who can't get laid", or "wow, this really makes sense, bookmarking". I accidentally found TRP while I was Googling one night. I was super depressed and trying to figure out wtf is going on with my life. When I started reading, everything made sense. One year later, I'm completely a different person.

All in all, TRP doesn't need movies and attention from MSM. This sub, books and blogs are more than enough, since the entire Manosphere is not about making money, but helping out men who want to help themselves. Only people who are making money are PUAs. And the woman who made TRP movie. She wants to get rich and famous, not to help men.

[-] NeoreactionSafe 2 Points 2 years ago

The Red Pill is at root "enlightenment".

We "Kill the Beta" which is to destroy the Blue Pill mythology.

These attempts to soften the awakening are really there to prevent the awakening. (or profit by it)


[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Rollo-Tomassi 3 Points 2 years ago

These are the faces the MRM wants you to associate with "The Red Pill"

[-] [deleted] -1 Point 2 years ago

This kind of stuff would usually have jack murphy ask 'guess the relationship dynamic' posts on.

There is nothing about this man that makes me comfortable about this abortion of a documentary. I'll bet he's vegan, or self-diagnosed gluten intolerant

[-] Lyradex 0 Points 2 years ago

As a person with celiac, what the hell does gluten have to do with it?

[-] [deleted] -4 Point 2 years ago

Beta males usually have the following tells

  • vegan
  • Self-diagnosed gluten intolerance
  • ponytails
  • goatees
  • gaunt figure, or pudgy baby fat face
  • excessive amounts of plaid clothing
[-] Lyradex 3 Points 2 years ago

TiL: Bredan Brazier is a beta male, because he eats vegetables. Seriously, what is this generalizing and shaming crap? You trying to be a crab bucket woman pulling down men who make different style and life choices than you?

You've got some serious insecurities to work on, kid. No idea how someone like you gets endorsed. It's just sad. =]

Stop trying to define beta males. It proves you are one. =]

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 2 years ago

I'll bet you don't treat gluten as harshly as you treat me. But keep throwing your celiac as a shield, to somehow let you run your mouth with impunity. The only difference between that, and 'as a woman'?

one has a vagina, so people pretend to give a shit. The other one doesn't even get pretend GAF

[-] pezzaperry 1 Point 2 years ago

I'm pretty sure being a beta has more to do with your attitude and frame rather than what group you fall under. I mean these stereotypes usually hold up but that doesn't mean there aren't alphas with pony tails haha...

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 2 years ago

When you hear alpha and beta here, add the word behaviours afterwards.

I cracked a joke and since guy went full retard

[-] BlacknOrangeZ 3 Points 2 years ago

I am making absolutely no money on this whatsoever.

Tugg clearly states on the site that organisers get 5% of the ticket sales revenue if successful.

[-] Vietnom 1 Point 2 years ago

I actually did not know that.

[-] i4mn30 3 Points 2 years ago

What the blabbity fuck is this shit? Jesus.

A movie? Really? Red Pill isn't global warming goddammit. It's something one has the internalize.

Pretty sure only blue pill fags will watch it who always only want the feels without the hard work.

Edit: 74% shitheads upvoted this. I guess TheRedPill is full with fake pill takers.

[-] grimy_grim 2 Points 2 years ago

Does anyone know if/when this will be released on DVD?

[-] SouthernFit 2 Points 2 years ago

We don't need a movie about men complaining about their rights. This is far from what becoming the best version of yourself is. I refuse to be "put in a box" or labeled. I just play the game for what its worth.

[-] bestCallEver 2 Points 2 years ago

Hosting a red pill movie night?? AaaaHahahahahaha

That's one of the funnier, and stupider, ideas I've ever heard.

And how the fuck do you have free time to waste on something like this?


[-] bestCallEver 5 Points 2 years ago

Down vote all you like, but the fact is throwing a movie night for "rp bros" is just wrong and pathetic on so many levels. Rp knowledge is a tool, it can be used to improve yourself and maximize personal growth, but it shouldn't be the center of your life and there's certainly no benefit to planning your precious weekend nights around it. Nor is there any value in spreading the ideology to the uninitiated masses.

[-] TheRedThrowAwayPill 0 Points 2 years ago

This movie has nothing to do with TRP.

It's a mocumentary about "The Men's Rights Movement".

[-] [deleted] -1 Point 2 years ago

Could Be a way to enlighten and bring the guys over to the right side.

[-] bestCallEver 1 Point 2 years ago

Right, which is something we don't do around here: evangelism.

[-] Vietnom -2 Point 2 years ago

It's not a "movie night." It's a movie about TRP ideas.

[-] bestCallEver 3 Points 2 years ago

That's fine, you're the kind of guy who "sort of randomly and without really thinking" signs up to "host" a "redpill movie night" and is now going to waste countless hours making it happen. You, ma'am, are a woman. Men of value don't commit their time to stupid causes "without really thinking" ... That's just pathetic. Ffs

[-] Vietnom 1 Point 2 years ago

Uhhh yeah ok. Because spending hours of your life commenting on internet boards for free is not committing to a stupid cause.

[-] bestCallEver 4 Points 2 years ago

Look up the word "commitment" ... Wasting my time on the occasional comment is not one. I could put down the phone now and no one else would care. You're planning a circle jerk for at least 112 other people... It's a bit different.

[-] nuesuh 1 Point 2 years ago

It's gonna get protested :D

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] tlsssl 1 Point 2 years ago

I don't live in USA, can I get a hosted video of this event or something?

[-] aazav 1 Point 2 years ago

I'm just an ordinary type dude with a big ass dick.

This guy?

[-] Forcetobereckonedwit 1 Point 2 years ago

If I could attend, I would.

[-] worktillyouburk 1 Point 2 years ago

do you have link to the actual movie?

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] [deleted] 1 Point 2 years ago

deleted ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^0.5525 ^^^What ^^^is ^^^this?

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Docbear64 1 Point 2 years ago

I'm interested, hopefully you sell enough tickets to screen it , should be interesting .

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] 1v1mebruh 0 Points 2 years ago

faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak we need this in bay area

[-] Tajikistan 0 Points 2 years ago

it's happened before so no reason why it shouldn't be successful

[-] [deleted] -4 Point 2 years ago


[-] newmeforever 10 Points 2 years ago

You clearly didnt watch the trailer

[-] [deleted] 17 Points 2 years ago


[-] landon042 3 Points 2 years ago

i heard them talking about it a while back a woman made the film? and the only men talking are ugly as fuck mens rights people (mgtow)

and all of those are fucking fat and ugly but say "men have no rights we reject all women"

when they look like shit, sound like a beta and have no trp skills.

movie is probably suppost to make trp look like ass, unless GLO, mods and major contributors make some short film, anything else in the public is going to be shit

[-] Vietnom 1 Point 2 years ago

Well I guess you'll have to watch it and find out.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 2 years ago

As part of her research for The Red Pill, American film maker Cassie Jaye spent hundreds of hours with the internet’s most notorious Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) over a two-and-a-half year period. For balance, she also interviewed some of their fiercest critics – such as Katherine Spillar, Executive Director of the Feminist Majority Foundation.

No one was invited that matters. You can't make an RP movie without input from:

  • The three R's, rollo, roosh, roisy
  • GLO, RPS, bsutansalt, current frontrunners in the media
  • anyone but paul elam
[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] [deleted] 2 years ago