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- Hide Preview | 116 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by LastRevision [Post Locked]

My goodness, has it been three-and-a-half years already? This was the very first post on Kill to Party and it's still close to my heart, as it documents one of my very first red pills... when Christine bit my head off for suggesting that different sized girls have difference sized vaginas- and it was then that I had realized that my father wasn't a prick for pointing out that all the girls whom I'd have been friendzoned by at sixteen were never going to be my girlfriend.

And isn't it awful that dear old dad wants to give his son red pills- wants to pass down genuine knowledge of women- and we're trained to reject his wisdom as dated, or misguided, or ignorant. These are moments that I cherish as an adult.

This is the first part of what will be the "Christine trilogy," part two was "The Cool Girl and the White Knight: Sexual Strategy and Identity," and I'm working on the final part where we catch-up with Christine today... will she be single? Will she be married? Will she be a crazy, feminist cat lady? WILL SHE BE MARRIED TO BAD BILLY?

No, no, definitely not that last one.

Happy New Year- let's own 2019 together! Nothin but love for MY BRAHS, BBP

Men are universally able to separate all female acquaintances into two categories: women we want to fuck, and the rest.The more of a beta-doofus you are the more likely it is that you want to fuck everyone you know, but for any man with a shred of dignity there will typically be a line drawn between potential fucks and “the rest.”

A female not being on our literal to do list doesn’t mean we want them to fall off the face of the planet or die in a fire, and it certainly doesn’t mean we wouldn’t lend a hand if they were falling off a cliff- it quite literally means that we don’t want to have sex with them. And it is this distinguishing detail that opens up the rather new, from a generational standpoint, possibility of becoming just friends with a woman.

“None of these girls want to be your girlfriend…”

It’s twenty years later and I still remember the uncomfortable feeling my Dad’s blunt assessment produced.

I had just gotten off the phone with my friend Christine (or was it Laura?)- a multi-hour gab session about music, high school, TV, and love interests (girls I liked from afar, boys she had been fooling around with).

My Father sat me down for a heart-to-heart; “They just want attention from you but they don’t want to date you…”

It struck a nerve for sure, but my teenage self didn’t pay much attention to my father’s old timey advice. Sure, maybe that’s how his generation was with girls… but this was the punk rock, social equality generation! Boys and girls could be friends, share traditional gender roles equally, and respect one another fully!

So take that DAD- back in your box you go, and take your attempt at giving time-tested advice to your teenaged son, who sorely needed it, with you!

To understand how it was possible that my sixteen-year-old self had his head buried so deeply up his asshole, we need to look at how boys and girls are raised.

While boys and girls each hear the same message of equality, it is interpreted in two completely different ways, and these separate interpretations create the foundation for the social programming men and women operate on for the duration of their plugged-in lives.

When boys are taught equality they are made to understand that boys and men are not inherently better, more skilled, or more capable than women.

Equality means that when your Grandfather demanded a male doctor, you rolled your eyes; or when your Dad questioned why you bothered maintaining female friendships, you wondered why he didn’t get it.

Boys are taught equality with a diminutive undercurrent; they are to know their place and stay there.

Girls are taught equality with the omnipresent fallacy that female oppression dominated most of history – it’s a goof, it’s a lie, it’s a power grab- and most importantly it is the basis for the biased approach to how girls are taught equality.

If the idea is prevalent that females were oppressed until the early twentieth century the bra-burning 1960s the girl-power 1990s the social-justice 2000s now forever, little girls are able to be granted full access to entitled chauvinism.

You’d never see a little boy running around in a “Boys rule” t-shirt; the idea seems fucking absurd. [Ed note: actually kind of fucking brilliant! Who wants to make some t-shirts??]

So if little girls are raised to be permissibly chauvinistic; that type of equality means “YES YOU CAN” (and if you can’t, don’t worry, everyone will help you along anyway); that all women are inherently as-capable as the most capable of men

And just how are these little girls being raised to view men?

It couldn’t have been more than ten years ago when Christine and I- yes, the same Christine, decided to split a bottle of Jack Daniels and shoot the breeze.

We had a lot to catch up on, a few years out from graduating college, and finally pursuing our “real lives.”

There weren’t any sexual intentions… gone was High School’s wistful hoping that maybe something would develop between us…

We were definite chums and Christine had settled quite comfortably into the “and the rest” category; I saw her as a friend who was equal to the rest of my doofus male friends.

So as the night progressed we decided to have the kind of conversation that a man and woman can only engage in if they aren’t involved with one another: Intergender Real Talk about Sex…

And, of course, PENIS SIZE COMES UP HARD AND FAST and Christine is first to share her thoughts…

**“It matters… Girls who say it doesn’t matter, they’re lying… of course it matters, but it isn’t everything, you know?”

Translation: “It matters at my discretion.”

