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- Hide Preview | 1 Comments | submitted 3 weeks ago by Roughneck16 [Post Locked]

Here is an article for you.

Based off the information presented therein, I'm offering the following advice for those of you who wish to find and maintain successful relationships.

  • For the ladies, you may not appreciate the fact that men prefer younger women with a small waist-to-hip ratio. You may also not like the fact that a high income or social status contributes little to your SMV. Nevertheless, as much as you hate the game, you can't change the rules. If you want to find a good man and enjoy the benefits of committed relationship, you need to make a conscious effort to get in shape and be attractive while you're young.

  • For men, the same advice I give women applies to you: you may find it frustrating that women go for rich, powerful, or attractive men. Don't be bitter. The incels will whine constantly about how women reject them. Instead, they should focus their efforts in going to the gym, improving their hygiene/style, and laying down the foundation for a successful career. I went from mopping floors in college to making beaucoup bucks as an engineer. Believe me, things changed. It required patience and sacrifice, but it was so worth it.

Full disclosure: I'm the author of the article. In the comments, I would like for you to tell me where you think I'm right or wrong in my written analysis. All comments (including highly critical ones) are welcome.


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