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- Hide Preview | 77 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by AscensionExperiments [Post Locked]


QUOTE: "Some people die at 25... and aren't buried until they're 75." -Benjamin Franklin


Mastery- Robert Greene (book) Hagakure (book) Elliot Hulse (youtube) ItsaGundam (youtube)

This subject has been written on before- but every godfuckdamn day when I'm browsing Asktrp, someone asks this question. I usually write a short blurb, but it's obviously a hot question so I'm going to fill this gap of knowledge as best I can.

I'm open to people who want to add on to my post- this is very much a subjective, experience-based topic, there is no "one size fits all", but this should help our young men who are looking for something greater to grab onto.

First- why is the "mission", or "higher purpose" necessary? Why expend all this energy, why not just chill and play vidya? Well-

Take a gander at the modern population. Go people watching at your city's most popular mall. Take a tally- how many look satisfied with their lives, vs. how many look like permanently miserable cunts? How many take care of themselves physically, vs. how many of them look like the only exercise they get is running their goddamn mouths?

I promise you, there is a correlation between people who have a vision for their life, and the people who are genuinely enjoying themselves. The ones who drift and do what they're told? They're fucking miserable.

In addition, look at the state of the world. Mass hysteria, rampant mental illness in the form of "intersectional vegan poly feminism", recession, governments in goddamn shambles (two-party system for the win amirite), media coverups, corruption. If society is ever going to be fixed, it needs strong minded and able-bodied men to do the labor. (Again. What a thankless job.)

But it's not just for the benefit of society as a whole- people who never find a greater purpose, who just slave away at a meaningless desk job, are dead-inside, "do as you're told" NPCs. Finding your mission frees you just as strongly as it benefits society, and I firmly believe that the lunacy we see in modern society is because men have lost touch with this "higher calling" aspect of themselves.

Why did we lose touch? Because the answer became less obvious. There is no land left to explore and colonize- we reading this today will probably be dead before we land people on Mars. There are no dragons to slay. There is no war. There is no initiation rite that brings you from a boy to a man- unless you're Jewish, RIP to your foreskin.

On top of that, our ability to claim Ownership is diminished. We get promoted when our boss says so. We get a pay raise when our boss says so. If BP, we get kids when our wife says so. We get to SEE our kids (post divorce-rape) when our ex-wife says so. We can buy a house when the bank says so. (Not to mention that most Millenials are completely priced out of the housing market)

As such, we are conditioned completely to follow on someone else's commands. Well, this is what TRP exists for- breaking free from this and many other lies we've been spoon-fed right along with our mushed up peas and carrots.

This quote should look familiar: "We're the middle children of the history man, no purpose or place, we have no Great war, no Great depression, our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives, we've been all raised by television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars, but we won't and we're slowly learning that fact. and we're very very pissed off.”


Step 1-

GO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING REAL. If you're a young man, finishing high school or starting University, you know nothing except for Blue Pill indoctrination. Everything is goddamn artificial right now- you play football as a substitute for hunting, or fighting for what you believe in. You've got video games in place of adventure and accomplishment. Time to do away with that shit and pick up the Real.

If you feel like you've got the balls for it, add this to your yearly to-do list

1)Get in a fist fight

2) Kill an animal yourself, and eat it. (find a group of older guys who go hunting, join up, pay for their beers or something if you have to)

3)Quit sugar entirely- switch to a whole-foods diet (I don't give a fuck if it's keto, vegan, whatever, just stop indulging in easy hits of dopamine through shit food and start EARNING it instead)



Read about the great minds who've made an impact on the world. Read the TRP sidebar. Twice. Read some history, read some psychology, learn how to discern what the TRUTH is (recommended: Demon-Haunted World, Carl Sagan)

Now, finally, we have arrived at the meat of the issue. Now that you've shat out the BP conditioning, learn who you really are, and learn what you like to do.


