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- Hide Preview | 156 Comments | submitted 11 months ago by itiswr1tten [Post Locked]


The amount of defeatist noob posting appears to be exponentially increasing, probably because the kiddos are back from school on break.

So your boy is writing a meme title post about why being on the spectrum is good to communicate a critical point in your own retarded language:

Thinking in binary extremes is the fast track to doing nothing, and continuing to hate yourself.

Here are some examples.

Alpha and Beta

The Virgin Binary thinker creates a large spreasheet that looks like an accounting ledger. A third column is filled with various behaviors like "wearing a leather jacket with a scorpion on the back", "trying to AMOG dudes at the gym", and "aggressively insulting women without being funny about it".

The Virgin posts five asktrp threads a day asking about whether individual behaviors are alpha or beta, and over analyzes responses from unflaired users to categorize the behavior in his spreadsheet.

The Chad spectrum thinker reminds the Virgin that alpha and beta are adjectives, not nouns and verbs. The Virgin asks Chad if girls think it is alpha when you flex your cheek muscles. Chad sighs and closes his browser window.


The Virgin insists that at birth you are assigned a set of genetics that allow you to fuck anyone and everyone or live a life or total celibacy. The Virgin is a sexual Calvinist espousing predestination

The Chad spectrum thinker knows that while Looks Money and Status are important, they can all be improved. Chad also contemplates the many types of Game he has seen succeed - funny, cocky, confident, and more. Frame also enters his mind. Chad knows there are myriad ways to improve any man's situation and works on himself first, knowing the results come after.


The 18th Ultimate Guide To Tinder recently came out. The Virgin Binary thinker claims he works out, dresses well, and gets no matches because only the top. 0001% of men match with land whales now; and besides, some minor asymmetry in his jaw is definitely the reason Women Won't Fuck Me. Another Virgin suggests he do complex tongue exercises for years to fix this (this literally happened, apparently it's called "mewing" Jesus christ).

The Chad spectrum thinker asks the Virgin to reconsider - if he lifts and is as put together as he thinks he is, wouldn't he be top 20%? Perhaps working the sidebar and developing your game is the real solution. After all, attraction is complex and you can't win them all.

Conclusion and tldr

  • OP wants YOU to get on the spectrum and stop being binary

  • By thinking in extremes, you'll miss the nuance and probably continue your grand plan of total inaction. Later you will masturbate

  • OP achieves the point ironically, since his teaching platform is a binary borrowing a meme template
[-] Feelinggood702 1 Point 10 months ago

Lol the Virgin vs Chad is a binary itself

Edit: Lmao just read the end

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[-] MakoShark93 1 Point 10 months ago

I have accepted what OP said in his original post as a fact.

[-] tchower 2 Points 11 months ago

True. I honestly couldn’t imagine a life based on supplying resources for woman as an engineer or programmer. Usually the best paying jobs in this field are the needle in a hay stack type of stuff no one wants to do, so they up the salary. Even something like running my own business or company, it would still be a downer that everything you earn and work for is for woman because of how much sacrifice it takes, sounds like a nightmare come true with the way it is these days with woman. As far as fantasy girl or “theone” type, a hot girl will not get you so far in life, when you walk around with them, all the guys check her out and stare at her, they’re not like sitting around thinking “how cool you are” they’re looking at her ass ect. and she’ll constantly have the most random dudes hitting on her on the Internet and sending her muscle pics, then when girls look at you, it makes her insecure like any other girl would be because even though they act stuck up and bitchy, they secretly still want men’s attention, and yeah they have hot friends, but they’re almost never single and they never want me talking to their hot friends ever, always their fat ones or weird ones who only hang out with them because it gets guys talking to them. It’s such a mind fuck, doesn’t seem worth it. Hopefully I didn’t say too much or anything weird but this is my personal experience, and what you’ve said confirms what I’ve seen and heard thus far. Definitely going to stay a musician and go MGTOW even though I’ll make less and most likely not get married, so be it.

[-] sezamus 3 Points 11 months ago

Women are attracted to masculinity and men are attracted to femininity. It doesn't necessarily mean looks and alpha behaviours only. I look thugish, I am muscley-fat and I am far from classic "cute guy". Yet, there are women very attracted to me and I mean working out 8s, 9s hotties. Of course there are also cute girls, who like me, but preffer cute guys, so there is nothing I can do about it. What I can do, is play to my strengths with women who are attracted to my raw masculinity. Being honest with myself my looks are 6, but self-confidence and masculinity 9. Masculinity is a mix of looks, personality, behaviour and having your shit together. In other words this is being a perfect father, son, brother, lover, warrior and a teddybear when it's needed for people in our little tribe. On the other side I am attracted to women who are feminine, but don't have to be beautiful by instagram's standard. I am attracted to submissive, friendly personality, intelligence and ability to sort things out on her own, meaning she is not as childisch as most women.

If the world was binary, I would have zero chance of getting into any relationship.

[-] [deleted] 86 Points 11 months ago


[-] tchower 5 Points 11 months ago

I like MGTOW and Red Pill and agree 100 percent with this. I do not think that Red Pill and MGTOW need to hate on each other. I agree men should focus on themselves and not pedestal woman like MGTOW, but also game can help out with getting a good interaction started with woman like Red Pill talks about, and I agree looks and attraction is more complicated than most men think, especially in terms of a woman and projecting confidence and lifting always helps but doesn’t guarantee pussy either. Maybe the ultimate Chad doesn’t need either the Red Pill or MGTOW, because why would they even care to look at either of these communities anyway? Or maybe the ultimate Chad is on the Red Pill and loves it? We do not know for sure.

