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First thing first, this was not a three way. This is going to cover two separate lays that happened to end up being twins. Something important about these girls is that they both claim to be nothing like the other and absolutely hate each other. I knew the first one was bipolar and borderline psychotic from the get go. The second one did her best to hide it but the apple never falls far from the tree.

Twin One

I'm a little fuzzy on this one since it was so long ago but I'll do the best I can

I matched with twin one on tinder a little over a year ago. This girl was tatted, pierced, and had some crazy colored hair all the time. I was freshly red pilled and thought I had it all figured out. Boy was I wrong.

After snapping back and forth a bit she invited me to her house to hang out and watch a movie. I get there and there are some friends there. This gets to me and I failed to kino, escalate, or make much conversation for the first hour. We end up getting closer as her friends leave and end up in her bed. I try making a move but she shuts it down saying she's tired and we go to sleep. I should have left at this point but didn't.

We wake up and I try to escalate again. I end up eating her out but after she comes she refuses to touch my dick or do anything to me. Say's she came so she's no longer in the mood. I went over to her place 2 more times after this and the same thing happened both times. I finally sacked up and ghosted her after this.

A few months later she matches me on tinder again and wants to hang out. I had been improving myself drastically, gained weight, improved my game, and all around didn't give a fuck. She invites me to a fourth of July party and I knew what I had to do.

I kiss her the moment I see her and let her know right away this is going to be physical. She starts throwing the most ruthless shit tests I've ever seen. I wouldn't even call them shit tests but more like the Shit-Storm (RIP Lahey). I don't even gratify her with responses. I just laugh like she's a child and move on (important for the dark triad types).

We chill at her family's place and I can tell they are excited that she brought a "normal" looking guy for once. We end up in the pool by ourselves watching fireworks. I start fingering her in the pool to the point were I'm pretty sure her family heard her moaning. She stops me and directly asks me, "Are we having sex tonight cause if not I don't want to waste my time." We go back to my place, zero LMR, and we fuck 5 or 6 times throughout the night.

When we wake up in the morning she throws one more shit test. "I'm surprised we ended up fucking after you ghosted me when I wouldn't fuck you last time." Me - "I don't like to waste my time."

She got more psychotic the more we fucked and tried to treat me like shit so I cut her off after fucking a few more times.

Twin Two

I was back home a few weekends ago from school for break and decided to go to the bars with some friends. We go to a local bar that usually has pretty good music and cheap drinks. I get a drink and chit chat my buddies to get myself in a good mood for the night. I finish my first drink and order another when the band finally comes on stage. Myself and one of my friends weren't that into them and decided to head to another bar.

We get to the second bar and try to get drinks but the place is packed. I open some girls in line and eventually get my drink and meet up with my buddy. We go outside so he can have a smoke and I notice three girls who look like they need to be approached. This was my first real approach of the night so I decided to go with the dumbest line possible to ease my tension.

"Excuse me, this is kind of random but I just have to know. What is your favorite color of firetruck?" What's important here is the tone I said this in. The only way I can describe it is a "I don't give a fuck about your answer just know I'm here for more" kind of tone."

They give each other "the look" and decide I'm worth talking to. One says red so I call her basic. The second say's green and I give her a high five. The third (who I'm thinking looks oddly familiar) enthusiastically say's blue. Then she asks me why I wanted to know.

I bs it and tell her I want to be a fireman and am deciding which color my truck will be (sarcastic bullshitting tone). She asks what I'm going to wear (now she's playing along) and I tell her nothing. To which she say's, "Well if you came to my house in nothing I'd let you save me." (and she's hooked)

Her friends leave me and her to talk and then out of the blue some dude in a pink bunny outfit (it was costume night) comes up to talk to us. I AMOG him a bit but am generally amused by his drunken attempt to hit on this girl. My buddy comes up next to me to see if I want him to take this guy away but I tell him to leave him be. It was honestly pretty funny to watch. Then the guy let it slip. He dropped the end all be all that killed his chances entirely. "Hey you look familiar, I think I know your sister." And then I saw the dark triad dragon emerge from its cave. "Fuck you don't talk about my sister, she's a fucking cunt and I bet you fucked her cause shes a fucking whore. Fuck off." He tries to recover and fails. I say, "you're clearly the older sister" and she say's "no we are twins." Boom, click. I know who this bitch is. I have to do everything in my power to not die laughing.

The guy eventually leaves and she say's she has to go back to her friends since she's their DD (this is important). I need to figure out logistics quick because there were many more girls I could talk to if this one wasn't going to happen. I tell her we're going to do something fun and to introduce me to her friends like we had never met before. She does and they go along with it which got everyone in a good mood.

I'm chit chatting with her friends for a bit and then they leave to go to the bathroom and my buddy goes to get a drink leaving me and twin two. She says, "That's cute how you tried hitting on my friend as soon as we get in here. Like ohh there's a cute girl lets talk to her instead of me." I knew this wasn't a regular shit test as the dark triad dragon had already emerged. I say, "do you even know what we were talking about?" She says no. "We were talking about our art, not too often I can find other people who are actually creative" (throwing a mild shit test her was since she told me she played guitar.

After this she was being ruthless the rest of the night. Faking being pissed off, acting like she wasn't into me, and literally told me to my face in front of my friend, "You're annoying me" with a pissed off tone. My buddy even thought she was serious but he didn't know the type. I knew this girl wanted to fuck me and I had seen it before with her sister. She never told me to fuck off and leave, she never left my presence, and she kept talking to me. Actions not words gentleman.

I ramp up the teasing and eventually she drops the bomb, "DO YOU WANT SEX TONIGHT?" There was only one logical reply here, pressure flip. I said, "Do you?" She didn't know what the fuck to say. All she could do was smile and blush because she knew her dragon had been slain.

I ask her, "When are we leaving" and she tries to throw a shit test about "how do I know I'm going home with her" which I ignore and say, "here's my number, I'm going to play pool, text me when you're ready."

I played pool, she texted me, all of a sudden both of her friends found rides home (so random right???) and it's just us two. We go back to her place, fuck, and by god when I tell you she was rough it was like sleeping with a rabid animal. I had bite marks and scratches on me for a week. Oh yeah, she was exactly like her sister in every way minus the hair and tattoos. Same interests, same hobbies, same music taste, same room decorations, and same clothing style.

Lessons Learned

1) Don't listen to her words watch her actions. Stay in set until she leaves or tell's you deliberately to fuck off.

2) Dark triads are hard to spot. Only reason I knew was because of her sister.

3) It doesn't matter what you say it's how you say it.


Feel free to critique my writing because I'm not a natural writer. I have more field reports I could drop if anyone is interested. LMAO she just texted me and found out I fucked her sister. Anyone want to make a bet on if I can fuck her again?