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- Hide Preview | 77 Comments | submitted 4 months ago by msammy_is_back [Post Locked]

OK so I recently triggered a bunch of feminists on twitter by putting into question the validity of rape culture and feminists claim that they don't feel safe leaving the house to do simple things like visit a cafe or run errands. I claimed that with the application of a bit of common sense, under the protection of the law, the average woman is perfectly safe to engage in normal public activities in Western Society (especially in the US) without fearing rape. I got ratio'd pretty hard by the type of feminist activists Dr Jordan Peterson describes very accurately in his "Fix Yourself" Prager U video.

Of course in the ongoing discussion, they did all the usual - threw out the discredited 1-5 women is raped "evidence", told me to listen to women's "lived experiences" (their anecdotal opinions and bullshit stories), used laughable reductio ad absurdum tactics, called me names, threatened me, all that you'd expect from harpies that are angry men exist in any other fashion than to serve their immediate moment to moment whims.

As the trolling continued it dawned on me that what these women were really describing wasn't attempted rapes or dangerous situations, but epic fail day game approaches, cat calls, whistles, and generally any kind of unwanted attention from men they would never consider dating.

Its a classic case of an intersectional approach to solving one problem by conflating it with another. The feminist reaction to unwanted day game is to label it as rape like they do with everything else. So if you hit on a bitch-shield protected woman at the cafe, and she gauges you as lesser/beta, you are attempting to rape her and that leads to all sorts negative consequences on both individual and societal levels.

So I began to wonder, "Is it really that bad out there? Are women constantly being pestered everywhere they go?" in the pursuit of intellectual honesty. After all, PUAs do talk very much about cold approaching and day game. I'm not personally out there flashing game (well not anything serious) as I have a lady at home I'm pretty happy with at the moment. Have we really transformed popular culture to the point where its game on all the time on every level without any application of discretion?

I don't know who, but someone in the PUA/manosphere figured out how to make picking up women a numbers game. The idea being if you hit on 100 women (or 1000) one will eventually let you hit it - and one is more than none. I'm sorry but that is hilariously autistic. To me game is an art, a craft to hone. Not an assembly line of awkward pickup lines playing the law of averages. Have we really replaced the artisan player with the mass produced Chinese plastic knock-off player? Did we unleash a horde of wannabe plastic Goldmunds out there, slashing out garbage so much that it's beginning to poison the well for the real players? Can a woman not leave her house and have lunch with a girlfriend without 20 losers throwing no-chance bullshit at them constantly to the point where they just want to scream?

Or... Have feminist harpies creeped this board and other blogs/forums, read about day game and are getting mad that men are getting laid more on their own terms instead of women locking down who gets pussy when? This is the underlying and overarching issue feminists have with successful male sexual strategy - it robs them of power and control. The more men are able to get laid on their own terms, the less women are able to manipulate those men to their will. Its a cynical view of sexual dynamics, but one I can't help returning to. Yesterday while having a conversation with my BAE, she said to me "Men fall for women's lies so easily" and I couldn't disagree with this. We really do. Even the most Red Pilled among us struggle with sifting through women's bullshit - especially when they structure said bullshit to align with our interests. Most of our interests involve getting laid on some level. Positive female attention dog whistles the possibility of sex. It takes quite a bit of self discipline and practice to harden yourself to the level of stoic insight necessary to navigate strategy successfully. Its an ongoing thing in every man's life. The less prone to manipulation you are, generally the better your outcomes will be.

So this is another one of those issues. Subterfuge or reality? I think its a question worth asking - and something Red Pillers may want to personally reflect on. What's the level of manipulation here? What is the level of honesty - if any? I will concede that a horde of betas playing the numbers game is not ideal. I hear a lot of fake it until you make it on this board. A lot of "Hit on the girl you think you can't get. Push through!". Inevitably this will lead to an epic comedy of failures. How pervasive is it though? I personally can count on both hands the times in my life I have whistled at a girl - last time I was at the gym a few weeks ago and I did a wow kind of whistle I thought was only audible by me when I saw a woman with a spectacular ass in yoga pants. She stopped, turned and smiled at me. I literally got red in the face embarrassed that she heard and shrugged with a smile back at her. As far as yelling "Hey Baby" or some dumb shit like that. Does that ever work? That seems like that never works. Who does that? I've never done that. My friends never do that shit.

Again, I'm not seeing women being constantly harassed in public like what is claimed more and more these days. I have a realistic notion of what type of women are in my personal wheelhouse as I think most men do and anyone with an iota of common sense and pride doesn't want to act the fool. I have to assume the overwhelming majority of men have zero intention of harassing women. Most will see a pretty girl and if they want to meet them try their level best to make a good impression. They pick their shots being selective. Some of these women claiming to be pestered are disgustingly ugly. I just don't believe they are getting all this unwanted attention.