If an interested man is Alpha-enough or a beta-man is wealthy enough… she can swallow the vomit she choked-up in her mouth at the suggestion of sticking his pathetic wang in her golden-vagina long enough for him to cum.

I remember finding this interesting and saying something like, “Guys are too hung up on penis size anyway… If a guy feels insecure over his dick size he can date a shorter, smaller girl, who has a smaller vagina!” [Ed Note: and I stand by that advice]

The conversation halted dead in its tracks. Her eyes sunk-in, her hair askew, her breath reeking of cheap whiskey; she angrily retorts: “All vaginas are the same size!”

This didn’t quite jive with me. Nothing about girls’ bodies were uniform: their hands and feet were all different sizes; they had different sized breasts and hips; bone structure and muscle density- all different! Why wouldn’t girls have different sized vaginas?!

Now try to imagine if I had suggested that “all men have the same sized wankers,” like, you know, it’s been smoke and mirrors this whole time. I would have been laughed out of the fucking building!

So I kept my mouth shut… I saw the rage in her blood-shot eyes.

If this scenario had played out in modern times, you might even say she was ragey. Maybe she would have posted to Tumblr about it. But the sentiment would have been the same… the sentiment is always the same…

Christine viewed me as a beta-male, and as a beta-male I was not permitted to have any unapproved opinions– and these opinions must be approved by all women at all times.

Opinions are irrelevant to women- like whether I prefer bologna or salami, what sports teams I like, or what video games I want to play… but when it comes to sex, gender, women, or politics a beta-male’s opinions are to be strictly monitored and controlled by any and all women. Dissent is cause for furious anger or immediate disposal.

Men and women can’t be friends in the way men understand friendship- the free and honest expression of ideas with mutual respect and tolerance for conflict because men and women were never raised to be equal.

After everything, my Dad was right on the money with what he had told me when I was in High School, wasting countless hours gossiping on the phone with these girls, only I didn’t fully understand what he meant at the time; not only did these girls not want to be my girlfriend, they didn’t respect me.

Like the post? Well, my blog is way better written now! Check out my magnum opus "Defiance, Decay, and Scott Weiland," and, if you like my work, pass it on.

[-] whutyomamado 124 Points 7 months ago

Tldr; Girls don't care about your opinions if they view you as a beta male.

Still a great write up! 3 years strong over here too and I'm still learning new things everyday.( those boy rule t shirts would be dope!)

[-] HumanSockPuppet 41 Points 7 months ago

Tldr; Girls don't care about your opinions if they view you as a beta male.

And even more succinctly:

Women either view you as an authority, or they don't view you at all.

[-] warlordchad 21 Points 7 months ago

And Christine probably has a giant vagina.

[-] dpgproductions 9 Points 7 months ago

My first thought too haha. I slept with a girl once who felt pretty large and loose down there and I had to lie to her when she asked if it was tight.

[-] Lordvarkss 10 Points 7 months ago

It could have been worse.

One of my first sexual encounters was with a chubby girl. Thought "sex is sex" . She had a loose as hell vagina.

I was too beta to stop things so went through the motions with a quarter erection.

When I didn't take things further, she went around telling her friends "He couldn't satisfy me because his dick was too small."

I turned around and said "You'd need an African Pornstar to satisfy you or no one would have a chance."

Every partner since has been more than happy.

[-] monsieurhire2 6 Points 7 months ago

You were too nice. Should have said, you'd need that elephant from Freddy Got Fingered to fill your airplane hangar of a vagina.

[-] mazaw19 2 Points 7 months ago

hooked up with a half white/Hawaiian mixed girl back in the service. I'm 5'5 and she was probably around 5'9 maybe 5'10. She was thick, But I'm talking about, Carmela Bing(porn star) thick, tripple D's too. You could tell she was subconscious about her height, never wore heels. I had no problems bottoming out with her, as long as I straddled her and buried her head in the corner of the bed, AKA the Pretzel position, and I'm just average in the size department. Unless she got air in there, it was tight. Advice for other short homies out there... use other angles, theirs so many different angles you can use lol

[-] monsieurhire2 6 Points 7 months ago

Also, many of them don't know about Kegels because they are too fucking lazy and can't be bothered to learn about how their bodies work. Can you imagine a guy who didn't know how to masturbate or sustain an erection longer than few minutes by controlling his arousal? Or, what about, "Why are you slowing down/stopping? Is something wrong?!?!?" when you are just trying to delay your orgasm.

