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- Hide Preview | 327 Comments | submitted 4 months ago by GayLubeOil [Post Locked]

Reposting this not because I want to but because I have to

Anyone who's spent any time here knows how much we enjoy to blaming Progressives, Feminists, SJWs, etc, for all that is wrong with the world. Definitely an enjoyable pastime. However today we're taking the Hate Train in the opposite direction and discussing the people who didled themselves awkwardly while the West took veiny multicultural dick to the face, vagina and anus. That's right, today we're talking bout conservatives, why they always lose and how not to be them.

Now at this point you and the 20-30k people who usually read my diatribes are wondering: GaylubeOil why you shiting on Conservatives? I mean they basically agree with you most of the time? So what gives? AltRight I'll tell you bro. If conservatives weren't such losers you would be in Georgia right now sipping a mint julep watching your crop get harvested. I would be in Russia whipping my Serfs. Both of us would have abundant German soap.

At this point a bunch of Stoic logical Alfalfas are flipping their shit because I made some bad bad inappropriate jokes. Those same people swear that liberals and political correctness are the devil. But here they are, mad at me for breaking a speech code that liberals spent decades putting into practice. Think about that for a second. They hate liberals but live their lives by liberal rules. Fucking retarded right? Yea super retarded. That's conservatives.

So why are conservatives such losers? Why did conservatives lose on basically every social issue for the past 100 years? Because conservatives are dimwitted and unimaginative. Their most profound ideas are tax cuts and wars. Liberals have the creativity to say: 7 year old Transgenders? Sounds good let's make that happen. Conservatives on the other hand can't even trick a white bitch into having a few more babies. But what about abortion?

Ok let's talking about that. Decreasing the need for immigration is predicated on making women want to have more babies. It's not about forcing them into having babies. When you force people to do something they usually want to do the opposite. Liberals know this and call it the Hegelian Dialectic. Conservatives don't. Which is why some of them frolic in white robes and burn crosses. The only thing that the KKK has ever accomplished is the promotion of diversity. Maybe if Billy Bob Banjo possessed introspection and foresight he'd realize that his method isn't working and never worked. Perhaps then he could redirect his efforts towards funding segregation propaganda like the Black Panther film.

Unlike liberals, conservatives don't have a vision for the future. Their game plan is to preserve the status quo whatever it may be, then lose and then declare the loss a victory. The same people who protested gay marriage are currently Cowgirling Milo's dick. Conservatives stop trying after they lose. Liberals don't. In other words conservatives are always within the liberal frame. They dance to liberal music and play by liberal rules, just not as well.

So what does any of this have to do with Red Pill? A lot actually. The mental illness known as conservatism isn't just a national phenomena. It manifests itself at all levels: individual, family, and organizational. So for example a conservative individual might be an unimaginative dresser. He’ll prohibit his wife from dancing and his teenagers from watching porn instead of creating a compelling counternarative. His company will stupidly and slowly copy it's competition. The Red Pill is a rejection of the system not it's celebration. That's why the Red Pill is Anti Conservative.

Think of the progressive agenda as a masterbating homeless man on the subway. The liberals are the people applauding. The conservatives are the ones yelling angrily. Those pretending not to notice, offer tacit consent. All groups make the hobo's masterbation more enjoyable. The radical solution aka the Red Pill solution, is to spray the subway car with a fire extinguisher and steal the hobo’s attention.

A Red Pill solution is any solution that wrestles control of the narrative. That means shit testing your girlfriend’s shit test. It means scaring your masterbating 14 year old son into NoFap by showing him the weirdos and creeps at the porn store. It means selling Feminists femininity disguised as radical feminism, rather than stupidly arguing. Most importantly, it means possessing courage and innovation, something that conservatives inherently lack.

As the Red Pill train gains steam, more and more conservatives are gonna try to climb aboard. Kick them off. They're losers, they don't have a plan and historically speaking they always lose. If conservativism worked the Red Pill wouldn't be necessary and you wouldn't need GaylubeOil or his hobo masterbation metaphors. Don't get cucked by conservatives.

[-] SUCK_MY_DICTIONARY 191 Points 4 months ago

Wow this is really cool and insightful. I guess the most actionable option is to just all kill ourselves because basically we either need to vote for 7yo’s getting sex changes or else be losers...

I grew up around a ton of rednecks who really don’t get or want any government assistance, and would just like to keep their money because it’s all spent in cities anyways. Really never had much to do with abortion or whatever else logic you have going on here. You can argue that it’s libertarianism, but libertarians are just as big if not bigger losers for the same reason. Why do we have a federal government if libertarians aren’t losers? Why don’t we have communism if liberals aren’t losers?

Honestly, trying to cast TRP by political party is not only retarded, it’s irresponsible. Mostly none of the major points people take from here have anything to do with political opinions, and trying to make such a claim is about as feminine as it gets. “You’re not allowed these universal truths if you’re from Camp A, this is Camp B only!” What do you suggest we do to conservatives, give them the cold shoulder too?

[-] ificouldificould 88 Points 4 months ago

I agree. This post is definitely conflating the rinos with the new right and traditional conservatives. It conflates political affiliation with personal action.

Idk, It's blasphemy to some on this sub, but I've never thought of the red pill as political in any way. It's always been about manliness and seizing the day in a traditionally masculine way.

[-] SUCK_MY_DICTIONARY 26 Points 4 months ago

I really agree. I know that the traditional viewpoint is that liberals detest TRP but the more I read, the more I see that it’s extremely moderate. I’m in the “purist” camp. TRP has been developed by lots of people who kind of threw their piece on the pile, and if you boil it down, you get a couple major kernels of truth that all men should know. Trying to use that to further a political agenda is just slimy and wrong to me.

Think of it this way, the feminine imperative has been around and will be around far longer than political parties are even a known idea. If there are 17 people left on the planet, there will still be a feminine imperative. Unless men are totally eradicated, women will be competing in such a way to try and control them through social schema. For what purpose do we need to try and extrapolate that to shun anybody from the community?

[-] GorgeousGamer99 39 Points 4 months ago

There's about as much overlap between radical feminism/SJWs and mainstream leftwing politics as there is mainstream rightwing and neonazis, and a lot of TRPers are unable to differentiate them. It's possible to advocate public-owned infrastructure, universal healthcare, and removing market-distorting tax breaks that primarily benefit the wealthy, without getting caught up on identity politics bullshit. But if most of the political comments here are anything to go by, suggesting the abolition of private prisons is the exact same as me chopping my dick off, dying my hair blue, putting on a hundred kilos and screaming about the gender pay gap.

[-] Islam-Delenda-Est 15 Points 4 months ago

There's about as much overlap between radical feminism/SJWs and mainstream leftwing politics as there is mainstream rightwing and neonazis

LOL are you serious? I can point you to dozens of radical feminist or SJW members of congress who are Democrats but not a single neonazi. They might be equally horrible, but they are certainly not equally represented/accepted.

[-] GorgeousGamer99 -1 Point 4 months ago

What you have there is the logical fallacy of false equivalency. I'm a hardout social democrat and I don't give a single fuck about identity politics. But I guess its just easier to make false equivalencies and tar everyone you don't agree with with the same brush than actually accept reality. Which, given this is TRP, is actually ironic as fuck.

[-] Islam-Delenda-Est 8 Points 4 months ago

I mean, you're the one that equated them in the first place. So stone meet glass house I guess.

[-] GorgeousGamer99 -1 Point 4 months ago

I didn't compare extreme leftwing politicians with mainstream leftwing politicians at all. I can also point you towards dozens of regular lefties who give less of a shit about identity politics than I do. You are literally saying nothing relevant or important and then lying to try make yourself feel better. Read the sidebar, and come back when you are the bastion of reason and logic I don't doubt you claim to be.

[-] Islam-Delenda-Est 8 Points 4 months ago

GorgeousGamer99 wrote:

There's about as much overlap between radical feminism/SJWs and mainstream leftwing politics as there is mainstream rightwing and neonazis

Just leaving that there in case you decide to actually read what you wrote and get embarrassed and delete it.

[-] GorgeousGamer99 0 Points 4 months ago

Yeah I'm not going to get embarrassed by that, because it indicates that you really need to work on your reading comprehension.

[-] GodOfDinosaurs 9 Points 4 months ago

Wow, don't go being too reasonable now. That's a good way to get your inbox flamed.

[-] DeGENZerate 2 Points 4 months ago

It took you a while but you unironically just figured us out. I don't give a fuck about how conservatively reasonable you are. In your reasonabililty fantasy you don't stray too far from the status quo. In the end the joke will be on those who arent radical enough because the status quo is moving on

[-] PM-HENTAI 3 Points 4 months ago

"I have a strong aversion to extremes, look how nuanced I am!"

[-] Stinkmissle 1 Point 3 months ago

Pure bullshit. Radical SJWs outweigh neonazis 1000 to 1 conservatively.

Charolettsville was the neonazi grand hurrah, and every article about it fails to mention how many of them came over from all over. Pretty sure it was less than 500.

How many libtards "took to the streets" in Boston to protest some Indian guy running for Senator and a few kids talking about free speech?

[-] GorgeousGamer99 1 Point 3 months ago

I direct you to all my other comments in this thread where I discuss the level of your reading comprehension abilities.

[-] reluctantly_red 7 Points 4 months ago

I've never thought of the red pill as political in any way. It's always been about manliness and seizing the day in a traditionally masculine way.

Exactly!!! All the alt-right bullshit just undermines the message.

[-] PM-HENTAI 3 Points 4 months ago

men and women are different, but race differences are just skin deep y'all

[-] beginner_ 5 Points 4 months ago

but I've never thought of the red pill as political in any way. It's always been about manliness and seizing the day in a traditionally masculine way.

Maybe for you yes but don't forget, it's all about power. The leader-figures of TRP have all the incentive to make this political and hence gain power.

Think about it. TRP would be a genius plan to start a revolution and gain power. You gather a lot of men in the "shadows". You tell them to lift (=get strong) you also tell them that martial arts is cool and good (=learn the strong to fight) and there is also always the undertone that owning and knowing how to operate weapons is cool and needed especially for the decline.

Well put it all together you have now built yourself a nice army that you can call to action once it gets big enough and you think the tiem is right to take control.

[-] ZoroasterFlame 15 Points 4 months ago

I dunno, I think individual-minded men wouldn't fall for such a thing so easily. By which I mean: Thank you for warning us of this possibility, let us all take precautions.

[-] barb9212 2 Points 4 months ago

Tell that to Jordan Peterson fans

[-] ificouldificould 6 Points 4 months ago

Maybe, but that's definitely fear mongering. Being able to defend yourself, home, and hearth isn't alt-right, it's common sense.

I don't think it works because the red pill message taken to the end is ultimately subversion of authority. To be masculine is to do your own thing and say fuck off to what's expected.

You don't lift and get big because you are told to by the mods or users here. You do it for yourself because it is a good choice for yourself and opens up options in your life. You don't learn game and hold frame because you need women for validation, you do it because understanding and navigating the feminine imperative opens options. A man who does things for base urges is just as much a slave as any beta. One who does it to challenge and overcome his own weaknesses is on his way to . . . whatever he wants really.

[-] FractalNerve 2 Points 4 months ago

I hear an afraid tone that tries to polarize, because it's otherwise powerless.

You are speaking about hackers and books about anarchy, which are freely available. I still advise to read them and building your own grand perspective about social systems. Lack of knowledge has never been good trait.

But you make it sound like strength equals danger. Words of the weak, traitorous character and the hidden activist sound like this, it's not how you win empathy. But create material for meaningless friction.

Red Pill strategy is to take your own life into control, thus putting your worth on the table and drawing feminine attention by value and gaining power over your own life.

Also it's important to understand linguistic and behavioral minuscule details that lead to a winning strategy. Bluffing and manipulations can also lead to winning, which is discussed and not solely adviced. Be fucking honest, nobody here will seize the full power of Alpha socioempathic manipulative super winner ever. If that's your fear, check your friendlist for psychopaths, everyone has a few of these in their social graph. Get rid of them, but not before you learn how they think.

A loser can portray a winner as evil, it's just valid when you win the narrative, but here you are.

[-] SmackinDatAss -1 Point 4 months ago

The post is telling the reader to be apolitical. It is telling you to be a man rather than blindly following someone based on political ideology.

[-] ificouldificould 5 Points 4 months ago

No, it is definitely articulating a position of ethnic nationalism.

So what gives? AltRight I'll tell you bro. If conservatives weren't such losers you would be in Georgia right now sipping a mint julep watching your crop get harvested. I would be in Russia whipping my Serfs. Both of us would have abundant German soap.

And very anti-conservative and anti-liberal. That's not apolitical. Yelling "I don't have a stance, but I disagree with those guys is a political stance. In fact, I'd go so far as to call it impotent fence sitting.