So I talked to my buddy's GF (seeking a "lived experience") who lives in a "less gentrified" part of town (ahem near the city) and she said she can't go to the local Walmart by herself - she being a solid 9 blonde with new fake D cups. She can totally go to the nice new Walmart up where I live with zero issue - my town has a median income more than double the national average - but where she lives no way. So maybe it isn't the day game PUA dudes giving women so many problems? Maybe us affluent white males (and Asian with some from India too in my town) aren't the issue? I know I'll get lit up being called a racist or whatever. This seems to be more of an issue with broke dick losers who lack any sense or common decency. Here's an idea... Maybe hipster feminists should realize living in partially gentrified communities that border the "economically stressed" neighborhoods come with certain caveats? Maybe being mass immigration while being "anti-rape" culture have conflicting outcomes?

Is there a political motive? When it comes to feminism - you better believe there is. My theory is that after the whole campus rape hysteria/epidemic exploded in their faces with Obama's wildly unconstitutional guidelines letter and the mass evisceration of male student's rights in colleges that caused a multitude of lawsuits, feminists are switching tactics claiming they are unsafe the moment they walk out of the house because men sometimes talk to them. If they can successfully conflate day game approaches with rape, they stand a good chance of convincing some white knight boomers to pass legislation that criminalizes talking to women in public on some level.

Its a never ending battle. If its not one thing its another. They seem dead fucking set on ushering in a dystopian nightmare. I'm having trouble enjoying the decline. Irritates me too much. Thought this would be a good topic here though because I mean shit day game is now rape (even though it isn't)? That's literally what this is. Be mindful.

[-] tempolaca 134 Points 4 months ago

You pay too much attention to women.

[-] ElegantCyclist 72 Points 4 months ago

To what women say.

Pay attention to what women do.

Does daygame work on the streets?

Yes? Then who cares what online feminists say.

[-] msammy_is_back 42 Points 4 months ago

LOL this whole site does then.

[-] EPArt 56 Points 4 months ago

This, this is very true. Personally I wish people here focused more posts on finances and gaining power outside of catching all the pussymon.

[-] pm_me_tangibles 19 Points 4 months ago

TRP has made me less interested in pussy and more interested in achieving more in life. that's how it should be.

[-] my_mix_still_sucks 2 Points 4 months ago

Oh yes I wish there was a sub that focuses on living life the red pill way and not just women

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] SUCK_MY_DICTIONARY 12 Points 4 months ago

yeah, that's literally what this sub exists for. Sperging out about the finer points of the male-female dynamic. You're doing god's work trying to flesh out this point.

[-] ECoast_Man 3 Points 4 months ago

No you're missing his point.

Why are you giving validation to what women feel about issues when it's a complete and total waste of time. There is a huge difference between observing what women say and do and posting that here with comments, and then doing the retarded thing and engaging them with it.

If you've learned anything, absolutely anything, online Twitter "feminists" bent on "smashing the patriarchy" are not to be engaged with since nothing you say matters to them. Its a waste of time.

Frankly, those "feminists" and all women really, are one hot guy with frame away from disavowing "feminism" anyway.

[-] bemore_ 1 Point 4 months ago

Your last sentence is very true. Every woman I've been with has been a strong feminist. Like I was shocked what the one posts about destroying patriarchy on fb but she cooks for me and shit. There's one that's very dominant, almost tomboyish till our clothes come off, then she's the most feminine girl in the world. I remember her asking me if I'm dominant and I was just thinking no I'm not I'm just a man and you're just a woman and it's just how we relate to each other. Feminism is not worth paying attention to in this sense, it's a shit test. Just keep your frame

[-] GayLubeOil 82 Points 4 months ago

The controlled establishment right Prager Peterson and Ben Shapiro legitimizes the lefts position by debating it.

The left doesn't have a position it has a radical egalitarian objective. This objective will be achieved by progressively shifting from one deconstructive position into a more deconstructive position.

There's no point in debating 3rd wave SJW feminism because in 5-10 years it's going to be scraped by Transhumanist Pedophile 4th wave Feminism.

The establishment Right and Left comprised the Matrix which the Red Pill was created to reject

[-] leftajar 45 Points 4 months ago

Benji Shapiro: "Facts don't care about your feelings!"

Well, Benji, imported voters don't care about your facts.

[-] Kurush559 15 Points 4 months ago

The easiest way to elucidate the fact that the left lacks position is to respond to their comments with 'why?' or 'why not?' Jordan B Pragersonshapiro respond to outraged/emotional liberals with their own brand of emotional outrage - though they are fantastic at seeming objective and calm. It is much easier to see through the liberal argument by simply asking for a reason for what they are saying - they tie themselves in circles when this happens. Much easier than challenging them and escalating the outrage.