Make a list of things that sound fun. Join a bunch of facebook groups or bookmark a bunch of webpages about things happening in your area. (seminars, short classes, events, etc) and go do those things. Experiment in different fields, such as martial arts. (I'm assuming you've already started lifting) Gain experience in a wide field until you find something that you can't stop thinking about. When it hits you, you'll know. It'll light a goddamn fire in your belly. It's possible you'll feel this way about more than one thing, I address that later.

Having found your passion, learn all you fucking can about it. Open every webpage related to it on google, find who is BIG in that field, and find a way to integrate with them, make them your mentor. Suck their dick if you gotta idc. Save formal education for later, if you can. I cannot stress the importance of the mentor enough.

The next step can be a bit tough, so I'll check around in the comments- if you've found your passion, I'll help you find a way to turn it into a job. Or ask your mentor. At this point, I'll bet you've seen a few things in the field that you'd like to change- make your game plan for achieving this change. OR-

Find an unfulfilled niche by combining 2 things you like into a "new" profession.

Robert Greene talks about this extensively in his book (mentioned above), and if I tried to reiterate it I wouldn't be doing it justice- but to summarize briefly, he thinks (and I agree) that one of the most beneficial things a man could do for mankind is to master two different disciplines, and combine the accumulated knowledge into a new field-- and hey, just like that you're now at the top of the totem pole in a new field. Soon, people will be asking YOU for advice, people will be looking to schedule YOU as a speaker, and the money will be goddamn flowing.

I hope this is concise, I'm running on very little sleep and a lot of caffeine. If anyone has anything else to add to the discussion, please do. One of my favourite quotes is “If I have an apple and you have an apple, and we trade apples, then we both still have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we trade ideas, then we both have two ideas.”


Edit: Y'all are awfully fucking fixated on four out of the 1,200 words I wrote. I did preface "get in a fist fight" with "if you've got the balls for it", so since apparently TRP is filled with a bunch of pussies, you idiots can skip past that part.

[-] bear2dbone 1 Point 6 months ago

Get in fist fight means stand up for what you believe in and don't be afraid to defend yourself at a moments notice.

Very nice post. Will spread the word.

[-] NextBad 1 Point 7 months ago

good premise but boxed in thinking, when you say sugar can we establish refrained white sugar, as carbs are very good and fruits are good for health, and fruits are not compatible with keto.


> 1)Get in a fist fight


Join a MMA or a martial arts club and learn respect for yourself and others and how to prevent fist fights


[-] MurkyArtichoke 1 Point 7 months ago

168 upvotes for someone who encourages you to get into a fist-fight and kill an animal yourself yearly. If you feel the need to get into a fist-fight to find your purpose then you have completely missed the point of trp. You can be a man without resorting to violence.

[-] BrownGummyBear 2 Points 7 months ago

High quality men don’t get in fist-fights -___-

[-] AscensionExperiments 0 Points 7 months ago

that's dumb and you're dumb

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] MakoShark93 1 Point 7 months ago

Getting into a fist fight for no reason is dumb shit. Fuck around with the wrong one and you could be in a casket.

[-] AscensionExperiments 1 Point 7 months ago

I've addressed this several times. read the other comments, and/or grow a brain and pair of balls

[-] MakoShark93 1 Point 7 months ago

I will try to materialize my brain out of the ether, thanks. I like how you make an ass of yourself and me.

[-] ZachMeadows 2 Points 7 months ago

Ok since my comment is first in top (whatever that means...) I feel the need to add some more.

OP said something about reconnecting with our primal instincts, survival and shit. Good.

But then he said to actually start a fist fight, which in our times goes in the complete opposite direction.

I am completely self aware and confident in my ability to fight for me or my kids. But other than that it is just stupid and reckless.

Most people here advise to join a MMA or boxing gym which is the best thing you can do about your raging Testosterone urging you to punch.