[-] SmackinDatAss 1 Point 4 months ago

I'd go so far as to call it impotent fence sitting

Well of course you would. You would attempt to demean it so as to make you feel better about your need to identify with a certain political stance. "Conservatism is correct and I want to be correct, so I am now conservative." The need to identify with a stance is about as blue pill as you can get.

Next, you quoted an example that unfortunately went completely over your head. GLO is not advocating an Alt Right stance. He is pointing out that if Conservatism is so wonderful, then why does it keep losing? If you had kept reading the post, you would have read this:

The only thing that the KKK has ever accomplished is the promotion of diversity.

Clearly not a comment supporting the KKK. But, you are a product of feminized socialization and therefore, you need to assign labels. "He wrote Alt Right and Alt Right is bad, so he must be bad." Yet because you were too busy assigning good/bad, you didn't realize that GLO was making fun of the Alt Right. Congratulations, you are a societal White Knight.

[-] ificouldificould 3 Points 4 months ago

You would attempt to demean it so as to make you feel better about your need to identify with a certain political stance.

The thing about statements like these is that they work both ways. Glad we could come to the conclusion that we won't agree.

[-] SmackinDatAss -1 Point 4 months ago

I identify with good ideas. You identify with a political system.

[-] ificouldificould 3 Points 4 months ago

You assume much but say little.

[-] SmackinDatAss 0 Points 4 months ago

Gosh, do you get all your witty comebacks from fortune cookies?

Jesus dude, you simply are not intelligent enough to grasp what I have been telling you and now you resort to quips. If you cannot engage in a reasonable discussion, then don't engage. You are conservative--good for you. And yet the post was not about politics but ideas. That's the part you simply cannot grasp. But it's ok, cause you are conservative.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] XDG-KEC-QZA-PBU 20 Points 4 months ago

This post by GLO is one big shit test.

[-] juddshanks 18 Points 4 months ago

If you aren't willing to think for yourself and sit wherever the fuck on the political spectrum suits your views, you aren't much of a man.

People who try to make TRP a surrogate for the alt right or libertarians or any other political opinion are totally missing the point. About the only political message which is genuinely consistent with TRP is to use your own judgement and have confidence in your own opinions.

[-] IkWhatUDidLastSummer 0 Points 4 months ago

I agree. It just happens to be that TRP for the most part falls in line with conservative ideals or right wing ideals, but thats "coincidental" not because the ideals are part of some higher scheme.

[-] vicious_armbar 7 Points 4 months ago

I grew up around a ton of rednecks who really don’t get or want any government assistance, and would just like to keep their money

Maybe that's the case for you personally. But red states have higher rates of welfare usage than blue states, and as a whole take more money from the federal government than their citizens pay in taxes. That's before you even get into the huge farm subsidies that flyover country consumes, and all the subsidized transportation systems that they use to get produce to market.

[-] TheStumblingWolf 6 Points 4 months ago

Trp is supposed to be (and I think it is) amoral so politics don't really have a place here imho.

[-] IkWhatUDidLastSummer 2 Points 4 months ago

I think impartial is the word youre looking for. Not amoral.

[-] RedForEducation 3 Points 4 months ago

no, amoral was the right word

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 1 Point 4 months ago

If TRP is amoral then why isnt kidnapping children a moral sexual strategy on the forum?

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] GodOfDinosaurs 1 Point 4 months ago

Communists hate liberals, just FYI

[-] Shaman6624 1 Point 4 months ago

Idk it could be a usefull comparison. Maybe the individuals mind is governed by the same principles that show themselves in different political spectra. Maybe society is just a reflection of our psyche.

Liberal: creating new things. Conservative: sticking to what we know. These are just paradigms not only political but also fundamental ways to approach life from the individuals standpoint. Therefore the comparison has some merit because what he's saying is that taking a red pill is even different from that. It's to take you out of the matrix. To take the context and throw it in a dumpster and create your own context.

This is what trp is all about not masculinity or whatever it's about hacking the system by transcending it.

[-] Incel9876 6 Points 4 months ago

Liberal: creating new things. Conservative: sticking to what we know. These are just paradigms not only political but also fundamental ways to approach life from the individuals standpoint

Conservative: Improving and expanding upon things that have proven to work, or calculated risk in a capitalistic sense to create new markets or new products to old human needs and desires.

Liberal: Trying to revive old failed ideas, that destroyed every group that tried them, thinking they are new or will work this time: feminism, communism, acceptance of sodomy, open borders, multi-cult, welfare state, debt based economy, exporting jobs that produce actual goods, etc. In artistic world, signatures on toilets, national/religious symbols covered in urine or shit, introducing porn into everything, or reducing everything to sex, from ball room dancing to grinding, etc.

[-] Shaman6624 1 Point 4 months ago

That's kind of a skewed perspective I think. It's like you take the worst of the one and the best of the other. But I get your point.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] HeadingRed 1 Point 4 months ago

If someone keeps saying to me "I'm Conservative" I take it as they are presenting a membership card to a club they put themselves into. The label conservitive or liberal is only marginally usefull.

You're for gay marriage, smoking pot and don't like tax-payer funded tuition vouchers for religous schools - you must be a big liberal. Nope, he is a libertarian and votes GOP 99% of the time.

Against abortion, wants taxes to send his kids to a Christian school and thinks gay marriage pisses god off- you must be a big conservative. Wrong- he's a black guy from the south and votes DEM about 99% of the time.

To almost every rule there is an exception. The shear magnitude of exceptions to the conservative vs. liberal has made the use of the words of marginal value.

[-] maljo24 0 Points 4 months ago

Sorry, those red necks don't want government assistance until they get disabled or 65, then they can’t wait to get it. You are very much mistaken. We are all one serious illness or accident away from being bankrupt and totally dependent on those government socialism programs. Spare us your “I don’t need the government” nonsense.

[-] nebder -1 Point 4 months ago

You’re a binary sperg moron. I point that out in the hopes you’ll take notice & listen to the message to grow yourself. If not fuck it come work for me I can use a couple more solid drones

Ain’t got jack shit to do with political parties. Conservatives are the people who want to do nothing more than follow the ruts in the road just like their dad. Progressives are the ones who say kick the whole fucking cart over. Red pill says hey lets find another way to get there fuck those guys and their mess in the road.

[-] DeGENZerate -10 Point 4 months ago

Suicide is a viable option but if you decide you deserve to live and choose to fight like we are here, it is imperative that the weak get outed. For us we must revolt against the modern world as a collective because the modern world is collecticely against us. If you want to conserve the values of the modern world that is fine but we will lose if we associate with you, suck_my_dictionary, because you are either conservative, unread, or too stupid to read

[-] SUCK_MY_DICTIONARY 10 Points 4 months ago

You’re taking the terms literally which are not literal. Do you also think the Green Party is just people who are green? Liberals want to conserve the rights of minority groups. They want to conserve the pay of men in relation to women. Conservatives want liberal tax reform. Conservatives want a liberal military to defend the country in case of war.

Just keep sounding all forward-thinking and shit, the bottom line is that you can’t affect any real change by having your head in the clouds. I read the post, it is pretty one-sided. It doesn’t offer a single defense and defaults to an overly literal viewpoint.

In my line of work it’s a lot of people who make and move shit, a lot of factories, a lot of new technology. They’re shaping the future, so I’m shaping the future. We’re doing our part. Also, as it would be, most of them are conservatives. You can say whatever about a fucking ”revolution”, but the people who go do real shit every day are way more likely to start a revolution than people making retarded Reddit posts.

And this is a pretty westernized viewpoint as well. A conservative in Europe is a liberal in the US. A conservative in the US is a liberal in Saudi Arabia or most Asian countries. Travel, dude. Your singular political opinions are practically meaningless, in the grand scheme. The feminine imperative is firmly in place in every single culture regardless of their political status.

Like I said, the bottom line is, this is no place to carry a flag. All you’re doing is conflating issues.

[-] DeGENZerate -3 Point 4 months ago

This comment is a mess. Forward thinking is actually the opposite of what I am doing here and you have liberal thoughtspace so deeply ingrained that you view your engineering or technical background as "progression forward." (I have this background to) So thanks for confirming exactly what I said, you have no historical context because you cant or wont read.

You make fun of my vernacular but the irony is those parts came directly out of traditionalist books, and one part of a book called Ride the Tiger goes specific about how the liberal frame of mind has lead you to believe your science is moving us away from this shitshow.

Wage slaves will not revolt, and you are a wage slave. Through your wage slavery you tacitly endorse the status quo, as is evident in your comment. Making you... dun dun dun... a tacit conservative. It is your nature to conserve feminism. Your words are nothing

[-] TheBunk_TB 2 Points 4 months ago

Im not worried. Im 6'4 170 w/ <9% body fat. I got massive gains and I have had so much poon that I am starting to emulate Rob Halford. People just drop off envelopes full of money at my penthouse because I am that f*cking awesome.

[-] DeGENZerate 1 Point 4 months ago

Looks like RedPill benefitted you. To bad getting more materialistic pussy and money wont drag us out of this postmodern shithole. The Red Pill will get deleted and you wont care as you bath in money and vagina juice

[-] TheBunk_TB 1 Point 4 months ago

Im no where near that. Hyperbolic statement. I was seeing a string of them and wanted to add to the mess. Im on the journey still. We all need to keep on it and adapt if (x) gets shutdown. we have to ignore or fight when the pussies come around.

[-] shweetcar 2 Points 4 months ago

Wrote a whole lotta words but managed to say nothing

[-] ndc233 69 Points 4 months ago

What the fuck did I just read? Conservatism is an economic and social ideology. By addressing the social aspect (pre-1990 might I add) you insert (or imply) that conservatism is “boring” and “unimaginative.” Unfortunately for your theory, there’s another aspect: economic. Your train of thought concludes that because conservatives are the way they are socially they are inferior mentally, and that their mentality is a roadblock to getting laid? If the Mods allow this sort of “theory” then RP can go to hell. Ones economic views don’t have to dictate the way they control their sex life. I’d rather live in economic prosperity than get laid from someone I picked up at a bar.

[-] DancesWithPugs 44 Points 4 months ago

If the Mods allow this sort of “theory” then RP can go to hell. Ones economic views don’t have to dictate the way they

Mods can and should allow disagreement and disagreeable views, otherwise we can't really have an honest conversation.

You have the ability to comment, downvote, even report if it actually breaks a rule. Asking for censorship of others is also asking for yourself to be silenced.

[-] Thengine 2 Points 4 months ago

Mods have repeatedly said they will bring down the ban hammer on those they disagree with. This is an echo chamber, not a place to have open discussion.

Pretending like censorship doesn't exist here and then blaming OP for his request to get bullshit (in his eyes) deleted is hypocritical.

[-] GayLubeOil 27 Points 4 months ago

Economics dictate social policy. The primary justification for demographic replacement is to drive down the cost of labour. Once the immigrant population hits a critical mass they'll vote for the social policy of their home country.

[-] reluctantly_red -5 Point 4 months ago

Once the immigrant population hits a critical mass they'll vote for the social policy of their home country.

And that's a bad thing? Can't be worse than clueless white trash voting for a rich New York asshole and thinking that will MAGA.

[-] thetotalpackage7 8 Points 4 months ago

Stopping parasites from third world hell-holes coming here to shit out anchor babies and collect wellfare is one big step in the right direction to MAGA. Whether it is a rich NY asshole from NY advocating for immigration control or a lefty like BErnie who realizes that cheap labor drives down wages...they'll get my vote.

[-] reluctantly_red 0 Points 4 months ago

I'll take said parasites over lazy bigoted trailer trash any day.

[-] thetotalpackage7 6 Points 4 months ago

Even if the population of America is all lay bigoted trash (you're insane if you think so) letting in lazy parasites compounds the problem.

[-] reluctantly_red -1 Point 4 months ago

Immigrants work far far more and far far harder than non-college educated Americans. The later would rather just collect SSI and do Oxy.

[-] IvankasBabyDaddy 7 Points 4 months ago

Lmao you fukn moron, who do you think the white welfare recipients are voting for?? Not Trump.

[-] DixieWreckedJedi 5 Points 4 months ago

This is patently false.

[-] IvankasBabyDaddy 1 Point 4 months ago

So is this bullshit article. 10% of CA on food stamps? Lower than TX and FL? Are they not counting the illegal immigrants? No fucking way is that possible.

[-] MentORPHEUS 4 Points 4 months ago

It's much easier to dismiss the article as false, than to admit your sportsball political team has built up in you a fractally wrong worldview which you accepted uncritically point by point over a long period, then even helped propagate to others.

[-] IvankasBabyDaddy 0 Points 4 months ago

Yeah I guess if I was an endorsed contributor on an anonymous website with the sole purpose of making people believe I get laid, then it would all be so clear to me.

Blow it out your ass.

[-] MentORPHEUS 4 Points 4 months ago

I can't refute your point so here's a steaming pile of ad hominem.

