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- Hide Preview | 120 Comments | submitted about a month ago by Theguygotgame777 [Post Locked]

We did an exercise in my Theatre class this morning called "The Power Game." The rules are simple.

Two people take the stage. The objective is to win without touching each other, or speaking. The two interact with each other, and the audience decides the winner.

Me and my friend Quan were the first two up, because we're always enthusiastic volunteers. We stood across from each other, just staring at the other's eyes in a sort of staring contest. Quan folded his arms, and I stepped closer to him. I folded my arms as well, as I puffed up my chest and stood closer and closer. I wouldn't let him step away either. I thought I was being the dominant one.

Afterwards, my classmates unanimously agreed that Quan was the winner.

You see, Quan wasn't trying. He was naturally bigger and taller than me, and he kept a casual composure. He was willing to walk away, and I wasn't. When I saw the other "scenes" I realized this immediately.

Austin and Wyatt were up. Austin simply ignored Wyatt, walking around in circles, while Wyatt followed. Austin turned to face him off, and actually removed his shirt. The girls freaked out, even though he's not particularly muscular.

It's clear to see that Austin won. Once again, he defined the terms of the engagement. Wyatt did nothing but react to Austin.

Finally, we had two girls- Desiree and Samantha. Desiree immediately crouched down to tie a shoe, while Samantha stood over her crossly. Samantha seemed to be waiting to be paid attention, which never came. She walked over to a couch left on stage for one of our shows, and just lay there playing with her nails, while Desiree never moved, never looking away from whatever was directly in front of her. Finally, Samantha returned, crossing Desiree's field of vision, finally causing her to look up, and move.

But Desiree still won, and Samantha readily agreed.

You see, true power lies with those who don't depend on others. To hold frame, you must be a rock. And luckily, you have a natural size advantage over most women, just like Quan had with me. You must lead the way for women. If you follow them, you place yourself in their power. Have your own goal, like Desiree. And if you do disconnect, like Samantha, never cave and come back.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend playing the Power Game. It's the perfect representation of how frame really works.

[-] throwawayycheyeah 564 Points about a month ago

I dont know what I was expecting from reading this. But I liked it. Not every post has to be about depressing shit or bitches. Wholesome read

[-] ioncehadsexinapool 105 Points about a month ago

Yeah imo this should be stickied at the top. Eloquent, lucid, sharp, succinct.

[-] ISeekI 25 Points about a month ago

Agreed. Excellent write up of this game and I'll definitely be playing this in various contexts when I facilitate a workshop.

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[-] turtle-temptation 19 Points about a month ago

Yeah it was a nice way of explaining it so we could envision it and it was a nice break from the usual format

[-] CrazyHorseInvincible 188 Points about a month ago

Report Hall of Shame:

1: beta bitch high school student WHO CARES FAG

I care. And I run this place. So you can just float and sputter.

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[-] WhiskeyBreathYawn 13 Points about a month ago

The kind that wear unbent hat bills they bought with their parents money.

[-] ArchetypicalDegen 101 Points about a month ago

This is a really cool post. It's such a simple observation, but a powerful one. I truly do think those who lash out at others are weak. The alpha is composed and unphased. They go about their life, achieving what they want.

True power can't be forced. True power is gained by one's virtue being as such that others want to follow naturally. Trying to gain power through intimidation just shows the other that you lack natural talents. They'll turn on you the second they can.

I recommend Machiavelli's The Prince to anyone who is interested in how power is gained. He teaches us that the Tyrant's power is temporary, to be taken by another, more powerful tyrant. A leader by virtue is immortal, in a sense.

[-] Chaddeus_Rex 6 Points about a month ago

The alpha is composed and unphased.

The Romans had a name for this. Funny how the Ancients already knew this shit and here we are discovering it again now.

[-] IkWhatUDidLastSummer 5 Points about a month ago

No thats not the same. Thats "dignity" and dignity can in some ways be understood as "obedient to your obligations" but in that context it should more be understand as moral and responsible and a good person. Composed and unphased would be "stoic".

[-] Demiurge_Decline 1 Point 3 weeks ago

My favorite book. Named my son after this book. People assume its from the singer.

[-] flashcash12 94 Points about a month ago

I think this post sums up our favorite thing. Lifting. Go lift and lift some more.

[-] ioncehadsexinapool 20 Points about a month ago

I’ve been looking for ways to get some novel muscle building activities without having to go to the gym. I do...but it’s mind numbingly boring. I’d much rather find some sort of sport or hobby that would naturally put some muscle on me.