[-] yomo86 2 Points 11 months ago

MGTOW is not a bad philosophy. Atlas shrugged for the sexual market place so to speak. But it is only feasable, as far as I am concerned, when reached an age that mitigates your sex drive, say 65.

[-] tchower 2 Points 11 months ago

I see feminists here and there on the forums for MGTOW who mistook the idea of men going their own way as resentment toward woman and that the men are all bitter and I completely disagree. I accept female nature for what it is, but not talking to woman or interacting with woman at all is obviously impossible and ridiculous and no man does that. I’ve heard similar cult like rhetoric “us vs.them” mentality on the red pill every once in awhile and there has to be some kind of happy medium between being content with solitude and time to yourself to improve without a bitch around, and also being cool with bitches and being alright with them. These philosophies do not have to hate on one or the other.

[-] Jfc_Manners 2 Points 11 months ago

Many of them are contextual. I've been with 33 or 34 women -- I'm finally losing count -- but I haven't touched a woman in almost a year. In that last year, I've almost doubled my real income and added +50 to pretty much all of my lifts. I've also just been fucking annoyed with women and had enough sex stored up in my hump to last me a few months. Looking up close, fairly MGTOW. Big picture, pretty engaged with women.

I think owning how you feel about women in the present moment is the right synthesis. If you're fully in one camp or the other, I wonder if you're missing something.

[-] tchower 2 Points 11 months ago

Good points. That’s a lot of woman, and I agree you can’t be fully in one camp or the other. Many ad hominem statements in posts and forums like attacking people’s n-count, and with anything, if you see life through the lens of impressing and searching for woman, than everything takes on that perception so life will look like it’s all about woman and all for woman, and your perceptions of woman will follow what you believe about them, and this thinking can mistakenly put woman in control of how you think or feel, rather than you. Too much of that contradicts the outcome dependence theory for the Red Pill, so false associations can be made between what caused someone to get laid/up n-count and what didn’t. Truth is, if one guy met a girl in a luxury apartment vs. College dorm room, it’s going to effect the sexual attraction. Either way, the happiness should come from you and not them is the conclusion I eventually reached. Being proud you doubled your income will make you better off for example.

[-] Jfc_Manners 1 Point 11 months ago

IMO, even worrying that much about how these things impacts your dealings with women is missing out on how awesome it is for you. I love having a shitton more money. I have a huge house in a great location to myself, I have a dog, I have a brand new car, and I'm still saving lots of money. Fuck women and their desire for luxury apartments; more money is nice for me.

Letting women be a side effect is the way to go. I've had one of the best years of my life almost totally without women -- I did make out with a chubster once this year out of politeness since she took care of my dog -- and the next year could be the same. Or there could be a woman or three involved. It's all good.

That's the place to be, man, I'm telling you -- I got with women who used to be attainable to me only in my fantasies and it did nothing to make me happy. On the other hand, focusing on myself, my health, my craft, my leadership skills, on creating the life I wanted -- that has been a golden ticket to happiness.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] j_arbuckle2012 4 Points 11 months ago


Terry Crews? Really?

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] Foobyx 1 Point 11 months ago

Yeah, don't be binary. This put a kick to "AWALT".

[-] lux_7 1 Point 11 months ago

Yes you can see quite a bit of that.


A lot of it has to with posturing for social status and ego-massaging.


Not everyone of course, and it's also understandable: we all have an innate drive to increase our status and defend our egos.


But we can outgrow, and it's our duty to move past past posturing and social climbing.

[-] Scorptice 6 Points 11 months ago

Fantastic slap of a post!

Mewing works btw, learn how to close your mouth correctly to looksmax.

[-] itiswr1tten 11 Points 11 months ago

You are wholesale missing the point, which is that the law of diminishing marginal returns states the first 20% effort yields 80% of the returns then the last 20%returns require 80% or four times the effort

That's why the classic mistake you see especially on incel sites is to waste massive amounts of time on the last 20% when they're not tackling the much easier first 80

[-] Scorptice 16 Points 11 months ago

I agree with that and with your post as well.

It was just a tongue in cheek reply regarding mewing. Or better: a tongue at the roof of your mouth reply

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] Psychedelic_Dan 5 Points 11 months ago

Good post, but mewing is legit. In 2 weeks it's opened up my airways and has had unbelievable trickle down effects with sleep and meditation and many other things, and those are just the immediate effects.

[-] BigDino1 1 Point 11 months ago

How has it impacted your meditation? How much better do you think you have gotten?

[-] Psychedelic_Dan 3 Points 11 months ago

I was a mouth-breather my whole life before I started mewing a couple weeks ago, so now while I meditate, my airway is open enough that I can fully relax my breath and pay attention to it while it flows naturally, unlike before when my breath was getting trapped in ways that I didn't know could be fixed. It's made meditating easily 3 or 4 times more effective and I actually enjoy it instead of seeing it as a chore.

[-] BigDino1 1 Point 11 months ago

How do you mew? How long do I do it?

Also, are you like subconsciously focuing on keeping you jaw a certain way while meditating?

[-] Psychedelic_Dan 2 Points 11 months ago

I get my whole tongue (or as much as I can) lodged against the roof of my mouth, and it also props my bottom jaw forward and decreases my overbite. I also do tongue exercises pushing extra hard against the roof for a couple minutes during the day. And I've been mewing as often as I can think of it during the day, but it's easy for me because my opened airways give me incentive to always want to do it. And my jaw is stronger and more forward now so I don't really have to focus on my jaw while meditating.. I just focus now on letting my breath do its thing and not trying to control it, which I had to do before or else my breath would often get stuck. I watched videos from the Orthotropics Youtube channel to learn about all the mewing stuff.