What if you encounter a boxer with 20 years of experience ? What about a former navy SEAL ? What about some dude that comes from a poor country in Africa ? What about Billy Beta that will snap and stab you with the pen he used to sign his divorce papers with ?

You want to start your own fight club ? Good for you. To me it's just for pussies that don't have enough shit going on with their lives that needs chest-thumping punch-throwing to feel man/Alpha enough. But that's just my opinion.


A quick reminder of what is the main purpose of the Red Pill. Look it up at the top right of the page. Above the sidebar, if you haven't read it yet...

Discussion of sexual strategy [...]

There's no sexual strategy in a fist fight (other than in gay porn, I assume). If I bring a HB8 plate in a bar and you start a fight with me, you'll either end up with a broken jaw, or cuffed by the police. In neither cases my date will come home with you. It's not animal kingdom and we're not at war.

If by miracle, you get pussy that way, then that's the kind of pussy you deserve, I'll gladly let you have it.

[...] in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.

Where's the culture in fighting ? And more importantly where is the positive identity for men to emulate in what is advised here ? Being able to handle danger, difficult situations, adversity is positive masculinity. Being a thug is not.


There is so much wrong with that single advice, it kills all credibility of an overall good post.


Don't be stupid, or get what you deserve.


Peace, gentlemen.


[-] AscensionExperiments 2 Points 7 months ago

Jesus fucking christ how many times do I have to say this

I didn't say go find a crack head and kick him in the balls. Of course use your goddamn brain. This goes without saying. If you retards read "get in a fist fight" and hear "go up to someone who has done you no wrong and fuck with him til he snaps", then it's YOU that's the problem, not my advice. There are PLENTY of ways to get into a fight without anyone risking their necks. I can think of four ways, off the top of my head, where you can get into an unregulated fight LEGALLY and without risk of someone trying to kill someone else.

Like, really, that's 4 words out of my entire post and that's ALL you fuckers have to talk about? The conversation has been completely derailed because everyone got so goddamn concerned about throwing hands?

Swear to God I'm tossing pearls to swine here.

[-] ZachMeadows 2 Points 7 months ago

Welcome to the Internet my friend , where everything gets blown out of proportion. That's why you need to really choose carefully your words before saying/writing anything.

Hell it's the same with women or with your boss, say something wrong or with the wrong tone and you get dumped, fired, called out for harrassment, etc...


The problem with (again i'll say it) an overall good post, is that you ONLY use 4 words for something that people, who might be in a fragile state of mind, that come here for guidance, will wrongly interpret.

You could have said get physical and go join a spar session in a boxing ring close to your home, but you said get in a fight. Which is a call for endangerment.

Sometimes you have to consider that people are stupid. So don't say anything that people might not get right and then say use your brain.


I'm not the one who usually nitpick over semantics, but we were dealing with something tricky here.


But I get that your intentions were noble. I truly do.


I hope to read more of your material in the future.

[-] PerplexingPegasus_ 0 Points 7 months ago

Get in a fist fight

I understand the point you’re making with getting into a fight builds character (in a controlled environment or in a light scuffle), but I don’t suggest looking for one is ever ideal. That seems like natural selection taking its course on the dumb.

[-] heartbroken_nerd 1 Point 7 months ago

I fucking love this stupid piece of shit argument about something not being 'real' and 'manly' enough. I'm not criticizing the whole post but I don't agree with some of it, especially this point about experiencing something 'more real' than what 'usual real' is. What the fuck.

Everything is goddamn artificial right now- you play football as a substitute for hunting

Satiating your innate animalistic urges by playing a stupid and artificial game with a bunch of your friends. Not real and manly at all. You're not manly and real enough until you experience something more manly and real than this.

Kill an animal yourself, and eat it. (find a group of older guys who go hunting, join up, pay for their beers or something if you have to)

Great, but it's likely that going hunting with someone experienced and not batshit crazy and/or totally reckless, they would only let you use the weakest weapon those guys could give you. So not only is it not YOUR weapon but it's not even powerful. Not manly and certainly not real enough.

