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- Hide Preview | 151 Comments | submitted about a year ago by GayLubeOil [Post Locked]

If in 2012 I told you of a Radical Feminist conspiracy to push strong men out of positions of power and to pull young men down into depression and despair, you would tell me I'm crazy. That was the chorus for a long time. For a long time if you discussed institutional discrimination endured by men, you would be shrugged off as a loon. However as the years rolled forward the truth became more and more unavoidable.

In 2016 the American people had a referendum on that truth. In 2017 the British also had a referendum. They voted No! They voted against GloboHomoism, Liberalism, demographic replacement and all sorts of things outside the immediate purview of sexual strategy. That's when all hell broke loose and institutional actors began their efforts to change where the culture is moving.

Now the Red Pill is supposed to be about sexual strategy. We're supposed to write guides teaching nerdy boys how to become confident. Lift weights. Gain muscle. Maybe get a blow job or two. Speak in a confident voice. Lead the room. That's what we're supposed to write about. That's what I want to write about.

The problem is confident men are difficult to control. They don't always listen to wifey or the media or what the wise university feminist professor has to say. That's how a community of confident men becomes subject to censorship. In 2008 writing an internet blowjob guide wasn't a political action. It is now.

There are three theories on why Reddit pulled the trigger on the quarantine today. The first is the technical theory. Reddit fiddled with their algorithm about a month ago, which allowed the Red Pill to hit the front page and rapidly gain subscribers. Next is the MeeToo theory wherein, Reddit quarantined us a cultural response to the supreme Court nominee on controversy. Finally there is a Grand Cleanse theory wherein there is a multi platform conspiracy to deplatform non liberals and control the narrative.

Here's what you need to know. Register an account on so you can continue to be a part of this community. Whatever is happening will continue to happen and will in fact speed up. There is no ignoring this at some point this will affect your personal sexual life. Stock up on controversial books like Ride The Tiger Revolt Against The Modern World. An Amazon book ban isn't far behind and you'll be glad you bought it when you could.

Finally if you are interested in growing your muscles and knowledge shoot me a PM before this community is deleted. I offer a Red Pill Coaching service that has helped many men. I want to help as many men here while I still can.

[-] igorhw 146 Points about a year ago

This sub helped me so much and I learned a lot applying stuff I read here.

Thank you GLO and others, you made my life so much better as well as people around me.

Enjoy the decline.

[-] GayLubeOil 225 Points about a year ago

In 2014 I got bored of watching YouTube videos and playing StarCraft 2 so I started Skyping dudes here playing recreational therapist. I thought that would be more entertaining like a reality TV video game.

Anyway I Skyped close to 1000 people in 5 years. Law school sort of prepared me for manipulating dudes out of depression and into the gym. I know this community better than anyone because I've actually had the pleasure to speak individualy with them.

If I called anyone here a fagot retard it's because I actually care alot.. I want to slap the kids here awake because there is a huge bullshit train coming right at them and they need to save themselves.

[-] reyaan7 38 Points about a year ago

The dedication you guys put to create this sub is admirable.

[-] Wjamie420 21 Points about a year ago

I really appreciate it man, this sub and your podcast on TRP.RED truly helped me become a better person; I went from being a blue-pilled drug addict that was very underweight and unhealthy to a red pilled conservative that's over a year clean and goes to the gym everyday. I'm so grateful to this community and would follow it onto any third party site, fuck reddit and its feminist soy-boy bullshit, they just want men to be enslaved and want to conceal all available alternatives.

[-] [deleted] 19 Points about a year ago

As much of a fucking asshole as you are, you got me into Dr. Starrett and lifting by berating me an entire afternoon. Results have been great.

Fuck you, asshole.

And thank you.

You're still nuts.

[-] WetLikeMyJumperTho 15 Points about a year ago

It's funny how words through a screen can help someone take charge of their life and stop being society's little bitch. I can guarantee you've done more for the betterment of people than a big portion of reddit who just scream out to get communities banned because they make them feel uncomfortable and go against the majority view.

Keep it going, Lubey

[-] mrbluesdude 7 Points about a year ago

I want to thank you as well, the reality of this is hitting me rather hard at the moment and I don't really know what to say except that I've enjoyed your contributions to this community and learned a lot from you and everyone else here. Damn, I can't remember the last time I felt so sad and angry all at once. I'm really going to miss this place.

[-] GayLubeOil 12 Points about a year ago

I'm not going anywhere. I'm easily reachable on I spoke to 8 dudes today lol.

[-] TheIncendiary97 20 Points about a year ago

I told you that I broke my hand and you responded by telling me to shove my thumb up my ass, get back in the gym, and keep squatting.

I'm going to print that shit out and put it up on my wall. Thank you GLO.

[-] ex_addict_bro 5 Points about a year ago

Not only a coach, but also a physiotherapist!

Oh, wait...

[-] SoulRebel99 4 Points about a year ago

Thank you GLO.

[-] A_Bandini 3 Points about a year ago

GayLubeOil and the other endorsed contributors are Saints as far as I'm concerned. This stuff, now more then ever, saves lives. The countless posts and man-hours these guys have contributed (and continue to contribute) free of charge is mind boggling. The end of this sub-reddit is very near boys - get registered over at TRP.Red asap and let's keep the train moving.