[-] BigDino1 1 Point 11 months ago

I get my whole tongue (or as much as I can) lodged against the roof of my mouth, and it also props my bottom jaw forward and decreases my overbite.

so like you press it flat against the roof of you mouth and push upward, right? Do you clench you jaw when you do it? Are your teeth touching?

How long did you you hold it like that for when you started? Is it supposed to be hard and how do you know if you're doing it right?

I watched videos from the Orthotropics Youtube channel to learn about all the mewing stuff.

Can you send me some links?

Has it improved you success rate with girls? Do they hit on you more often?


[-] Zech4riah 3 Points 11 months ago

Ironic enough, these things would be incredibly useful if "Virgin Binary Thinker" who haven't taken any action and is still nice guy, would actually complete these "challenges".

The Virgin Binary thinker creates a large spreasheet that looks like an accounting ledger. A third column is filled with various behaviors like "wearing a leather jacket with a scorpion on the back", "trying to AMOG dudes at the gym"

[-] inhiarashi 4 Points 11 months ago

I'm going to masturbate the whole time.

Also is the Chad spectrum reminder made by a flaired user?

Jokes aside. I appreciate you putting this down. Thanks.

[-] ReturningSpider 8 Points 11 months ago

This might be the most needed post I’ve seen on here in a while. Take notes kiddos

[-] Governor_Humphries 7 Points 11 months ago

Take notes kiddos

Just not, you know, a spreadsheet

[-] itiswr1tten 19 Points 11 months ago

Is writing my notes down in a leather memo alpha? Is it beta if I use an office depot pad or is staples the alpha office supply store?

[-] vandaalen 3 Points 11 months ago

Saved for future references. Good job.

[-] ormito 7 Points 11 months ago

Imagine putting 0 research into something and completely dismissing it as bullshit. Im talking about mewing.

[-] buttgoogler 2 Points 11 months ago

apparently it's called "mewing"

Lmao, I just read about about it today.

[-] liaizon 4 Points 11 months ago

OT: got damn this sub is buried, i started organizing some stuff and realized i couldnt find the RP. Specifically typed it in, resubbed for it to show up on bar, and starred, then it just goes away. wtf

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] NextBad -2 Point 11 months ago

This post is beta shaming and trying to identify a problem rather than increase understanding, in short OP has no ideal what he/she is talking about.

> The Chad spectrum thinker asks the Virgin to reconsider - if he lifts and is as put together as he thinks he is, wouldn't he be top 20%? Perhaps working the sidebar and developing your game is the real solution.


I knew a chad, a classic type, footballer, sport captain, he even dated my ex and handle her shit test with ease, however he sucked at online dating he said, "I never succeed , no one talks to me, they never respond, and just disappear"


chad often acts as beta in many arena's, in the online dating bracket, I was chad, I knew what worked, what didn't, how to approach, when it came to bars he was in his environment, due to positive reinforcement.

What creates hate is thinking about aren't good enough, and stop trying,

> Another Virgin suggests he do complex tongue exercises for years to fix this (this literally happened, apparently it's called "mewing" Jesus christ).


The virgin is blaming him self and trying to improve, no improvement is needed, just learning game and what to do, unless he is butt ugly or 400 pounds he should have some success


[-] lvanden 1 Point 11 months ago

How is mewing a complex tongue exercise, its just proper tongue posture, are you dumb!?

[-] Viralimpulse 2 Points 11 months ago

Aren't you a virgin binary by discrediting experiences of other dudes? I 100% call bullshit on your tinder segment. I'm not in the top 20% having my shit together.

Also its a tough situation to be in. Its an endless cycle of working on yourself while never being enough. And of course people will tell you, you're wrong because if it was true you would be getting x results.

[-] 278209AR948Q 11 Points 11 months ago

He's pointing at the moon and you are looking at his finger. Nothing that you read in life should anger you or make you emotional.

If it does, there is an underlying sense in you that tells you that this post is for you.

I am not here to bash you. A lot can be said about using tinder or not, I don't use it. If you are, many things are at play: location, distance, the people in the area, ideology... a whole lot of things that are more time consuming than going up to a giel in real life and chat her up.

The whole "be attractive, don't be unattractive", and "I'm not the 0,0001%" is utter nonsense.

We give girls too much credit.

Every girl I have banged I am in the top 2-3 guys in everything. There aren't many guys like us in trp out there in the world, and they still get girls.

Go out and experiment. Try everything. Theorise and analyze later.

[-] Viralimpulse 5 Points 11 months ago

Personally speaking. It fucking sucks ass when u talk to 40 girls in a short span of time and All of them ignore you for the same reason. ur not the fuckboy fun type all their friends are fucking.

It kills all motivation to interact with girls. I'm seeking therapy because I can't cope with the entitlement of girls and still want to work towards my goal. I know i bitch way too much but thats because ive had terrible history with girls and its never changed no matter what i did. I find my problems to be unrelateable too and no ego stroking will fix this. having high confidence, being jacked, etc. Makes up for being shit with girls.

[-] itiswr1tten 5 Points 11 months ago

Are you even reading what you write? You're saying you have your shit together but you're going to therapy because you can't talk to women. You do not have your shit even basically together that is why you are unattractive. YOU HAVE NO FRAME AND BLAME WOMEN FOR YOUR PROBLEMS BITCH

I'm calling you a punk and hopes that you wake up and take responsibility for your life. This is not bullying. I want you to be better

[-] Viralimpulse 4 Points 11 months ago

I fixed my issues about not being able to talk to women. Quit being an idiot

I know guys that cant talk to women and they dont have this issues getting girls. Some guys havebit way easier, source of most guys frustrations.