[-] DayGameChirality 2 Points 7 months ago

Or, what about, "Why are you slowing down/stopping? Is something wrong?!?!?" when you are just trying to delay your orgasm.

What are your experiences with this reaction?

[-] monsieurhire2 2 Points 7 months ago

Mainly, they are focused on their own pleasure, which in my case, heightens my own pleasure and brings me closer to orgasm. The trick is to keep myself from having an orgasm until after they have theirs. As they get closer, their vaginas heat up, and that makes it harder for me not to cum. So, if you slow down, stop, or pull out before they come, they get irritated that their action is being interrupted. They just assume that since they can get railed before, during, and after they have an orgasm, and that sex is thus "easy" for them, it is also easy for us, when in fact, it's NOT.

The woman doesn't even need to be wet; she can get lube. The man, on the other hand, would be to take viagra, but even then, he can come too quick. But, in normal circumstances, the man is caught between the Scylla of lack of arousal and inability to perform, and the Charybdis of performing to effectively and thus prematurely ejaculating. That, and his orgasm lasts 20 seconds and prevents him from continuing to have sex for awhile, unless he has conditioned himself to have 2 in a row, or in rare cases, 3.


No wait, in even rarer cases, THIS guy:

Man Has Disability That gives him 100 Orgasms a Day

[-] DayGameChirality 1 Point 7 months ago

Why did you have to lie to her?

[-] monsieurhire2 4 Points 7 months ago

Haha, yep.

The ex initially looked up to me because I knew more about her about a particular subject (mutually shared hobby), but then, if someone who was a professional entered the room, well then I was yesterday's news. For them, it was a living. For me, it was a fun side-project that I did for pleasure. But never mind that, they were situational alphas, and she gravitated towards them. I even shared a smirk with one of them over it, because he knew exactly what was going on when she started acting bitchy because I didn't learn an extremely complex set of "problems" quickly enough. Just another in a series of red flags.

[-] Zech4riah 2 Points 7 months ago

This is actually funny to see how extreme this can go.

I've had some submissive girls who saw me as definitive authority in about everything. One of them tried to even verify if the doctors diagnosis on her blood test results were correct before going to drugstore to buy medicine and start treating the condition.

Sometimes when I've said some really absurd shit with some glimpses of fact in normal/serious tone just to fuck with them, I've seen in their face how they question my statement a bit but then they swallow it as a whole without challenging it (and this is the moment where I burst in laughter). This has happened even with really smart girls many times.

When you are the authority in their lives, they don't challenge even dumb sounding things. Although there is a down side to this. Sometimes when I do mistakes and they notice it, they just trust me blindly and won't let me know about this possible mistake it before it's too late (like planning a flawed schedule for some part at a trip etc.).

[-] edge_lord_super_17 3 Points 7 months ago

Taming of a Shrew by Shakespeare gives a perfect example of this

[-] Shadowthrice 114 Points 7 months ago

All mammals have the same size vaginas. A hamster has the same size vagina as a whale. It is known.

How dare you suggest otherwise?!?

[-] ddponti 29 Points 7 months ago

"The hamster and the whale" is a wonderful allegorical tale

[-] EPArt 6 Points 7 months ago

Wow amazing comment, this is a perfect illustration.

[-] the-bro 114 Points 7 months ago

Vagina size is definitely a thing. It sounds like christine may have been insecure about even the idea that it could be a thing, it definitely is.

Ask anyone who's been with a taller girl, or a fat girl, or a girl that's been used as the village bicycle. Sure, Christine will say that dick size matters or that it doesn't (depending on whether the guy railing her is close enough to her ideal embodiment of Chad thundercock) because that directs attention away from the differences between her pussy and every other girl's pussy.

What she's probably quite afraid to admit is that other girls that are shorter, thinner, lower n count, in better shape... (you get the idea) who are smaller down there have that advantage over bigger girls because in my experience it's much more enjoyable to actually feel her squeeze you when you're inside her as opposed to throwing a hotdog down a hallway. She doesn't want to admit it as It probably causes competition anxiety in her at the thought of being too wide or whatever. She and all the other girls probably don't even want to think that other girls could have that advantage over them, so they want to keep the power in their hands by making it a dick size issue. I don't know. I'm sleep deprived and ranting. I don't claim to be a psychologist or anything. Just my two cents.

[-] nitzschii 32 Points 7 months ago

as opposed to throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

I'm fucking wheezing wtf was that

[-] Your_Coke_Dealer 6 Points 7 months ago

A classic analogy for the interior of a whore

[-] Banincoming 20 Points 7 months ago

Are you sure fat girls are looser? I would think all the fat pressing in on it would make it tighter, like how fat guys often have higher voices because the fat is compressing their throat.