[-] cxj 2 Points about a year ago

Just curious what race did you play in sc2?

[-] chadthundercork 2 Points about a year ago

Guys, will the sidebar material live on?? Somewhere? Somehow?

[-] Psychocist 1 Point about a year ago

Kudos. Didn't realise you put that kind of work into those lost souls.

What I can't understand is why, even when facing the unfair whims of reddit censoring, that the above comment from redpillschool says the priority is to remain here?

No doubt the space should be fought over.. but are we just going to continue to invest until they eventually shutdown the whole thing?

[-] TheStoicCrane 3 Points about a year ago

I think they're buying time to make sure as much info from this forum can be preserved and archived so if worst comes to worst a majority of top posts here can just be relocated to TRP.Red like nothing happened.

[-] Psychocist 1 Point about a year ago

That makes sense if it's the case.

Do they own that content, though? Wouldn't they have to seek permission from all of those authors?

From the TOS:

Your Content You retain the rights to your copyrighted content or information that you submit to reddit ("user content") except as described below.

By submitting user content to reddit, you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, or publicly display your user content in any medium and for any purpose, including commercial purposes, and to authorize others to do so.

You agree that you have the right to submit anything you post, and that your user content does not violate the copyright, trademark, trade secret or any other personal or proprietary right of any other party.

Please take a look at reddit’s privacy policy for an explanation of how we may use or share information submitted by you or collected from you.

Seems they would need permission from those authors before they could rip their content onto another site otherwise they'll be running away from further trouble.

[-] TheStoicCrane 4 Points about a year ago

RedPilSchoo is achiving the "Top" TRP posts. Most of whom are endorsed contributors so in that sense I doubt there'd be much of a problem to take those select users' post and transfer them over.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] TheStoicCrane 105 Points about a year ago

In 2008 writing an internet blowjob guide wasn't a political action. It is now.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate and reflect on this comment...

[-] awakenedspirit1 68 Points about a year ago

This place literally saved my life. Thank you and all the mods for working so hard. This is true community service.

I'm grateful. Will do everything I can to support this community in whatever form til I'm out.

Much love bros. And love to all the women we care about too.

[-] [deleted] 43 Points about a year ago

Too funny to see the SoyBoys that govern Reddit telling us where to go to find 'positive masculinity'. Uhh.. how about ya just let me read my frikkin TRP or MGTOW when I want?


What are they afraid of? ohhhh... the truth, that's right.

[-] longjeep2005 21 Points about a year ago

It's all a product of the hive mind. Women think as groups and go to their peers for validation (it's amazing to see some women completely change their attitude on a subject just because it doesn't fit the group narrative). Combine that with the mass-feminization of men - men now behave as women- and you get a society that despises ideas that challenge the status quo.


Having unique ideas against the group think is a masculine quality that is dying out along with other masculine behaviors. It seems the human race is bound to become a mass of genderless skinnyfats with no ideas or convictions whatsoever.


RIP Redpill reddit. You guys have changed my live forever. You guys helped me find direction in life. You helped me hit the gym, get and keep women, figure out the good ones from the bad ones, you helped me figure out how to become a man. Thank you.

[-] itiswr1tten 40 Points about a year ago

I wrote something in the sticky but have been changing my mind a little bit.

Quarantine is not like putting the fraternity on double secret probation - outside a really deep inner circle our connections are (intentionally and otherwise) really loose. Without the in-person human interaction element the names I know here are just "nicks" (revealing my age probably...). In the college days, my boys and I would just regroup away from the administration's clutches, and amusingly our allure to outsiders would become stronger from the meddling.

The advantage of an online community for the topic we're discussing is the same advantage usenet and the like used to have - you are only your ideas. Merit is based on the shit you type into the ether. The disadvantage is just as obvious, our contributions lack connection to a real human being. So when it gets killed eventually or there are no more noobs I think, "eh, that was nice while it lasted. But I'm good." Flip side is if I could have KNOWINGLY convinced one more guy to just go to the gym and question what he's told I would probably never quit. There's a mix of both attitudes here on the veteran side (i) it's just a hobby, who cares? and (ii) I'd keep doing this forever if it got one more guy to just lift.

It's genuinely difficult to be motivated to join another Treehouse of Misogyny (much less get the newbs and developing characters to do so) if you have your shit figured out enough to post and engage. Perhaps the purge is the solution - it doesn't take much perception to get linked to a 2 or 5 year old post and see that the thoughtfulness put into your average comment or post was radically different than today.

Maybe something this subversive has to operate in guerilla sized groups. A few quartermasters, plenty of (but not too many) privates and boot campers, and a shortlist of officers. We'll see. Not ready to offer a solution to a community I have not been a critical part of.

I'll say one thing - admins have to operate within a LOT of rules. They have shareholders, advertisers, RMR goals to hit, etc. That's why they had to disable ads and gold in the naughty subs. We don't have nearly as many rules....