[-] IvankasBabyDaddy 1 Point 4 months ago

Ok so I've been tricked into some unrealistic outlook on the world. Tell me then chief, how did you manage to stay on this even keel road of enlightenment? What's your secret? Please tell.

[-] DixieWreckedJedi 1 Point 4 months ago

If you think the white trash of America aren't in Trump's corner then you're downright delusional.

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 16 Points 4 months ago

Its funny how depression is more widespread in first world countries than second and third. Maybe its because they dont chip away their essence for a few bucks?

[-] riot2100 17 Points 4 months ago

The social aspect is a large indicator of credibility in the newest generation, due to constantly being bombarded with it via their phones. Most of my 18-21 year old peers don’t understand political policy. School didn’t teach them that. So all of the newer methods of information spreading, like a celebrity saying “fuck Trump” on Twitter or a tabloid reporting “OMG Donald Trump licked a door handle”, have a much larger impact than what the Libtards or Cuckservatives say about their policy. What’s important to the system has taken a back seat to money grabbing bullshit (examples above), and the kids who are being taught in schools now aren’t being taught to differentiate that shit. Playing to either party’s imperative means you’ve been indoctrinated.

[-] ndc233 4 Points 4 months ago

Or because in developing countries economic prosperity has never been known. Therefore, poor living conditions are a way of life and they don’t know what it’s like to have their Smart TV broken for 3 weeks and not be able to watch re-runs of Friends thus never allowing them to fall into depression. Either that or depression is too widely misdiagnosed in first world countries. I’m not sure, you take your pick...

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 10 Points 4 months ago

Why does a "Smart TV" or wasting your time on hollywood media make you happy?

[-] MatrixofLe3adership 7 Points 4 months ago

Why does....make you happy?

"You" has nothing to do with it. He was making a remark on the so-called happiness of a modern economy, in contrast to some in poor living conditions who don't have time for bullshit because they are forced to live in the present.

[-] ndc233 2 Points 4 months ago

And you missed the point...

Don’t turn this around to be a representation of my personal life. I was describing first world societies as a whole, why would telling you what brings me personal happiness be of any benefit to this conversation?

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 3 Points 4 months ago

Okay so you like to take every word i say literally.

Why is mentally masturbating to mindless media good for anybody?

[-] ndc233 4 Points 4 months ago

And you lost me. Have a good night (or morning), study economic diversity and see if its positive increase has a negative correlation to happiness. Let me know if you find anything neat.

[-] DeGENZerate 4 Points 4 months ago

If we are so happy then we shouldn't need a Red Pill. But we do. Your hapiness measurments are degenerate I have seen them. I find it ironic that you are proposing diversity as a solution to our current problems. This is an anti-egalitarian community and large scale diversity would totally help actually good point. Lets get more asians in here for tech and more lats for the lawn mowing.

[-] ndc233 -2 Point 4 months ago

If you think you “need” Red Pill, then you have serious problems. Men survived for years without the internet telling them how to get laid.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] ECoast_Man 12 Points 4 months ago

You're completely missing the damn point.

Its "conservatives" who have dropped the balls more than anything since they're always compromising and pandering to entrenched interests.

"I'm a conservative but I'm going to proudly go to Gay Pride with my children and watch trannies and degenerates wave their dicks around" should never be uttered, but that's what cuckservstives do now.

"I'm conservative but I wont do anything about illegal immigration because my whore lobbyists from the banks told me it's a good thing for society to have a bunch of illiterate morons that they can give unsecured debt to" should never be uttered, but that's what cuckservatives do now.

There is no limit to the amount of figurative, and possibly literal, dick sucking that cuckservatives will do to attempt to get votes from morons and get votes from the liberal establishment. None. I imagine John Kasick has actually sucked dick for votes and/or money for.

If you haven't figured this out, you have a long way to go.

And dont even get me started on Jordan Peterson.

[-] ndc233 15 Points 4 months ago

Thank you for your political belittlement. That’s not what the post said at all.

[-] ECoast_Man 4 Points 4 months ago

Well it's part of theme, but no problem.

[-] GayLubeOil 12 Points 4 months ago

The Spergs here haven't figured it out which is why this is the opening shot in an inevitable beatdown

[-] ECoast_Man 8 Points 4 months ago

Of course.

I didn't even get into that conservatives have demonstrated a lack of will to be conflictual since they have now adopted being good boy conflict adverse faggots (which was another theme in your post) because we can only do one thing at a time here.

I often think back to the Authoritarian Personality you brought my attention to.

The fact of the matter is, the cuckservatives I see today are too conflict adverse (which is contrary to masculine natural traits) to be effective.

Compromising with liberals (read - man children and women) is a feminine trait. Being uncompromising is too "dangerous" for modern Western conservatives.

[-] SUCK_MY_DICTIONARY 8 Points 4 months ago

I can’t tell what you guys are on.

Are you referring to the Ted Cruz’s as bad, or the Trumps as bad, or what?

If you are going to rag on conservatives, seem to defend liberals somehow, then talk like you think liberals are insane as well... it’s like a never ending loop. It sounds like a 7th grade “whoa man like are we even real?” Facebook post.

In a society of 300 million people, where third parties have traditionally never been successful, how is voting for the less-shitty party unacceptable? Like if your options were to eat a bee, eat a bowl of shit, or play the lottery where your chances are like 1/1,000,000,000 to not have to eat either, but if you lose you have to eat the bowl of shit, why is eating the bee a bad idea? It seems like you guys read too much political theory and don’t see with your eyeballs that the modern political landscape can’t be changed by one person, or any collective of people smaller than approximately half the country. When half the country wants to start lopping off heads in the town square, then I’ll agree with you. I don’t see that happening.

It reeks of “heh I’m smarter than everyone cuz I vote libertarian. Check out the ‘don’t tread on me’ flag in my dorm room, no tax man is gonna take my campus meal points.”

[-] DeGENZerate -2 Point 4 months ago

They are on books which get you like, really fucking high. Try swapping them for alcohol and weed. Unless you have an aversion to reading, which I totally understand since its hard to read and be a conservative at the same time

[-] awakenedspirit1 3 Points 4 months ago

Recovering sperg checking in. Can confirm.

[-] fignootins 2 Points 3 months ago

This post only has upvotes because /u/GayLubeOil is a mod/contributor/whatever

He's just as bad as the "Le cuckservatives" that he claims to despise by claiming to be "smart and above it all" by reaching across the aisle in this post and trying to flatter liberals aka "Le creative imaginative side" because they love to sexualize drag children (great point lube you're such a genius so inquisitive w0wzers)

Keep reaching across the aisle GayLubeOil, I'm sure one day it will pay off when your children are in all black schools and your grandchildren are dying in another Jewish war.

Keep reaching across that aisle, cuck.

[-] wendysNO1wcheese 2 Points 4 months ago

Don't bitch out because of one fucking post. That's female shit. Try laughing a little. State your grievances like a man. Or just ignore it.

[-] rKKKselected 2 Points 4 months ago

conservatism is precisely NOT an economic and social ideology. There is no coherent ideology behind it besides "WOAH, SLOW DOWN LIBRUHLS, WE'RE NOT READY FOR 10yr old DRAG QUEENS YET"

[-] Iceklimber 1 Point 4 months ago

If the Mods allow this sort of “theory” then RP can go to hell.

I too am critical of this peace (especially the dissonance of OP using smart words versus rookie mistake of not knowing how 'masturbation' is spelled, but begging for mod action is pathetic.

[-] DeGENZerate -4 Point 4 months ago

What the fuck did I just read? Conservatism is an economic and social ideology. By addressing the economic aspect, you unknowingly outed yourself as the majority of people who are philisophically retarded. Let me explain, Untermensch.

You are willfully ignorant of how your red pill strategies came to work in such an economically prosperous Wild West. Its a reaction to feminism which came from liberalism which came from an abolition of the aristocracy, originally. Also you are too stupid to notice how we are being politicized into oblivion by subversive forces including reddit itself.

The Red Pill is a sexual strategy reaction to the total annihilation of male-female interaction which is ripping apart our society and normalized at the same time. An ideal civilization doesnt need a red pill and now we have people trying to change things instead of conserving what we detest. Hop of the train faggot you can go to hell and please don't ever come back because I'm now allergic to retard after prolonged exposure

[-] ndc233 0 Points 4 months ago

You’re a moron. I’m slowly becoming convinced this sub is guys who only dream of getting laid, and most definitely never went to college.

[-] MoDuReddit 6 Points 4 months ago

Nice ad-hominem deflection, you really showed him with your well structured argument and good choice of words.

[-] rKKKselected 3 Points 4 months ago

hurr durr i went to collidge and ate up every word my establishment bluepill proffies told me—that makes me SMRT AND REDPILLED

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 53 Points 4 months ago

The reward of tolerance is degeneracy. Thus the traditional man has the obligation to be intolerant.

When you tolerate degeneracy you are opening a slippery slope where you are slowly removing cultural defenses that punish degenerate behaviors. This is never beneficial. A strong frame does not allow you to be weak. A strong frame revolts against the modern world even when its trying to convince you everything about you from your thoughts to your existence is a mistake.

Conservatives are knee-deep in the system and do not recognize you cannot sacrifice tradition or retake it with voting over small policies. You must fight for your culture and people. This is what virtually every country has done and will continue to do unless they are permanently replaced by the multicultural globohomo order that tries to milk every last bit of spiritual wealth and turn it into materialist "profit".

Spending your time inauthentically makes you look for degenerate activities/substances to fill your void. How many have you seen a woman in the bus take out her smartphone right after their partner/friend leaves the bus? I've seen it quite often. That's because they were not really talking to eachother. Or what about the men that spend their entire days masturbating (even mentally)? They aren't happy with how their lives are going so instead of looking for mentors they escape from the real world to a symbolic dream where noting hurts or matters and everything seems OK. Anti-depressives wont fix your depression and "fun-time" activities arent fun, theyre sad. It's time to stop!

[-] ding-dong-diddly 14 Points 4 months ago

Can you define degeneracy? Because by its traditional definition, TRP is a bastion of degeneracy - lots of non-monogamous premarital sex

[-] bsutansalt 8 Points 4 months ago

Can you define degeneracy?

Anything that usurps coherent cultural and moral values.

Because by its traditional definition, TRP is a bastion of degeneracy - lots of non-monogamous premarital sex

Which is the logical conclusion in the face of social decay. As GLO pointed out, conservationism has always lost and will continue to do so. The only sensible solution is to learn how to navigate the changing landscape and adapt to it. I don't agree with the social decay we've witnessed over the past 30-40 years, but the train has left the station.

The practical solution at this time is to enjoy the decline and getting what you can while you can. Trying to get in the way of the freight train of "progressivism" will just see you ran over flat.

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ -8 Point 4 months ago

What about TRP for gay people? Gay people like defenseless children, should we develop sexual strategies on how to kidnap kids?

[-] max_peenor 3 Points 4 months ago

develop sexual strategies

What help do they need? Men like sticking their dicks in dark places and without women to say no, there isn't any strategy needed. Women like to end up in dead bedrooms in stable houses and aged dykes are experts at former (too bad they suck at the latter). They are good to go.

If anything we need to teach keeps to be leery of touchy guys in fancy robes or Boy Scout outfits.

[-] MentORPHEUS 0 Points 4 months ago

like defenseless children

It's not a serious discussion when you make up your own definitions of words.

I too would like to hear a clear and concise definition of degeneracy, because nobody who uses it regularly seems to be able to do this, instead becoming defensive. I see it used situationally, so the best I can tell by usage is this: Everyone who is less openminded and aware than you is a cuck or NPC; everyone who is more liberal and openminded than you is degenerate.

[-] DeGENZerate 2 Points 4 months ago

Ok I'm about to blow everyones mind. You have convention, and you have tradition. Then you have degenerate.

So whenever you guys use the word 'traditional' what you really mean is 'conventional.' Tradition goes back millennia and there were alot of them but they all held some universal truths. Using the actual definition of tradition as leading traditionalist René Guénon defines it clears everything up. But oh I forgot conservative types don't usually like to afford non-liberal opposition any reasonable ammount of research. It distracts from the distraction.

[-] DeGENZerate 6 Points 4 months ago

Its time for the fun to stop. If you are a thinker here and you are wasting your time learning how to power play people with 48 laws of power you just played yourself because that book is individualistic and we here are a collective. If you are preserving yourself you aren't preserving anything at all.

What we need are men who stand together among the ruins of the West and that can't happen we don't read and elevate ourselves collectively beyond fighting feminithm.

If you want anything to happen here after you die, even something as simple as a child who befits a proper legacy, you best hope JPB didn't cry out your last tears of collectivist tendency. Prepare your butthole and get ready to suffer.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] beachbbqlover 3 Points 4 months ago

Thanks for writing. It's always fascinating to see people who think about the world in entirely different ways.