[-] Tripletag 11 Points 4 months ago

Reminds me of Bill Nye debating Ken Hamm a couple of years ago on evolution. When asked if he would consider something similar, Richard Dawkins said something along the lines of it being the equivalent of an adult arguing with a toddler. Doing so would essentially raise the opposing view up to a legitimacy which it does not deserve.

Is this shit really that bad in the states? I'm Dutch, but there's only a small minority of PC feminazi types here as far as I can tell. The conversation about feminism rarely goes beyond that men and women should be treated equally and with respect, the occasional dumb undergrad who touts the wage gap quickly gets corrected once she actually enters the workforce. I feel that the only reason the blue haired fatties see the limelight is because their views are so extreme and that's clickworthy.

[-] five-acorn 6 Points 4 months ago

You don't have to publicly debate anybody/ everybody.

That said I believe in freedom speech. If a literal toddler wants to argue for / against God or immigration, or an adult man-child --- no matter how stupid, their argument can be argued against.

The danger of "you're too dumb to even debate" is that ... well that will be used by the Authority in power / whatever clown to seize power/ dismiss facts. Imagine if someone was anti-Hitler during the Third Reich and it was like "you're too dumb to even debate."

Yeah, every argument can use its day in court. Even if its stupid and merely argued online in about 2 minutes.

Now yes, if you're a celebrity --- choosing a public debate might carry more weight. Meh.

But that argument is almost as ridiculous as "your argument is so offensive/ hurts my fee fees, you should be banned!!" Who cares. Words are words.

[-] Battagliare 1 Point 4 months ago

The danger of "you're too dumb to even debate" is that ... well that will be used by the Authority in power / whatever clown to seize power/ dismiss facts. Imagine if someone was anti-Hitler during the Third Reich and it was like "you're too dumb to even debate."

If you just start to give credibility to everyone, you'll cripple the progress of that society.

[-] five-acorn 6 Points 4 months ago

Not what I said. The idea that "only ideas I deem sensible should be debated" is folly.

Arguments stand on their own merit.

Saying an argument is "too dumb to even hear" is anti-freedom of speech. No, listening to something is not "giving it credibility." -- This is what anti-freedom-of-speech people say. A dumb argument, if actually believed/ proposed, can be aired. If truly dumb, it should be dispatched with ease and seen for the folly that it is.

Hitler's third reich, along with purple-haired lardasses at UCLA, think as you do. "Free speech" is dangerous.

No it isn't. Bad ideas can be heard. 1st Amendment.

[-] Incel9876 0 Points 4 months ago

No it isn't. Bad ideas can be heard. 1st Amendment.

The 1st Amendment itself was a bad idea. Freedom of speech needs to revised, so that, Feminism, Marxism/socialism, open borders, gun control, LBGT or whatever the Gay Agenda is called, are all clearly "sedition" and "treason." These bad ideas don't need heard, they need knee jerked rejected immediately so they never gain traction again.

[-] five-acorn 7 Points 4 months ago

The 1st Amendment itself was a bad idea.

No it wasn't, and you're a dummy. If I'm President, I'll say you, your ilk, and all criticism of me (who will be fucking hookers) is sedition and punishable by death. Being pro-gun would be "clearly traitorous" and even speaking or writing about it at all, even on Reddit, will warrant imprisonment.

Anything that disagrees with me, frankly an idiot, should be outlawed.

No, that's a bad idea. Holy shit you need to read a fucking history book at some point in your life.

[-] knuglets 4 Points 4 months ago

The short answer is that yes, it is that bad in the states. As you said, this is mainly due to men and sane women giving these types credibility.

[-] halfback910 1 Point 4 months ago

That's actually how the left lost the culture war. In a debate and in the marketplace of ideas the best idea wins. The only way bad ideas can win is if you don't debate them.

Holocaust deniers gained traction and legitimacy when they kept clamoring for debates. Jewish studies academia had a policy of not debating them and no-platforming up until the early 2000's. This led to a *rise* in Holocaust denial! They then reversed that policy, began debating them, engaging their arguments, and whaddayaknow, holocaust denial began declining again.

[-] antariusz 1 Point 4 months ago

5-10 years? You’re living in the past.

It’s [currentyear]

[-] ELMasTurbo 37 Points 4 months ago

Why are you even wasting your time givin these hoes validation online?

[-] [deleted] 11 Points 4 months ago


[-] ELMasTurbo 1 Point 4 months ago

Agreed. Imagine taking time out of your day to argue with Feminists on twitter though??

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 20 Points 4 months ago


I see where you went wrong.

[-] TruthSeekingPerson 16 Points 4 months ago

This is why it is so dangerous to try and reason with women. They don't care about facts but rather feelings. So if they're mentally ill i.e. Paranoid or suffering from PTSD then the whole world has to jump through hoops in a futile attempt to make them feel better.

The proper answer to people like this is "Go fuck yourself."

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 4 months ago

"Don't change her mind, change her mood."