So you go and get the necessary licenses, hunting, firearms, whatever you need. You arm yourself with something powerful, a good old rifle with quite a firepower. Now, you surely will feel manly enough. You go to the nearest area where it is legally allowed for you to hunt.

Great, but now you're not hunting animals freely, rather only killing what you're allowed and only in the areas that someone else decided for you. In other words, not real or manly, because you aren't even able to pick any prey that you want. You feel like a little cuck, inferior slave to the overlords. Your ego is itching to step it the fuck up.

So you move to another location, perhaps even outside your country of origin, and you find yourself a nice place with access to wilderness full of prey, that doesn't have any restrictions on what you can and cannot kill because the regulations are not strict there.

Great, but now you're hunting some poor creatures in the wilderness that normally would just be part of the ecosystem. They are just defenseless, not even human law protects these animals here. Not really manly, is it? The animals don't stand a chance.

So you go and buy yourself a nice knife and go back to hunting animals with a melee weapon at close range by running up to them. Manly as fuck, you think to yourself.

Great, but soon you realise that you're not fighting and hunting these poor creatures of land on an even ground. The animals don't even have any tools to fight back against your knife. Not real or manly enough.

So you go bare-handed from that point onwards, and one day you try to wrestle a fucking bear. You get a terrible wound from a single hit of its paw, right before it smashes you to the ground with the weight of its body. You die.

But hey, at least you went out in a real and manly way.


There is always a more real and/or more manly way to live your life. It's none of my business what you guys do with your lifes, but I just want to point out that one can always question how 'real' the 'real' really is, if you catch my drift. So why bother?

You want to satiate your killer instincts, then go win at the financial game, get enough 'fuck you' money to retire and then funnel anything extra that you make into whatever it is that you dream of 'building' for yourself/your family/society/aliens who might come to Earth one day.

[-] Shady3472 1 Point 7 months ago

But that's a boring and lame ass way to do it, maybe you should grow some balls.

[-] Chain--Male 2 Points 7 months ago

Well, u/heartbroken_nerd, (lol btw, your username shows your colors pretty clear. Soyboy coward.) having read your other comment it's really clear you don't know what you're talking about. Do you really think "winning the financial game" is going to do the same thing for you as feeling the adrenaline and testosterone pumping through your body as you take down your prey, after hours of careful planning and waiting? You really think sitting nicely at your desk while you accumulate layers of fat and your manhood shrinks is a good replacement for exercising your primal prowess?

I get what you're trying to say, but this whole bitch-fest tangent of yours can be deflated with one simple rebuttal- you don't know what the fuck you're talking about

[-] mrmaldoror 3 Points 7 months ago

A lot of haters in here but I agree with the sentiment entirely. I'm a high paid city man now but born and raised in rural areas. I hang around men who can't make fires, can't catch a fish, can't gut a fish and even more so are too scared to gut a fish. Then they come to me asking for tips with women. As if a woman wants to fuck a "man" who is scared of spiders.

If you have wimp traits you really gotta sort that shit before ever bothering to be "alpha".


And so many boring ass boys in here complaining about the fish fight, blah blah, we get all your concerns. Though you need to have had a little confronting danger in your life even if it risks your life per se.

Toughen up!

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 7 months ago


[-] AscensionExperiments 1 Point 7 months ago


Martial artist, former security guard. Grew up on the native reserve. Been in more than my share. Where your assumption that I've never been in a fight came from, I do not know. I mean, if assumptions are to be made, all you do is post about video games, so you're probably just a basement dwelling shitstain, aren't you?

[-] FullMetalAsshole 7 Points 7 months ago

Believing in the concept of a higher purpose necessitates a hierarchy of purposes. In order to know this you have internalize a hierarchy within yourself. Otherwise you’re just jerking off by hunting or getting into a fist fight. Both of those are fine but think of how many beta beer boiz go hunting because their losers and it makes them feel good.