[-] Iceklimber 2 Points 4 months ago

[Fighting for your Culture and your people] is what virtually every country has done and will continue to do unless they are permanently replaced by the multicultural globohomo order

Whatever do you mean? The removal of heterogenity leads to massive conflict, because there is no longer the option of solving it via dominance.

35.4% of women reporting a history of cohabitation with a same-sex partner had experienced physical abuse in their lifetimes; the corresponding rates for men and women with a history of only opposite-sex cohabitation were 7.1%

The removal of differences literally ends people up at 500% more violence than before.

[-] IkWhatUDidLastSummer 3 Points 4 months ago

Your answer doesnt have anything to do with the thing you responded to. Did you even read?

The removal of differences literally ends people up at 500% more violence than before.

You are aware that same-sex is abnormal, so is it unlikely to assume that abnormalities happen as a result of that? Your comment and conclusion makes no sense at all.

[-] swampbastard69 2 Points 4 months ago

I am glad you mentioned Julius Evola. I am a fairly erudite guy, I am constantly reading...there is little material I simply cannot 'understand'. I read 'Ride the Tiger' and I had no fucking clue what the guy was talking about. I could not understand the book - is anyone else in the same boat?

[-] Cum_Victor 42 Points 4 months ago

All GLO is trying to say really is that conservatives aren’t on our side either. Don’t get cucked by any political ideology.

The Red Pill is apolitical. That being said, I understand and can see others points of views that say that everything is becoming political.

It is best to keep TRP apolitical.

[-] JellyRev 8 Points 4 months ago

Main post is a political rant telling readers not affiliate with a certain ideology...guys we are apolitical. wut?

It should stay apolitical thus the main post should be deleted. GLO should post his political garbage on somewhere's like pol where is can be thrashed and reduced to the nothingness it is.

[-] 2comment 2 Points 4 months ago

Once you realize what politics is about, ideology or political affiliation becomes no different than than the priest class using religion to drive the herd how they want.

Ideology is important in the sense that it can make nations great or weak, but the priest flogging it often don't believe in the ideals they tout. For them, it's just a tool. Especially, as time goes on as the start of movements have true believers in the leading ranks.

Happens in corporations too. The visionaries are first, and as they die out, the bureaucrats replace them and talk the bullshit but don't believe in any of it.

[-] DeGENZerate -6 Point 4 months ago

This is completely wrong. If the Red Pill was apolitical then why did we get quarantined? And stop speaking like a goddamn woman I can hear it over your text. You don't know where you stand which is why you flip floped between 3 different viewpoints in the name of diversity. We are anti egalitarian btw

[-] Skyhawk_And_Skyhead 9 Points 4 months ago

You can get quarantined for non political reasons

[-] DeGENZerate -1 Point 4 months ago

You can get quarantined for any reason framed to fit a rule or new rules. Your BP reasoning believes we should give reddit the benefit of the doubt. You wanna compromise with them Jeb? Thats weak.

[-] Skyhawk_And_Skyhead 1 Point 4 months ago

It's all about ad revenue bro. Its not political, its cultural.

[-] DeGENZerate 1 Point 4 months ago

You pretend like culture isnt influenced in this age of technology. You are actively playing yourself by moving away from the red pill reality in exchange for blue pill fake idealism

[-] Skyhawk_And_Skyhead 2 Points 4 months ago

My friend I'm sorry but what the fuck are you talking about? It sucks that were quarantined but is voting Democrat or Republican going to solve it?

[-] DeGENZerate 1 Point 4 months ago

Now you understand! No it won't. We need to stop wrapping our chapped lips around moist conservative cock good job friend

[-] TheBunk_TB 1 Point 4 months ago

Culture war. Look at a lot of these limpwristed types and their shitburg friends. (Dorsey, Shultz and a few others). They hate anything that might be construed as "muh so gu knee" or whatever convienent meme turds are available.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] zyqkvx 1 Point 4 months ago

If you are apolitical you will be attacked by all parties. People focus on differences. That said liberalism is especially insane right now, and many unpopular conservative views are correct, like giving away free shit left and right doesn't make things better, it makes things worse. So redpill appears more conservative.

[-] DeGENZerate 1 Point 4 months ago

You are apolitical because you are conflict averse female and I am attacking you because we are collectively under attack and you dont want to do anything about it. Weakness incarnate

[-] grewapair 37 Points 4 months ago

I am one of the, if not the, most conservative people on reddit, and at 57 years old, those of you arguing with this post are missing an opportunity to learn something I wish I had learned at your age.

Conservatives believe in working within the confines of an established system. There's a constitution we should all abide by. Same with ten commandments. Immigration is fine if done within the 'system'.

There's another established system, and that's beta bucks. Work hard, be a good provider, and some girl will (reluctantly) fuck you on the regular. Before she takes your house while you're left standing there wondering what went wrong like my dad did.

You're a moron if you believe the same philosophy will carry over from the world of economics to that of the sexual marketplace. Don't make the mistake of believing what works in one sphere works in the other. It doesn't.

This is possibly one of the 5 best posts you'll ever see on this sub. Stop arguing with him and read it again.

[-] mette13 31 Points 4 months ago

I see what you are getting at, and I will admit, you have balls posting this. Ideologies change over time and if liberalism wasn't associated with SJW's, Feminism, and all the other modern progressive movements, I'd openly identify as a liberal. There were many great scientists who were liberal and in fact, the greeks started the liberal arts as to liberating your mind, nothing to do with politics.

Conservatism is boring, I dont know how many times ive ran into a Christian, Beta Bux, Play by the rules conservative. It was the liberals who took heed and invented things, broke the rules and started new ideologies and practices, like science. Just like everything else, there is some bad in liberalism and I think right now is just liberalism showing its bad side via SJW and feminism.

Liberalism => the creative minds, break the rules Conservatives => traditionalists There is nothing wrong with either, just depends on what you want.

[-] anal_coke 15 Points 4 months ago

For the most part I agree with you, but being a great scientist does not make you a great political expert. As the saying goes, "stay in your lane"

[-] breyerw 7 Points 4 months ago

Scientist can do studies and make decisions based on empirical data. Politicians get paid by lobbyists and benefit from corrupted systems.

conservatives invented think tanks to argue against science. Pretty much creating their own little scientific branches of lobbyists to go against science.

Politics is an egotistical field where politicians are elevated as public figures.

Scientists are typically more under the radar and more devoted to their crafts as a passion.

[-] foxhound525 13 Points 4 months ago

I'm also a liberal and a scientist. I come here for the threads of truth and observation, I tend to ignore all the conservative retard stuff, bigotry and scapegoating. I recognise that both sides have pros and cons, but while the left tends to be a bit naive, the right tends to be a bit dumb IMO.

[-] MoDuReddit 6 Points 4 months ago

So you're voluntarily choosing to be naive? Why can't you just make up your mind about policies, instead of having to marry a party?

[-] foxhound525 3 Points 4 months ago

I said tends to be, implying a lot, but not all. I am not married to a party either, but I have a preference.

[-] MoDuReddit 4 Points 4 months ago

Groups of millionaires who's only job is secure their own pay/lobby/candidate are not your friends.

[-] foxhound525 3 Points 4 months ago

I'm under no illusions, we're already living in a corporate cyberpunk dystopia. It often boils down to the least awful option.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] Rabbit-Punch 12 Points 4 months ago

Liberalism gave us the mess we are in today.

[-] reluctantly_red -5 Point 4 months ago

Liberalism gave us the mess we are in today.

Yes they did! They gave us science, suppressed religious dogma, gave us modern medicine increasing life spans to unprecedented levels, created a world that is safer than at any previous time, a world where more people have wealth and fewer people are poor, a world full of really cool stuff ...

Conservatives need to STFU and hug a liberal.

[-] MoDuReddit 16 Points 4 months ago

They gave us science

ave us modern medicine increasing life spans to unprecedented levels, created a world that is safer than at any previous time

No, science was not "given" by a political ideology, you just stop destroying it (poor Alexandria's library...).


suppressed religious dogma

And replaced it with political dogma, a lá communist party. Not a great victory.

Conservatives need to STFU and hug a liberal.

Yes, keep in-fighting, that's exactly what billionaires who fund your political parties want. Fight each other, to the end of time, blame it all on race/men/legacy but in reality it's just the rich pitting the poor against each other.

[-] awakenedspirit1 3 Points 4 months ago

Is this your real opinion? Or are you being playful?

[-] reluctantly_red -1 Point 4 months ago

I'm totally serious. Liberalism delivered us from the dark ages.

[-] awakenedspirit1 3 Points 4 months ago

This is a surprising. Liberalism has strengths and weaknesses just like other ideologies.

Read what you wrote here. Nothing is THAT one sided. No ideology "saved us" or delivered us from anything. It's a combination of ideas and events that leads to certain results. It's ok to identify as liberal, and believe the tenets. But saying that the other side is "dark ages" essentially minimizes those ideas. Everyone is trying to get the best outcome. The reason I'm reacting this way is because it sounds like you're a "fan" of liberal ideas. Kind of like red Sox / Yankees. Team blue does some good marketing to young people that plays into our natural idealism for how we'd like the world to be. But it's just marketing.

[-] LokiWantsToPlay 1 Point 4 months ago

The downvotes confuse me. Either people are lacking the knowledge that "Liberalism" is actually a philosophy of thought or simply get confused by the theft from Democrats of the name for their political party and the "damage they've caused". The battle between "Liberals" and "Conservatives" amongst a population is a time immemorial battle. The brave explorers vs those who want to stay within the confines of their comfort zones.

Did Liberals cause the mess we are in today, yes, partly but Conservatives helped. Liberals wanted to keep exploring the boundaries of human behaviours and cultural norms, and Conservatives acted like a worn-out parent too tired to put the hyperactive child in his place. Societal progression is a slow process, step-by-step. It's not a sprint into the unknown.

[-] kittyclaw200 7 Points 4 months ago

The terms and who is associated with them have to morph from your definition at least in my mind.
Most conservatives these days=realists Most Liberals these days=feelz over realz

[-] DeGENZerate -2 Point 4 months ago

You and your comment are a disgrace to not only The Red Pill which is under political attack but also to the metaphor itself. You have no clue about the historical reality of our situation. Liberalism is the flavor of the millennium and it created feminism. You are too intellectually proud to realize that your even partial support of it makes you an NPC that falls within the Liberal frame. Even conservatives are liberals who try to conserve back to a less close to terminal phase of the disease that is modern politics.

Conservatives arent traditional and liberals arent the only ones with ideas and the very fact that you think this makes your thought patterns liberally programmed. Think about that fir a minute, NPC. Your liberal thinking undermines your entire position against feminism.

[-] MentORPHEUS 9 Points 4 months ago

Your liberal use of ad hominem throughout the discussion undermines whatever topic you're trying to discuss.

The message received amounts to, you're somewhat stuck in a political anger phase rut.

The topic merits more on point discussion than you're bringing.

[-] DeGENZerate 0 Points 4 months ago

Good because there will be alot more Red Pills flying at people in the next couple years and that will come with either our destruction or alot more anger phases. Nothing makes me more angry then seeing Jeb Bush reincarnated 100 times on this thread tacitly advocating for feminism without realizing it. Saying Red Pill is apolitical. Like when ColdIceZero proposes compromising our values with Reddit at the quarantine. Yes this makes me angry. And I'm not letting the place that changed my life get destroyed due to internal retardation.

Now that you've respectfully scolded my use of rhetoric, maybe address the logos? Because that part seems to escape alot of people as they vomit up their Red Pills

[-] LokiWantsToPlay 1 Point 4 months ago

> The Red Pill which is under political attack

Yes, currently TRP is under attack from the left wing, well observed. But say for arguments sake that within Western societies, there's a pendulum swing and "Conservatism" becomes the new culture. How soon do you think it would be before the Right take aim at TRP?

The individualistic, Tradcon defying, classically liberal nature of TRP would come under fire fairly quickly. We don't care for (or at least not meant to) collective thoughts unless evidence is presented, Tradcon translates to BB in most peoples minds here and the way we attempt to play with evolutionary psychology for selfish needs, black knighting for shits and giggles and won't be restrained by groupthink in regard to our speech makes this place a vary easy target for political/cultural hatred.

Take the blinders off, stop focusing on 1 group you deem evil/the enemy and see how your "ally" could just as easy stab you in the back for their own gain.

[-] DeGENZerate 1 Point 4 months ago

The problem with your line of thinking is your premise is wrong. The Red Pill is in no way Classical Liberal friend. Look around you, JBP and the Conservatives are being purged. You are the one with the blue pill blinders on because you can't see that the so called pendulum will never swing right because conservatives are inherrently complicit in liberalism. Red pill is however individualistic, I will give you that but that is and must change to combat the liberals

[-] LokiWantsToPlay 1 Point 4 months ago

Sources for pretty much all of that?

Because a simple Google search will show you that Gen Z (And i imagine from your name, you fall within that category) is showing far more conservative/individualistic traits than most generations before them.