Got any ideas? ????

[-] flashcash12 25 Points about a month ago

I think the gym is boring as fuck too. Also when I lift I do intense circuit training for 45-60 mins. Basically no breaks so I’m not really thinking about how bored is am.

If you’re already fit you can do something like rock climbing (great date activity too) or so.

[-] JelloCheesecake 17 Points about a month ago

u/ioncehadsexinapool Maybe you should change your approach to the gym. Find an online coach (for example, dr. Israetel) that knows what they’re talking about. They’ll help you see the gym and working out differently, and will help you change your workouts, keeping you doing new things and thus more engaged and less bored.

I actually enjoy going to the gym, a lot. Especially when I get to do a new lift i haven’t done before or in a long time.

AthleanX has a lot of good lifts to try and Dr. Israetel on YT has a hypertrophic guide that helps you determine the minimum number of sets per week to do per muscle group to train to the maximum efficiency for hypertrophy.

If you’re really making gains I don’t see how you can find the gym “boring as fuck.” Do it for you, not for the bitches. I found that I get depressed if I haven’t been to the gym in a while. That may be due to a general lack of discipline, or it may be directly due to not lifting, but it is a constant theme.

Ninja edit: check out fitness instagrams for even more lifts. AthleanX is a good place to start.

[-] WhiteGhosts 5 Points about a month ago

Especially when I get to do a new lift i haven’t done before or in a long time.

I agree. This makes me go to the gym as well. If i cant work out for a week i go nuts

[-] drbldmny 11 Points about a month ago

you will never look like you lift weights unless you lift weights

[-] Equal_Tractor 10 Points about a month ago

A base of strength will pay out in any sport you do. If you think the gym is boring, go out and do a hobby that is physical. I wrestled and played football back in high school and I consider the gym a hobby. But if you don't want to get bored so quickly if you start doing martial arts, rock climbing, or play basketball.I Sport specific training might start to interest you.

[-] The_Ron_Swansonson 9 Points about a month ago

Gymnastics guys are jacked. Martial arts will help you too.

[-] gmflag 3 Points about a month ago

Look at GSP. GSP trains gymnastics, BJJ, Muay thai, wrestling, and of course does some strength and conditioning on the side. That guy is a fucking monster.

[-] Garathon 2 Points about a month ago

That's because they're like 5' tall.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 weeks ago

Haha, I always see men absolutely jacked online (Jeff Nippard comes to mind) then realize they are 5'5 and probably weigh less than 170. He certainly is making the best of his situation, but the camera works in mysterious ways.

[-] Garathon 2 Points 4 weeks ago

Yeah it's easy getting jacked if you only need to add 10lbs to increase your weight by 10%

[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] TheLanternFlame 5 Points about a month ago

Try calisthenics/body weights exercise. It's similar to gymnastics, but more on the exercise side, not much on the finesse/aesthetics like gymnastics

[-] ghosts_of_me 4 Points about a month ago

I like skateboarding. Its HIIT, legs and core in one activity. I just gym for upper body (those are the fun lifts anyway) and it's working for me.

[-] bojsihtekat 4 Points about a month ago

And skateboarders are badass...which women like.

[-] qiang_shi 5 Points about a month ago

No. They're kids. Which is how women see them.

[-] ghosts_of_me 5 Points about a month ago

Pity that chicks never hang out at skate parks so I dont get witnessed when I'm in my element.

[-] jiffpeanutbuter 3 Points about a month ago

Train in some form of hand-to-hand martial art. Preferably one that is applicable - to an extent - in a real-world situation. (Muay Thai, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, or train in MMA which combines them all)

This will not build a lot of muscle, but it will get you fit and is far from boring. In addition, you will feel better prepared to handle yourself in a physical altercation should the situation arise, which will lead to a more relaxed, natural confidence. (I have no source for this other than my own personal experience) Much like a lion that KNOWS it is able to handle the hyenas, so it can ignore them until it is absolutely necessary to react.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 weeks ago

I've read recently that it could be better for a beginner to start with boxing, then afterwards move onto kickboxing. This allows you to focus on the striking and build up the form and stamina before moving onto something else, whereas those who went directly into BJJ and other forms may grapple well but aren't as good as the strikers who started with boxing. Would you agree?

[-] jiffpeanutbuter 1 Point 4 weeks ago

I got to a training gym that alternates kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu days throughout the week so you get both.