[-] leftajar 12 Points 4 months ago

Maybe us affluent white males (and Asian with some from India too in my town) aren't the issue?

Ding ding ding.

Remember that dumb video from a couple years ago, where some thick-ish white chick walked around NYC, getting catcalled? Nearly every catcaller was Black or Hispanic.

Reminds me of a recent news story, there was a "women's only" concert in Sweden. They were saying that it was done to prevent women from being raped/harassed. Of course, we know who's really doing the harassing, and it isn't Swedish guys.

It's kind of a neat trick, import people from rapey cultures, blame men as a whole, advance Feminism. Rinse and repeat.

[-] KeffirLime 5 Points 4 months ago

It's a complicated culture class thing, that's been advertised as a male issue, which is why they've engineered a battle that can't ever be won.

Almost all catcallers were lower class, in blue collar jobs and of a different culture

Lower class woman, from alternative cultures aren't perturbed by catcalling, my staff do it routinely to the females, they have a good laugh, shit talk eachother and life goes on. Even had one guy get into a fist fight with a woman and they just both carry on like it's nothing, joking 3 days later.

High Class, different cultured woman are offended. Even almost all "offended black and hispanics" are upper middle class.

As globalization accelerates and you start mixing a soup of different cultures, with different norms, and most importantly different classes you're going to have a clash. It's more often the poor seeking a better life.

The left has strategically placed itself in the role of supporting globalization and culture mixing but hate the behaviours and results of this. They support women's rights, yet support islam. Support immigration but hate the results of it.

Essentially they are engineering issues that they claim to oppose. Thereby continuously fueling their movement.

They've done a great con job of blaming guys like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, hailing them as the poster boys of abuse, yet you go to a Mexican slum and that same shit happens 75 times at the local salsa club daily, but let's open borders for these very same people and complain about rising female harassment.

[-] idrinkyour_milkshake 12 Points 4 months ago

Don't waste your time arguing with women

[-] The_Frag_Man 12 Points 4 months ago

Those feminists are creating a victim narrative as a way to achieve their ideological objectives. Of course they are full of shit. Also yeah they would get harassed by poor blacks and latinos and turn around and complain about white males because that's safe to do.

[-] heartbroken_nerd 12 Points 4 months ago

I understand neither what is the purpose nor the point of this post, nor how the fuck is it on the front page of this subreddit.

"Guys, women cry about betas trying to get laid!"

Yeah, so what? Are you proposing mass genocide of all the beta males so that we stop them from trying? Because you can't lock them up: the beta males are who build and run the prison system, there simply is no way to make betas permanently lock themselves up. Genocide would be much more efficient way of stopping the beta males from trying to get laid without making them start a revolution.

Perhaps you're leaning more towards the option of forcing all women to quietly and happily accept the advances of the beta males? Except that's not going to fly, either.

So what gives?

Without suggesting a solution to this problem, your post is absolutely useless and a waste of time.

[-] msammy_is_back 7 Points 4 months ago

How about this... Get fucking good?

But then again. I think the whole beta male thing is overestimated. Anyone with their shit together remotely isn't the problem. It's more like open the fucking borders then use feminsim to criminalize human interaction.

Trash is going trash. So the answer is limit the fucking trash.

The fact of the matter remains. It really depends where you are. It's not even about normal beta dudes trying to day game. It's about barely non-feral humans being pests and dudes like you or I getting the blame and feeling the consequences.

[-] redpillcad 10 Points 4 months ago

Women love to be gamed by high value males. Same exact attention from a fat loser is what they are trying to stamp out with Metoo.

It's a scarecrow. Ignore and plow on

[-] clon3man 9 Points 4 months ago

the hitting on 1000 women thing is how you get started it overcome approach a anxiety. it's step 1. you don't keep doing that after, its like you said improving your craft. the system that works when you're in a rut is not the one you keep trying to use, you move on to phase 2 with more wisdom

[-] maxrp 1 Point 4 months ago

approach anxiety

lots of pointless approaches is the dumbest way to overcome AA. its what people do when they can't improve and can;t figure out why a white woman wouldn't want a badly spoken terrible timing talking nonsense foreign born/looking manlet. Rather than reality check, they stick to "another 1000 approaches will help".

They need to raise their value within the gatherings and events their own culture holds (which they are seen as low value men who arn't good enough for women of their own background) pestering more white women and getting angry they wont give them a chance is not the solution.

I hate that its a race/culture issue, but lets be honest, the one random success story is just that, yet so many of these desperate guys cling to it and get exploited by women getting those guys to pay for dates/holidays etc. It really is a horrendous state of misplaced men just looking for love, wasting their efforts and never really having any success finding it.

[-] clon3man 2 Points 4 months ago

It really depends on the person's character. Like 80% of men have considerable approach anxiety and will never even try the 100 approaches thing. Not all of those are dudes undatable ogres or future beta bucks providers. Some of them legitimately just don't know how to get things started.