[-] [deleted] 33 Points 7 months ago


[-] Macragge 15 Points 7 months ago

In my experience, the tightness seems to be at least partially correlated with how anxious the girl is. The girls whom are nervous and wanted to please me being tighter, and the selfish girls being loser.

[-] throwabcdaway3 12 Points 7 months ago

That sounds like a hugh bunch of bro science. I think every characteristic are random

[-] InterNetting 12 Points 7 months ago

This. Some girls just have big vaginas and some have small vaginas. One of the tightest, smallest vagina'd girls I've been with was a larger-framed black girl, 5'10, who was just a slight bit thick. One of the largest manholes I've ever encountered was on a thin, athletic, 5'4 white girl who wasn't particularly slutty, just had a fucking huge vagina. It really does seem to be random.

[-] greenlittleman 7 Points 7 months ago

While women have different size of vagina, but tightness of pussy also very much depends on vaginal muscles and if a girl did any kegel exercises. If you have any long term plate then you should make her learn them asap, difference is BIG. Pussy have muscles too and they should be trained to be in a good shape. Just overall athletic girls more likely trained their pussy muscles while doing different types of exercises, but it isn't necessary always true.

[-] smokecheck1976 7 Points 7 months ago

Reminds me of a joke I heard once. A guy sauntered up to a bar and started chatting up a decently attractive woman over a few drinks. Eventually, she asked him what his intentions were. He responded, "I'd like to have a little pussy!" She responded, "So would I, Mine is like the Grand Canyon!"

[-] just_sauce 2 Points 7 months ago

Black women, or specifically women of african decent, have smaller vaginas on average. Vagina size is directly related to average birth weight and cranium size. African babies are, on average, smaller and have smaller heads.

White women on the other hand tend to have big babies with big heads and also tend to have larger vaginas.

How tense a girl is also has a huge effect, and some girls are always tense, even while they're really enjoying themselves.

[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 11 Points 7 months ago

it is not just size and weight of a female, her cycle plays a factor. I had a plate that I thought had the best gash on earth. Perfect conditions, clean, warm, viscous, grip at all depths yet soft. Closest thing I could explain it :

two veal cutlets pressed together with a firm grip, wet like anal lube and warm nearing hot.


And then one day I hooked up with her for a nooner, and it was not as tight or wet with an average warmth. hooked up a few more times that week and it was more the same, meh. Eventually I narrowed it down her best conditions being the week before she starts her cycle.


But I moved and she was just crazy enough to not bother informing her of when i would be visiting that city, or let her know that I had left.

[-] greenlittleman 2 Points 7 months ago

Strange, considering what a week before start of the circle is "infertile week".

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] BewareTheOldMan 11 Points 7 months ago

Vagina size is definitely a thing. It sounds like Christine may have been insecure about even the idea that it could be a thing,

You're right - from a biological standpoint different sized-women vary in the size of their lady parts. Weight is also a factor for women. There was likely a bit of insecurity and competition anxiety from other women worked up in her mind as well.

Men know this information just like the women. I'm average height/close to average height (for USA it's 5 foot, 10 inches...most websites state 5 feet, 9.5 inches) so I've never been overly concerned about making my parts "fit" based on some woman's vagina size. Either she likes what she's getting or she doesn't. Men should understand they'll find someone who likes what they're working with from a biological standpoint and there's no need to make changes in that area mainly because your body is your body - just stay in shape and take care of it.

I've heard shorter men state the reason most women want men 6 feet-plus and higher is the idea that all his other "body parts" are proportional relative to height versus the "I feel protected" excuse parroted by most women.

According to "Christine" and the OP, size does matter to women - irrespective of a man's least until a woman turns about 27 or 28 and now needs her Beta Chump.

[-] monsieurhire2 3 Points 7 months ago

Another way to notice dick size is a thing is by watching porn, and noticing all the porn-star ladies who CAN'T take all of the giant monster dong. The guy will be fucking them with half of his monster dick hanging out of them. Occasionally he'll try to sneak more in, and then she'll squirm away, or reposition herself to avoid it. And then they'll have a few shots were it goes all the way in, but those are special angles and don't last for very long. Sometimes it's obvious that they are in pain.

[-] geo_gan 3 Points 7 months ago

Good analysis. “It’s not my flappy pussy that’s too big and loose, it’s your dick that is too small”. On a related note, the older the girl the looser the pussy would generally be as they progress over time to shoving ever larger and larger objects in there to achieve the same level of orgasm as they did previously. A lot of them can quite easily stick the thick end of a wine bottle up there so what chance has an average 2-3cm diameter dick got of stimulating their stretchy cunts.

