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- Hide Preview | 86 Comments | submitted about a year ago by SpiritStatic [Post Locked]

TRP has been quarantined for a few months now, but it really doesn’t seem to have had much effect on the community’s ability to keep sharing great content.

In fact, having the quarantine up probably encourages a lot more interest from outsiders that may need the pill - like Mufasa telling Simba never to go where the light ends (except this isn’t an elephant graveyard).

The overseers of Reddit have opinions on what qualifies as “positive” masculinity, and here’s a laughable example of it, titled “Why I Married a Feminist.”

This is an article from the “Good Men” project, which seems like the left’s hamfisted attempt to shove more gynocentric propaganda down the throats of men.

I felt compelled to share this, because I feel like three years ago, such an article would not have even registered much response from me. My lens was way too foggy to clearly see what was going on.

Three years being part of TRP has been a positive transformation for me into becoming my own man, and it made me happy that my brain is calibrated to see this article and the millions like it for what it is — agitprop.

Anyone who reads material like this and thinks that it is truly written for the betterment of men NEEDS the Red Pill badly. It’s a twisted shame that the quarantine alert from Reddit themselves directs visitors over to such sources...but men will wake up eventually, one by one.

I did.

[-] OldPeopleLeather 87 Points about a year ago

"any man who is getting laid on the regular isn’t worried about feminists destroying their way of life"

This feeds directly into the beta sexual strategy that worshipping women, avoiding conflict, and being "nice" will get you laid. Despicable. So much suffering is produced by this bullshit. Makes me think back to Confessions of a Reformed Incel on the sidebar. 12 years of his life because white knights like this asshole hope his wife will read his article and maaaybe have sex with him.

[-] CannabisCumshot69 26 Points about a year ago

Don't forget, the only reason you could possibly disagree with anything in the article is because you have a small penis or hate women. And of course, all of the views expressed in the article are "duh" or "gimme" views - they're so obvious only someone who hates women would disagree with them.

[-] buttgoogler 64 Points about a year ago

Couldn't even make it til the end of the article.

[-] SpiritStatic 66 Points about a year ago

I know’s actually fascinating how thin the “logic” goes on these kinds of pieces. The author basically just outlines how he bent over and did whatever she wanted, didn’t have a problem with it, and thinks that any man who WOULD has a “small penis.” Wow.

Good men project! Good dog, have a treat.

[-] buttgoogler 43 Points about a year ago

I bet his woman is extremely happy with such man in her life.

[-] EvolvedA 40 Points about a year ago

Probably as happy as one can be with a husband she is not attracted to at all.

[-] buttgoogler 24 Points about a year ago

Nah, lies. He respects her -- that's the ultimate attraction booster.

[-] MilestoneAndPrivacy 4 Points about a year ago

I wonder for how long she has been cheating on him...

[-] buttgoogler 3 Points about a year ago

And with how many men.


To be honest I wanted to type a whole fucking paragraph about how sad I get by this good men project cuck factory, but you probably know how it feels. Fucking embarassing.

[-] archaeopter 4 Points about a year ago

Let's say, for a moment, that I authentically don't give a shit what my wife's last name is. You're saying that it's 'red pill' behavior to demand that she changes her last name anyway, for reasons?

[-] wobbleelbbow 17 Points about a year ago

If you don't then don't. But most men want the name change and if a woman is being a bitch about it then she isn't worth his time. She can be free and independent by herself. Alone. That's rp behaviour.

[-] archaeopter -4 Point about a year ago

Why would "most men" give a shit? Are they that weak that a woman's last name matters to them at all? This seems like a pathetically weak thing to worry about.

[-] Krackor 24 Points about a year ago

It's a signaling thing. A woman who takes her husband's name signals that she's following him. A man married to a woman who keeps her own name signals that he's not leading the relationship.

[-] Satou4 9 Points about a year ago

And she would probably lose respect for him.

[-] himsenior 2 Points about a year ago

Do you think it's possible for a man to lead in the parts of the relationship that he values while choosing not to lead in others? For example, a man could mold his girlfriend or wife to enjoy the same activities that he does, be the one to establish boundaries, etc, while at the same time not valuing the signal of adopting his surname. This sort of arrangement doesn't seemed doomed at first glance (for me anyways).

[-] Krackor 2 Points about a year ago

In an ideal world, maybe. However, not sharing the same last name has negative connotations in American culture. From an outside perspective, a family with two last names looks the same as a broken, divorced marriage. A unified family name is important to avoid that connotation, and to signal that the husband and wife are joined in support of their family in a way that they weren't before they were married.