[-] Atheist_Utopia 7 Points 11 months ago

Wrong sub dude. Head over to braincels for self-defeatism.

[-] Viralimpulse 2 Points 11 months ago

Sorry not sorry. Guys that have easier and tell ppl to try harder make me disgusted. Self defeatism would be doing nothing. You getting the wrong idea boi.

[-] Atheist_Utopia 2 Points 11 months ago

Guys that have easier and tell ppl to try harder make me disgusted.

Understandable, and see it as fuel to your anger. Anger that you'll channel to your self-improvement. Do you see the point in complaining? I was going through the same phase as you. Realized complaining wasn't making me stronger and started doing stuff.

There'll always be the Chad who'll have it easier, but as Brads, what are we going to do about it other than maximizing our potential?

[-] Viralimpulse 2 Points 11 months ago

You see it as complaining. I throw out my views every now and again to see it challeneged, see what other people think. Honestly its self defeated but whatever. I dont think i will ever be good with girls because its just not possible me to stay mentally sane and deal with allbthe disrespect. My time would be better spent enjoying life and hobbies rather than fighting entitled girls how i'n not a loser and probably one of the best options for them.

[-] Atheist_Utopia 1 Point 11 months ago

The problem is in your own text.

[-] 278209AR948Q 8 Points 11 months ago

Being self aware of one's own inadequacy is a huge leap forward.

Most never reach this stage because it is an exercise of bringing the ego down.

If talking to 40 girls on tinder hurts you, stop it. I personally don't use tinder because the medium is the mesaage. It takes me more steps and mroe nonsense to get where I want to get than by meeting first in person (I'm from a small town in Spain btw).

Your parents didn't need tinder to meet Mine neither. Go out and put yourself out there. Be in social situations where you are at the top.

All the girls I have ever banged I approached in person. It is more fun and it is more real.

Try everything. It either works or it makes for a good story.

Good stories get you far.

[-] Viralimpulse 2 Points 11 months ago

I dont use tinder. Only irl aproaches. My parents also never dated, family finds you a partner and thats it. All i have is the internet to learn about how it all works.

[-] 278209AR948Q 5 Points 11 months ago

I have approached over a thousand girls in the last 4 years. Every night I go out I seek at least one rejection.

It's a numbers game.

[-] Viralimpulse 3 Points 11 months ago

You also have good experiences. Other wise you would never continue. How to go from always getting shit from girls to better refrences. Also for me its not numbers game. There is a clear issue I cant fogure out. Probs done 700-1000 approaches same issue trying different things. Which is far below, other local guys didnt even approach 100 or 400 before they started getting girls regularly.

[-] 278209AR948Q 4 Points 11 months ago

By reading your comments, you project this negative vibe that brings people down. This is not met as an insult, it is the impression you are giving me.

People are attracted to people with charm, energy, charisma. People that light up the room.

You are none of that on reddit, I don't know you in real life.

To be more specific and helpful, seek a variety of social circles and test the waters. Gain friends, colleagues and move up socially.

[-] Viralimpulse 2 Points 11 months ago

How do you feel about people that dont have those qualities and succeed. Maybe the biggest reason for my negative outlook online.

Actually just yesterday one of the girls i was talking to told me I was the most approachable guy. Dont even know what that means. I dont think it helps. So what if girls can see you in a platonic way.

[-] 278209AR948Q 3 Points 11 months ago

They can be learnt. I did.

You can.

You are looking for excuses and reasons to preserve your ego. The ego protects itself.

You write on here saying that you aren't good enough, but in your mind you do think that you are. That is why there is no change.

I am not talking to a man here. I am talking to his ego.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points 11 months ago

Maybe you need to find wingmen and try going full on “pickup artist” for awhile, get some feedback on what’s happening by having other people observe and critique what’s happening. I am not telling you to not seek therapy if you need therapy for your well being , but that’s a separate issue- I don’t think you can count on a therapists advice for picking up women.

[-] Satou4 3 Points 11 months ago

You still believe you're not enough? Maybe that is the reason.

[-] Viralimpulse 2 Points 11 months ago

I challenege my views by talking to girls i probably shouldn't nothing changes. Even if they like my jokes or whatever.

I came from bluepill mentality where thinking being nice to girls would work for me because thats what moms teach nowdays. I get frustrated sometimes seeing girls say that to me because they are super clueless.

[-] Satou4 1 Point 11 months ago

You can challenge your opinion that you're not enough every moment of your life until your opinion changes. You are already enough. Maybe you just need more time. Someone will see that you are already enough... it's your job to find those people

[-] Vikingcel 1 Point 11 months ago

"you go gurl" "Gurl you not a fat slob you curvy"

You sound like a fat chick talking to a fat chick friend of hers.

[-] Satou4 1 Point 11 months ago

He did say he's in an endless cycle of working on himself.

[-] inhiarashi 3 Points 11 months ago

Hi viral.

Just keep approaching women. Bad experiences are definitely the worst part about this transition.

You focus on self amusement and to engage women and talk about things that are interesting and amusing to you and hopefully they relate.

Even in the best case scenario, most approaches will be met with rejection, but just because you haven't gotten anywhere yet doesn't mean you wont.