[-] smokecheck1976 3 Points 7 months ago

Okay, you have clearly been on the really weird porn sites. It's all right if that's your thing, I'm not judging.

Seeing as most of my partners these days are women between 30 and 45, I can tell you that just isn't the case. I don't have a dick that resembles anything close to the bottom half of a wine bottle, and I can usually get the job done just fine. It helps that I can't usually get to orgasm with most condoms, so I usually can satisfy her then just have her bring me off on to her when she is ready.

[-] xgozax 1 Point 7 months ago

Weird observation from my small data set, I slept with a girl taller than me by a couple inches and she had the smallest vagina compared to the shortest girl Ive slept with. I definitely think that had to do with the fact the short girl was way more sexually active than the taller girl was tho.

[-] Wolveryn 1 Point 7 months ago

Yea I've seen a meat wallet twice the size of your average pussy before... one of the most buzz killing sights I've ever seen. I dry reach vom everytime the memory comes to mind.... *Here comes the dry reach*

[-] MentORPHEUS 78 Points 7 months ago

This must really trigger insecure CC riders, because the headline reads like, "All vaginas are the same size-ELEVEN!"

It's even funnier in a Spinal Tap British accent:

These vagoinas... gao to eleven!

[-] TheEgyptianConqueror 2 Points 7 months ago

I think an Australian accent would be better

[-] LokiWantsToPlay 8 Points 7 months ago

Pop culture references are wasted on some..

[-] Drakane1 1 Point 7 months ago

video on does vagina size matter by this two hilarious guys

[-] CensorThis111 58 Points 7 months ago

The fact that penis size is a glorified topic and no one talks about vagina size just shows how cucked this society is.

Christine viewed me as a beta-male, and as a beta-male I was not permitted to have any unapproved opinions– and these opinions must be approved by all women at all times.

It's more likely she just choked the red pill you fed her. Everything isn't about you.

[-] DropDeadTyrant 48 Points 7 months ago

You believe the vagina size thing too? Lmao, being the insecure fuck I am with my small dick, I've been telling myself for the last 4 years "Gotta find a short chick so in comparison it looks better". Love your point though. I remember all the constant girl talk in school. All my science teachers in middle school giving extra help to girls and constantly saying they'd achieve great things. shit didn't stop until highschool. Haven't heard it since then.

[-] Some1son 36 Points 7 months ago

I dated a 4'11 for 7 years and they def are smaller and tighter. Ive had tall girls and its like throwing a sausage down a hall way. I always felt a little too large for miss 4'11 and as it turns out she ended up settling down with a short dude.

[-] tempolaca 13 Points 7 months ago

I have a relatively big dick (not huge but >20 cm) and literally it doesn't fit in small girls. I mean you can never insert it all the way in, not even in the ass. You always are left with half the cock outside. That don't happens with tall girls.

But tightness correlate not only with height, but also with muscles. Tightest girls I fuck are all gym rats.

[-] Kurush559 13 Points 7 months ago

I'm sure you don't actually need the validation, but a penis longer than 20cm is in the 1st percentile for penis length. Statistically if you got a random group of 1000 guys, you'd be longer than all of them

[-] tempolaca 3 Points 7 months ago

My penis is not even that big, but it's a hassle. I need big-size condoms or I don't get an erection. Most girls won't allow my dick near their asses, etc. Not as good as it seems.

[-] Kurush559 2 Points 7 months ago

I'm the same, normal sized ones just ride up my dick, but a good pack of Skyn ultra thin condoms does me well - give em a go

[-] tempolaca 1 Point 7 months ago

Never tried them, yes! they slip up and it's super dangerous. I will try the skyn ultra thin, thanks!

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] Tie5o11 1 Point 7 months ago

Between DropDead and Tempolaca , one definitely drew the long end of the stick and the other the short end, but both are complaining. Maybe my average 6.5 inch dick isn't so bad. I've had a couple experiences where the girl was so loose where I definitely didn't fill her up, but I also hooked up with a couple small girls who could take me thrusting all the way. So I can see it being a matter of comparability more than anything else.

[-] WarriorMonkMode 47 Points 7 months ago

It was explained to me once like this: "everyone is pretending to act in what we call the great and secret show!"

With women, you're just a bit player. An extra in the soap opera that is her life. You have your script, and you need to play your part. Even "alphas" are simply men with lead roles in their drama. So in effect, you're nothing more than an NPC unless you make yourself matter. When you matter, suddenly you are given the bigger roles.