[-] maxrp 1 Point 4 months ago

I'm not talking about guys who can't get off the starting blocks. My comment was on the guys who waste their time repeatidly sticking to a failing strategy opening another 100 girls and not learning from it.

[-] empatheticapathetic 8 Points 4 months ago

OPs girlfriend: "Men fall for womens' lies so easily"

OP "I agree"

30 mins later

"What the HELL are these feminists complaining about!? I can't wrap my head around it!!"

[-] Auwardamn 7 Points 4 months ago


OP: I don’t practice game regularly because I have oneitis (paraphrased).

This is BP writing on a RP board just because it’s open access.

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 7 Points 4 months ago

In relation to rape culture, let's have a look at what Wikipedia has to say:

Wikipedia currently lists 20 studies of the incidence of false rape claims.

The values reported range from a low of 3% to an astounding 90% If we pick a value half way between those two extremes, we get 46% - and interestingly there are four studies clustered near that; reporting 41%, 41%, 45% and 47%. Could this be the real value?

I have seen web articles written by women denying that false rape claims are a problem and asserting that even when they do occur it's only 3% - which interestingly just happens to be the very lowest out of 20 studies. This suggests women not only lie about rape, but lie about the incidence of false rape claims too. In addition, a 3% incidence of something that destroys the lives of innocent men is still WAY too high.

There is no rape culture. Instead there is a "false rape claim" culture.

It's driven by feminists as a way of obtaining social advantages over men.

It's time men AND women stopped listening to feminists because their claims (Wage gap, rape culture, sexual double standard) have all proven to be false.

Links: 2% 2-10% 2% to 90% Less than .005% percent. That would mean one in 200,000 rape claims are false.

[-] Imperator_Red 2 Points 4 months ago

It's time men AND women stopped listening to feminists because their claims (Wage gap, rape culture, sexual double standard) have all proven to be false.

More importantly, their advice leads to a life of misery.

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 1 Point 4 months ago

Very true. More and more people have been remarking upon women who "had everything" according to the feminist ideal...and then discovered they were miserable.

Modern feminism is not just destroying men's lives it's ruining women's lives too.

Where did feminism go wrong? It started out with high ideals and arose out of some genuine unfairness against women....where did it cross the line? Women were brave enough to fight for their right to vote; where are the modern "true" feminists who are willing to fight argue against toxic feminism?

[-] MattyAnon 4 Points 4 months ago

The more men are able to get laid on their own terms, the less women are able to manipulate those men to their will. Its a cynical view of sexual dynamics, but one I can't help returning to.

This is absolutely the case. Women decry ANY access men have to any form of sexual release that doesn't involve HER. The lower the price, the more upset she is.

It's why women attack porn: "it's so degrading to women!" she says, doing a nice little bit of evasion of the real problem which is a threat to HER.

It's why women attack prostitution: "women shouldn't have to do that!" ..... again, she's threatened so she does a little virtue signalling to cover for it.

And it's why women attack all forms of casual sex: "nice girls don't do that!" and "you don't want a woman that would fuck you without marriage do you?" and all the other covers for the basic problem that she is threatened by men having access to sex without devoting their whole lives to the service of women.

So this is another one of those issues. Subterfuge or reality? I think its a question worth asking - and something Red Pillers may want to personally reflect on. What's the level of manipulation here? What is the level of honesty - if any?

I generally assume now that everything women say is at least one level removed from reality. Their manipulation is designed to directly trigger male protective instincts, to engage with male perceptions of fairness, reality and protection and distort those instincts to benefit her.

It ends up being a weird mixture of both subterfuge and reality, and creates a landscape that she herself can't properly extricate herself from even when it no longer suits her or she ends up making directly self conflicting comments.

As far as yelling "Hey Baby" or some dumb shit like that. Does that ever work? That seems like that never works. Who does that? I've never done that. My friends never do that shit.

It happens although very rarely. But she only needs one wolf whistle from one workman once to talk about it forever in a mixture of hatred and self-promotion.

It doesn't work because women are easily threatened by men. She's both terrified of and attracted to men with any significant power and it doesn't take much too tip the balance too far into discomfort when the man is powerful. And if he isn't she isn't interested anyway. Hence, have to be slightly but not too threatening to make things work with her.

Wolf whistles are not attempts to get with women, they are showing off their bravery and heterosexuality to their coworkers.

Again, I'm not seeing women being constantly harassed in public like what is claimed more and more these days

Interesting isn't it. Women claim they don't feel safe to leave the house, yet we see no problems in all our public interactions with women. Zero harassment. You'd think with all these twitter complaints women are living in constant fear for their vaginas, yet the women I see in public rarely even get approached.

