This example will be very valuable for those who still think their special princess won't ruthlessly branch swing despite all what you've done for her after her feelz and hamster tells her she deserves better.

My best friend in university (Let's call him Mark) is a stand-up guy, jacked, alpha as fuck, dominant but also friendly, kind and a genuinely good person. He had a girlfriend (We'll call her Katie) who was obese when he met her in her freshman year but she was pretty in the face. Mark was nothing but supportive and loyal to her despite her weight and even rejected many women who wanted to fuck him. As far as i know she was good to him, always made him happy, wasn't a nag, cooked for him and supported his dreams and all that. When people asked why he chose to be with Katie despite her weight, he replied with falling in love with her personality and attitude and her weight can be worked on later.

Since Mark is a personal trainer he kindly suggested to Katie that she join him on gym sessions and will even personally oversee her weight loss and fitness program without any charges whatsoever. She reluctantly obliged and after a year she lost weight and became more attractive. Her body was more defined and with a pretty face like hers she got more attention. She went from a 4 or 5 to an 8-9. She got on social media...IG, snap and was flooded with validation, gifts etc. She even had a pathetic beta-orbiter send her $4000 then blocking him after lmao.

Since she lost weight Mark told me she became more unbearable, occasionally disrespecting him in front of social circles and blatantly eyeing other men during outings. I won't go into much detail, but in our social circle there is an athlete who got a professional contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and she added him on social media, objectively better than Mark in a superficial way and he was an asshole too. Inevitably, Katie broke up with Mark in his final year in university and guess who she ended up with 2 weeks later?..Yes the dude who just signed with a professional team. Mark was devastated and blocked her of everything. My friend will heal with time.

He was there for her through thick and thin, helped her lose weight, and loved every fiber of her being. And what does he get in return? know the answer. Hypergamy doesn't care if you were there for her and helped her lose weight. Hypergamy doesn't care and it never will.

TLDR - Read the damn post and don't be a lazy faggot.