Ideals are way out of control, that is true, and reality punishes you socially for that the whole way up, I wont even say it gets easier, I wont say that you ever stop having fear or hatred or any of the negative emotions as you step up to the plate, during the middle of a date, back at the pad where you move in to get laid.

Hundreds of things can go wrong with each and every step. Somehow people all around you are getting it done. You see men uglier than yourself with women, you see ugly women.

That means someone fucked to have them, that means no matter what your condition you can get fucked.

I have no idea the real root problems with you that are holding you back, and it doesn't seem like you understand it well enough either.

This is a common problem, I have been lucky enough here in my mid 30's to finally meet some good and honest people at a new employer that were kind enough to help me soften my socially rough edges. Life is a very long uphill climb and when you look back, if you are doing it right, you see that you did a shit job in a shit situation and you struggled and pulled yourself closer to an excellent experience as often as you could.

We all fall down and lose hope. I don't know if this helps, but your replies here were very inspiring. It seems like you just need to keep pushing forward, if for nothing else just out of spite.

Get that 1k approaches goal hammered out and come back and tell us you are still having trouble. Not sure what else you can do till then, because I just see you not getting on with it.

[-] Viralimpulse 1 Point 11 months ago

Thank you very much. You are a kind person.

[-] ReasonableWealth 1 Point 11 months ago

Hey bro, check out alpha male strategies on youtube. He's one of the few legit guys I know that doesnt sell people bullshit. He gained around 150k subs in less than 2 years cause of what he preaches.

[-] inhiarashi 2 Points 11 months ago

Thank me by going way beyond suffering with those approaches. They really suck but by the end you will be experienced and wise. You will have a sense of conversation those around you lack.

People are so socially fucked because they don't get the practice. Practice as often as you can and fail and don't worry about it.

Everyone sucks, some people are fortunate and suck less sooner but stubborn moving forward is they key to winning at anything.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] MarcosDomingues 3 Points 11 months ago

Gonna have to disagree you with you on the mewing thing.

"mewing" is basically putting the back of the tongue in the roof of your mouth 24/7, which is a habit that most people unconsciously have since birth.

For me, I didn't know I was supposed to hold it there and couldn't do it at first, but now it comes naturally and I don't even have to think anymore. Literally, thats the whole point if mewing, you learn 2-3 things that will help your facial bones grow correctly, and then move on with your life.

[-] Jfc_Manners 1 Point 11 months ago

Wait, the back of your tongue? The fuck? Most people do that?

[-] MarcosDomingues 1 Point 11 months ago

Yes, its supposed to feel like your whole tongue is glued to the roof of your mouth. If you're not doing that, start doing it now

[-] Jfc_Manners 1 Point 11 months ago

Wait, I get what you mean -- by "the back of the tongue" you mean "the rear portion of the tongue", not the underside. I misunderstood.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] jordanbadland 1 Point 11 months ago

"help your facial bones grow correctly" sounds like something that someone who's still in puberty will benefit from and not a grown man

[-] MarcosDomingues 2 Points 11 months ago

Your bones never stop remodeling themselves, just look at stephen hawking before and after

[-] jordanbadland 1 Point 11 months ago

Interesting. Maybe I'll check it out then

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] Luckyluke23 2 Points 11 months ago

i came here expecting a post about oneitis and how the guy only see one girl there for he is binary where chad see MANY girls therefor he is not.

though this is a really good post and i learnt a lot as well

[-] DancesWithPugs 1 Point 11 months ago

I looked up mewing and it looks like the most practical and useful information I have gotten in some time. Completely in line with TRP self-improvement goals.

Ironically you are creating your own Chad / virgin binary here? Is that deliberate?

Upvoted for leather jacket with a scorpion on the back.



[-] TokyoMist 2 Points 11 months ago

I've been with a few women who many would call a "10". In my experience, I have found 7's,8's, and 9's to be more fun, trustworthy, and sexual. You should never lose sleep over not getting with the illustrious 10. It will hold you back from amazing experiences with other women.

[-] itiswr1tten 2 Points 11 months ago

If that's true you should post a puppy picture or some other nonsense to the default subs, and get enough karma to post.

[-] 278209AR948Q 29 Points 11 months ago

I wrote a detailed reply but it didn't save. Fuck it.

Newbies, we all love to bash on them. We were all newbies once. We are all still newbies if you truly think about it.

I first posted here 4 years after having found trp and read it everyday.

A post like this, while bashing you, is giving you some tough love. Tough love that all of us need at some stage of our lives.

The reason why I never posted was that I spent 4 years putting things into practice. There is literally no point in reading things here and not doing anything.

While I understood terms like AWALT, AMOG, Lift, Alpha and Beta, I didn't accept them without any due dilligence.

I set out to try everything here. Experiment. Abstract. See the connections. Most, if not all, the advice here is correct. Don't take my word for it, expermient and live it yourself.

A reason to not believe in absolutes is that nothing in life is black or white, there are many tonalities to it.

What do you do when you come up with a post like this? Or posts here in general?

First you need to emulate/have a mentor. Guys ahead of you know what you want to know, they have the answers. It is easier to take in their advice and try it. Most of the EC's here, present and past, are here because they want to help guys.

Once you have a foundation, experiment with all the variables. See if A leads to B, and if C can lead to B too. You need to know the insides.

Once you know how it all works, ask yourself why it is that way. Abstract and have a bird's eye view of the whole thing.

Only once this is all internalized you can disagree with guys ahead of you, because you have real life knowledge, you have wisdom and you have experience.

Only because you and I reach the goal, doesn't mean we went down the same path.