The "conservative purge" is the act of a dying power within Silicone Valley. Alt-tech is fighting to overthrow the tyrannical nature there. Social media known for silencing others or simply not understanding the concept of free speech is being abandoned with every controversy. The pendulum is swinging. The Left and the Right know it, you just can't see it for some reason...

[-] DeGENZerate 1 Point 4 months ago

No I see exactly what you are saying and you are continuing to prove my point. You see Republicans gaining genz popularity is the opposite of a victory for us. This is actually a sign of propetual defeat which you would understand if you understood OP. You are choosing CLASSICAL LIBERALISM over postmodern liberalism. Do you see the problem?! You don't. One thing leads to another but your too fucked to understand

[-] bsutansalt 24 Points 4 months ago

As always enjoy the decline. If you need a guide through these troubling times, Aaron Clarey even wrote a guide book for you.

[-] DeGENZerate 6 Points 4 months ago

Or alternatively, if you don't want to let the tiger of the modern world savagely devour your soul through perpetual hedonism where you eventually kill yourself specifically with a Smith and Wesson brand gun, read Ride the Tiger. Julius Evola wrote a guide book that takes a radical non-compromising position against progressivism. And just like the books that invented liberalism this book brings alot of new ideas, and actually requires you to flex your intelligence muscles.

[-] WarriorMonkMode 1 Point 3 months ago

Boy I sure hope you weren't trolling, just spent a few of my precious credits on audible buying his book on "enjoy the decline."

[-] ShotgunTRP 23 Points 4 months ago

What glos really trying to say is be the masturbating hobo, not the passive observer

[-] 2comment 6 Points 4 months ago

Even masturbating hobos needs pickpockets amongst the gawkers to make the whole endeavor worthwhile. Only chumps would blow their load for free.

[-] DeGENZerate 5 Points 4 months ago

To the liberal system we are a bunch of hobos. The problem is some of our hobos dont want to masturbate. They want to just be a passive tent city hobo that does nothing to trancend it. We need to all whip out our cocks and drown the cities in our seed but conservatives are to high an mighty. To arrogant to see that to everyone else they are a hobo so they might as well play with one eyed charlie

[-] PiDelta632 19 Points 4 months ago

I don’t agree with most of this but I will play off of it. Every man should decide, on his own, what he values in this world. EVERY political party seeks to make these decisions for us.

Don’t get cucked by conservatives. Don’t get lobotomized by liberals. Don’t get indoctrinated by independents.

It doesn’t matter what slogan you use. Be your own fucking man.

[-] DeGENZerate 5 Points 4 months ago

Be your own man^^tm is what got us into this mess in the first place. Putting the individual first triggered the liquidation of the aristocracy. This triggered liberalism. This triggered feminism which triggers feminists which triggers The Red Pill.

You are endorsing the deepest blue pill in the whole cycle which is to say you might as well endorse feminism itself. This unfortunately makes you a tacit conservative. Western families suck. Hedonism rules. "Suffering"^^tm is at an all time low. All hail the individual

[-] MoDuReddit 5 Points 4 months ago

So, him rejecting pre-baked political ideologies makes him one of the pre-baked political ideologues?

[-] DeGENZerate 2 Points 4 months ago

No his endorsement of individualism is the key indicator here. I reccomend Julius Evola if any of you want to read something that is not explicitly on the Red Pill reading list. If people read Ride the Tiger and understood it they wouldn't be autistically throwing Laws of Power at me

[-] MoDuReddit 0 Points 4 months ago

I understand your concern over individualism. I gonna browse those references, thanks.


EDIT: What a croc of shit. Basing decisions on ancient religions and alchemy? ahahah.

[-] DeGENZerate 2 Points 4 months ago

Ancient religions bound civilization for all of human history until 500 years ago and you are too intellectually arrogant to think maybe there was something behind that. Alchemy is not literal btw. You don't have the balls to read Ride the Tiger and that's why you will never understand me. Read a book faggot

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] PiDelta632 2 Points 4 months ago

Law 6 Law 20 Law 25 Law 38

Do some reading

[-] 2comment 1 Point 4 months ago

Putting the individual first triggered the liquidation of the aristocracy. This triggered liberalism.

I'm assuming you're talking about classical liberalism, aka Thomas Paine and ideals that started sublimating around the renaissance and ripened in the Enlightenment.

We probably wouldn't be on our computers today typing to each other about it without all that.

Neoliberalism otoh is another deck of cards.

[-] DeGENZerate 1 Point 4 months ago

Yeah good point. If our ancestors lived without it and the Enlightenment ideas led to this clown-world then perhaps those ideas werent so Enlightening after all. Perhaps we liberated our spirit from our bodies and now we are degenerating. Or maybe computer stations are worth it. You tell me

[-] JellyRev 3 Points 4 months ago

Except playing solo never pans out. The others who form groups will smell blood. A single twig breaks, but a bundle of twigs is strong.

[-] xddm2653 1 Point 4 months ago

That's some pussy shit. Stand up for what you believe, even if that means standing alone

[-] JellyRev 2 Points 4 months ago

Yes because that's how politics are played...I member when Ralph Nader and Ron Paul were Presidents too. You can have your own beliefs but its a game. Realpolitik will actually get things done.

[-] xddm2653 0 Points 4 months ago

1) this isn't a political sub

2) not everyone cares about being president. Having money can influence things more than holding positions of power, anyway

[-] JellyRev 1 Point 4 months ago

It's a political post. Do not kid yourself. I prefer the OP post is removed. Plenty of places for political debate. Calling me a pussy for meta-politics. I give more meta-politics and you go oh but this isnt political.

Having money, and getting donations is a part of politics. Being a "I'm my own man" in the current landscape is pathetic and bluepilled af. It's a cop out. You are part of your family, part your community, part of your nation.

You will not die a martyr, you will not change things with muh individual thought. You will do nothing. You will jerk yourself thinking you are better than others. But at least you get to feel good about yourself. You held muh principles and did nothing that will affect the future.

[-] xddm2653 1 Point 4 months ago

I said your group mentality was pussy shit, not you. Your basically saying conformity is the only answer

You can be a leader and your own man. Look at the president. Takes no shit from anyone, conforms to no single political ideology, and still cares about his community.

[-] JellyRev 1 Point 4 months ago

One have have their own goals. I believe in a goal not an ideology. Namely the preservation of western society. Trump has made plenty of compromises. He has to, to accomplish his goals. I believe in realpolitik, not martyrism. I'd sacrifice plenty of pawns to achieve checkmate.

I do understand and appreciate your posts.

[-] JW_2 16 Points 4 months ago

Was this supposed to be satire/funny?

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] MatrixofLe3adership 4 Points 4 months ago

I've been here a while, lurking on and off. It never had appeal unless it was in the sidebar...

[-] MakoShark93 14 Points 4 months ago

Haha, this was dope as fuck. I've seen some kids on here craving validation from the super conservative motherfuckers on here in an effort to establish an identity. Whole lotta posture shit.

[-] DeGENZerate 3 Points 4 months ago

So what you are saying is this isnt Red Pill? Blasphemous millenials

[-] dusara217 14 Points 4 months ago

What does this have to do with this sub? Taking the red pill on gender relations has literally nothing to do with going down the Alt-Right rabbit hole.

[-] GayLubeOil 30 Points 4 months ago

The Red Pill got quarantined for political idiological reasons at the behest of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Since we are the subject of political/idiological attack we defacto inhabit an idiological position.

In other words the moment someone punches you in the face you are in a fight regardless of whether or not you decide to punch back.

[-] midgetpooooo 5 Points 4 months ago

I would hope an intellectual post can be made as a rebuttal to that post because they're lumping incels with red pill stuff and conflating it all. It's disingenuous.

[-] dusara217 2 Points 4 months ago

The Red Pill is, in and of itself, an ideology about the world that focuses on gender relations between men and women. That does not mean that it is an all-encompassing ideology that provides answers to such questions as," should abortion be legal?" Or "what level of regulation should we put on the Stock Market?"

These are questions that mainstream political ideologies (a la Conservatism) were designed to deal with, and posts like this do nothing but alienate people that might otherwise be predisposed to be Red Pilled about many aspects of the world around them. The Red Pill subreddit has never been oriented around the JQ or similar Alt-Right talking points, and that's a damn good thing; overtly political messaging taints a potentially useful perspective on the world and just turns it into another board dominated by idealogues arguing in favour of whatever victim group they view as the most oppressed.

[-] GayLubeOil 10 Points 4 months ago

Maybe you should investigate who is responsible for feminism to begin with. Once you understand that you should see the relevance.

The Red Pill exists because of Feminism. If the institution of marriage wasn't destroyed and women weren't pulling all sorts of nonesense we wouldn't be here.

[-] Wise_Kruppe 0 Points 4 months ago

Maybe you should investigate who is responsible for feminism

I'm out of the loop on this, but with the mention of altright and making more white babies, I'm going to take a wild guess and say the "Jews". Am I off on that?

Admittedly, I don't even know much about altright, but from the rhetoric of posts like these I assume it is an anti gay, anti minority, anti Jewish, anti rock and roll, white guy club.

If that is what this place is now, then you need to stop pussyfooting around and just come out and say it. The sub is quarantined anyway. This way those of us who aren't tiki torch enthusiasts can go start our own group.

[-] GayLubeOil 7 Points 4 months ago

If that's your guess then your wrong because TRP is 60% white. We have a lot of Indians and Muslims here simply because foreign men are disadvantaged in the sexual marketplace.

The problem is your Anglo Puritan mentality wherein if anyone starts talking about the real world they're homo saucer aka a Nazi.

[-] max_peenor 4 Points 4 months ago

I don't even know much about altright

Because it's a fabricated basket of bullshit constructed by a specific political entity to collect a wide range of political entities so they can call them Nazis. Sure, this has created a fuckton of black, jewish, hispanic and asian Nazis, but baby with the bathwater, right?

Anyone that applies the term to others is a fucking simpleton.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say the "Jews

You have no idea how hilarious this response to him is.

[-] Yakatonker 2 Points 3 months ago

The red pill damages part of the global establishment's control mecca.

  • society is a pyramid scheme
  • the plutocrats control women who are slaves to the regressive mean of the social order, propaganda, or the dominant organized force
  • the women then on behest of the rulers control the conditioned blue pilled betas, even the alphas who want to horde high stations which are the pinnacles of hypergamous attraction

The slaves organize themselves based on the perceivable medium created by information sources, television, internet which are all heavily gamed and inform the citizen of nothing.

Western Propaganda Halo

  • Citizens of the West mistakenly believe they are free when in fact they're heavily conditioned from birth to:
  • view government, the monopoly of the market as an absolutely positive force for society, in the service of the citizen. Which is blatantly false
  • to become unquestionably ignorant to deeply repetitive narratives they are taught from birth

Tell people equality doesn't exist and is a fictional delusion, even in libertarian or conservative movements and watch their heads explode. The liberal programming is so universal, so insidious it has thoroughly infected all aspects of society and is still the back wash of many viewers here...

Quote from the OP:

Taking the red pill on gender relations has literally nothing to do with going down the Alt-Right rabbit hole.

Its quite annoying when people come to TRP and are this blatantly stupid. Maybe there needs to be a solid pin on the side bar for critical and creative thinking...

[-] SmackinDatAss 11 Points 4 months ago

Do you not believe that gender relations have been politicized?

Furthermore, you are missing the point of the post.

[-] dusara217 0 Points 4 months ago

What, that people with a Conservative political disposition are all idiots that should be shunned like they have the plague? Yeah, no thank you, I don't give a rat's ass about people's personal politics, and the only thing posts like this do is convince me the Alt-Right is even more irritating than I thought it was before.

[-] SmackinDatAss 4 Points 4 months ago

NO, the point of the post is to not grab on to any "conservative" ideologue simply because they are conservative. Latching on to them simply because they are conservative makes you a cuck to them.

Jordan Peterson is a great example. Conservative? Yes. Red pilled? Far from it. And yet, you would think he is the second coming of Morpheus. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is doing nothing to change the narrative but simply operating within the narrative. Why should we follow someone who is operating in the feminist frame?

That is the point of the post.

[-] max_peenor 3 Points 4 months ago

Tradcons have always been a thorn in the side of this sub. They get cozy and well behaved posters in here for a while but eventually whip out their bible/rush limbaugh book/jordan peterson video/dick and start proselytizing about how we need to save society for them.