Women don't really have any biological necessity to be smart or even well-read. It is simply enough for them to have a vagina and procreate. They've basically maxed out their points in one or two categories, basically any points spent leveling up other skills is simply a waste of resources. Most often, they honestly believe the retarded nonsense that comes out of their mouths. Mother nature gives her children the tools they need to secure their own existence, after all. Turns out being pretty and having sex is enough for women, no thinking required.

[-] BewareTheOldMan 17 Points 7 months ago

"Turns out being pretty and having sex is enough for women, no thinking required."

True - but I'll also add that majority women ARE thinking in the sense of themselves first and how they're going to use sex to manipulate men into extracting benefits and resources.

I have no issues with women who do just that - use sex to manipulate men into extracting benefits and resources. The problem, however, is when women use the POSSIBILITY of sex to extract benefits WITHOUT offering anything in return. No sex, no commitment or loyalty, not anything to these men while voluntarily offering sex and commitment to jerks and losers.

That shit is a problem.

"[Women have] basically maxed out their points in one or two categories, basically any points spent leveling up other skills is simply a waste of resources."

By the time many women realize they need to level up in other skills that highlight femininity, loyalty, and outstanding wife and mother traits it's too late. Even so-called Beta Males have no longer have interest in these women.

The fact that men who would have given anything to be with them years earlier reject them five to seven years later is a serious blow to many a woman's ego. It's as if women are unaware their prime years come with an expiration date.

[-] WarriorMonkMode 11 Points 7 months ago

It's the human condition: spend the minimum amount of calories in pursuit of resources. It's why humans constantly innovate, and it's also the reason why humans constantly cheat and become lazy (especially when the Walmart opens next door.)

As everyone here knows, if women are not required to have sex to secure resources, that failing falls upon the man: it's a feature, not a bug. Of course they'll take as much as they can get before having to pay out! That's why we have to make sure we put a fair price on what we're selling and don't undervalue what we've got to offer!

[-] smokecheck1976 2 Points 7 months ago

Nonsense. Your looks, for men and women, may open a door for you, but if that's all you got.... Well, if all she has is looks and pussy to offer, well, she's going to be bent over the table and then sent on her way. For guys, looks might open the door, but if that is all you are, then your destiny is to be toyed with just like any of an array of pretty toys she has around, maybe if she needs something attractive you will be allowed to escort her, but don't think you will be anything other than seen and not heard.

Women and men both need more than that, and the more the better. Something interesting to say. Something we are passionate about. Something that let's us (both sexes) pay for our own way through our lives.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] AfterC 29 Points 7 months ago

I remember an eyeopening experience when I turned twenty.

Got into bed with a bodybuilder chick. Had already fucked the week prior, but in the dark.

This time it was light enough to see cavernous labia and a clit the size of a knuckle.

First time I ever got a bro to call me to "fake an emergency."

[-] c4toyourdoornobeef 7 Points 7 months ago

Sorry what’s a cavernous labia?

[-] AfterC 21 Points 7 months ago

She got big ass pussy lips

[-] AliBarakat 3 Points 7 months ago

Cavernous is another word for cavern. A cavern is a a big underground cave with big rooms in the rock.

[-] BurnoutRS 3 Points 7 months ago

Cavernous is an adjective that describes a noun as having qualities relating to a cavern. It is not a synonym for the word cavern.

[-] Ramp_Up_Then_Dump 1 Point 7 months ago

Cavernous tissue of penis is the erectile part. Female's cavernous tissues dont fade away, they form inner labias. Scrotum=outer labia, head of penis=clitoris

[-] DamnDirtyApe87 2 Points 7 months ago

lol, this made my day... thanks for the laugh :D

[-] Andgelyo -9 Point 7 months ago

Nigga am I the only who doesn’t care about pussy size? Who gives a fuck how big the bitch’s cave is, I’m getting ass regardless lmao

[-] BrownGummyBear 6 Points 7 months ago

Fuck a girl that can grip your dick really tight (one of my plates would do kegels to grip me extra tight) and you’ll think otherwise. It’s a completely new world once you find a girl like that

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] actanonverbal 26 Points 7 months ago

Vaginas feel very different, there is no doubt about it. One of the big common lies out there.

[-] chrisname 10 Points 7 months ago

Some are like fucking sandpaper.

[-] monsieurhire2 2 Points 7 months ago

Really though? I have never had that experience.