EDIT: I forgot something really important. The real purpose of this softban is to ASSOCIATE TRP with the shock/gore, incels, the white rights, and the "jews did everything" subs. Guilty by association is the modus operandi of the current political climate, and TRP is an order of magnitude or more bigger than everything else softbanned (besides a Faces of Death remake and a catchall sub). That's the real reason.

[-] TheProphetPhysiquiel 11 Points about a year ago

Coming from someone in a similar boat as you, every day I'm still learning something new. I'm proud of the man I've become since I found this sub, and helping others unplug is its own reward. But the best part of this sub, and the thing that keeps bringing me back, is just having the space to have these conversations.

[-] AnAbsoluteSith 12 Points about a year ago

That last part struck a chord with me. I have good quality male friends, but I still can't have certain convos with them because they're a lil blue inside.

[-] immibis 6 Points about a year ago

"jews did everything" subs

When you have "jews did everything" comments, like <comment link removed with 15 upvotes>, it's no wonder.

[-] redpillschool 40 Points about a year ago

News incoming. Update expected Friday. Will sticky. Register at in the meantime.

[-] hjkl4life 7 Points about a year ago

How is the site set up? I build websites and would like to help.

[-] edargham 4 Points about a year ago

Same here. I'm down to help on the project.

[-] lifestuff69 4 Points about a year ago

I also build websites and could help.

[-] Crowstarz 5 Points about a year ago

set up a petition or watever u can. the only update we care about is this sub stays here.

[-] redpillschool 23 Points about a year ago

Our first priority is that the community remains. The second priority is that it remains here.

[-] frooschnate 3 Points about a year ago

Is there a backup to all the posts here? Or maybe sidebar and more important endorsed ones

[-] poochman 2 Points about a year ago

Half the sidebar material has been deleted anyway.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] TheTrenTrannyTrain 38 Points about a year ago

My vote is on theory #2. It's no coincidence that the sub got quarantined the day Ford testifies against Kavanaugh, the admin knows we'll tear her apart on here; can't let anyone escape the plantation.

[-] iLLprincipLeS 25 Points about a year ago

It is still true: What begins as tragedy can end as farce. So it is with the case of Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting her when she was 15 and he was 17.

As of the most recent available moment in this episode, Ms. Ford’s lawyer said her client would not appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee until there is a “full investigation by law-enforcement officials.” Like the Mueller excavations, that could run to the horizon, unable to find anything but unwilling to stop until it finds something.

Let us posit that the one thing not at issue here is the truth. As a matter of law and fact, Ms. Ford’s accusation can be neither proved nor disproved. This is as obvious now as it must have been when Dianne Feinstein and the other Democrats came into possession of this incident.

Surely someone pointed out that based on what was disclosed, this accusation could not be substantiated. To which the Democrats responded: So what? Its political value is that it cannot be disproved. They saw that six weeks before a crucial midterm election, the unresolvable case of Christine Blasey Ford would sit like a stalled hurricane over the entire Republican Party, drowning its candidates in a force they could not stop.

In #MeToo, which began in the predations of Harvey Weinstein, Democrats and progressives finally have found a weapon against which there seems to be no defense. It can be used to exterminate political enemies. If one unprovable accusation doesn’t suffice, why not produce a second, or third? It’s a limitless standard.

The Democrats’ broader strategy is: Delay the vote past the election; win the Senate by convincing suburban women that Republicans are implacably hostile to them; seize power; and—the point of it all—take down the Trump government.

This is the “resistance.” This is what Democrats have become. Resistance is a word and strategy normally found in a revolutionary context, which is precisely the argument made by the left to justify its actions against this presidency since the evening of Nov. 8, 2016. Anything goes. Whatever it takes. Brett Kavanaugh is not much more than a casualty of war.

Rather than try to argue or win public issues on substance, the Democrats have become a party that seems to think it can win with muscle alone. Environmentalism emerged in the 1970s as a worthwhile idea that attracted the interest and support of both parties. From Al Gore onward, it became a bludgeon to beat up the other party. Now sexual abuse, an issue originating in utmost seriousness, has been quickly captured and fashioned into a political weapon by the Democratic left.

Politics as trench warfare has relieved the Democrats of the burden of thought. Extending the Pelosi Rule—we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it—we now have the Gillibrand Standard.

Commenting this week on Ford v. Kavanaugh, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, another 2020 presidential aspirant, said, “I believe it is disqualifying, given what we know.” In other words, what she believes is based on next to nothing.

Put on defense by these accusations, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley unsurprisingly agreed to a hearing in which Ms. Ford would tell her story and Judge Kavanaugh would speak. Then the senators would vote.

Consider the spectacle: Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court, the embodiment of a modern rule of law, is being decided in the Senate by the medieval practice of trial by ordeal, such as surviving immersion in fire or ice. Trial by ordeal was outlawed by the Lateran Council in 1215.

Or worse, the standards of the mob in the Roman Colosseum, turning thumbs up or down on the combatants. Though unlike the Senate Democrats, the Roman mob at least had an open mind.

Incidentally, the standard trope that Donald Trump has degraded our politics? We don’t need to hear that anymore. Or about the moral certitudes of the religious right.