That leaves the question of whose name should be taken by the family. In the vast majority of cases, the man is primarily responsible for the family's standing in society regarding his career, and is the primary public representative of the family's name, so it seems natural to me that his family name be carried forward. Even in today's culture of paying lip service to egalitarianism, most successful marriages have a man as the primary breadwinner. Marriages in which the woman is dominant seem to be doomed to failure.

Some might argue that surnames are generally not important so this whole thing is not worth worrying about, but one might ask why a woman resists taking the man's name if it were such an inconsequential decision.

[-] archaeopter -6 Point about a year ago

It's signaling that the man is weak and has a fragile ego. But that's what a lot of the "signaling" in this subreddit is really about - propping up fragile male egos.

[-] redpillschool 5 Points about a year ago

If it were all about fragile egos, we could skip the women and just sit on our thumbs signalling all day.

Your stupid comment doesn't even crack plausible.

[-] archaeopter -2 Point about a year ago

That's what this sub is - sitting on thumbs signaling all day.

[-] yttanx 7 Points about a year ago

LOL white knight beta bitch detected.

[-] redpillschool 6 Points about a year ago

Then I guess you won't miss it.

[-] dangerouspangolin -8 Point about a year ago

If anything, it signals a mans insecurity and a fragile ego.

[-] Wojwo 7 Points about a year ago

If kids are going to be part of the equation, it simplifies the name question. It's hard enough picking a first (and possibly middle) name for a new baby. Throw in "Well which last name will the baby have? Hyphenated?" debate.

[-] buttgoogler 6 Points about a year ago

I'm proud of my last name since it has a huge history here where I live. Plus people know it and our family earned a ton of respect over the last century. So if I'll decide I want kids one day -- they'll have my last name for sure.

[-] Aeiexgjhyoun_III 4 Points about a year ago

Because they want a united family and one family name is a symbol of that.

[-] archaeopter -2 Point about a year ago

Exactly, weakness. They aren't man enough to hold their family together, so they weakly demand that the woman change her last name to put up some sort of bogus "united" front. What cucks.

[-] Aeiexgjhyoun_III 3 Points about a year ago

Is something wrong with you? If I want my family to share a last name that's my own business. The fact that you're so pissed at how others want to live their life screams insecurity. And are we still using cuck as an insult? Guess that tells me all I need to know about you.

[-] wobbleelbbow 3 Points about a year ago

Why resort to calling men "weak" just because they have specific preference? Is preferring low n count women also sign of weakness?

[-] Your_Coke_Dealer 8 Points about a year ago


You’re already held by the balls. Taking a stand that she changes her last name is a small piece of having her in your frame rather than vice versa, so that’s the reason.

Of course, since you’re married, holding frame at that point is a losing battle; it will eventually be weathered by your own exhaustion maintaining it, and battered by years of shit tests. And then it will fail, your wife will lose respect for you, and you’ll get thoroughly fucked by a divorce.

Marriage is like handing a five year old a loaded gun and hoping they respect you enough not to shoot you when you tell them that no, you won’t buy them a pony.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] TheRedPike 3 Points about a year ago

Red Pill demands nothing. Why are the tradcons wandering in here lately? Wtf.

[-] novalentineforyou 2 Points about a year ago

It's redpill to bargain for what you want and enforce your boundaries. This guy presented as normal behavior allowing his partner to do anything she wanted, rather than presenting negotiation as the norm (which I think is far more healthy--the man leads by making the initial suggestion and then hashes out details or negotiates with his LTR partner).

[-] mrcs84usn 3 Points about a year ago

Interestingly enough, if you scroll down to the comment section of that article, they do a pretty good job of calling him out on his bullshit.

[-] UrgotMilk 1 Point about a year ago

Didn't help that the website's format was near unusable. Got that was annoying to scroll though...

[-] magx01 34 Points about a year ago

I tried to read that faggoty article but it hurt too much. Just more weakness being rationalized at honor.

[-] max_peenor 30 Points about a year ago

because I want my daughter to be safe on her college campus.

These are people who feel threatened by the world around them,

His daughter is in danger at school, but we are the people that feel threatented by the world around us? This article (and honestly this post) is bubblegum for both feminists, who really won't actually read with a critical eye, as well as MRAs that are looking to point and laugh. There isn't much to learn here. But... it does illistrate the fundimental cognative dissonance that grips anything with "feminist" stamped on it.

