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- Hide Preview | 150 Comments | submitted 8 months ago by SKRedPill [Post Locked]

Thank the stars for the age of technology and data, otherwise there'd be no way he would have managed to get out of this one. In fact, if it weren't for data, none of us would have woken up in the first place. Information and the internet has given us far more knowledge of men, women and intersexual dynamics than at any other point in human history.

The bigger question is -- are those 2 girls going to be charged and punished? In fact, their faces are not being shown, while he has to defend himself on live TV. He seems to hold his frame very well given what's happened to him. Hopefully the university won't expel him (most academia just wants to keep their hands clean at any cost).

And as you can see in the comments, not a single woman's come out to condemn the whole incident. It's all from men.

In particular, you watch any kind of videos about women, the comments section shows you one thing -- people are in fact quite well aware of the hard truths of life, TRP and relationships more than we expect, but it's only Youtube's anonymity that allows them to say it publicly. And nearly all the women in the comments stop with claiming "Not all women are like that".

And another lesson, even more than the woman you have your eyes on (or vice versa), it's the women next to her whom you should be scared of. If you have any inkling that her friends don't like you, or secretly want to be in her place, you've gotta be careful -- in this case it was her friend who reported the guy. Women do a lot of passive aggressive competition, sabotaging and Machevilian games with each other even in very close relationships (as a guy with a large extended family, consisting of 75% women, I can vouch for the fact that relationships between women are outwardly more intense, but also quite fickle, jealous and tempestuous). It's yet another reason why women give each other bad relationship advice in general.

When a question is pointedly asked by women as to what men to stop themselves from getting assaulted, while women have to do so much (in the usual dismissive tone reserved for men's concerns), the answer is -- a lot in fact. And especially with the culture of accusations that can't be proven or disproven and the potential of accusation rape (oh yeah, that IS rape because of what it can do), men are being very cautious indeed. When my neighbour insists that his wife or daughter accompany him to drop off her friend or her daughter's friends at their places, I know what's on his mind. When my dad tells me never to get within 4 feet of any woman at work, I get it. Hell, I myself remember the time when I had a secret recorder running 24x7 inside my PC buried underneath at least 30 other open apps to keep myself safe from my (now divorced) ex, and backed up the recording every night on google drive and cleaned out my hard drive to avoid discovery, cause once in a fit of rage, she threatened me that she'll lie to our families, and there'd be no way to prove my story.

All in all, the ability to read non-verbal communication and figure out what the person in front of you might really be feeling about you is an extremely valuable skill set. When a woman's emotions turn against you, there's literally nothing she won't do to win. An ability to sense her emotional state (or even the ones of the women next to her) and read a potential threat can get you out of a lot of trouble before it happens. Sometimes, when facing an enemy, whether on the battlefield or the college library, you have only seconds to act.

"... The woman's roommate said she often used alcohol and marijuana and described her behavior to Gamino as "out of control"..."

EDIT : Someone informed down that the university kicked him out and he had to put up a $100,000 bail to get out.

Moral : As a man, you alone are responsible for your safety. Be careful and keep crazies far away. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Just like high level sports, you can't get away claiming that you didn't know what was in your food. You know you value yourself when you go from chasing women to filtering them.

And EDIT 2 Moral #2 : Women weaponize sex all the time.