Is there a sadder figure in the modern Democratic Party than Sen. Dianne Feinstein? Elected to the Senate in 1992, Mrs. Feinstein has produced a creditable career. Her above-it-all reputation was never quite deserved, but she has at least performed with dignity.

Now, seeking re-election at 85, she is getting heat from the progressive-dominated Democratic Party in California, the world capital of identity-only politics. By withholding from the committee the accusatory Ford letter that came into her possession nearly two months ago, Sen. Feinstein ensured the nomination’s descent into such a hapless, cynical moment. This will be the most remembered event in Sen. Feinstein’s career.

The Kavanaugh nomination, “given what we know,” has come down to an undiscoverable accusation. The defeat of a Supreme Court nominee on this basis would be a victory for a level of conscious political nullification not seen in the U.S. for a long time. Republicans in the Senate shouldn’t allow it, and voters in November should not affirm it.

[-] Luckyluke23 12 Points about a year ago

and—the point of it all—take down the Trump government.

all they want is for trump to be impeached so they can jump for joy at the vindercation they will receive at him being elected and there presidnet not.

I've never seen anything like it before. it's like a childs temper trantrum on a massive scale.

[-] iLLprincipLeS 13 Points about a year ago

I've never seen anything like it before. it's like a childs temper trantrum on a massive scale.

Apparently there's a term for it:

[-] destraht 8 Points about a year ago

As a Californian, if that were to happen then my nomination goes out to good old Midwest country boys sitting on crates of ammo.

[-] our_guile 10 Points about a year ago

Great article, thanks for sharing.

[-] Gimmick_puppet 22 Points about a year ago

I think it was inevitable but this Supreme Court hearing was probably the final nail in the coffin. This was the biggest MeToo story yet. The other stories were huge but this hearing dominated television for the entire day while a Weinstein accusation maybe gets 5 minutes in the nightly news. There was so much to analyze using a Red Pill lens you could probably spend months analyzing it. For example when Nora O Donnell interviewed Lindsey Graham before the start of the hearings it was basically a showcase of Male logic fighting against Female emotion. It was like one was talking about shapes and the other talking about colors. Or the diabolically brilliant statement by Swetnik where she accuses Brett of horrible things while simultaneously accusing him of nothing. Or the brilliant decision by the Republicans to use a female to ask their questions to Dr. Ford so as to avoid the losing scenario of having a male confront a woman which would only end badly for them.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] GayLubeOil 44 Points about a year ago

Michael Kimmel's department of sociology is being linked by the Reddit Admins. So that's who. Not really a mystery.

Go through that Wikipedia and see if there's any coincidences. My theory is that people with nasally voices don't like the Red Pill for some reason. Haven't figured it out yet.

[-] send_nasty_stuff 29 Points about a year ago

People are reading books about nasally cosmopolitans.

[-] GayLubeOil 20 Points about a year ago

Cosmopolitan areas have more pollution and probably cause more nasal congestion.

[-] Gargantuar01 8 Points about a year ago

People are reading a book about critique.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Celicni 1 Point about a year ago

Do those three special letters happen to rhyme with "juice"?

[-] thetotalpackage7 4 Points about a year ago

Yes you can. Pacified, pussified, porn addicted, drug addled, college brainwashed, feminist, soy boys can't go on a holocaust rampage. How's that for a final red pill?

[-] sokonoko 14 Points about a year ago

It's the arabs who control hollywood, surely!

[-] ardu- 20 Points about a year ago

They also control our financial system, academia, porn, and they own the media too!

[-] U-94 7 Points about a year ago

Don't forget the lucrative fancy carpet and gas station businesses.

[-] TheStoicCrane 7 Points about a year ago

All of America united under the "Star of Akbar"!

[-] Starfuckingman 3 Points about a year ago

I am an arab and trp changed my life. Ask me anything.

[-] [deleted] 12 Points about a year ago

I actually haven't been here in a long time because while the discussion about gender and sexual strategy is great, having all other discussion be blue pilled as fuck is really annoying.

This sub is getting banned, there is no way around it. Might as well go full out before that happens.

[-] evolveorwither 19 Points about a year ago

I've been lurking with two accounts for a year and a half on this sub, and this is the exact reason why I've continued to come back here. When I saw that TRP wasn't in the list of my subscribed subs I knew some nonsense just went down. The vast majority of people on this sub are people trying to better themselves, find the bullshit in the world, and be more successful with women and in life. For the most part, something to aspire to. To be associated with and quarantined for the same reasons as some of the other subs that were quarantined today is thoroughly ridiculous. I hope our community only grows bigger.

[-] TheGovernorPR 17 Points about a year ago

Thank you everyone on TRP. You Men saved my life, I was depressed fat, miserable, indecisive, and thought acting like a fucking soy boy was masculinity. The Men of this subreddit chewed me up and spit me out, but I am so damn happy they did. I was on the brink of suicide.

I found this subreddit by accident, by fucking accident.

When I got here, I ate it up, never even had an anger phase, I new it was the truth. I applied the terms right away and my life changed, women gave me time of their day, weak men gave me dirty looks, and envious tried to take me down.