[-] MGTOWMODSSUCK 4 Points 7 months ago

Very high quality post OP.

Appreciate you taking the time to share it

[-] Nicolas0631 1 Point 7 months ago

Just to nuance, while I like the overall tone, this is how it worked for you. Your insights are quite valuable and great inspiration. But this isn't necessarily the best past for everybody.

What worked for me:

- formal education: I got a master degree in computer science. I learned lot of things, it was extremely interresting and it gave me high paid job where I get to design and create things all the time.

=> You need to acquire lot of knowledge in many fields, not just 2. Also like you do workouts to be better physically, you should better your brain too. Learn new languages, learn various fields (economics, philosophy, biology, medecine, rethorics...).

- assiduity, continuity and hard work: putting hours into something, not just doing it but trying to improve make you progress faster. After a few years at it, you'll simply must better than the others, because you gone to the roots of things and now master most things.

=> You should learn, improve yourself and train more than most others.

It appear to me that the kill of an animal is both too narrow and specific. A wider view, how to hunt, recognize plants, how to survive in the wilderness maybe build a small house and grow things look like a better skillset to understand things on a deeper level... But I agree it would take more time.

Anyway, you can't master everything. Overall outside the fact you have to train both physically and spiritically, I don't think there any mandatory things.

[-] AscensionExperiments 1 Point 7 months ago

Of course. I did say -twice- that this is subjective and there's plenty of room to add on to this post. This is all my opinion. If I could pin your post to the top I would (since you're one of the only ones actually adding information lol)

[-] thewrecker8 3 Points 7 months ago

I'm going to say avoid the yearly first fight bucket list. First and foremost is the legal issue. This isn't grade school where you can throw hands on the playground and maybe get a suspension. If you're the initiator then the law is already against you. Then there's the fact that you don't know what you're up against. Does your opponent have a knife in his pocket, carrying a gun, use anything at his disposal as a weapon, etc. Then there's your job, do you need to be showing up at work all busted up, medical expenses, etc etc. If you want to do that take up a sport like boxing or martial arts and fight ftl contact in a controlled environment.

[-] AscensionExperiments 2 Points 7 months ago

Mutual fighting is legal, doesn't have to be you vs. a crack head you nut

[-] Transhumaxist 1 Point 7 months ago

Ultimately, your higher purpose should be at the top of this image. This was taken from the book Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark. As you can see art, writing, cinematography, programming, AI design, and science are the things which AI will not be able to do for a while. So your best bet is to focus on some of those fields.

[-] ArdAtak 5 Points 7 months ago

There's no mention of athletics or physical endeavors on that graphic. Seems incomplete. My mission is to be a competitive athlete and be fit. I has served me well by keeping my mind and body sharp. Keeping me in great shape, and tons of great social connections.

[-] Transhumaxist 4 Points 7 months ago

Well when you are young it is beneficial to be athletic. But suppose you are 40 years old and your body is worn down and not capable of what it used to be able to do, you are going to need a different higher purpose than athleticism.

[-] DocPBJ007 5 Points 7 months ago

Get in a fist fight? Shouldnt I work out first or practice some kickboxing? I am scared. Don't judge me.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 7 months ago

Go to a boxing, mma, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym instead.

[-] DocPBJ007 2 Points 7 months ago

why did you get downvoted? Is this bad advice?


[-] [deleted] 1 Point 7 months ago

Hell if I know why. Joining a jiu-jitsu gym is a great way to get in shape, learn a useful skill, and meet people. It has worked for me.