Absolutes don't work. They are good in the beginning, once you reach a certain step you need to see trhough them.

Check out TRP.RED

Edit: spelling.

[-] itiswr1tten 10 Points 11 months ago

Good reply. The way I see it is indeed that newbs really need black and white platitudes to start - it's much easier to follow.

That's why the sidebar is so good - it lays the groundwork in simple words. She's not yours, it's just your turn. Internalize that and you'll eventually realize that's the secret to making her yours if you want to. The praxeology is a paradox.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] omega_dawg93 23 Points 11 months ago

all of this is bullshit when the only thing a woman needs to be a 10 is... big tits, a tan and blond hair.

there are a lot of good women... LTR material that are 6 to 7, are not high maintenance, educated and know their way around in both the kitchen and bedroom.

there's nothing wrong with them... some are very cool. those unicorns you guys are chasing have seen more dick than y'all... and you own one.

[-] Jfc_Manners 2 Points 11 months ago

all of this is bullshit when the only thing a woman needs to be a 10 is... big tits, a tan and blond hair.

What? Dude, I've known 4s who met those standards.

[-] Thisismybot8 10 Points 11 months ago

Yeah realistically, I don't know if it's possible to make a housewife out of a 9 or 10 in this day and age. She'll be guaranteed to have ridden the CC, be extremely high maintenance in terms of money and attention, and she'll be almost guaranteed to be a social media slut that craves (and gets) a lot of attention. I think LTR wise, a 7 or an 8 is the absolute sweetspot.

[-] DrakeLGND 1 Point 11 months ago

Idk my man, look up Elana Cardone.

[-] Thisismybot8 2 Points 11 months ago

I just did. She looks like she was an 8 in her prime and a 6 right now. Regardless, she still gets a lot of attention and you don't know her sex history.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 11 months ago

It’s all relative and changeable , though, depending on age, race, location, and status. STR’s seem safer.

[-] Skyhawk_And_Skyhead 96 Points 11 months ago

The virgin laments that he will never fuck a 10, the Chad asks, "is there anything wrong with fucking 7's and 8's?

[-] TheGillos 3 Points 11 months ago

You can fuck a 10. Just find a hot prostitute.

[-] itiswr1tten 93 Points 11 months ago

The Virgin, having never fucked a 6 for some practice, decides to enter months of monk mode. Monk mode sounds like a cool thing anyway, and there's no reason to do anything until you have absolutely maximized every positive attribute while minimizing your negatives. This works in the Japanese video games he plays anyway. Surely, he rationalized, the cure for being unable to attract girls is voluntarily not talking to them for an extended period of time!

The Chad spectrum thinker smashes some chubby. Chad realized he was beginning to get a bit too obsessive about his dry spell, and figured it was time to break that cycle. Chad regains confidence and mojo from this, and begins to subconsciously feel abundance. Chad lands an 8. He loves her tight body, but she quickly escalates with a laundry list of demands.

Chad texts a plate who drives directly to his house with food and beer in hand. Chad contemplates what kind of effort he wants to put into each girl while getting the ol' corkscrew deep throat gack gack action.

[-] InscrutablePUA 16 Points 11 months ago

This works in the Japanese video games he plays anyway.

This is what 'game' is becoming nowadays... a series of 'levels' you have to go through to be able to fuck a 10. completely fucking ridiculous.

[-] itiswr1tten 9 Points 11 months ago

There is nothing ridiculous about needing to be at or near a 10 to fuck 10s. You should rejoice that as a man there are lots of ways to become a 10 if that's your goal

[-] odaklanan_insan 6 Points 11 months ago

According to hypergamy, the highest chick you can bang, would be a 9.

You have to be higher than a 10 to fuck a 10, which is impossible.

[-] Douchelampe 5 Points 11 months ago

but then the girl 10s would never have sex, and since that's not the case there has to be someone who fucks them

[-] 11-Eleven-11 4 Points 11 months ago

Or there is no such thing as a 10 because we all shit and piss and stink if we don't shower.

[-] Jfc_Manners 3 Points 11 months ago

I don't know about you, but I shower.

[-] nebder 23 Points 11 months ago

First time I got a gal (post divorce) to bring me food & fuck me I thought damn my summon pussy spell has really leveled up. I like this

[-] TheStoicCrane 6 Points 11 months ago

Funny thing to take note of. Japanese culture is extremely repressive to it's people and on account of it's ethnic homogeny it fosters a "hivemind".

It emasculates it's men to the point where many become androgenous. The only measure release they have from this quasi-matrix Orwellian lifestyle is through virtual reality or in darker cases suicide. Japan is one of the top 10 highest in suicide rates for industrialized countries.

People who aren't of the culture who get obsessed with video games willingly expose themselves to the ills of one of the most covertly, socially repressive industrialized country without realizing it.

[-] Luckyluke23 3 Points 11 months ago

Chad realized he was beginning to get a bit too obsessive about his dry spell,

this is me right now. what is the best way to break the cycle and create abundance.

[-] nebder 12 Points 11 months ago
  1. Go slumming or harpooning. Sometimes it does help to just masturbate in a vag
  2. Go out & about with the intention of having fun and forget about everything else but that. Chat dudes up, lowkey hit on a bartender, throw some darts w/ever.

Abundance is a state of mind. It’s like something flips in your brain. Abundance tells me I may or may not have a ton of gals right now. I know if I put in the effort within a month I can get back to 2-3 solid plates/fwbs maybe even a decent dating chick in there. The faces come and go. The ability to get more faces is now permanent. Now sometimes I do get down to 0 in the harem. It’s of no real concern when I know what I can do.