Today, I am stronger than I have ever been, leading life from the front, being the Man I was fucking destined to become. Thank you all.

[-] reyaan7 14 Points about a year ago

I found this sub accidentally around 7-8 months ago. To be honest I was wondering why this sub is not banned yet because it was telling brutal truths. People got brutally murdered when they questioned the authority. It happened in past it'll happen in the future. This sub just got quarantined.

[-] foreignbois 14 Points about a year ago

I ran into this sub about a year ago. Ever since I have truly, truly enjoyed the benefits it provided me, and not just in a sexual situation.

Thank you everyone who has been involved, stay safe out there boys.

[-] TheBunk_TB 13 Points about a year ago

Its one thing I got a 30 day "shoah" from another subreddit, its an entirely different thing to "hide" a very popular subreddit that has helped many men. How do I help shepherd others to TRP reddits alternatives?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Jay-G 13 Points about a year ago

Just another example of whiney bitches trying to manipulate men. No one is on TRP that doesn’t want to be. No one here goes out and promotes our beliefs or shoves it down anyone’s throat, we aren’t knocking on people’s door with literature every Saturday morning. If someone doesn’t like what is being said here, don’t fucking read it. It’s quite simple to me. I don’t want to eat hot garbage every day, but I’m not hell bent on shutting down the fucking McDonald’s subreddit. This is a prime example of blue pills. Instead of trying to better themselves and raise the bar higher, they want to bring everyone down to their level. “I don’t want to workout hard, so let’s make a planet fitness gym where we publicly shame you for lifting heavy.” “I don’t put in the hard work and train like champions, so I want to get a participation award”. Instead of going about and enjoying their day and being fully invested in what they want to do, they go out of their way to be a hemorrhoid to TRP. All this does is make my conviction stronger, if you don’t have enemies then you never stood up for something.

[-] DavidJewenstein 11 Points about a year ago

Have you looked at the sub count? It means you don't count as a user now. 0 subscribers.

[-] Boddah777 10 Points about a year ago

Man, I'm really upset about this. I found about tRP a couple of months ago, I finally found a place were I can learn and see through the bullshit that feminist and pussies likes to promote, to not be a puppet for the feminist party. Now this. Shame on Reddit. Thanks to the community.

[-] [deleted] 8 Points about a year ago


[-] LowCreddit 36 Points about a year ago

I am liberal but the goals of radicals and especially radical feminists aren't secret. They literally write books on them.

[-] SoulRebel99 19 Points about a year ago

You can be a liberal but not a leftist. Classical Liberalism is what founded western democracy. Now the very ideas of dialogue, speech, public debate are seen as threats to the narrative.

[-] Incel9876 7 Points about a year ago

You can be a liberal but not a leftist. Classical Liberalism is what founded western democracy. Now the very ideas of dialogue, speech, public debate are seen as threats to the narrative.

Western democracy was a mistake for Western civilization, a relatively recent and reckless experiment, that we have to misfortune to watch fail in real time. The idea that you can delink nationality and full citizenship from race/religion/sex is probably going into the dustbin of history.

[-] destraht 16 Points about a year ago

Without being too grandiose or complete, the information technology centers have been shifting to the extreme left and self-selecting for increasingly leftist worldviews to the point that they've created an echo chamber and when they don't get back the right reverb they demonize and take it down. There are larger conspiracy answers but that is the "it just happened" answer.

[edit] As I say all of the time, I'm a web dev with 15 years of experience. I have an eye for odd behavior because its my profession. So something just seems really odd to me about how this new quarantined reddit is behaving. It feels different. This comment's points oscillates wildly on page refreshes (it will likely change or stabilize later). It feels like its running through different code paths or maybe being run through a partitioned cluster. That might be what "quarantined" actually means if its about monitization in that it has been somehow, at some level separated from the rest of reddit.

[-] zeuD13 8 Points about a year ago

Liberal values are the exemption around people calling themselves liberals at the moment. We are dealing with the radical left that has managed to disguise itself into "liberalism". It was essential for them to do that especially in America were the Left was really branded in a bad manner.

[-] telytuby 6 Points about a year ago

Yeah, I think when he says liberal he’s referring to the far left regressives but, I don’t know for sure. I’m pretty left but I see stuff I agree with here.

[-] Luckyluke23 7 Points about a year ago

what I don't understand is why they " accidentally " prompted this sub in the first place.

why didn't they just untick this sub from being promoted and just leave us to our relative obscurity?

now we have identity politics screwing everything up and we are being targeted as a hate group.

[-] FindTheBus 6 Points about a year ago

Probably because of all the terrible field report LARPers trying to build their "mentoring" subscription fanbases

[-] TigerXtrm 4 Points about a year ago

This actually isn't a bad theory. Field reports, for better or worse, are cringy as fuck.

[-] [deleted] 6 Points about a year ago


[-] johnpayne10 2 Points about a year ago

'You fucking saved countless lives!' True story!!

[-] civilizedfrog 6 Points about a year ago

They say "Quarantine", I hear "Too faggy to let others hear the truth"

[-] Afroshak 6 Points about a year ago

I'm fucking raging, they're essentially stopping this sub from growing and being undetectable to newcomers.


