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- Hide Preview | 25 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by redvelvet_oreo [Post Locked]

I decided to make this post because before I found TRP I had already found my mission. My purpose so to speak. I see a lot of younger dudes struggle with this and they go into this downward spiral into nothingness. I have had many people ask me for advice over the years on how get to where I am at. How to advance their careers. I hope this guide can help you as well.

Have an Open Mind

When I was in high school I was like every other kid. I liked playing video games, playing sports, chasing girls, hanging with the "crew", and eating junk food. The time came where we are all in senior year and applying for college. Some of us knew what they wanted to major in. Most of us had no fucking clue but college was the next logical step. Some kids didn't even bother and decided to get a job in a local store and this would be their lifestyle. I was in the boat of having no idea what I wanted to do. I had this unrealistic idea in my head I was going to be an actor. Growing up I was great at imitating people and acting out scenes from movies. I even took a drama class in High School and aced it. Somehow that didn’t sit right with me but my brain thought I was going to be rich and famous one day if I pursued acting.

A few months before HS ended my dad asked me what I was going to do with my life. I told him my unrealistic goal. "Im going to become an actor!". My father looked at me puzzled. Instead of telling me I'm an idiot or telling me "HELL NO!. Your short ass will never be an actor!" He reasoned with me. He told me if I wanted to become an actor I should find a career first and make money and still pursue acting on the side. You can do both and that way you wont be a broke bum on the street trying to find your next acting gig. I could have been a close minded fuck and decided my dad didn’t know shit. He didn’t have the best career. Me and him basically disagreed on everything during my child hood and had a rocky relationship. I decided to have an open mind about it and thought it was good advice that could work. It was a win/win either way. Later on having an open mind made me ease into my major aswell. Instead of hating everything that was hard like math and psychics I embraced it and it actually turned interesting to me. A few weeks after my dad spoke to me I had destroyed my computer from downloading to much porn and music and my PC was infested with viruses. In my head my computer was unfixable. My friend came over and fixed it within a few hours. It was like brand new. Right there I knew what I wanted to do. Which leads me to my next point.

Draw inspiration from others

Face it. Someone out there is always going to be better then you. Even when your at your best there is someone out there better. This is what makes you strive to keep moving to the top. I was amazed the kid can fix my computer so fast. It made me a bit jealous because we were the same age. How did he posses this wizard knowledge and I didn’t? Old me would have said it was because he was a fucking nerd. Me and my baggy pants and backward fitted hats were to cool for that shit. At this point my mind was in an open state so to speak. So I wasn’t thinking like that anymore. I was just a sponge trying to absorb information. I used that experience to fuel me to be better then that kid. If he could do it so can I. There is nothing special about him even if people say he was just born as a genius. Fuck that noise. I can be a genius too. As I started college I still worked part times jobs. One job I worked in a basement filing. No one supervised me. So I decided to pick up a book and read. I bought a Navy Seal book called "Warrior Soul". Reading someone else go through adversity and extremely difficult obstacles really fueled the fire for me. It inspired me to do better and gave me motivation that I can get through any difficult obstacle in my life. If these guys can stay up 5 days straight during hell week in the freezing cold doing constant training and problem solving I can get through this shit. Never Quit.(SEAL Mantra) . That mantra stuck with me. There was many times in college I took on a full time schedule of classes and worked full time and still managed to exercise. The point being I let other people inspire me to do better. Where that inspiration comes from is irrelevant. It can come from people, books, games, TV. Use that inspiration to do something and become better then what you are now.

Have a Vision

After you figure out what your going to do and what's your goal, visualize it in your head how that will play out and where you see yourself 5 years from now. Write that vision down if you have to. When you visualize your goal realize you are thinking about the end result. You are going to have to achieve many small goals to get to the larger goal. Your end goal might be to become the CEO of a large organization. That doesn't happen over night. There are thousands of small goals and victories to be achieved to get there. That’s why a lot of motivational speakers now tell you to Clean your room, or Wake up at 4:00 AM. These are small goals to accomplish. Once you accomplish them you can move on to bigger goals. Have a vision and work towards it every single day.

Discipline/Keep yourself accountable

Everyone struggles with having discipline and being accountable for their actions. Its probably why so many people cant make it far in life living in the 1%. After you have a vision and create small term goals for yourself you actually have to start doing things to make them happen. If that means studying an extra hour every night and not playing a video game do it. Its always going to be the hardest in the beginning. Your brain is going to keep telling you " I don’t wanna do this". Ignore that side of your brain. He is a lazy fuck and wants you to fail. Pull out that text book, turn off your phone, your TV, isolate yourself and study that extra hour. Do this for 2 weeks. You will find your self in a rhythm. You will have created this new regiment for yourself. Now every time you don’t study that extra hour you will be pissed at yourself that you didn’t do it and next time you might study longer then an extra hour. If you been following TRP and have been lifting you already know what its like to show up at the gym every day. You know its hard but you do it anyway. The times you don't show up you hate yourself and you go back and go harder the next time around.