It’s taken some hard knocks, badly blown out sets, plenty of fuckups and what have you to get to the point. That’s the negative side. Of course within all those bad experiences I had an occasional win. Then the wins started happening more often. So it takes both the bad and the good to get it really into your brain as yes this is part of who I am now.

So get out of your head and go enjoy being alive for a bit. If it’s fortuitous you’ll find a gal you enjoy and can bang also. If you don’t you still loved this crazy life and had a great time. That sounds like a win to me.

[-] InstigatingDrunk 9 Points 11 months ago

gack gack

I keep reading this shit. makes me crack up every time lmao.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] rpMadler 7 Points 11 months ago

A few months back, someone posted a nice chart on here illustrating the scale. It suggested, and I agree, that there really is no such thing as a 10. A 9 who checks off your personal preferences may be a 10 to you, but to the rest of us she's still a 9.

[-] Skyhawk_And_Skyhead 2 Points 11 months ago

Try not to be so pedantic, 10 illustrates the point better.

[-] HardTruths83 17 Points 11 months ago

Bingo! I'm a 7 or 8. I've bedded everything from 4-8, maybe even a 9 once or twice. I don't feel like I've missed anything by not having bedded a 10. I'm pretty content with 7's and they require little investment and usually aren't too full of themselves. Not everybody needs a Ferrari, some of us are happy to drive the ever loving shit out of our 2005 Corvette. (Literally and figuratively)

[-] g0dfather93 8 Points 11 months ago

9s and 10s are high maintenance. They can evoke insecurities and jealousy in the best of men, IMO. Plus, even if it matters not, the constant barrage of male attention they get is unsettling and you kinda have to compensate for it with a lot of attention of your own. I'm sure there's a few RP-Gods who can give zero fucks and the 10 will still be tamed by them, but unless you're one of those, 7s and 8s is where it's at. They give a fuck about things that matter, value the small things, are not heavily involved socially and can pay attention to something other than their selfies. All of this while looking more than decent in bed and participating actively in fucking. I've always had the most wholesome experiences with 7s, because they have developed many skills other than looking good and maintaining a tight ass.

[-] Jfc_Manners 1 Point 11 months ago

Love me a good 7. Or even more fun, getting a couple of 6s and really just having your way all the time for months on end. It amazes me what a 2-3 point lead in SMV does to women's compliance.

[-] HardTruths83 5 Points 11 months ago

Amen! Preach on brotha! 7s/8s are where its at for me. I like a little flaw here and there. Same reason I don't buy brand new cars....that first scratch hurts like a mother trucker.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] WeightsNCheatDates 1 Point 11 months ago

And there you go my friend. Well done.

[-] ExcellentStudio 55 Points 11 months ago

Seriously this. I wanna see more healthy doses of realism on this sub. If you are ugly as shit, balding and 5'4, you are NEVER going to be regularily fucking model tier girls, barring becoming a literal billionaire. Sorry but that's life. What IS reasonably achievable is fucking 6s and 7s. Which is perfectly ok. Life isn't about being perfect, it's about making the best with what you have.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] reluctantly_red 8 Points 11 months ago

What IS reasonably achievable is fucking 6s and 7s.

This is what is reasonably achievable for guys on the good side of average. If you're "ugly as shit" its 3s and 4s for you.

[-] KeffirLime 39 Points 11 months ago

We're highly adaptable creatures, fucking a "universal" 6 when we've been fucking 3's will feel like we're fucking a 10.

We generally scope out women within range and rank according to that. Which is why when my friend fucks his hot co worker "she's a 10". While my other friend fucks a premium model once again and calls her an 8.

Do the best you can and it'll feel like the best.

[-] Imperator_Red 3 Points 11 months ago

Which is why when my friend fucks his hot co worker "she's a 10". While my other friend fucks a premium model once again and calls her an 8.

I'm firmly against this sort of subjective, internally focused rating system because it destroys the purpose of the rating system itself, which is to provide a common scale with which we can compare girls' attractiveness. The hotness spread is normally distributed with a mean of 5.

If everyone has their own standards, what's the point? Move yourself up and down on the scale, not the scale up and down around yourself.

[-] FinancierGuru 5 Points 11 months ago

There are no 10s except in people's imaginations.

10s are about as numerous as Sasquatch.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 11 months ago


[-] Imperator_Red 2 Points 11 months ago

I think it's more of a philosophical/mathematical argument than a practical one. If the average girl is a 5 and the hotness scale is normally distributed, then as you move out to the extremes of the 0-10 scale the number of women at those points asymptotically approaches zero.

[-] itiswr1tten 33 Points 11 months ago

A wise man once shouted,


What newbs don't realize is that the competition is fucking lazy. The primary competition is yourself.

[-] Jfc_Manners 2 Points 11 months ago

Exactly. I've rarely failed with a woman because of another man. I've frequently failed because of myself.

[-] spamonymous 0 Points 11 months ago

Bull, if you're funny you can do it.

[-] surely_not_a_robot_ 5 Points 11 months ago

If you are ugly as shit, balding and 5'4, you are NEVER going to be regularily fucking model tier girls, barring becoming a literal billionaire

I don't think this is true at all.

[-] InscrutablePUA 2 Points 11 months ago

well... you could make decent money and fuck hookers in thailand

[-] Jfc_Manners 2 Points 11 months ago

I'm not exactly an expert but I really doubt there are many 10/10 Thai hookers.