Yeah, people trained in BJJ May not be as good at striking, but the second they take a boxer to the ground, the boxer is a “fish out of water”; they’re fucked unless they are trained in BJJ as well.

[-] Gainster1990 0 Points 4 weeks ago

Yes this builds confidence like nothing else.

I also Lift and a few years ago I solely lifted, what a waste that was.. it is much better to lift and train a martial art, makes lifting more purposeful as you're training for strength and performance.

Dudes that only Lift to look better or are into bodybuilding with no other hobbies/ sports are feminine as fuck.

[-] Jon_Tren_Yin 1 Point 3 weeks ago

Would you like some more judgement with your generalization?

If someone loves bodybuilding and passionately invests everything into it, it's something to be celebrated and respected

[-] accountfortrp 3 Points about a month ago

I've started rock climbing because they're is a free gym at my uni, great supplement for my workouts and it's challenging physically and mentally

[-] gmflag 1 Point about a month ago

help so much with lifting because of that grip strength. It also changed my wrestling and jiu-jitsu game having that grip strength

[-] PraiseBasedDonut 3 Points about a month ago

Start martial arts and combine bodyweight fitness with it. Great for physical and mental health.

[-] xddm2653 2 Points about a month ago

I love running but that's just me

[-] I_Dont_Type 1 Point about a month ago

My friend does rock climbing in a rock climbing gym. He's becoming pretty ripped. Only problem is that it doesn't work out every muscle, your tri's, chest and delts are all neglected.

[-] youlovethisish 1 Point about a month ago

Fighting is probably the most invigorating thing you can get into.

You NEED to be in good physical shape to survive in a ring. Training conditions you, and fights test you. This process is really the best track to growth.

Another thing you'll notice is that when you fight, you're the closest to death that your fight-or-flight response will ever be. It really brings a weird existential peace to me knowing that I can take a hit, and also how to land a hit.

Haters will ask "so you like getting your ass beat?"

I might say yes.

[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] [deleted] about a month ago
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[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] JohnnySixguns -5 Point about a month ago

GTFO with your Nazi propaganda. Seriously WTF.

[-] Acrimont 7 Points about a month ago

Nationalist doesnt mean Nazi - while I agree this is a silly thing to post on this sub, use the word 'Nazi' too much and you start inflating the currency, so to say, so that when real Nazis start popping up, the threat won't be taken seriously.

On that note, I understand where the sentiment is coming from. When the people are overinjected with feminine ideology (bleeding heart socialism), they inevitably pummel hard to the other side. Nazism formed, among other things, as a reaction to communism, and with the rise of identity politics on the left, we need to be very careful not to trigger the rise of identity politics on the right, because the right will be much, much stronger and more radical. They have the guns, they have the numbers, and with the demographic situation currently a 'we are being infiltrated' myth is very potent to take hold. The left has to stop identity politics immediately, otherwise it's in for a lot of trouble.

[-] JohnnySixguns 1 Point 4 weeks ago

Did you not watch the entire video?

[-] A_solo_tripper 5 Points about a month ago

Is the whole movie as good as that scene?

[-] [deleted] 11 Points about a month ago


[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] Luckyluke23 2 Points about a month ago

if you are into pool it's a GREAT MOVIE. i love it... some of the shots in it are awesome.

plus mars Calahan gives a decent performance. so does Walken.

if you are looking for more red pill scene this is the only one. if you are looking for a great pool film give it a shot.

[-] ColdIceZero 2 Points about a month ago

This movie holds a special place in my heart because of the time and circumstances in which I saw it. But objectively, it isn't a very good movie. It's a near-complete rip off of "Rounders" (Matt Damon and Edward Norton), only with billiards instead of poker (Rounders was a better film).

If you're in your late teens, early twenties and you and your friends really, really like shooting pool, then you'll get a kick out of this movie. But if poolhalls aren't your typical hangout spot and you're just looking for a decent movie to enjoy, then you likely won't enjoy the overall bad writing and poor acting by the main characters in Poolhall Junkies (Chazz and Walken were brilliant though).

[-] Luckyluke23 3 Points about a month ago

i wouldn't say it's a rip off of rounders. I mean. johnny didn't play for another guy he played for himself.

I do like the film for the other chars they have in the film too. like tang and johnny brother. how they all suck at pool and wanna be like Johnny.

I REALLY like pool though so this movie gets me.

[-] FrgElder 5 Points about a month ago

This clip kind of showcases the opposite of what OP is saying, but provides a necessary point in frame/power control.