[-] chrisname 5 Points 7 months ago

I have with one girl. Some just don’t always get wet enough. Some get too wet and you can’t feel anything. Some are just the right amount of wet and soft - Goldilocks pussies if you will.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] Andgelyo 8 Points 7 months ago

Never really felt the difference, I’ve slept with 15 women, and the only thing I figured out was that black pussies smell worst than other races. They have a musky fucking stench compared to everyone else. But then again, what do I know, I’ve only been with 15 women.

[-] Mukato 8 Points 7 months ago

I would say its the fat girls who have had the nastiest vaginas, whether black or not. the exception was this little athletic Asian who stunk until I got her tested and treated for a Yeast infection, then she didn't smell at all.

[-] Flawless44 6 Points 7 months ago

Smell and taste also depend on the people involved. The taste when you kiss is your immune systems signaling how different they are from one another. The bigger the difference, the more pleasant the taste.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] Kurush559 4 Points 7 months ago

Interesting; the best smelling and most hygienic girls I've had have always been black/half black

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] Kurush559 1 Point 7 months ago

I only really feel a difference when I'm not using a condom. Unless she knows how to flex her vagina so it tightens a lot. Do you really notice that much of a difference with a condom?

[-] [deleted] 25 Points 7 months ago

Imagine the mental gymnastics needed to think that dicks come (lol) in all different sizes but pussies are all the same

[-] [deleted] 21 Points 7 months ago

Girls are taught equality with the omnipresent fallacy that female oppression dominated most of history

For the overwhelming majority of history, women were "oppressed" by their own biology, which inherently made them reliant on men. Regular pregnancy combined with the lack of availability of labor saving devices meant that women were just incapable of being significant economic agents relative to men. Women would never really be capable of being primary economic agents in any society that didn't have access to reliable birth control or one in which physical labor was the primary economic input and its only been a few decades since it became even theoretically possible for women to be completely independent economic agents on a large scale. Of course in practice, most "independent" women are large net consumers of public benefits.

[-] demalteb 3 Points 7 months ago

For the overwhelming majority of history, women were "oppressed" by their own biology, which inherently made them reliant on men. Regular pregnancy combined with the lack of availability of labor saving devices meant that women were just incapable of being significant economic agents relative to men.

Some (a lot of?) historians think that this dependenc only came about with the change from a nomadic to a sedentary lifestyle: In a moving group, women were very much capable of collecting firewood and berries even for a good part of their pregnancy. I would have to look up the sources on that though, I just picked it up along the way somewhere.

Regardless of whether you agree or not, I think it bears fruit to reflect that we really don't know an awful lot about the vast majority of (pre)history, and so we shouldn't act as if we were sure about any claims like yours (or mine, indeed).

[-] redpillbanana 18 Points 7 months ago

Great submission.

One of the best examples of the dichotomy of acceptable "lover" and "provider" male (i.e. alpha and beta) behavior:

I'm not a fan of RSD but I love this video. It may be faked (as you should assume for all internet videos) but is very believable.

You might address this issue in your subsequent articles but I feel it is important to make this point as a takeaway: your self-censoring behavior around her did nothing to raise her level of respect for you. I can understand self-censoring around a boss, co-worker, family member, or a short-term fling, but it sounds like she was none of these. Now she knows that she can shut you up just by getting angry and raising her voice.

"You are fucking deluded" was the proper response here. You might have lost her as a friend, but if so, how much of a chum was she really?

[-] MoDuReddit 15 Points 7 months ago

> “All vaginas are the same size!”

That's what girls with huge cunts say.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 13 Points 7 months ago

This amuses me, more with the father/grandfather sentiment. I was red pilled from birth, (Latin American Family) but growing up and seeing my father kick back and relax when he got home from work, seemed off when I knew my friends parents share chores and what not.


Now I wish I had paid more attention to what he had said, and not just getting laid part.

[-] vfb14 3 Points 7 months ago

Being raised in a traditional Latin American household, gives you an upper hand when it comes to understanding and experiencing complimentary intersexual dynamics that you don't truly appreciate, until you put it into perspective with this North American western culture.

[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 6 Points 7 months ago

it also amplified the the differences between my friends household and my own. though I tried to pick and choose, what would work and make a "purple pill" Red pill certainly works best for long and short term rewards

[-] stmodestus 10 Points 7 months ago

Didn't the show Seinfeld have a thing where George talked about big vaginas?

[-] flapsmcgee 7 Points 7 months ago

That was Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] SnowMonkeyCracker -2 Point 7 months ago

Maybe you are thinking of The Simpsons. The Simpsons have done everything.

[-] BurnoutRS 9 Points 7 months ago

Of course all vaginas are the same size! How else can we exempt women from having any responsibility over how things go in the bedroom?