[-] TheStoicCrane 3 Points 11 months ago

Thing is. Even with the models most of them are just plastered to the gills with make-up and are really 8's in disguise. The problem with some guys here are that their expectations are grounded in delusion rather than reality. That is what makes them miserable.

[-] rockyp32 2 Points 11 months ago

Good post but mewing is actually s thing and it works techinicslly it’s something we’re all supposed to have but due to today’s society and mainly our diet and lack of breastfeeding we don’t gain proper tongue posture which is what grows our face and jaws.

[-] gelstony 1 Point 11 months ago

Great post - I laughed my ass off! The message in the post is badly needed on this sub and the humour makes for an easy read.

[-] mallardcove 5 Points 11 months ago

MGTOW - The virgin binary thinks this is a valid path in life and posts on subs like WhereAreAllTheGoodMen/NoFap and mentally masturbates to the posts there while high fiving all the other MGTOWs

The Chad spectrum thinker sees MGTOW for what it is, a path for quitters. The only difference between MGTOW and incels is that incels weep and lament the fact they don't have sex, while MGTOWs celebrate it and high five each other(I got banned from WhereAreAllTheGood men for pointing out this truth)

[-] Vikingcel -3 Point 11 months ago

I don't wish to be associated with those asexual MGTOW fags, not even remotely.

[-] Ludakrit 2 Points 11 months ago

The whole "Alpha/Beta" Duality trap that is rampant across /TRP is ridiculous. It is a gross distortion of the male sexual hierarchy and has become a meaningless distinction in it's use. It boils down to "Men attractive to women or not" and has lost all nuance and meaning.

That is a far superior version, and required reading IMO.

[-] [deleted] 13 Points 11 months ago


[-] hearse223 2 Points 11 months ago

I gave OP an upvote for mentioning mewing, actually quite interesting stuff. Much more interesting than the rest of what he posted.

[-] breyerw 1 Point 11 months ago

That sounds like the weirdest shit ever. Can you explain it?

[-] hearse223 3 Points 11 months ago

The idea is that when you are not chewing, talking, or otherwise using your mouth, your tongue should rest on the roof rather than at the bottom of your mouth.

The tip of your tongue touches where your 2 front teeth meet the gums, if you feel around with your tongue theres a little bump thats the starting point. the rest of your tongue should naturally rest on the grooves up there that you can feel if you kinda feel around with it.

The way it works, when you swallow your tongue applies "pounds of pressure", which over the course of years will eventually mold your jawline properly. Video

As for why this isnt commonly known or talked about, well some suspect that it would hamper the dental and cosmetic surgery industries that are currently booming.

[-] Jfc_Manners 1 Point 11 months ago

Huh, TIL. One of those minor pains in the ass that nevertheless seems that it may be worth it.

[-] KobayashiDragonSlave 1 Point 11 months ago

Yup. It works. I learnt this sub about a month ago and started doing it.The changes can be felt and I can mew unconsciously now. The cheekbones seem more pronounced and cheeks are hollow. I am just turned 19 so maybe that’s why it might be working well or my low BF% could be a factor. Either way,I am auite happy with meowing

[-] MakoShark93 1 Point 10 months ago

So mewing is like clenching your teeth? If so -- that shit makes your jaw click.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] whatdidshewrite 49 Points 11 months ago

It’s because when people start understanding TRP they stop posting frequently and what’s left are the guys who are still trying to understand

[-] Thisismybot8 15 Points 11 months ago

Yeah it's important to digest the top tier content and then act on it. The rest of the posts are mostly for entertainment.

[-] JLI88 5 Points 11 months ago

Could you show me the links to this top tier content?

[-] PRSkittles 4 Points 11 months ago

im new to this shit but im guessing sidebar

[-] Thisismybot8 16 Points 11 months ago

Yeah sidebar plus look at what's top of all time.

[-] InstigatingDrunk 1 Point 11 months ago

Yep. I like the unique perspective posts as well. gives a lot of... perspective lol.

[-] randomTATRP 3 Points 11 months ago

true, i used to read trp for an hour every morning for like 3 months, it all boils down to few principles.. nowadays i have no time for it since i've got a life to live

[-] Atheist_Utopia 6 Points 11 months ago

Yes it's a symptom and not a disease. People confuse this.

[-] XDG-KEC-QZA-PBU 1 Point 11 months ago

Case in point: many of the comments in here already.

[-] 278209AR948Q 49 Points 11 months ago

Guys, sometimes you win because nobody else shows up.

Literally no competition in real life, most of the times it's overblown inside your head.

If you apply trp principles in real life you are already ahead.

Those who haven't tried anything will be the most obtuse about it.

Read. Try. Comment.

[-] replicaplater 9 Points 11 months ago

Very good point. From what I've seen its how dudes who aren't "conventionally" attractive or lack status end up with more attractive women. They approached, ran their game and gave no fucks while everyone else was hamstering excuses.

[-] GBP4tendies 12 Points 11 months ago

So true. I know a guy about my age from work who is constantly talking about some new chance he has on tinder (yet never closes.) Meanwhile i get laid fairly often just by going out on weekends, getting buzzed, and approaching thots.

and I'm no natural. I had to learn all this the hard way like everyone else here.

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[-] xKo17 1 Point 11 months ago

The virgin enters monk mode, not going their on his own but being sent there. It was hardly a choice for the virgin to go monk, he has arguably been "going monk" unironically his entire life. Going monk makes him feel more like a voluntary celibate instead of an incel. The bluepilled virgin thinks he has achieved redpilled nirvana.

[-] hibloodstevia 0 Points 11 months ago

Just letting you know, I stopped reading after I saw the attitude in the first several lines.