[-] destraht 5 Points 4 months ago

Once the Boomers age out of voting and financial power this will all be allowed to collapse. Ever since high school I've noticed the hard walls of increased control falling in at set age ranges that seemed to follow the the kids 1-2 years younger all of the way through into the early twenties. The system has researched the demographics to a extreme level and they know what we will put up with based upon our generation designation, which is probably the crudest designation for all that they know. For example I was born in 1980 and so they know that people one year older than me will put up with significantly less shit than people two years younger. They have the compliance modes and thought patterns mapped out because to start with they did the programming and then its easy enough to test. I think that it makes a lot more sense for a Boomer to stay illusioned about the state of things so that they can selfishly ride out their great victory for the remainder of their lives without feeling bad about it. It makes a lot less sense however for young guys to buy into a last stage dying model that never was designed to consider them. People who are young today were born to be harvested early.

I haven't studied the cusp years of the young kids now to know exactly how much more compliant they are but I suspect that there are some immense jumps within the 2-3 years around the cusp of the whatever Generations N and M. They are programmed in batches with the occasional full factory and model overhaul.

[-] xdrunkagainx 13 Points 4 months ago

Unfortunately not being on either team isn't going to fix our problems, and enjoy the decline is a defeatist attitude. Since the majority of the redpill fits into conservatism the best option is to take a page from the liberal playbook and infiltrate conservative organizations and slowly turn them redpill.

[-] MoDuReddit 7 Points 4 months ago

infiltrate conservative organizations and slowly turn them redpill.

I'd rather enjoy my own life, rather than trying to convince the crazies not be crazy. You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Also, that sounds like the absolute worst job in the world.

[-] xdrunkagainx 3 Points 4 months ago

Yep thinking about ourselves is why we're losing so bad.

[-] MoDuReddit 1 Point 4 months ago

No, it's because "we" don't take care of ourselves, and instead do stuff to appease others or go total blue pill and remove self-esteem entirely.

If you want to be an activist, nobody will stop you.

[-] DeGENZerate 6 Points 4 months ago

I like your victory mentality. A very similar option would be a Silent Revolution. Like the one in Men Among the Ruins by Julius Evola.

[-] WinjetRed 13 Points 4 months ago

Anyone that pushes marriage on men in this day and age is not a friend to man. Just one of the ways conservatives are not your friend.

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 12 Points 4 months ago

The purpose of marriage is to have a "until death do us apart". Meaning you're supposed to give her 8 or more children until she dies and then you find another wife to do the same with.

[-] TheItchyTichi 2 Points 4 months ago

I believe you're wildly confused. Conservatives (actual right leaning, not RINOs) do not and will never support gay marriage. The current state of conservatism in the United States is by far the most red-pilled version we've had in decades.

[-] faustian_talos 10 Points 4 months ago

Dafaq is it with USA politics? I could never understand why you only have two parties?

I can not even fathom why do you consider consider conservatives as conservative or liberals as liberals?

Both the Democratic and the Republican parties changed the values they support over time. Around 90 years ago Republicans were quite liberal. Now they are not. You still believe they have ideologies? Just two power groups struggling for influence and money.

Do not believe me? Educate yourself in political philosophy, political science and sociology.

The other point is why is american version of liberalism and conservativism different then rest of the worlds.

[-] [deleted] 10 Points 4 months ago


[-] Aro2220 4 Points 4 months ago

Such a brave man doesn't care and his solution is to just die when everything inevitably fails.

Well, you'll get your wish.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 months ago


[-] Aro2220 1 Point 4 months ago

Everyone dying someday doesn't mean your actions are meaningless. And don't get a Hitler complex just because your healthier friends died and you're still alive doesn't grant you some messianic knowledge.

You are only focused on the covers of the book. The covers are the only part of the book that can be entirely discarded without altering the content.

[-] Invisible_Hand49 3 Points 4 months ago

We are not living in the age of Vikings. Your freedom is protected by the people you elect. To say fuck off to politics is one of the worst you could do as a man. You might not care if sally wants to have sex change but most of the middle class families do. The working class has to pay taxes. The poor don't have to because of populist policies and the rich, well, they know how to cheat their way through. On a personal level, I don't care if a person wants to get their sex changed but not at the cost of the people paying for them.

Also, related to this post, how can you say conservatism is indeed bad for the society? How is low taxation not good for an economy? And how does the will of anybody who doesn't agree with the liberals get questioned at the first sight while the left's constantly failing pillars of ideologies like Communism , Reservations and such are treated to be the greater good? In my experience, leftists are violent, aggresive, dumb and no question of a stable frame can be expected from them, especially in the US.

This whole article reeks of psuedo-science to relate something to the other and bash conservatives. This happens all over the internet and TRP which is such a politics free zone is being inflirated by people who think they know it all and generalize to a great extent in order to prove a point.

[-] barb9212 1 Point 4 months ago

Simple, low taxation doesn't work because the tax cuts go directly to the rich. Also, low taxation causes a deficit which causes the government which causes the slashing of social programs such as social security. When the economy fails its the middle class who has to pay for it.

If you look at Nordic countries who follow a socialistic principle they pay more in taxes (50%) but are overall a happier set of people because the money goes into social programs like health care and education. Now before you say I hate socialism just know the USA isn't just capitalist. We have socialism in our economy such as public schools, law enforcement. With pure capitalism, we would have to do what we did in the past and individually pay fire companies for insurance when our house is on fire to come and save it. No insurance? Well, your house is going to burn down.

Also on leftists being more violent? Studies have shown right winged terrorism as the greatest threat in the USA.

[-] punkrockfishboy 9 Points 4 months ago

Believe it or not, there are Trump supporters who are not all so red pill. Conservative doesn't mean red pill. For example, Brittany Venti supports trump but is a Feminist. I used to have a mangina friend who cucks for his girlfriend, acts feminine, but voted for Trump and claimed to be conservative (He said he was going to vote for Hilary in 2008). Look at the person, not the political affiliation to judge.

[-] redpharma7789 9 Points 4 months ago

It’s a slippery slope to involve start categorizing political ideas with the Red Pill. Conservatism can be a big canvas to paint, and while some of the dogma might coincide with TRP, much of it won’t either. Same applies for Liberals.

TRP should be kept as apolitical. Often, some political ideas of those wings are discussed... but within the realm of TRP, not politics.

[-] GayLubeOil 10 Points 4 months ago

Tell people your an anti Feminist and you will quickly be politically categorized. The SPLC has allready categorized us.

[-] ileatyourassmthrfkr 9 Points 4 months ago

Don’t know why people always get political with theredpill .. is it that hard to keep politics out of it?

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 2 Points 4 months ago

Yes, because everything is politics. Nothing isn't. Have you learned anything?

[-] forbz5 8 Points 4 months ago

Conservatives conserve nothing. We would do well to remember that. Also, you’re a fellow White Russian? Cheers to that.

[-] sehns 6 Points 4 months ago

I love your posts GLO, and I am on mobile and don’t have time to write a long response.. but what struck me from reading this is your ideas on what liberal is seems to be at least a decade or two out of date. Classic liberal ideas like freedom of speech and the individual now appear to be conservative ideas to anyone paying attention. This type of shift has had a massive effect on perception of both parties

[-] mortalcoil1 5 Points 4 months ago

Post a topic disparaging President Trump on T_D or conservative.

Then post a topic disparaging Hillary Clinton on politics.

Then tell me which side protects freedom of speech.

[-] milkdudsinmyanus 1 Point 4 months ago

I would alter your original comment for more accurate results on the test of which side attacks free speech. The United States as a whole has a sour taste in its symbolical mouth for Hillary. I would say post a topic disparaging Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden on politics and see the dumpster fire that starts.

I think you’ll see that both sides discourage free speech of all kinds when it challenges their narrative. That’s the problem with politics today. Far too polarizing.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] GayLubeOil 3 Points 4 months ago

Classic liberalism degenerates into modern liberalism the same way first wave feminism inevitably becomes third wave. The only Red Pill is to reject all liberalism.

All men are not created equal. That's why we use the alpha and beta nomenclature.

[-] Philosezius 5 Points 4 months ago

The red pill was created by conservatives who noticed a male outlet was needed in a world where SJW's and feminism has gone wild. I wouldn't call them cuckservatives because they noticed there was no going back to the status quo, pandora's box had been opened, and the only way for a man to be successful in the new world was adopting the red pill. The red pill had max steam like six years ago, I remember a subscriber count closer to 350k when it was first generating massive outrage on the increasingly liberal reddit hugbox. Now it's full of morons who'd rather shill about politics and humblebrag about sexual exploits because they haven't actually created a real male social circle to share with/be apart of.

[-] GayLubeOil 5 Points 4 months ago

The Red Pill was created by Libertarians on a radical Anti Marriage platform. Next anti feminism is a political position so is alimony reform and so is opposition to title 9.

[-] Philosezius 2 Points 4 months ago

I'll give you libertarians, we're generally better at independent thought, and reddit was filled with libertarians and an insane love for Ron Paul back when this sub was beginning. Feminism/SJW are a huge part of the leftist philosophy, which conservatives are radically opposed to. Bush Jr tried to end title 9 when it started causing college baseball teams to vanish. I'm not the biggest fan of conservatives, but I detest the modern left. Identity politics will be the end of us all if they lose.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] mallardcove 4 Points 4 months ago

Conservatives are losers because they accept the terms of engagement from the left and willingly fight the left on the left's terms. That leaves conservatives open to shenanigans like being accused of racism, sexism, etc. Which ways leads to retreating with the tail tucked

In order to win conservatives cant care anymore about being called racists or bigots. Become immune to that shit or it will only get worse

Conservatives have to win the cultural battle as that is where the battles are being fought. You cant win on policy if you are losing the cultural fight. The problem is conservatives are too afraid to fight the culture war.

[-] civilizedfrog 4 Points 4 months ago

Letting women vote was a mistake. They only want feelgood policies to virtue signal. Now politicians have to kiss everyone's ass. Can't blame womenm though. They asked for it. Men gave them that right without any consequences, massively failing that shit test. Suffragettes would have said no to voting if they were to forced to register for the draft.

However, this won't last any longer. I believe USA has an expiry date and it is coming closer at faster pace. It was a good experiment.

[-] FormerBlueFool 4 Points 4 months ago

Thank you GLO for this post and many others that have helped me and other FormerBlueCunts.

I like the idea of shit testing a woman's shit test. Have you written about this before? I couldn't really find anything on the idea.

[-] Wish_I_Had_My_AK 3 Points 4 months ago

Holy shit. I had at least four deep laughs. At least one so severe I couldn't keep reading.

Write a book, asshole. Or at least a blog, you millenial fuckwad.

[-] DeGENZerate 4 Points 4 months ago

Thanks for pooping on my future, Boomer.



[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] TheItchyTichi 3 Points 4 months ago

Every person should be a free thinker and abstain from unyieldingly aligning themselves with a political party. That being said, we now have the most red-pilled leader in modern history and you're telling us not to side with his party? That's idiotic. Unfortunately this is a bipartisan system in the USA and it will never change. Cast your lot with conservatives, but freely think and be critical. Otherwise the leftists will get their way and the modern man will be a second-class citizen.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] Ansec 3 Points 4 months ago

The reason conservatives lose is because they don't have any interest in power. They believe the individual can make their own choices. They don't organize. Conservatives are more interested in raising a family than governing other people. Conservatives just want to be left alone and they'll move instead of fight. They seek peace because it is best for their family.

But when shit hits the fan, when they can no longer be left alone to raise their family, it's conservatives that win. It's conservatives that start revolutions. It's conservatives that will push back with the power of a thousand suns. The left knows this. They scramble for control. They ban everything that is slightly conservative. They try to call everything alt right and racist to stop the impending explosion that will happen in the next 50 years.

Mark my words, this is the end of liberalism. They are slowly dying and soon there will be a war, whether it be through blood or attrition, it will be conservatives that have the last laugh.

[-] theunconquored 2 Points 4 months ago

The world is always moving forward. Conservatism aims to hold still or move backwards. Trying to stop human progress will always be an exercise in trying to stop a river from flowing by throwing rocks into it. Even if you manage to throw a big rock, the water finds a new way around.

Changing the world isn't stopping progress, its hijacking (which my MacBook just tried to autocorrect to in point) the narrative and changing the flow of progress in a new direction. The radical left has always understood this. They know that if they dig a hole in the right place, the water will flow into it, and it'll never go back to how it was.


[-] Toussant 2 Points 4 months ago

Libertarian (but not the point of anarchist) is the way to go IMHO. Combines the laissez-faire parts of the big 2.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 2 Points 4 months ago

While sexual strategy may be amoral, it's also important to be able to distinguish between different orders of magnitude.

To wit, the Right has an idealized "Pleasantville"-style view of the past that they want to return to. Some TradThot puts up some feminine-sounding quote on social media about how she just wants someone to take care of and and a kitchen to be in, and thirsty MGTOWs come running - and really, all a MGTOW is is a disappointed TradCon idealist. Even the ever-jaundiced Heartiste gets caught up in hagiography as history .

The Leftoid SJWs, on the other hand, wants you fired, broke, suicidal and dead, your kids raped, and brainwashed and they think it's funny.

Never lose sight of who the real enemy is.

