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- Hide Preview | 306 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by aegir98 [Post Locked]

The Welfare State & government policies that favor women through involuntary taxation of men is the root enabler of the high promiscuity among the modern western woman.

When the State takes care of women's need for financial stability & security, through the taxation of stable & secure men, women are free to indulge in their darwinian alpha fucks desires.

Prior to these male-exploiting government policies, women had to be more chaste. In a state of freedom, women have to be more chaste. Because they know, that a man is the sole protector and provider when they're disabled being pregnant and or breastfeeding. That no man is gonna want to commit, or have kids, with a courtesan who cant cross her legs. Let alone pour recourses into kids that might not be his own.

Women have evolved to choose good, stable "beta" providers. Because throughout human history, there has never been a welfare state to save them from their bad sexual desicions.

So today, in western society, we have a situation where the stable, secure betas are tax slaves for women and the state. So that Women in their prime fertility years can ride the cock carousel with the top 20% of men, only to then turn 29 about to hit the wall they and sadly settle with some boring beta provider.

This is unsustainable. And most importantly, completely immoral, mainly because it relies upon the involuntary taxation of hard working (usually) betas. Betas are gradually waking up to this scam. Hence the rise of mgtow and incels for example.

We innately know society is degenerating because of this. Hence the quote; "enjoy the decline".

What do you think about this? Sure, fucking a lot of women or men is a fun novelty. But it's not what builds societies & civilizations. The third party called "The State" distorts sexual relations in society for the worse.

I know TRP is amoral sexual strategy, but im sure many of you long for the strong sexual bonds and relationships people had prior to the sexual revolution. A nuclear family.

Casual sex gets tiring for men, and leaves womens ability to bond with a man destroyed. They get their infamous thousand cock stare. Its unsettling.

Remove the forced transfers of money through the state, and a natural, stable order between the sexes will occour. If not, we will continue to destroy the fabric of civilized society, which is the nuclear family. We will "enjoy the decline", live out our nihilstic hedonism, and leave future generations to deal with the consequenses of our selfish desires.