Obviously it's a form of self promotion. The message is "I get harassed so much because I'm SO FUCKING HOT". It's combined PR and claiming victim points so that men can rush in and hand them even more privilege and special treatment.

and she said she can't go to the local Walmart by herself - she being a solid 9 blonde with new fake D cups. She can totally go to the nice new Walmart up where I live with zero issue

And you believe her? Can you take this literally? Because this looks a lot like "take me to the nice side of town".

My theory is that after the whole campus rape hysteria/epidemic exploded in their faces with Obama's wildly unconstitutional guidelines letter and the mass evisceration of male student's rights in colleges that caused a multitude of lawsuits, feminists are switching tactics claiming they are unsafe the moment they walk out of the house because men sometimes talk to them.

The evisceration of male students lives continues. There is no backlash against that yet. The exclusion of men from the family is 90% complete, the exclusion of men from education is ongoing.

The basic thing here is that women always find something to complain about. Why? Because complaining nets them results, special treatment, new laws, privilege. Why stop just because it's not true? Noone ever tests what women say and women don't want this "always believe victims!".

Women complain, the world treats them better. Rinse, repeat. Facts be damned.

[-] Shadowthrice 4 Points 4 months ago

I'm sorry feminists were mean to you online. And I agreed with the first half of what you wrote.

But then it got very tl;dr-ish and I stopped reading. Brevity is the soul of wit.

[-] John_Smith_legend 1 Point 4 months ago

So what are you adding to the conversation with your post? Fishing for points? Passive aggressive shot at op? Very female-like. I wonder how old you are, I would guess under 30 for sure.

[-] Shadowthrice 3 Points 4 months ago

Maybe I was unclear. I was saying that the post was too long.

[-] Crixusgannicus 4 Points 4 months ago

"Have feminist harpies creeped this board and other blogs/forums, read about day game and are getting mad that men are getting laid more on their own terms instead of women locking down who gets pussy when?"


[-] jbpostv 4 Points 4 months ago

As much as daygame can be good for abundance, I believe direct daygame is inherently low SMV. The only other people talking to strangers on the streets are beggars and charity/activism panhandlers. A direct daygame approach begs the questions: Do you have anything to do? Why not? Why wouldn’t you approach women when they’re definitively more receptive to socializing at bars or social events? Do you have somewhere to be? Do you have a job? Don’t you know I have things to do?

One question I ask myself is: what would a maximum SMV male do? And I don’t know of many elite status men who daygame. They work hard and think of nothing but their purpose all day and meet women at parties, bars and social events. You think professional athletes, celebrities or business owners are daygaming? They make social connections that give them an abundance of events to meet women to fancy them. Direct daygame confirms you are definitely not elite SMV.

Not discrediting indirect approach as you go about your day on transportation, recreational activities, running errands, but going out of your way to approach during the day in a non-social environment screams lack of purpose, scarcity and desperate. It’s free validation for girls and a lower success rate than in better environments pickup is meant for. Focus on improving SMV and your purpose during the day and meet some girls who cross your path but don’t go out of your way with the sole intention to approach in daylight.

[-] warlordchad 15 Points 4 months ago

Ok, but dude, we’re not all badass athletes, movie stars, or whatever—and the truth is, without game, those guys don’t do as well as you think.

Daygame (or any kind of game) works because it is inherently high value. You’re demonstrating extreme confidence, outcome independence, and entitlement—because if you’re hitting on a woman you’re clearly used to doing so and it going well.

This is a completely made up issue. The type of women who say this shit NEVER get hit on because they’re ugly or too old. As a guy who relies exclusively on cold approach to meet women, I can say that only one time did a woman truly get pissed at me, but that wasn’t because she didn’t like getting hit on, it was because I fucked up and said something that made her feel slutty.

To be honest, probably half of the women thank me for having the balls to approach and be direct, whether they give me they’re number or not. And the last girl I pulled—after we smashed—said, “god it felt so good to get picked up.”

TL;DR—most women like getting approached if it’s done on a way that’s socially calibrated. The batshit crazy feminists are a small but very vocal percentage of the population and the solution there is to avoid them like the plague.

[-] jbpostv 3 Points 4 months ago

That’s awesome dude, it definitely takes balls to daygame and to approach. What I’m saying is the ROI is higher on cold approaches in social situations making it more efficient of your time. Props to you for having the courage and endurance to day game but for me it makes more sense to strike when the iron’s hot even though there’s other competition.

[-] warlordchad 5 Points 4 months ago

I actually think the best cold approach method isn't to day game or night game per se, but to approach any woman you find attractive in any circumstance. If that means you're running errands and there's a hottie at the grocery store, make it happen. If that means you're out with friends at a bar, make it happen. Opportunistic game, I guess, is what I'd call it.

Ultimately, I agree with you--game is much easier to work in a party environment or another setting where you have some social standing. My point is that hitting on the random woman you see on the street is perfectly fine and guys shouldn't worry about it. It's a feminist bluff that is unfortunately working on a lot of guys.

[-] mineralranch 9 Points 4 months ago

This comment should be at the top. Daygame is mostly a waste of time if you treat it like a hobby.


When I go outside I'm constantly harassed by homeless people asking for change. No one enjoys being asked for their money constantly. Women don't like being asked for their pussy constantly. I actually do have sympathy for women when it comes to being constantly approached by randos. OP honestly sounds disgruntled as shit.

I think you're completely right. High status men don't patrol the streets for pussy. They work on their mission and are sociable people. They craft a life that creates opportunities for pussy instead of spending all their energy chasing it. A majority of people meet partners within social circles. I like a lot of what TRP espouses, but there are a lot of delusional people here as well.

[-] jbpostv 1 Point 4 months ago

Good point man. Also PUA companies make money selling another circumstantial opportunity to game even if it’s less effective. More products more money. Tbh the majority of sexually successful men now and obviously in the past have never been exposed to the PUA community, which has helped me a lot having gone to all boys schools my whole youth, but some of which should be taken with a grain of salt.

[-] mineralranch 2 Points 4 months ago

The PUA community has helped me as well and I think it's necessary to a certain degree. There is just so much bullshit to sift through, although there's a lot less nowadays. Most people who buy that shit are just reading it to feel better about themselves. A majority won't even take the action. It just feels good to read something that tells you there are Victoria Secret models out there who want to choke on your dick and make you pancakes in the morning.


I'm saying this because I read a lot of it when I was younger and it worked. The catch is, it only worked on girls who were already interested in me. It just taught me how to not fuck it up when the game starts. It's funny, but woman really choose you. Like fucking Harry Potter in the wand shop haha.



[-] inferno1234 5 Points 4 months ago

I always saw that as the point of day-game, approaching without any time investment. No I wouldn't creep out in the street for hours at a time, but honestly I don't feel like trolling the bars/clubs for drunk thots either. Walking around a university all day, my environment is full of high value women, and approaching 2-3 a day will cost me nothing.

To each his own, but daygame when done in this way, can only be a plus

[-] mattyiceheretoentice 1 Point 4 months ago

OP said he has a girlfriend and is “not personally out there flashing game” but ok

[-] Marlborough75 4 Points 4 months ago

I am the oldest brother of three younger sisters. They all admitted to me that they feel unsafe and they're afraid of rape when they walk alone on the street.

What a lot of feminists get wrong is that this has nothing to do with culture. This is human nature. Females are biologically wired to feel unsafe, to be more anxious than men for their own survival and the survival of their children.

It's important to keep this in mind when you're gaming.


[-] specklemouse 3 Points 4 months ago

I'm an old guy, having clocked 65 winters on this rock. I pay attention in public and I have heard catcalling few enough times to count it on the fingers of one hand with plenty of digits left over. I've lived all over this country so I don't think it was a regional outbreak of good manners. Frankly, I think that the problem is wildly overstated and wonder at the nature of those pusing this agenda.

[-] SUCK_MY_DICTIONARY 2 Points 4 months ago

Think about it a little bit further: if they can convince anybody not to approach, they limit the men who will approach to the most confident. It's almost the same idea as dating apps. Fundamentally, they don't exist to pair up women with betas, but betas go on them wanting that to happen. These things just exist to filter betas, so that when the women are approached, they are getting the best of the best.

For example, these women might be completely against men approaching them, but if it's the right guy, she wishes he would approach her. She wants to have her cake, and eat it too. Honestly, they can't ever ban day-game approach without crazy authoritarian societies because it would mean you couldn't talk to anybody more than exactly the minimum that is needed to produce the services you are requesting. If the news ran stories about studies of men perceiving overweight women less attractive, they would be doing the same "red pill" thing, wondering why men are holding them down and saying that it's unfair. The difference is, the media and politics are pushing their story right now.

You can't take them at their word. Like I said, if it's the right guy, even the most staunch liberal twitter queen will be begging for him to approach. It's just that you are not that guy. It is tantamount to men trying to pass laws that made it illegal for women with a high body fat% to have sex. If you flip the scenario, in that case only the best women would be in the market because you could always call the police if you banged one over a certain body fat% and she wasn't that good. You would be gaining full control of the other sex by doing that, because they either need to meet your specification directly, meet it indirectly by being good enough to not report, or report them and the government will presumably throw them in prison.

The difference is, they have manufactured an aura of 'doing the right thing,' and many white knights are not calling bullshit because they're afraid they might lose their sexual options by doing so. When in reality, in my experience, if she is mildly attracted to you already, and you complicate matters by having differing political opinions, when done right, the taboo nature drives her absolutely nuts. The caveat here is that it has to come up naturally, you can't be doing it out of neediness, it has to be genuine. Think about it, what would be worse than one of these twitter queens fucking a Trumpster? What would be more taboo? And what do we know about girls and taboo stuff? The second the majority of the population sees through that, they're probably going to fall apart like a house of cards.