What does TRP think about feminists? Well, if you read the sidebar and put yourself into action, you should be pleased as a peach that they exist. By their hands, for the top 20% the sexual marketplace has become a playground. You can respond to this by getting all grumpy and angry at feminists, chase them down on the internet and say mean things to them and otherwise waste your time on people that don't have the intellectual capacity or fortitude to even understand what they have done. Or you can go play in the playground.

Justice porn is like all porn. Sometimes you can't help look at those huge, bouncing tits, but in the end you'll just be left their holding your own dick.

[-] SpiritStatic 6 Points about a year ago

"people that don't have the intellectual capacity or fortitude to even understand what they have done"

Ah..well the post may not have really offered much NEW to learn, but your statement there is a big reminder that I needed.

I've had to routinely remind myself "not to cast pearls before swine" for the last year, and sometimes the impulse just kicks in. Feminism aside, logic and articulate argumentation does not always prevail.

Sometimes people just like the way the story sounds. It doesn't matter if you tell them that it's not real.

Decent article from NYT 2016 about how everything is basically wrestling now — people prefer the narrative, not the facts.

Feminism and "Good Men Projects" makes for a great narrative, but they ultimately have nothing to offer but dissatisfaction for everybody involved. And not all people have the fortitude or capacity to recognize that.

[-] sadomasochrist 26 Points about a year ago

Their tagline is literally "the conversation no one else is having." So at least they're self aware enough to realize no one cares.

[-] Imperator_Red 9 Points about a year ago

I don't know why they say no one is having the conversation. Half the country talks about it non stop.

[-] [deleted] 22 Points about a year ago

Never trust a stand-up comedian in a suit and tie.

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 20 Points about a year ago

That is laughable.

This is NOT positive masculinity; that man is a female impersonator.

[-] Feelinggood702 16 Points about a year ago

It’s all a battle of ideas and it’s gratuitous at this point. He may not hold TRP ideas, but it doesn’t mean he’s being cucked. Sexual strategy is intuitive, not cognitive. You don’t need to be in PUA, Manosphere, TRP or any fucking where else in order to know how to have a relationship or have sex with a woman. If you think that you have to solve a math problem to get to sex you are fucked my friend. This whole feminism vs. men’s rights is fucking retarded. It’s like dumber vs dumber.

This post holds no validity.

[-] StellarMemez 6 Points about a year ago

Sexual strategy is intuitive, not cognitive.

You're right. But the point of the sub is that many boys are being constantly bombarded with the wrong ideas so much that their intuitive masculine sexual strategy shifts into a beta male mindset. They are trained into trying to beta white knight their way into pussy naturally. Then it never works, because it doesn't. Then they find TRP, where they retrain themselves towards the correct sexual strategy. For a lot of dudes here it MUST start as a math problem until it becomes natural, like learning a new language when you are already an adult. Not intuitive until you master it.

They won't get sex from the math problem, but they'll learn about the world around them and themselves. Then it will click and they will intuitively know how to get sex.

[-] Feelinggood702 3 Points about a year ago

Look. All men are taught something. Whether it be from other men, society, etc. Ultimately, through life experience, they come into their own, however you want to define that as. Some men will be successful, some won’t. You can try to push ideas and say “this is what works!” but they already have their set of beliefs since childhood and will perceive said ideas based on their own subjective view. Ultimately there is no need to rationalize sexual strategy. Sex happens or it doesn’t.

What I’m getting at here is TRP is a stepping stone to get to where you wanna go, not the end in itself. Point is, just because you learn these ideas, it doesn’t mean they are not subject to change through life experiences.

For example, I enjoy women’s company without necessarily having sex with them. AND I’ve been reading TRP since I was 19. Am I a cuck now?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] CensorThis111 2 Points about a year ago

If you think that you have to solve a math problem to get to sex you are fucked my friend.

lmao. Some quality wisdom right here.

[-] sfwaccountfw 15 Points about a year ago

You are giving people too much credit, my dude.

To quote Carlin-"Just think how dumb an average person is. And then *realise that half the people are dumber than that!"

I really think you should ease up on that optimism.

[-] oldrunnerguy 8 Points about a year ago

Women have this attitude of us just "getting it!" And honestly, what I have learned here (on this reddit), I maybe already knew, but let myself be dissuaded in giving cadence to women when asking them about their inconsistent nature. This was coupled with my lack of understanding of hypergamy. I saw these things and drew my own conclusions but could not fully put the pieces together.