For a woman to admit, to herself or otherwise, that vaginas are different, she would have to open herself up to a world wherein she takes on more of the burden of responsibility for her sexual pleasure. If all vaginas are the same size, any issues of size during intercourse then default to being the man's problem.

Its the same way that hot chicks will defend ugly or fat ones in certain situations. It makes them (the hot chick) look good, which in turn helps them feel better about themselves (brownie points for being nice and spreading nice thoughts) and it also reinforces the idea that men are the problem

[-] Gr0o0vy 2 Points 7 months ago

"She is beautiful the way she is, who says she needs to lose weight..."

[-] Imperator_Red 8 Points 7 months ago

There’s no such thing as friendship with a woman. Unless you’re a fag maybe.

[-] BewareTheOldMan 7 Points 7 months ago

"Opinions are irrelevant to women - but when it comes to sex, gender, women, or politics a beta-male’s opinions are to be strictly monitored and controlled by any and all women. Dissent is cause for furious anger or immediate disposal."

Men should be aware of this behavior and then learn to concern themselves how to DNGAF on female anger when men express and facts and opinions.

Most women hate opinions contrary to their worldview - a fact that I was reminded of very recently in a heated discussion with a few women, and one in particular who had me dam near screaming my points. Women don't listen anyway if ANYTHING contradicts either their opinion or goes against their advantage.

I've noted all my life that even when men disagree, most men at least listen to each other and come away with an amicable result - yet another principal difference between the genders. It's rare I've been able to accomplish that same feat with women.

I'm like the Dos Equis guy - "I don't argue very much with women, but when I do it's based in fact." I note that women hate verifiable and recorded facts more that anything...simply because it's very difficult to argue against facts.

[-] redpillcad 5 Points 7 months ago

Your father loved you. That's what paternal love looks like. Most fathers today wouldnt know the truth and if they did they would be afraid to share because hurt feelings.

My sons have lots of friends. They dont need another one. They need me to take the role that nature/god/whatever granted me

[-] davvya 3 Points 7 months ago

no fucking way!! definitely had many different sizes of pussy, and there are girls out there with bucket tops!

[-] geo_gan 3 Points 7 months ago

Vaginas all same size? That’s like arguing that all balloons are the same size.

[-] AliBarakat 3 Points 7 months ago

Vaginas have different sizes. I always knew those cucks saying they didn't were full of shit.

[-] safetaco 3 Points 7 months ago


[-] Managicall 3 Points 7 months ago

This looks like the identity politics of a teen drama rebranded into sexual perversion.

not only did these girls not want to be my girlfriend, they didn’t respect me.

Respect is earned yet first impressions are a bitch.

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[-] oldrunnerguy 1 Point 7 months ago

At least you had a dad willing to relate the Red Pill truths, whether or not you were willing to listen at the time; and maybe in his heart he knew that they would sink in eventually through your own terrible experiences with women. I love my dad, and somehow he and my mother have managed to stay together for 61 years. However, my own marriage ended after 22 years, a great deal in part due to the fact that I bought into what society was willing to fill me up with regarding all the equality B.S. that in the long run turned out to be a load of crap. My dad never really gave me the talk, let alone the idiosyncrasies of relational dynamics. When you have had a father that has had a marriage that has endured so long, you think you can have the same thing. I doubt that he and my mother would have lasted that long in today's society.

I am at a point in my life where my priority has become the need to save my son from making the same mistakes that I did. It is probably too late for me, however it is extremely tough to pass on the ideals of the manosphere, when, in the past, I haven't lived by that example.

I have tried to utilize every teaching opportunity I can when my son asks me about his relationships. I have also introduced him to Rollo's book "The Rational Male" because it is a book I wish I'd had been able to read for myself about 30 years ago.

The one thing that resonates from the post about your relationship with Christine is something that I have tried to relate to him (regarding women's advice). "The prey does not tell the hunter how best to catch it!" Wish me luck in helping him understand this in the hopes of making him a better man than I was.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] [deleted] 1 Point 7 months ago

Alright, i'm gonna check that out. There's a good brothel in the North Europe, we'll see. ((°))

[-] Ninokun 1 Point 7 months ago

didnt read the first sentence and said. fuck am i having a Deja Vu? but it definitely aint been 3 years since reading this shit ;)

[-] JonathanMekerset 1 Point 7 months ago

So you say don't keep female friends, yet you're still keeping female friends?


Practice what you preach.

[-] Luckyluke23 1 Point 7 months ago

great post man...

you just got to take the friendship it for what it is.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] omarbradley42 -3 Point 7 months ago

Tl;Dr: Vagina is compatible and flexible to penis size.