[-] masterbaterchief 2 Points 4 months ago

What's so wrong with cold approaching/day game? You knock it so hard. I understand if some of these "alpha males" don't have the confidence or grit to approach hundreds of women and take repeated rejection. Day game is the main reason I've gotten women. It works pretty well if you practice it.

[-] hearse223 2 Points 4 months ago

If a woman doesnt feel safe pumping gas or buying food in the hood, then she is intelligent. She should have protection if traveling in what is essentially jungles made of steel and concrete.

Thats a totally different issue to twitter feminists who think every dude who looks at them is a rapist.

[-] halfback910 1 Point 4 months ago

If they were actually genuine in their beliefs they would support the most effective solution: Women should pack heat! God made man, Samuel colt made him equal, right? But no, we hate guns, so we couldn't have that. Right.

[-] blr1998 1 Point 4 months ago

All I can say is to anybody reading this, read the misandry bubble. It will pop.

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 4 months ago

I neither know nor care whether women are getting bothered by men in their daily life by men hitting on them. We had a system in place to prevent this sort of thing that existed since before the dawn of recorded, but our civilization decided that we didn't need that way of doing things anymore. One of the consequences of our sexual "liberation" is that men are now free to pursue women whenever and wherever they please. The only rule is that you can't use physical force against another member of our society. Deal with it.

[-] sezamus 1 Point 4 months ago

Why are you bothered what do feminists think? Their opinion is always absurd and I see no need to mention this in TRP sub as "I don't like what they do".

Feminists are a retarted minority with a voice of majority, which is against any democratic rules or maybe isn't, because of "respecting the minority" rule.

I think feminism should be ignored just as you would ignore internet ads with an add-blocker. In the end, feminists will only have access to low tier men or they will die lonely with cats with an unimaginable hatred towards men.

[-] clon3man 1 Point 4 months ago

also I don't think anyone should be enjoying the decline that nihilism and resentment, you play the cards you've been dealt by society - but you try to make things better as well as your main goal.

this includes making things better for women. Their bad collective behavior doesn't mean you shouldn't want the best for them when you're able to provide it - as along as it is not at a cost to your needs or values.

It's not us vs them all the time, only some of the time.

[-] wlp3354 1 Point 4 months ago

I can chime in on this one for sure, poor people are animals.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] chronogumbo 1 Point 4 months ago

I see what you're saying.

I live in a not so nice neighborhood.

I can't go out without getting asked for money, or someone trying to talk to be about some stupid organization, or trying to sell me drugs.

It's really annoying, and sometimes the people follow me. It doesn't mean I'm getting robbed.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] exit_sandman 1 Point 4 months ago

Can a woman not leave her house and have lunch with a girlfriend without 20 losers throwing no-chance bullshit at them constantly to the point where they just want to scream? Or... Have feminist harpies creeped this board and other blogs/forums, read about day game and are getting mad that men are getting laid more on their own terms instead of women locking down who gets pussy when?

There are three elements to this:

  • outrage feminists actively looking for reasons to complain, and being unvoluntarily approached is one of these reasons they blow up until it looks like an actual problem
  • hypersensitivity feminists are so thin-skinned that they're traumatized by each and every adversity (including unwanted approaches) life throws at them
  • gynocentric feminists who take offense with the mindset of PUAs, i.e. mostly seeing women as conquests to be fucked

The third bullet point you may indeed label as "getting mad that men are getting laid more on their own terms instead of women locking down who gets pussy when". Because even though these guys merely get the sex women are willing to give to them out of their own volition, the very idea that a man may get out of a male/female interaction as the "winner" (and if your mostly value women for the sex you can have with them, you are the winner if you manage to make her put out) apparently is fundamentally abhorrent to them.

[-] BurnoutRS 1 Point 4 months ago

I wonder sometimes; to what extent might the female population exhibit neurotic symptoms or markers of neuroses, similar to PTSD perhaps, just as a result of having once been a little girl in a world that just screams "Rape! Men are gonna fucking rape you! You hear it on the news! Rape! Your blue haired aunt with the cats! Rape!"

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] vfb14 1 Point 4 months ago

It is not that women are politically out to get men. It is that women can now reject men they do not find desirable in a political manner. Living in a society that encourages open hypergamy gives women the primary frame thus resulting in the benefit of being the ones who choose whose approach is rendered as coming from a potential mate (Alpha fucks) or an undesirable immediate mate (beta bucks who can become attractive after her epiphany phase) or any other archetypal men there is. The end goal of the social feminine primacy in western society is to facilitate women's hypergamous strategies by making it easier to make this distinction about men, resulting in any unwanted attention coming from any man they are not immediately interested in, considered as potential harassment. Check out this video for further info:

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