Read, Read, Read

Yeah all you fucks should know this already since you have read the sidebar. Learn to read a book and not social media posts on your phone. It amazing how many people I have met now between the ages of 21 - 25 and have barley read 1 book on their own. Besides the bullshit books your school makes you read. Read something that actually interests you. Start there. You like Game of Thrones? Read the book. Once you start to read a lot of books reading things like texts book or other sources of information that are less intriguing are easier to read. You will know how to maintain focus reading something and actually understand the words being used. Don’t be a dumbass if you read words you don’t know look them up. Its easier to skim over but that difficult word might be what ties everything together and you miss the point entirely by skimming over it. There is something to be learned in everything you read.

Get Good and then Get Better

During my career this is the one thing that separated me from most people. I always became good at whatever it is I learned. I am definitely not one of this people that once they read something once or the first time they play a sport are amazing at it. I am a guy that needs to practice and practice to get good at something. My first lesson in this was in a karate class when I was 11. There were bigger and stronger kids in the class. We were practicing flying kicks on this sort of standing up punching bag with the instructor holding it from behind. I was terrible at it. My kicks were so weak. I kept practicing it over and over. I would stay after class and practice at it. After a few weeks I kicked the thing so hard the instructor fell over. Everyone in the class was in awe including the instructor. The instructor after class told me he was really happy with my progress. The point is I found my weak point and I kept trying to get better at it. I eventually became the best at it. That stood with me for the rest of my life. I applied this in everything.

When things get challenging people have a tendency to quit right at the start. You will fail but instead of quitting you need to get up an fail again. Until you finally pass/win. Go above and beyond the normal. Whatever it is you choose to do you should learn how to be the best at it. That means putting more time into it then your average person would. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

Side Note: Since a lot of you are trying to find your purpose in life I have noticed a common trend with people. The first thing they ever get good at they make it the one thing they are going to do in life. They do this because they think it’s the only thing they are good at and cant see them selves being good at anything else. For example I see a lot of people get good at lifting or playing video games. I have seen this so many times where someone goes to the gym makes some gains and now they an expert at it. Eventually they want to make a fitness social media account, a fitness blog and eventually open a gym. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that but its very short minded. Look how many people have done that already. What happens is they usually fail and spiral out of control because that was the "only" thing they were good at in life. Getting good at things like lifting and video games is common. People spend a lot of time with this stuff some are moderately successful at it but its in the minority. Realize you can get good at just about anything you apply yourself to.

Never Stop Learning

By the time you find your purpose or a good career you should realize that its not over. Don’t get complacent. You will always need to learn and adapt. Times change. Technology changes. The world changes. You need to keep up. The day you stop learning and get to comfortable you become stagnant. Don’t be that person. Realize at some point you need to get back on the grind and further your knowledge always

Some things to mention after you have established yourself

Bend the rules within reason

I seen a lot of smart people with established careers and lives and then get stuck. When you want to move up in anything you do there is going to be a point where you might have to break the rules people have told you need to follow to get what you want. For example when I was working a job and being underpaid I was close to making 6 figures but not quite there. I was on the market and a recruiter contacted me. He spoke about several jobs one he really liked for me but got taken recently. The job was well over 6 figures. A few weeks later for some reason the position was open again. I applied for it. Now the recruiter was a dumb ass and only marketed me for slightly less then 6 figures because of what I was currently making. He could not justify the pay jump. I thought this was stupid especially since the position was marketed at a much higher rate. I was not going to let this opportunity slip. I told him to tell them I was getting a raise to 6 figures already so the pay jump should be justifiable. He said I would need evidence of this. Now realistically I'm not sure how I was suppose to get evidence of this even if it were true. Companies don’t really tell you what they are going to give you a raise to in writing until its official and that usually takes months to get in writing. I had gotten promoted in this job before and still had the letter from it. I re typed the letter in MS word and put the salary that made sense to justify the pay jump. I sent it to the recruiter. Next thing you know I got the job for the Salary I wanted. Your typical person will not do anything like this and just take whatever shit is given to them. I wasn’t breaking any laws here I am aware of. I just had to get this guy on board. It worked out for me. The point being is you don’t always have to follow the rules. Use your head and think outside the box. Rules keep us in order but sometimes we need to create chaos to get the things we want.

Don’t be a prisoner to logic

Any person here that’s actually worked in a career like engineering or anything that has to make you think constantly become extremely logical people. It isolates you from other people because in your head everything should make sense. The smarter you become it gets difficult to socialize with people. Especially women. Learn how to take a step out of logic. Not everything has to make sense. Being social goes against the grain of logic. I learned this a lot when I started learning game. I realized how such tight ass I was and why at times I could be so boring. I didn’t know how to conversate anymore because if it didn’t make sense I would always argue with people. Being right was the only thing that mattered. Being socially aware is just as helpful as being a smart logical person. Learn how to talk to people. Learn to game. Form relationships and connection with people. You want to make it to the top your going to need to network with people. You want to bang bitches your going to have to be a good talker not a boring logical person.