[-] MrCongeniality1 2 Points 4 months ago

Holy shit, so many comments. I guess I will add my 2 cents. I see three major issues in the conservative vs liberal political war:

  1. Most of the conservative political movement is actually driven by corporate power that uses cultural issues to keep their constituency interested. Throw some illegals into cruel detention facilities and get that tax break pushed through. I'm not disagreeing with conservative political/cultural values, but conservatism as a political movement is a scam.
  2. Conservative ideals (competition, standing on your own two feet) favor winners over the losers. There will always be fewer winners than losers. In prehistoric times, the smaller men would gang up on the bigger man if he took all the women. Wealth and power redistribution will always be a fundamental social force.
  3. Liberals have successfully framed core ideals as superior to conservative ideals. Compassion and cooperation has been framed as a higher value than self-interest and competition. The influence wielded by each gender makes a huge difference in which values society backs the most.
[-] wendysNO1wcheese 2 Points 4 months ago


I'm not even going to get into politics...But this was funny. In a very true way.

[-] Jaereth 2 Points 4 months ago

Who cares? If you allow yourself to be labeled as a "conservative" the way the media uses it, that you are all in with the ideals and beliefs of the Republican Party, why don't you just call yourself what you are, A Republican, admit you don't think issues through for yourself and would rather have a group of people decide how you feel on issues, and move along.

I think the sexual strategy of TRP and the "man building" aspect are such separate paths somtimes that people can have divergent results. If you are out every night pulling supermodels with your grade A game but sit at home and tell people "I'm a Republican!" (and are sincere) and mindlessly get all your opinions on issues from what a political party says is correct, you've only learned PUA tactics and are not "pilled" in the least bit.

[-] AllahHatesFags 2 Points 4 months ago

Conservatives are no friend to Red Pill men. Their incessant need to ban abortions and birth control is a major disservice to men everywhere. Imagine if they banned abortion except in cases of rape or incest. Now every singe thot who wants an abortion is going to make a false rape accusation to get one. And they are the biggest white knight cucks on the planet who will call men "immature" for not wanting to get married and take on all the responsibilities that come along with it but without any of the authority. And to top it off, their economic policy can be summed up as "steal from everybody and burn the planet so that us and our donors can get richer and damn the consequences!" Fuck conservatives, they need to go extinct and be replaced by something that is a better counter to liberalism.

[-] sezamus 2 Points 4 months ago

GLO, I love your reading and how you trigger people by challenging their point of view. I see many "conservatists" here getting into childisch tantrum, who only confirm what you wrote.

Let me add something. I am a Pole. The political party, that is ruling in Poland, is "Law and Justice". Very conservative, intelectual "concrete". We do not allow ILLEGAL immigration and do not allow to be dominated by EU's or LGBT bullshit. On the other hand normal gay people have legal difficulties when they want to live as a couple. The party planned to prohibit abortion by ANY reason, but after heavy protest they held it... for now. The economy is growing, but much slower that it could be. Many things that require changes are being left as they are, because "things have always been that way"- holding the status qvo, even if it's bullshit.

As you all see, conservatives are able to do some things good, but it doesn't mean that my personal freedom is bigger, than it was during the time of liberals, who ruled before for 8 years. Actually they planned to cut personal freedom for the sake of "conservatism". Liberals are winning in the world, because people see that thanks to liberals they are able to do more, even if it also means that an illegal immigrant can do even waaay more including rape and murder without being sentenced or punished.

[-] SeasonedRP 2 Points 4 months ago

This post makes good points and is particularly applicable to the evangelical/social conservative wing of the GOP. The establishment GOP isn't really conservative, and that's a key reason why they always lose-they want to lose. They don't really support what they claim to support. But closely compare evangelicals to third-wave feminists and you won't find much difference. Male sexual behavior is the most important "sin" to evangelicals, and their beliefs are aimed at controlling it to the maximum extent while giving women a pass for their behavior. That is indistinguishable from the aims of third-wave feminists.

[-] OnlineBookshelf 2 Points 4 months ago

Their most profound ideas are tax cuts and wars.

I think their most profound idea is small & limited government.

[-] max_peenor 3 Points 4 months ago

small & limited government

It would be spiffy if they could get around to that.

[-] mtriad 2 Points 4 months ago

Conservatives: Research shows every test to go to the moon had failed substantially, so let's stop at Apollo 1. Progressivists: Let's do it wrong until we get it right.

None of them are right or wrong. This is how the world works guys. The humanity needs that basic polarity, what is bad is that we keep one agenda forever.

[-] Brickles09 2 Points 4 months ago

Thus, Bolsonaro and Trump are winners because they don't play by the cuckservative nor the left rules?




And probably explains why cuckservatives hate both.


Example: I bet conservatives are all against moving US and Brazil embassies to Jerusalem because the left "WON'T LIKE THAT", but Bolso and Trump just reply like: "Hold my beer."




And that's why they win.


You are a genius gaylubeoil.

[-] GodOfDinosaurs 2 Points 4 months ago

As the Red Pill train gains steam, more and more conservatives are gonna try to climb aboard. Kick them off. They're losers, they don't have a plan and historically speaking they always lose.

I don't get the urge to make TRP a political project. It can't be. It's incommensurable. TRP is sharing notes while enjoying the decline and looking out for yourself first. There's no political organizing, no solidarity. That's MRA sphere. That men acting out individual self-interest will lead to social change is a fantasy. That sort of activism requires sacrifice on the part of the individual for the benefit of the collective or future collective.

That's why social conservatives lose. However, capitalists win because they accumulate so much power that their individual action crushes mass solidarity. So what you get is global capitalism with a façade of social justice. I.e, neoliberalism.

[-] Aggressive_Beta 2 Points 4 months ago

Statism itself is incompatible with the Red Pill

It’s laughable how cuckservatives and liberals don’t understand basic economics. If they did, they’d be red pillers

[-] planning_2_improvise 2 Points 4 months ago

Great post. I love all the salt. I’m a conservative from a blue as fuck state, and I think you’re right about cuckservstives having no balls or imagination. They might know more about how to be men in person but culturally, the right is so cucked.

One additional point: If liberals virtue signal their love for the oppressed classes of society, conservatives virtue signal with flags and guns and pretend to be all about saving America. Yes, they virtue signal as hard as the left does just in different ways. If you can’t see or acknowledge that then check your bias. I mean look at Sunday gunday on my most frequently visited sub (besides this one) T_D. It’s the largest and lamest fucking self suck I’ve ever seen on any sub. Since I’ve been going there, there aren’t even text posts anymore so there’s no chance to read up on issues or opinions from insightful members. As a whole, the sub acts like they’re productive and influential but are just a bunch of ideological masturbators who fancy themselves an internet force like 4chan. They just sit idylly by on their computers arguing with paid shills and morbidly obese feminists on reddit assuming that they matter. Echo chamber much? At least on TRP conflicting viewpoints are welcomed.

[-] johnnight 2 Points 4 months ago

Conservatives are the guys who call for a rest stop during the Long March to Progress Utopia.

[-] General_Li 2 Points 4 months ago

Conservatives aren't the problem. It's the people who control the conservatives. They also control the liberals, banks, media, etc. They're not a pleasant bunch seeing as how they've been kicked out of 109 nations

[-] dontbethatguynow 2 Points 4 months ago

Politics are Lame and a waste of time to talk about.

[-] NomBok 2 Points 4 months ago

Maybe, just maybe, both sides of the spectrum are essential to the human race in the long run. But the problem comes when the dial shifts too far to one side.

[-] TopOccasion29 2 Points 4 months ago

Agreed. I despise extremes of both.

[-] Kpwn88 2 Points 4 months ago

It means selling Feminists femininity disguised as radical feminism, rather than stupidly arguing.

It is foolish to argue with women, because it gives their position relevance no matter how absurd. Feminists only exist because there are people willing to argue with them. Anyone with children know that a child will behave poorly to receive negative attention, rather than no attention at all. If no one argued with feminists, but rather ignored them like the childish temper tantrum throwing toddlers they are, feminism would slowly fade into irrelevance.

Agree and amplify to absurd levels and/or mockery usually stops feminists dead in their tracks. Hence, why conservatives are dimwitted fools giving the enemy ammunition to continue fighting.

[-] Kurush559 2 Points 4 months ago

Lack of creativity/spontaneity is the downfall of traditional conservative transmissions of thought

The Altright (not that I agree) is doing things right when it comes to building support; they're creative and witty and provide a palatable right wing alternative to being a good boy conservative. It's the 21st century revolt against the modern world watered down for the average high schooler

[-] PrimeMinisterOfSheep 2 Points 4 months ago

The Red Pill should be non-political. I could have sworn that The Red Pill was about self-actualisation, and not rejecting political beliefs. Its rejecting the system, but that has nothing to do with conservatives. i.e rejecting liberal ideas does not imply that TRP is conservative. Thanks for the post, anyhow. The political minefield is evolving and TRP needs this kind of post more than ever.

[-] max_peenor 2 Points 4 months ago

The Red Pill was about self-actualisation

It is. Perhaps this comment will help you understand the bigger picture.

[-] PrimeMinisterOfSheep 1 Point 4 months ago

Yep I understand now. It’s an almost zen-like form of self-actualisation, masturbating hobo metaphor aside.

[-] max_peenor 2 Points 4 months ago

What purpose does self-actualisation serve if you are left holding your dick alone in the dark?

[-] SilkTouchm 2 Points 4 months ago

The Red Pill is a rejection of the system not it's celebration.

I thought TRP was just a set of guidelines on how to abuse the system for your own gains.

[-] DeGENZerate 2 Points 4 months ago

That ended when we got quarantined. Our Red Pill sexual strategy is a reaction to the now almost complete destruction of gender relations in the Wild West. Politics decided this fate and now politics is deciding we suck donkey balls and don't deserve to exist in their political frame.

Now we have to go a step further, beyond mere reaction. We need to stage an allout ideological solution and counter narrative. We cant fight the beast from inside anymore because it is beginning to digest us. This means purging our weak conservatives and fortifying our strength as a vital first step

[-] VoxVirilis 2 Points 4 months ago

I know GLO is intelligent enough to be using "retarded" and "mental illness" here as a kind of hyperbolic literary device. But for the 'spergs who are inclined to take this literally, please understand that political viewpoints are largely a function of psychological personality traits.

[-] beachbbqlover 1 Point 4 months ago

It's almost unfortunate that I'm stuck remembering that GayLubeOil usually makes quality posts for over a year.

This one seems to be no exception. Thanks.

[-] Revo_Luzione 1 Point 4 months ago

I chortled at the jokes.

Note: it's the Neoconservatives that are for more wars. Solid take otherwise.

A more strategic commentator than I might note with ironic joy that NoFap is in a way, a TradCon concept--they were the original NoFappers. A bit beside the point.

Best strategy along these lines, IMO, comes from @BronzeAgeMantis--keep a low profile, get rich, do you. Succeed grandly, then influence the narrative from a place of F-U money.

[-] AutoModerator 1 Point 4 months ago

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[-] AshyLarry27 1 Point 4 months ago

Love how you waited like 8 months to remake the same post with the insight this time to acknowledge the BS that is politics as a whole instead of coming off like some triggered snowflake libtard. Love it!

[-] russian_nigger 1 Point 4 months ago

as much as i'll take a stand with conservatives over shitlibs if i had to choose between the two, this post is true. the conservatives have been fucking up badly and oh look, your boy trump just banned bump stocks while under anti-gunner obama it was made legal to carry with a ccw in federal parks. not supporting obama here, but just pointing some things out. yall got cucked.

[-] VisibleTheory 1 Point 4 months ago

BATFE executives banned them. Citizens will have to fight this in court as a civil issue. You think Trump has the time to control every agency policy change?

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] Prismatic8 1 Point 4 months ago

Meh, what you spout is lacking, as long as you dont offer a solution on an environment which is better at generating successful kids than 1man, 1women in a classic household, your fucking yourself as hard as you fuck conservatism. Children need peace and stability for like 16years not the dumb goalless "enjoy the decline" bullshit

since it's not a easy question how to bring up successful kids these days, conservatism is one thing that will likely work... so since not everybody is free thinking genius like you, conservatism is one good solution. although probably hard to implement these days... also, assuming conservatives always lose is stupid, the catholic church won for 1.5 thousand years...

[-] max_peenor 2 Points 4 months ago

Lacking what? A prescription to save current society by shoving everyone back into nuclear families? He already told you why that won't work. It's right up there. ^^^

History already tells what will happen here. This has all happened before. Let's take your Catholic Church example. Ok, so why did all the barbarian kings eagerly convert to christianity and subordinate their societies (they weren't THAT barbaric) to a sky fairy? Why did the catholic church in turn adopt a bunch of their traditions as canon? Why the fuck would that happen.