Here is a good video of Joe Rogan talking about Jiu-Jitsu with some jiu-jitsu highlights showing what it is

[-] Thunderbird93 5 Points 7 months ago

F.E.A.R stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. The worst life can throw at you is death. Death being inevitable is therefore not something to fear. Socrates saw death as the beginning of life and took Hemlock willingly. "There is nothing to fear but fear itself"-JFK

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] redvelvet_oreo 5 Points 7 months ago

Get in a fist fight

Yeah, no. Dont do that. If you haven't had any fights during middle school, high school and/or college there is no point starting shit now and most likely you just don't have the attitude for it. Take boxing, MMA, or just learn self defense for general purposes don't go start a fight. You can end up arrested, injured or dead.

If you want to go experience something real do something and stick to it. Learn how to do things instead of just looking for answers on youtube and how to;s on asktrp. You can never experience anything real until you actually have figured something out for your self. Otherwise your just a drone following other people.

[-] AscensionExperiments 2 Points 7 months ago

If you read the post, it's aimed at high schoolers. Young kids ought to learn what it's like to really struggle against an opposing force. MMA and such is good, no doubt, but getting some real experience in is invaluable. Washes all the soy away when your pride is on the line

I do like your last paragraph though, it's absolutely right

[-] redvelvet_oreo 2 Points 7 months ago

I get what your saying. Its amazing to me that people have never gotten into at least a scuffle by high school. I seen some shit in my day and have been involved in some shit. I agree it does make you tough but on the same token starting shit for no reason or being aggressive for no reason at all can lead you down the wrong path IMO.

What I would say though if someone provoked you and escalated psychically don't back down. Never let some one hurt you because your afraid of them. Don't be afraid to hurt someone(mentality you need to cultivate if your going to get psychical with someone) but don't go starting shit for no reason at all just to try to get experience under your belt.

If your in high school take classes as I said at least prepare your self for the one day you might need to fight. That's just my 2 cents.

[-] Tombert_Williams 14 Points 7 months ago

“GO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING REAL”. Travel to the extent the budget allows. Going to a third world country will open your eyes. Even a jaunt to Tijuana or Cancun (get outside the hotel zone) will be educational for someone who has never been anywhere.

[-] WalterEArmstrong 2 Points 7 months ago

DON'T to T town or Cancun and get out of the hotel zone!! As a matter of fact, stay the fuck OUT of third world shitholes like Mexico. Save up your bucks and go to someplace like Russia or China. I'll tell you from experience it's well worth the wait.


[-] PhasmaFrank 1 Point 7 months ago

So when some countries really struggle, you call them straight up shitholes? Kind of a really ignorant comment tbh

[-] drkinferno72 10 Points 7 months ago

Take up boxing (best option since I can't stand team sports), you won't go to jail like a street fight would

Learn how to stew your hunted meat. Ever had good deer chili?

[-] sir_goblington 36 Points 7 months ago

There's something off about the content of this post. Can't quite put my finger on it, but sounds exaggerated and poser-ish. Just comes off as hollow truisms to me. Anyone else sense anything off about it?

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] indigenoushorizons 3 Points 7 months ago

best comment. OP is insecure BP bitch boy confirmed.


edit: can't believe how many other BP bitch boys agreeing with this shit post

[-] AscensionExperiments 9 Points 7 months ago

Why? I can take up a combat sport any day of the week.

Yeah, combat sports have rules, nice soft padding and a referee to pull the other guy off before you actually get hit. For younger guys who are trying to shed BP indoctrination, there's nothing better than struggling against someone else in a real fight. It'll push the estrogen right out.

The current mantra is "all carbs are bad and eating any amount of sugar is akin to shooting up heroin".

Notice how I never said all carbs are bad. Strawman argument, which is a logical fallacy.- pure garbage. I said sugar is bad, because sugar (sugar is carbs but not all carbs are sugar) has been proven to lower testosterone, bomb out your teeth, and create dependency-like habits.

believes in the occult

That's what we call an Ad Hominem logical fallacy. Instead of disagreeing with my content, you attack the person. So what if I have a set of spiritual beliefs?

does't add any value for people looking

Interesting you'd say that, since you've done exactly what you accuse me of. At no point in here did you suggest another method for someone to find their calling. At no point did you do anything but bitch and make logical fallacies. Grow a brain

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] GeminiSix6 10 Points 7 months ago

Yeah, the part about getting on a fist fight definitely sounds wrong. Also, what is so wrong about working full time? In my experience there are also good opportunities to make good money.


[-] AscensionExperiments 5 Points 7 months ago

At no point did I say anything against working full time wtf

just don't waste your damn life in a cubicle where no one gives a fuck about whether you live or die

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] Imperator_Red -6 Point 7 months ago

Hard to have a purpose when you realize that everything is bullshit.

[-] CasaDeFranco 3 Points 7 months ago

"The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true" - Oppenheimer

[-] [deleted] 4 Points 7 months ago

Clearly your problem is that you're too optimistic...

[-] Trisheik 9 Points 7 months ago

Stop being a lil bitch and just do it.

[-] ZachMeadows 48 Points 7 months ago

Kill an animal yourself, and eat it. (find a group of older guys who go hunting, join up, pay for their beers or something if you have to)

It is EXACTLY something I'm planning to do. I live in a city and I haven't taken the time to do it yet, but it's been too long of a time that I want to do it.

Get in a fist fight

Now this is maybe dangerous, as depending on where you live, you can end up in jail or stabbed. Which is not good.


[-] surrealismen 1 Point 5 months ago

yeah man if i get in a fist fight with anyone around my area they gonna come back 20v1 ..

[-] WalterEArmstrong 1 Point 7 months ago

Put on some muscle and get at least a brown belt in some form of martial art before you go around pick'n fights. There's some really tough bastards out there!


[-] SexdictatorLucifer 2 Points 7 months ago

Now this is maybe dangerous

That's the point. Dont go crazy, but it's not a bad idea to get in a few street fights if you havent. Many benefits. You will feel how a real violence actually feels and be able to keep your cool. If theres ever a potential for it again, you wont be anxious because you know what a raw fist on your face feels like and you know it's not that bad. You'll realize you aren't made of glass. Itll kill your ego a bit, especially when you lose. Its benefitted me greatly, especially when I got fucked up good.

Dont be dumb though. Find a decent area, preferably full of yuppy white dudes. Start some shit with some dude and let him lay it on you. I got kind of addicted and got careless though. Ended up getting jumped by 3 black dudes at 3am one time. Most fucked up I've ever been, and they did me a favor stopping when they did. Let's just say the N-word is an easy way to start a fight with 3 niggas at 3am. Lol dont be stupid.

[-] AscensionExperiments 4 Points 7 months ago

My man!

I feel like a lot of these guys saying it's too dangerous have this image like everyone is carrying a broken beer bottle covered in AIDS. Guys, it's a scuffle. Give and take a couple bruises, don't be such a pussy. Sheesh.

[-] heartbroken_nerd 4 Points 7 months ago

Dumbass. You never know who you're going to run into.

With that said: since you're stirring up shit and getting into street fights on purpose, you definitely deserve anything that might be coming your way. Hope you can handle a god damn psycho who won't back down from inflicting a lethal wound just to make his point loud and clear.

[-] AscensionExperiments 0 Points 7 months ago

Lol... you're such a spazz, kid.

I didn't say "go find a crackhead on the streets and start throwing punches". You've never engaged in any kind of bar fight or scuffle, have you? You assume, like I said above, that EVERYONE has a broken beer bottle covered in AIDS. I bet you didn't get any rough and tumble play as a kid, either. You're just full of paranoia and piss.

[-] valourtore 2 Points 7 months ago

Bruh while I agree that a fist fight will toughen myself up, I'm afraid that things could get really ugly.

What if I start shit and get my face broken into completely? Then the rhetoric will change into "well you're an idiot for starting a fight" or "choose your fights properly".

Some things just aren't worth the risk.

[-] red_tux 2 Points 7 months ago

Get in a fist fight

Now this is maybe dangerous, as depending on where you live, you can end up in jail or stabbed. Which is not good.

There are always MMA gyms which can A) provide you with the fight you're needing, and B) teach you how to handle things should a fight outside the gym find it's way headed to you.

[-] oldman_stone 4 Points 7 months ago

I would recommend joining an MMA/boxing gym for at least 3 months, that way if shit goes down you can handle it

[-] purple_pal 1 Point 7 months ago

This is the way to do it.

I'm a firm believer that the mark of a strong individual is one who does not seek out conflict, but maintains the ability to end it quickly and efficiently when it arises.

[-] WalterEArmstrong 1 Point 7 months ago

But if you LIKE to fight, shit, there's plenty of others willing to accommodate you!


[-] Nicolas0631 19 Points 7 months ago

Martial art are perfect to get in a fight in a safe environement.

[-] omega_dawg93 29 Points 7 months ago

stand your ground laws make this one obsolete. come to Texas or LA, and definitely Florida and start shit... you'll get blasted.

that fist-fighting shit is dead. try it and you will be dead too.

[-] SpecialistParticular 1 Point 6 months ago

There are plenty of assholes I'd love to fight but they're also the type of bitches that'll call the cops the moment it's over. Jail is why people don't want to fight anymore.

[-] omega_dawg93 0 Points 6 months ago

not here in the deep south. fist fighting is dead bc the first person that just FEELS threatened can open fire with a gun... considering they have a carry permit.

even if the person is a kid wearing a hoodie eating skittles.

again... dont start shit down here unless you're ready to die.

[-] Pajca 5 Points 7 months ago

Getting in a fist fight is the easyest thing ever where I live.

It's a challenge to NOT get in a fist fight when you are out.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] [deleted] 9 Points 7 months ago


[-] CasaDeFranco 2 Points 7 months ago

Personally I reached out to people that inspired me, I read their book, or they exited a company; I sent them a short message on linkedin, or found their email using contactout extension, something short to the point. "I'm in my 20's, started my own business, we've grown to 30 and I was listed on Forbes; I wanted your insights into growing from 50-1000 employees". That type of shit - most people who have done inspiring things are too busy doing shit to talk about it. That said, people love to give back if you make them feel valued, go out for a coffee or whiskey. After awhile you have monthly meet ups, then they're you mentor; maybe kick back some of your company to them 0.1% in equity etc if you really value them and their network.

[-] IvyExcess 34 Points 7 months ago

I'll tell you how I found two of mine.

I was sitting at an AA meeting and a guy shared something that caught my ear. I asked him about it after the meeting. He said "if you're interested, theres a free class coming up". I went. I met his boss who was teaching one of the classes. I studied my ass off for the test at the end of the class. I was one of the top two scorers. I went to my (now) friend's office one day to pick up a piece of equipment relevant to the class. His boss was there, we talked, he found out I was one of the top scorers on the test, he offered me a job in the field of the class I just took. I became an expert in that field due to much of his mentorship and now make a living doing it.

A friend handed me a biography of a man who happened to still be alive and doing things right up my alley. I called the man, the subject of said biography. We talked, I went and met him, signed up for a class he was teaching. Attended the class, during which I noticed something relevant to the above-mentioned subject I was gaining expertise in at the time. I offered to teach a class the following day during a promotional event. He accepted, sat in on my class, saw that I knew my shit, offered me more opportunities, paid me well,opportunities increased, pay increased, lessons increased.

Life changed drastically for me because of these two men. But I put in the work to be at the right place at the right time. They say luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I'm pretty lucky a lot. But I've done the background work most haven't. PM me if you want to know more.

PS. Edit: i essentially found my higher calling between these two mentors and the experiences they led to.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 7 months ago

What kind of classes were they?

[-] AutoModerator 0 Points 7 months ago

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