When I discovered the manosphere, I purchased and read the book "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Dr. Robert Glover. This book helped me identify the why's and wherefores of how I approached relationships, but it did not help me fully understand the attitudes of my wife (now ex-) and/or women's confusing nature or behavior in general. Anyway it was not enough to help me save my marriage (which at hindsight was probably just as well).

It took another book I discovered, Rollo Tomassi's "The Rational Male" to help me put the pieces together. This became a wonderful resource because it gave logical explanations to illogical behavior. As with most men my age (I'm 55), we all wish we could have had this book 30 years ago. To all the young men out there, confused or not about relationships (even if you're a pretty good gamer with women), it is a must read. I have handed off this book to my son, now 24 years old. In fact I would recommend both books listed above along with Rollo's other two books.

In closing, I find this reddit to be a wonderful resource as well. Making sense of a confusing relational culture is the first step towards creating a meaningful fulfilling life for yourself. What type of human being would be so short-sighted as to censoring information that can help a man strive towards these goals? As Spock might say, "It's highly illogical!"

[-] ItztheHitman42 3 Points about a year ago

The thing is, you know the answers deep down. You just arent fully considering the fact women literally tally up all your past actions. Us men DON'T do that. That is where the ammunition comes from.

This occurs when you lose control, whether it be financially or emotionally in any regard. You only make a relationship work when you have ALL the power. When you have a consistent life and lead with congruent values. It is all intuitive because as someone here stated women select, they choose. Therefore you need the understand their rules and essentially play a couple moves ahead of them. Always. Fall behind, ever; you just walk. Something I knew inherently, but for whatever reason, decided to challenge iron-clad notions. I'm never entering any relationship again with such a severe lack of awareness ever again. The rules and values preached here do not waiver.

All tested, all confirmed. Everything spoken here is truth, but a lot of you will just have to see for yourself.

[-] destraht 3 Points about a year ago

Sometimes women will lose respect for me or I discover that they never had all that much to begin with. I agree just walk immediately or after your flu/hangover/cancer is healed up. Its fine as long as there wasn't a disparity of time or energy investment as then its just a fling. Don't throw good time and energy after bad. Also it shouldn't take much time after the best behaviour and fucking like rabbits period to figure it out. There will be a period where the sex is still happening a lot but you really don't like her. You leave then before the sex dries up. Also you just don't like her.

Some women just have unreasonable expectations from heady crap and they aren't worth training unless you live in Alaska. The best thing that you could do for them is to sell them into the Caliphate where they won't be confused by so many options. Since that is illegal the best course of action is leaving.

[-] ItztheHitman42 1 Point about a year ago

Good point. Seems im still misding the big picture. I liked when you said, "maybe they didnt have that much respect for me to begin with."

What it boils down to is: I didnt respect myself enough to make the better decision.

I could have left right at that perfect point you stated. Easily could have. But, I was a dumbass.

[-] ItztheHitman42 1 Point about a year ago

But if they didnt respect you, they wouldnt be sleeping with you. so uh.. a bit confused.

Example im using wanted desperately to get me back. She was a literal child in every sense of the word.

[-] destraht 1 Point about a year ago

Example im using wanted desperately to get me back.


Sex is a currency for women. They can use it to snare you and break you down. I guess that "not respecting you" is a not perfectly accurate way of describing it. If they had it in their mind as such then they'll become enraged that they spent some pussy credit and didn't get what they were supposed to get. That is just one major thing off the top of my head. Its too much work to come up with a bulletproof list. In general you want them to like you for your dick, body, personality and status (or how you can repeatedly achieve it with ease), etc but they might not really like you for many of those things. In one case a woman was attracted to me but thought that she had immediately earned an unqualified meal ticket. She hadn't. This caused her to immediately lose respect for me because I wasn't holding up the unspoken agreement. She was going to continue savaging me as punishment until I was better trained. It wasn't worth it and I walked, only losing several below average days after the good week.

[-] ItztheHitman42 1 Point about a year ago

they had it in their mind as such then they'll become enraged that they spent some pussy credit and didn't get what they were supposed to get.

pretty much hit the nail on the head.

[-] Chadster113 8 Points about a year ago

From what I read it sounds like the author thinks it's some kind of badge of honor for him to concede to his wife's request to keep her last name. I cringed hard at that. It's a slippery slope after that.

"My wife is thinking about making this an open marriage and you know what? I'm OK with that cause she's a strong, intelligent, and independent woman and i'm not a misogynistic asshole like those other guys."

[-] russian_nigger 5 Points about a year ago

that's right, I'm a man that's comfortable in my sexuality and I'm ok with my wife being pounded by strangers because in the end she comes back home to me. sex is just sex and it's the emotional and spiritual connection that counts

[-] Protocol_Apollo 2 Points about a year ago

Sometimes, people don't want to/can't be helped

[-] Fleiryn 8 Points about a year ago

Such an article though, all insults, no arguments

[-] Namel909 6 Points about a year ago

Well not growing up in any normal way i never realy saw any box so i allways was more of a purple pilled person and only a few months ago turned Red Pilled. But the struggle for me still is to get a woman that is worth a damm and not a huge mess.


So continue on your work! Like everone else too!
So that Feminists and SJW don´t sucsed in fucking everything up befor colapsing in on themselfs.

[-] WinjetRed 5 Points about a year ago
I find the whole "strong, intelligent woman" patronizing. It seems like to me he is implying that woman are not strong or intelligent and he just happened to come across this rare example of a woman. If he thinks women are not strong or intelligent enough I dont think he has any experience with women at all. 

I also think his fears for his future daughter are misplaced. Its natural to worry about there first big step into the world alone but if college was that bad would record numbers of women be going there? I think not.

Its hard to take someone seriously when they quote the pay gap. I would really like him to point to one female he knows in real life that is doing the exact same job, with the same working hours as a man and being paid less. Its nonsense. People go to jail for that or lose their business license. Quit spouting the same old bullshit bro.

The whole article reeks of the patriarchy. Women and children first. Protect the females at all cost. And if your not laying down your life to protect or provide for the women then you're going to be outcast. This guy is not a friend to man or woman. I did not finish it. Maybe later I will and see if he redeems himself.

[-] russian_nigger 2 Points about a year ago

he does not redeem himself

[-] Wolveryn 4 Points about a year ago

My gut tells me this guy (unless he’s mega wealthy), will go on to live a life of quiet desperation, he’ll have sex with zero women for the rest of his days (unless he comes to his senses), he’ll watch porn every now and then to relieve his needs, most likely lose his hair prematurely due to the long hours he’s doing to pay for the lifestyle his woman “deserves”. His missus probably berates him on the daily, slowly chipping away at what’s left of his self worth...

At around age 10-12 of his daughter, he’ll either learn that his missus has been cheating on him (not that she’d fuck him anyway), OR if she’s ugly af, she’s now pissed off 24/7 because she hates him but she doesn’t have any better options, so she fills her days being a controlling mother and becoming more of an outspoken feminist.

[-] RealMcGonzo 4 Points about a year ago

So that photo in the article - is that him or her?

[-] Spibas 4 Points about a year ago

Just for the record: feminization of society continues, soon it'll be easier than ever to be a valuable male. Just don't fall into feminine matrix.

[-] ToplessTopmodel 4 Points about a year ago

dont want to open the site. Can you paste the article into pastebin or something like that?

[-] halfback910 3 Points about a year ago

It made my anus clench a bit reading that. Though, to be fair, I never understood the desire for names to change.


It just seems to be a hassle for no good reason.

[-] NeinNoNon9 3 Points about a year ago

You hear that boys? Were just a bunch of angry, insecure, small-penis, traditionalist reactionaries. Yup. No merit to out perspective at all. Now be a good lad and marry someone that will brow-beat you about the wage gap, since it's such an obvious gimme. No evidence necessary.

[-] ItztheHitman42 2 Points about a year ago

Sexual strategy is intuitive


[-] russian_nigger 2 Points about a year ago

I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to be married to a strong, intelligent woman.

is this cuck implying that a non feminist is not strong and intelligent?

[-] AllahHatesFags 2 Points about a year ago

I wonder if the author preps the bulls himself.

[-] TheImpossible1 2 Points about a year ago

I'm very awake on what women stand for.

Trouble is, who will believe me when I say good women will not come to save us...

They want to dehumanize us completely.

[-] tyronethejabrone 1 Point about a year ago

Not much you can do other than a little preaching here and there. You can catalyze it but people gotta come to these conclusions on their own

[-] J_St0rm 2 Points about a year ago

“The Good Men Project® is a glimpse of what enlightened masculinity might look like in the 21st century,”

Forgive me if I'm not interested in their brand of "enlightened masculinity" when 9 of the top 15 spots are held by women and 20 of the total 43 spots are held by women.




Founder Tom Matlack

Publisher, The Good Men Project / CEO, Good Men Media, Inc.  Lisa Hickey

Advisor, Board Chairman, Good Men Media, Inc.  Ken Goldstein

Financial, Board Member, Good Men Media, Inc.  Allyson Vanderford

Executive Editors  Wilhelm Cortez, Lisa M. Blacker, Emily LaDouceur, Kara Post-Kennedy

Managing Editor  Christa McDermott

Lead Editors  Paul Hartzer, Christy Williams, Andy Grant, Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Partnership Director  Christa McDermott, Melissa Drake

Contributing Editor  Mark Greene

Section Editors

Social Justice  Wilhelm Cortez, Executive Editor

Ethics & Values  Thomas Fiffer, Editor

Sex, Love, and Relationships  Lisa M. Blacker, Executive Editor

Dads & Families Kara Post Kennedy

Marriage & Commitment Steven Lake, Editor

For the Love of Men  Barbara Abramson, Editor

Politics  John W. Holland, Editor

Health & Wellness  Ted McDonald, Editor

Education  Paul Hartzer, Lead Editor

Gender & Sexuality  Kevin Wood, Lead Editor

Arts & Entertainment  Jay Snook, Editor

All Things Geek  Alex Yarde, Editor

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Editors at Large  Dixie Gillaspie, Sean Swaby, Steve Horsmon, Hilary Lauren Jastram, Saliek Ruffin, Thaddeus Howze, Carol Bluestein, Amy Zellmer, Dustin Lehmann, Rhett Wilkinson, Scott Douglas Jacobsen

[-] SpiritStatic 5 Points about a year ago

Wow, great research...that’s alarming. But oddly not that surprising. I wonder how well it would shake out if a male-ran blog began coaching women on how to be more “enlightened.”

[-] J_St0rm 3 Points about a year ago

Imagine a man writing on what the real female perspective of “sex, love and relationships” or “motherhood and families” should be.

[-] ebaymasochist 2 Points about a year ago

I am pretty sure the best thing for anyone here is to not read that story. There's not enough time in the day, and if we found out tomorrow we would all live forever, there definitely wouldn't be enough. If I were trying to change someone's opinion, I would want them to read my content, especially if they disagreed with it, because that's how it happens. Little by little.

I trust OP that the story is garbage, and I am worried by how many guys are taking quotes from it in the comments.

[-] SpiritStatic 1 Point about a year ago

You make a good point. Admittedly, I suppose I shared it in a bit of anger - as if I couldn’t merely laugh at it on my own and move on.

I can see where passing that along to the community doesn’t really do much good for anyone.

[-] ebaymasochist 1 Point about a year ago

There's an element to the internet, and written word, that gives it more authority than if someone were just talking about it on a street corner or to a couple people at a party or something, where we would be a lot more likely to just keep walking or laugh at it. It's taken to extremes now, for example, there are likely thousands of people arguing about whether the Earth is flat at this very moment, only because of the internet. For most of history people have had really poor opinions and ideas and they just kept it to themselves. Now anyone can share it with the world and that has positives and negatives. We have to have a much stronger filter for the sake of sanity.

[-] SpiritStatic 1 Point about a year ago

Couldn't agree more. The Internet gave a voice to the voiceless, which has led to both extraordinarily positive and extraordinarily negative outcomes.

It's important to not take every opportunity to strike down complete nonsense just because you feel a call to do so. It's all just noise anyway.

I think that the stoic way of looking at the world is in total alignment with that, too.

[-] tempolaca 2 Points about a year ago

Lol I'm not clicking any site that's called "good men project".

[-] SenorSwole 2 Points about a year ago

I’ve actually noticed that the quarantine seems to have boosted the quality of content on here. Likely due to the fact that those who are less dedicated and less knowledgeable about TRP left the sub after the quarantine, but those more dedicated to TRP stayed.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] jlife18 1 Point about a year ago

These dudes or should I say simps are so pussy out here fuck. Stop worshipping these fucking females and grow some fucking balls!

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point about a year ago

In fact, having the quarantine up probably encourages a lot more interest from outsiders that may need the pill - like Mufasa telling Simba never to go where the light ends (except this isn’t an elephant graveyard).

Unfortunately this is not true. The quarantine prevents other people from seeing our content unless they are specifically searching for it and suppresses TRP on google search. Censorship works. If it didn't than tyrants wouldn't do it.

[-] AutoModerator 0 Points about a year ago

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