If i hadn't stumbled across this sub over a year ago i'd be a wreck. I'm sure it's the same story for a lot of the guys on here.

[-] redpill_scientist92 5 Points about a year ago

Thank you /u/gaylubeoil. The writings of you and others have made me grow up from a basement bernie bro into a strong confident man. I can't believe the day is finally here. Time to take into action everything I've processed on this sub over the past 3 years. You guys changed my life.

[-] Ananonguy88 5 Points about a year ago

Maybe finally we will get reminded that TRP is not only about getting laid.

It's much more than this, it is political. It's against cultural gynocentrism. I hope more people in here will get woke because of this.

[-] destraht 4 Points about a year ago

Does anyone think that the quarantined system just feels slightly different? I feel like they are running this subreddit on either different code paths and/or segmented slightly removed cluster of machines than the main website. Basically I mean that "quarantine" means that they put us in the infrastructure ghetto.

They obviously tweaked feature flags like not being able to give reddit gold now but that is probably a by-product of us being in the ghetto.

[-] unpluggedoasis 4 Points about a year ago

This is one of a small handful of places that saved my life.

[-] Insendi 4 Points about a year ago

Briefly spoke with you on Skype a few months ago, was a great experience to speak with you. I've gotten onto and hope the to see the rest of you on there too.

[-] bemore_ 4 Points about a year ago

Just a shit test. I'm doing legs today, then going to meet a cutie

[-] Diogenes-- 2 Points about a year ago

I think you're right about this purge speeding up. It'll soon be illegal to be near women. Instead of learning how to sleep with women, which, no matter how consensual, might end up with you in a jail cell, consider monk mode. Religions for thousands of years have told us that abstaining from ejaculation is good for us. Some say this outright, while others use fear as a motivator (eg. you'll go to hell if you masturbate / have premarital sex). But they all mention it. You can think that everyone who lived before you, for thousands of years, was a complete idiot... or you can accept that maybe they knew a thing or two. Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton were celibate. It frees you up and energizes you to do more with your life. There's more to life than sex.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that lifting weights is just so amazing. It's not so much about building muscle, although that's nice... it's about raising your T and instilling discipline in yourself. If you discipline yourself in this way, it spills into other areas of your life - you become more disciplined in general. And higher T makes you feel great. Make sure to eat enough calories / protein to put on muscle, lifting won't do much if you eat like a bird or if you eat mostly sugar and starch. And make sure to get sunlight and/or supplement vitamin D, your body can't produce testosterone without this chemical building block, of which 80% of western people are low / deficient. Lack of resistance training and sunlight is why so many western men are effeminate, with on average 1/2 the sperm count and 1/3 the testosterone of men 50 years ago. Men 50 years ago were more likely to have manual labor jobs and to get sunlight, since there wasn't much indoor entertainment like we have today (500 tv channels, internet, video games, etc.)

[-] gabber-united 2 Points about a year ago

technofascists soyboy attack ;]

[-] PhantomCowboy 2 Points about a year ago

You have to be fucking crazy to bang women in 2018, doesn't matter how wonderful your frame, abs or job are

[-] OneInAZillion 2 Points about a year ago

Let me translate the quarantine message for you:

"For information on positive masculinity, please see the resources available at Stony Brook University's Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities Reddit approved opinion on what it means to be a man. Sincerely, soyboy reddit mods".

[-] Omnidempotent 2 Points about a year ago

Stock up on controversial books like Ride The Tiger Revolt Against The Modern World. An Amazon book ban isn't far behind and you'll be glad you bought it when you could.

You can find many of these older books for free (and legally for now) on For example, here is Evola's Revolt Against the Modern World. Be sure to look for spengler and yockey as well as evola's other books.

I also recommend Gentile's Origins and Doctrine of Fascism. If everyone's going to call us fascists, might as well find out what it actually means.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a year ago

Stock up on controversial books like Ride The Tiger Revolt Against The Modern World.

At least we won't need the Anarchist's Cookbook.

[-] FuerstFushi 1 Point about a year ago

TRP and all of you made me a better man! without you, i wouldnt know how to handle women,men,people in general and myself! i learned a lot and will learn a lot more!

fuckem! sad day!

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] dirtymint 1 Point about a year ago

Stock up on controversial books

What are the most controversial/red pill books I should get?

I have the rational male, do you think the sequels will be considered controversial?

[-] DevkiKinteSiski 1 Point about a year ago

Christ Almighty. Textbook doublethink - "I believe in freedom for all. I am shutting you down. No, I am not a hypocrite."

Yo, admins! If you're RIGHT, why are you WORRIED?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] face_north 1 Point about a year ago

They might burn the book, they can never wipe out the message.



[-] Uevenliftbro 1 Point about a year ago

I dunno, never heard of this reddit before. I heard you were quarantined and me, hating censorship, have now subbed.

[-] juanfuerzaPH 1 Point about a year ago

I've known about TRP before but I found it hard to remember the teachings. Now after a bad breakup I've finally decided to swallow the pill and I've seen the results so far.

Will definitely continue to be a part of this brotherhood within or even outside of Reddit when it finally comes to that.

[-] Talska 1 Point about a year ago

uhh our (British) referendum was in 2016 not 2017

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] averis1 1 Point about a year ago

If the sub get banned, how do I gain access to all the quality posts here? Would they be all locked and unreadable?

Did someone back up all the content from Reddit TRP?

[-] GayLubeOil 1 Point about a year ago

They'll be backed up on

[-] averis1 1 Point about a year ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't all backup for old contents be done before it gets blocked and becomes inaccessible?

Is this link where I can view all the old content? It seems to have everything from up until the last month.

[-] jwarner95 1 Point about a year ago

Your non bullshit approaches are always refreshing in this masculinity depraved world. Thank you man.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Clean_Anus 1 Point about a year ago

I came here awhile ago, but I am pretty versed on TRP and realize that when I apply it, I succeed, and when I don't, I fail. So, no need to keep coming back for the same old stories. That being said, nothing changes on the other side.

They can suppress men and masculinity all they want, but it is not in the nature of women to desire weak men. The hateful shrews try to suppress the masculinity of men and the desires of women, and fail, again and again.

[-] Truedemocracy4 1 Point about a year ago

Just want to thank this sub for turning my life around and making me a true man. The phrase enjoy the decline is used a lot in this sub.

The decline is here. Be strong out there fellas

[-] swampbastard69 1 Point about a year ago

Is there a forum that isnt filled with PUA douchebags that we can go to once reddit bans this sub?

[-] MaelMordaMacmurchada 1 Point about a year ago

Desperate thrashing, this quarantine and the Kavanaugh hearing. The animal is most dangerous in its death throes

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] rygy3 1 Point about a year ago

When you say coaching service, you mean you'll casually PM and offer advice, or do you actually charge people money to become red pill?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Akmb499 1 Point about a year ago

Take it as a compliment, they don't wanna see you shine

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] areq13 1 Point about a year ago

I tried to note that a left-wing sub also got quarantined, but Automod removed my comment.

Ironically, by never giving a list of the subs they quarantine or ban, the admins make the affected subs feel persecuted individually.

[-] AnInstant 1 Point about a year ago

I knew it will happen. This sub is pain in the ass from their perspective. Stupid people are just like this - they don't like smarter ones, or those who grab their lives by the balls.

You are fat? It's ok, you're beautiful, doesn't matter you can have heart attack at age of 25. Wife's cheating? It's allright, she will just get her 70% and you can find another snowflake! You don't like men? Welcome in society!

You're men looking for help, struggling with life? Fuck you, because you know, nobody cares. And oh, this sub that actually care? We will destroy it because fuck you.

[-] KernelFlux 1 Point about a year ago


I just stumbled upon your sub. I am very sorry for what is happening to you all. I have moved to to continue to follow you.


Good luck!

[-] d1560 1 Point about a year ago

Reddit is such a dogshit platform. Not a big loss.

[-] Opioidus 1 Point about a year ago

You're too pessimistic, this is a great development, they're scared. We've moved from ignoring and mocking stages, now they fight us.

The global leftist establishment is in panic, what used to be extremely fringe ideas are becoming counter culture, that is one step away from mainstream. They will always come for male only spaces because when men are left alone together they start comparing notes and see that they face similar problems and these problems have universal fixes. They tried to close tea houses in 17th century England, this is the same thing on a much larger scale.

Trump is just the beginning, one day, very soon, he will be considered left wing.

[-] SpectacularFox 1 Point about a year ago

Johnathan Bowden is immense. An intellectual giant. Thanks for linking to him.

[-] Akmb499 1 Point about a year ago

I don't understand? What will happen and what should I do to still get daily articles?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] gregorthenerd 1 Point about a year ago

How can you say that America had a referendum and voted against globalism? Donald Trump lost the election by millions of votes and won as a result of the electoral college. Whether or not you think that is a good thing is a different kettle of fish, but if the election was by popular vote Trump would have lost, bigly.

[-] Skaiiward 1 Point about a year ago

Do you understand that his strategy would have been different if it was only for a popular vote?

[-] fcking77 1 Point about a year ago

Wtf is going on? Why this sub will be deleted?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] YayLewd 1 Point about a year ago

Is anyone working on an archive? Is there one available to download?

I don't have a lot of time to read theory, but I would appreciate an archive of the best of the best Endorsed Submissions. I've already read and downloaded most of the sidebar.

[-] Crowstarz 1 Point about a year ago

We need to archive the whole thread to forum or trp.redpill.

This is not the time to fail.

Just another hurdle in our path just like many of em grativated from BP to TRP.

This is not how it ends. It doesn't matter how hard those sjws or betatards try hard to push us off the edge.


[-] shadowq8 0 Points about a year ago

I like this subreddit. It helped me a lot with my personal life.

But reddit wants to sell advertising bucks.

No one wants their ads on controversial subreddits.