Hmmm... Let's see here. For a couple decades a bunch of big, harry, horny men were roving the county-side looking for cities to sack, women to surpise-sex then cart off and general free-wheeling good times as long as the arrows missed their face. Once they got done with their fun times tour, they were standing around holding their dicks and wondering why there were no taco bells to get dinner, since all the city granaries were empty. They couldn't go home, since other groups from the east just filled in the voids. No food. No where to go. You do have excess women, so that's nice. There is workable land. You probably took a horse and goat from a dead Roman. But what to do now?

Now you are King of the big harry guys. What are you going to tell them? "GUYZ! GUYSZ! We're fucked! So you may as well just attack each other for the last bits of foodz!" Or maybe you tell them a sky fairy watches them when they masturbate but they will be forgiven if they farm the land, listen to a nagging wife and stop breaking shit for fun. Of course big harry king guy gets the biggest house because it was his idea. The other big harry guys agree because they get their dick wet every night without worrying about an arrow to the face. Win win, right?

I'll spare you the Red Pill reality of this and how eventually degeneracy fucks the situation, but important point here is that STRONG SOCIAL ORDER DOES NOT JUST FALL FROM THE SKY (sky fairy pun intended). There has to be a very real, organic and dramatic reason why it forms. Degeneracy is formed in times of plenty. Order is formed in times of hardship.

You want to put the genie back in the box (or married cock back in the dutiful wife) for a good while? You are going to have to enjoy the decline until the hardship arrives.

[-] Prismatic8 1 Point 4 months ago

I understand what you mean. I know history as well as anyone who is somewhat interested in how the world works. Your hairy man "argument" is ok for a reddit discussion. I agree with the notion that there will come a new system and the "new" will take some of the old.

For me, I want kids someday. For me, a man without kids has failed. Because evolution, if you dont spread your genes, your "way of life" basically led to your extinction. Some may "immortalize" in their work/art whatever, that's ok. It is obvious to me that the success of children is heavily dependent on their upbringing. We know a lot of scenarios where the brats turn out like shit. We only really know one where the chance of them becoming successful is likely. The nuclear family with a strong willed Father who leads the boat and encourages the kids to go out and explore the world.

What is lacking is a solution to the problem of making successful, sane children DURING THE DECLINE.

I want MY kids to rule the shithole of the future, IF society degenerates, MY KIDS will rule the fucking shithole!

I personally am thinking of a scenario, which could work, that goes something like this: (hypergamy in mid) Fuck lots of women, be fit/strong. Own several apartments in an apartment complex or just not far apart.(start with one work your way up) Or maybe build one really big house with like six mini apartment-ish, semi independent entities in it. Impregnate as many of the women as you can. You live in a somewhat open relationship with them. But now you have to pay for all the brats. You rent out your apartments to your women with kids, that way government subsidies and some of your money which you have to pay them flows right back to you. they live now close to you (they want to do that because your the shit, they want you for themselfs but you wont allow it). Some women will stay, some will move away, some will move away in the beginning and come back later. You always have an open door for your kids. You have a nice mexican rosita nanny person full time to help with the kids and you somehow have your Office in the area aswell. your own business would be best. now the mothers and rosita nanny can can schedule taking care of all the brats, so that the mothers have some time to whore around if they want to from time to time. you just let them because you dont care too much, there are plenty. lots of possibility for gossip and drama to keep the mothers from permanently leaving and to keep them occupied. from time to time you add another new young mother to the whole thing. your own main activity is teaching and training your kids. some will end up damaged, well... you have plenty

[-] max_peenor 1 Point 4 months ago

Your hairy man "argument" is ok for a reddit discussion

It isn't an argument. That actually happened.

The bloops get predictably hilarious when we talk about the decline. They act like it's the apocalypse. No. While some have been pretty violent, by no means is anyone suggesting the end of days. It's just the cycle of things and it happens over and over. Do what you can with what you have. Personally, I'm going to enjoy what I have.

Some men will look to the future and what that can get out of the new order. That's cool. Someone with some ideas will fill the void. Me? I'm too old, so that's why I don't talk in terms of the new world.

[-] TheBadGoy 1 Point 4 months ago

For those that still believe in the political system I'm just gonna leave this here

[-] davvya 1 Point 4 months ago

I just came in my pants... thankyou sir

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] SnowMonkeyCracker 1 Point 4 months ago

Conservatives by their nature attempt to conserve the status quo. Therefore the conservative position is only as good as the status quo.

Conservatives by their nature follow rules. Therefore the conservative position is only as good as the rules that are followed.

[-] mercurg 1 Point 4 months ago

GayLubeOil never said anything about politics.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] VadimDestroyer 1 Point 4 months ago

You wouldn't be in Russia because I would kick your ass cowboy

[-] OgMagicMatthew 1 Point 4 months ago

We need to have forward progress as a nation. At the same time we need to preserve our freedom. I think most people are in the middle of the politcal spectrum and undestand this. The whack jobs (KKK/Antifa) do not understand this.

[-] GayLubeOil 2 Points 4 months ago

Middle men dont actually have a position. Their primary motivation is to conform and not be bothered.

[-] OgMagicMatthew 2 Points 4 months ago

By middle I mean everyone except the far right and far left whackjobs. Centrists are lame indeed.

I think your analysis is pretty spot on though. People are quick to think that you are assualting their beliefs (Because theyre cuckservatives), but really this should just be an eye opener for these people. Conservatism is dead, and Trump cannot bring it back because hes not a conservative. Actually he and Hillary were probably about equally conservative.

[-] mmo_eziel 1 Point 4 months ago

The issue is that we think in terms of left or right, when in reality it's tryanny or freedom. Conservatives have always been social tyrants while the liberals try to financially screw us. They are just two sides of the same coin. They both want your loyalty and servitude.

[-] playingpoodles 1 Point 4 months ago

Yeah, nah don't 'show your 14 year old son' the 'weirdos and creeps at the porn store', I think there are laws about sicko.

You're a sick and twisted man poster, but you have revealed the truth that conservatism won't solve the problem with modern feminism - in fact, it acquiesced to its ascendance, and the perpetuation of it would, now, be CONSERVATIVE.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] monsieurhire2 1 Point 4 months ago

Could they possibly referred to as "Kooky Cuckservatives?" Or would that ruin things?

[-] Foobyx 1 Point 4 months ago

please, can this sub stay apolitical and focus about men, their lives and their interactions with women?

[-] FilthyLikeGorgeous 1 Point 4 months ago

Ever heard of the difference between liberalism and contemporary liberalism?

[-] a_nus 1 Point 4 months ago

The way I see it, anyone who identifies fully with one side all of the time, is probably a loser who can't think for themselves. It's impossible for one side to be right on absolutely everything. Both sides will have good and bad ideas. If you can't recognize this, you've probably fallen victim to tribal mentality. The hard part about thinking this way is that you'll be the enemy to both sides. People like Sam Harris come to mind. He's basically criticized by both sides because he isn't afraid to criticize or praise ideas, regardless of which side they "fall under."

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] Nov51605 1 Point 4 months ago

lol 67% downvoted so far - you know this post was spot on ! cut to the bone

[-] Tripletag 1 Point 4 months ago

When I first stumbled upon TRP, I definitely made a large swing to the right politically and ethically, whatever that means. My anger phase was largely a counter-reaction that manifested in unbearable 'chad' behaviour accompanied by an incongruent political view that, frankly, alienated many people from me for a while. I'm still repairing the damage I did during that time years later. I was radically conservative simply to stir the pot among my more liberal friends because after my redpilling due to my whore of an ex, I trusted noone and was desperately clutching to whatever could ground me.

What I've learned from my flirt with conservatism and return to the Centre-right is that TRP is apolitical, or at the very least should be. The dangers of aggressively and publically touting right-wing views, should you have them, is that its the antithesis to sexual strategy. Sperging out about borders and the loss of Western identity or whichever cause you trumpet is a surefire way to make you a well-known pariah and definitely not a fun person to be around. If you want to get laid, avoid politics and DONT talk about TRP.

[-] cypresstalker 1 Point 4 months ago

This is the first post i've read in this sub.. think im in the right place

[-] anal_coke 0 Points 4 months ago

I remember when you posted this before. Very smart.

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 4 months ago

Man I love the red pill. This guy just pulls random information out his ass and everyone licks up is lube oil like it's candy. Where is your source of information bro?

[-] ZoroasterFlame 0 Points 4 months ago

So you sell feminists femininity disguised as radical feminism on the same account you admit your hypocrisy? Not very subtle.

[-] RealisticKiwi 0 Points 4 months ago

No conservative wants a war and sadly there are not much tax cuts.. at least in my country. I assume you talk about USA conservatives? Yet you talk like conservative people are bad all around the world. You should have stated that you are talking about USA politics, because a lot of your statements does not reflect the whole world.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] GayLubeOil 5 Points 4 months ago

I had allready addressed this issue a year ago. But apparently an additional purge is required.

[-] VisibleTheory -2 Point 4 months ago

This post doesn't' make any sense whatsoever.

[-] TheRedPike 2 Points 4 months ago

Which word confused you?

[-] VisibleTheory -2 Point 4 months ago

I'm not confused. This post is just ramblings of some insane lunatic. There, did that help you understand better?

[-] TheRedPike 1 Point 4 months ago

You said, "doesn't' make any sense whatsoever." What specifically doesn't make sense?

[-] milkdudsinmyanus -3 Point 4 months ago

Your post garnering as much upvotes as it has could mean one of two things:

  1. That your post is satire and I’m an idiot who didn’t get the joke (haha btw)

  2. This post is a perfect example of the effect that the quarantine has had on the subreddit.

This post is really a byproduct of the entirety of reddit. 99% of reddit is liberal news and opinions flooding the whole site that any type of conservative opinion is pushed into the very dark evil hole that is T_D. I knew the whole site being awash with liberal cuckism would eventually invade the one corner of reddit that I thought had slight right leaning but otherwise neutral intellectuals, TheRedPill.

I’m sorry to bust your blue pill white Knight bubble but if you genuinely support liberalism then you support a movement that is anti-masculine in a world that is becoming feminist and SJW which is absolutely toxic to masculinity.

This whole post has been counterproductive to the whole mission that we pursue here on TheRedPill, discussion of sexual strategy in a culture that is lacking a positive identity for men.

[-] GayLubeOil 7 Points 4 months ago

If you think my post is pro liberal you are a subhuman retard

[-] milkdudsinmyanus -1 Point 4 months ago

Your political bias is evident in your post. Even a “subhuman retard” could see that. Don’t taint TheRedPill with this trash.

[-] GayLubeOil 4 Points 4 months ago

Apparently it's not evident because you wrote me 3 paragraphs as to why I'm a liberal. If it was evident you would have been able to diagnose correctly

[-] milkdudsinmyanus -3 Point 4 months ago

If the shoe fits, wear it I guess. I stand by my original comment however in that your whole post is antithetical to red pill philosophy.

I’m sorry I don’t want “7 y/o transgender babies” even though I assume it was an absurd reference to prove how profound and unique liberal ideas can be. I just don’t this belongs here. I’ve been a big lurker for quite some time and have seen quite a few of your posts and while they are interesting and conversation-provoking, this post is dismaying. It belittles everything you’ve post thus far.

This country is polarizing ever further daily. It’s turning against men. The meToo movement is one big shit test and we’re all failing it. Your post is proof just how far worse it’s become.

[-] GayLubeOil 3 Points 4 months ago

Oh look consensus building and dilution how beta male.

[-] logicalthinker1 -4 Point 4 months ago

Anyone who uses "cuckservative" unironically is a fucking loser, regardless of politics or which side you're on. It's a great way for me to stop listening to anything you're saying.

[-] GayLubeOil 13 Points 4 months ago

Because your a CuckCervative and are Cuckfended

[-] TheBunk_TB 4 Points 4 months ago

cuckicalthinker1 is the new preferred user name.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] Theguygotgame777 -5 Point 4 months ago

This is why we need Trump. Because he actually has a clear goal- Making America Great Again- that almost every other conservative politician lacks. I don't think the Alt-Right is going to succeed in the end, but Trump will. If you're Redpilled, voting Trump is mandatory.

[-] GayLubeOil 2 Points 4 months ago

Look at this unironicaly regergitation of Mango Superego in a community that is the explicit rejection of that.

[-] Theguygotgame777 2 Points 4 months ago

Said the pot, calling the kettle black.

[-] GayLubeOil 1 Point 4 months ago

Cool point the Superego narrative I'm regergitating or go back to inserting crayons in your own asshole

[-] Theguygotgame777 2 Points 4 months ago

I'm sure you remember the time you helped defend Trump on national television against Samantha Bee.

"You're the trickle down media whore."

[-] GayLubeOil 4 Points 4 months ago

The Trump election was a massive blow to Feminism. The Trump administration is a completely different situation.

[-] Theguygotgame777 1 Point 4 months ago

You reap what you sow, asshole. If you didn't know what you were signing up for when you voted Trump, you're an idiot.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago