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- Hide Preview | 151 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by GayLubeOil [Post Locked]

If in 2012 I told you of a Radical Feminist conspiracy to push strong men out of positions of power and to pull young men down into depression and despair, you would tell me I'm crazy. That was the chorus for a long time. For a long time if you discussed institutional discrimination endured by men, you would be shrugged off as a loon. However as the years rolled forward the truth became more and more unavoidable.

In 2016 the American people had a referendum on that truth. In 2017 the British also had a referendum. They voted No! They voted against GloboHomoism, Liberalism, demographic replacement and all sorts of things outside the immediate purview of sexual strategy. That's when all hell broke loose and institutional actors began their efforts to change where the culture is moving.

Now the Red Pill is supposed to be about sexual strategy. We're supposed to write guides teaching nerdy boys how to become confident. Lift weights. Gain muscle. Maybe get a blow job or two. Speak in a confident voice. Lead the room. That's what we're supposed to write about. That's what I want to write about.

The problem is confident men are difficult to control. They don't always listen to wifey or the media or what the wise university feminist professor has to say. That's how a community of confident men becomes subject to censorship. In 2008 writing an internet blowjob guide wasn't a political action. It is now.

There are three theories on why Reddit pulled the trigger on the quarantine today. The first is the technical theory. Reddit fiddled with their algorithm about a month ago, which allowed the Red Pill to hit the front page and rapidly gain subscribers. Next is the MeeToo theory wherein, Reddit quarantined us a cultural response to the supreme Court nominee on controversy. Finally there is a Grand Cleanse theory wherein there is a multi platform conspiracy to deplatform non liberals and control the narrative.

Here's what you need to know. Register an account on so you can continue to be a part of this community. Whatever is happening will continue to happen and will in fact speed up. There is no ignoring this at some point this will affect your personal sexual life. Stock up on controversial books like Ride The Tiger Revolt Against The Modern World. An Amazon book ban isn't far behind and you'll be glad you bought it when you could.

Finally if you are interested in growing your muscles and knowledge shoot me a PM before this community is deleted. I offer a Red Pill Coaching service that has helped many men. I want to help as many men here while I still can.