[-] Erfbender -8 Point about a year ago

Sad that your approach to the subreddit seems to be with the goal of targeting lost, damaged guys, and using unproductive and juvenile speech, speech that jeopardizes the future of this subreddit, in order to ensnare poor saps into paying you to radicalize them to your dull and simplistic approach to life.

[-] GayLubeOil 6 Points about a year ago

Julias Evola and Alexander Dugin arnt dull simplistic or juvenile.

[-] Erfbender -6 Point about a year ago

A racist and a stalinist. While they might be more colorful, you don't get to claim their innovative cred by dogmatizing their work. I have no faith that reactionary politics can be anything other than mental mastrubation. A true alpha doesn't need social controls to be valued by women. Your incel fanboys, on the other hand...

[-] Chaddeus_Rex 1 Point about a year ago

racist and a stalinist.

what's wrong with being racist?

stop being a bigot and accept that some people have different opinions than you about race.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] rKKKselected 1 Point about a year ago

The regime has already decided the fate of this subreddit cuckboi just a matter of when

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] TheStoicCrane 11 Points about a year ago

I'll play Devil's Advocate here before your comment gets downvoted to oblivion. Have you read any side bar material? Simple question.

[-] Neptune23456 -10 Point about a year ago

The vast majority of the stuff here is in the posts, not the sidebar. I haven't read the sidebar, don't have the time

[-] AnAbsoluteSith 14 Points about a year ago

Who knows? Maybe if you took the time to read the sidebar or put into practice a lot of the principles recited here, like discipline, self development, or rejecting self pity, and all the other aspects of "toxic masculinity", you wouldn't have a drinking problem? or fall for the fallacy that someone has to truly "love me for who I am" (your words not mine).

Instead you come here with your limiting pre-conceived notions, cherry-picking the worst of the community and extrapolating from that. Why not do what I did 5 years ago? I heard about this shit-hole elsewhere on Reddit, so I came and read through the core tenets of the philosophy with an open mind but a discerning and critical eye. And then adopt a scientific method and test it? I mean what do you have to lose?

As with any ideology, there will always be those radical individuals. And in this case there are indeed some very angry and hurt guys who spew some vitriolic shit because this is the only place the poor bastards have to vent. I was one of them. My gf cheated on me while I was lying in a hospital bed waiting for the cancer to kill me. You can be damned sure I was frustrated at that and all my previous shitty interactions with girls. There was a noticeable trend.

Years later and here I am. And guess who isn't a skin head Nazi who abuses women? Guess who's made it into their final year in uni? Guess who has quality friends who do fun thinks like go on hikes regularly? Guess who is the healthiest and strongest he's ever been in his life? Guess who has a loving, supportive, intelligent, and attractive gf in her final year in med school? Guess who has a little sister who he encouraged and supported and is now in Stanford pursuing engineering? Guess who has numerous female friends who trust him and constantly stick around? I wouldn't think any of this possible from someone who has been on a steady diet of misogynistic hate literature for the past 5 years. But alas, here we are. My life is nowhere near perfect, but I have come so far and I possess so much more potential, thanks to this Legion of Doom that espouses toxic masculinity

I feel sorry for guys like you, the answer is right in front of you but you fight against it tooth and nail.

[-] TheStoicCrane 2 Points about a year ago

I haven't read the sidebar, don't have the time

Then you honestly don't have a basis to criticize TRP. Yes, there are some outlandish characters here who post wild remarks but so what? They can easily be ignored if they seem uncouth.

The vast, vast meat comes from the side bar. I'd honestly recommend reading the Confessions of a Reformed Incel followed by the Manipulated Man then the Misandry Bubble in order for you to genuinely understand what TRP is revealing here.

Otherwise making comments criticizing other user comments (who probably didn't read sidebar material either) is like a Black man lurking on a Neo-Nazi subreddit complaining about the racism. Surely there would be other better things to do with your time than post in a forum you detest and know so little about.

[-] Auvergnat 8 Points about a year ago

Even when the gym owner has announced the locker room is finally to be closed because of the bad PR he’s getting from all the women outside worrying about what is being said in it and spreading lies about it, and guys round up there for a last time to give thanks to each other for having saved one another’s life thanks to those discussions, there still has to be one girl who felt she needed to come at the window to taunt them one last time and repeat the lies directly at them so that she can feel better about herself.

[-] Neptune23456 -12 Point about a year ago

I'm a guy. None of it was lies. Its all here in the countless posts of hate against women simply because they are women. Basically thats all you could talk about. How pathetic women are. Also all the advocacy for men cheating on their partners was disgusting. Basically its okay for a guy to do it but horrible when a woman does. How much pain all the cheating this subreddit caused must be so bad. I'm glad its been quarantined. Means there will be less suffering because of all the hate here

[-] Auvergnat 14 Points about a year ago

Oh don’t worry we’re still all out there in the world. Lifting, loving life, making love to them poor women we apparently hate so much, and discussing our experiences on how to love them some more. And we’ll still help you the day your delusions are shattered and your eyes finally open to the reality of humans’ intersexual dynamics. We’ll be telling you “it’s ok, we were clueless and full of hubris once too” and we’ll share with you how to function in this world with your eyes open. Till then buddy, farewell and good luck! You’re going to need it.