The rules in OP's example (no talking, no touching) are important to maintaining the game, but create an artificial environment that's usually not replicated in the real world. It's important to showcase the importance of signalling intent and frame through body language, but it's incomplete because it works within a bubble. Still important though as one could argue that our entire civilized landscape exists within a similar bubble (ie the no touching rule as enforced through law and social norms... but not always). Talking is a huge factor in throwing people off of their game/frame and much harder to ignore that body language.


As with the Lion, occasionally you will have to showcase your strength to remind people why you can act carelessly and calmly. Every now and then it's necessary to flex your physical/financial/intellectual strength in order to put people in their place, preferably in front of an audience.

[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] NatGasKing 57 Points about a month ago

Whoever angers you, controls you.

It’s about remembering the locus of control, is it internal or external?

[-] Saturn1981 39 Points about a month ago

I also like the quote from Fight Club: “What you own - wines up owning you.”

When you put all your emotional investment on a person - who by definition - is an independent being, you will never quite get exactly what you want from them. And that leads to a internal struggle with your own ego.

When you let go - and truly let go - of all expectations of outcomes that are beyond your grasp - you truly win.

[-] ethbytes 5 Points about a month ago

Agreed, well put.
When you let go, and/or have had everything taken and "let the societal plates fall" ALL of them, you become different. The don't care because been there attitude, take it or leave it because I have let go of the steering wheel. It can be quite the driving force as the attitude can carry over to training etc: "Fuck this, I have been through much worse! Common, throw up!"
Tolerance/patience for bullshit gets very low/none I have found also?


[-] Saturn1981 5 Points about a month ago

“Act like you’ve been there” is really good advice for pretty much everything!

[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] Chaddeus_Rex 4 Points about a month ago

Whoever angers you, controls you.

Ah. I see you have ended up discovering the essence of the Buddha and the Way of the Samurai - though a Samurai does not have to necessarily be a soldier.

It was once said that Alexander never let an indian yogi be killed when the yogi refused to move from his path. Alexander saw the yogi as a warrior too. The yogi too endured a strict discipline - he was out on his post at the dawn of the day and refused to abandon his post regardless of the weather. The yogi too endured the scorching sun, the howling winds, torrential rain - all to achieve a greater goal - enlightenment. Each trial was necessary, so that nothing angered them and thus nothing controlled them.

[-] moltenw 2 Points about a month ago

Does that include just not liking a certain person?

Probably does, just wondering.

[-] Feelinggood702 30 Points about a month ago

Consider this as a long-term investment: don’t be afraid to fuck up, again, again and again. Wanna know how you can attain the most power? Give all your power away. You wouldn’t understand the context of what you’re giving away unless you throw it away to other people first. Then will you realize power dynamics as you see it, slowly but surely. You chisel a statue of power.

EDIT: This is more if you understand yourself at a deep enough level that you’re flexible enough to do this. Do not do this if you’re still realizing your potential. Pretend as if you have lost every single game you have ever played in terms of social dynamics. Slowly you will realize that you are the prize and that everyone is trying to game you to win you over. This is a near-delusional frame if not delusional that you can use to your advantage to get what you subconsciously want.

[-] shrimpeye 5 Points about a month ago

Please explain this in layman’s terms, i’m trying to decipher it but coming up short. “Throw away your power” What does that mean practically? “Pretend you have lost every single game you have ever played in terms of social dynamics.” Honestly stumped by this.

I have noticed that there are a few people in my life who are basically magnetic to others socially, without them trying or even being particularly interesting in the first place. I feel like their powers are related to this particular theory in this post

[-] Chaddeus_Rex 7 Points about a month ago

“Throw away your power”

In Ancient times, some men were known to give away their wealth (literally), renounce their immense power, surrender their harems and retire their gilded wardrobe to live in a sackcloth and live in the dirt with the beggars or pilgrims or yogi. Why? Because they realized they were addicted to these worldly things. They realized that if these things were taken away from them, they would be crushed. It was an exercise meant to strengthen the mind. Some men eventually came back and again made a name for themselves, others found they enjoyed the simple life.

How does it apply to the modern world? If you are popular or have many women or friends, etc ghost them and live without friends for a year. You will struggle. You will strengthen your mind. You will come back great than what you were.

Do not confuse it with monk mode. Do not do this if you do not yet have success.

[-] throne_deserter 3 Points about a month ago

Sensei, I am feeling wisdom exuding out of this post but I too like others can't seem to understand what 'giving the power away' means.

[-] Dabunghole 2 Points about a month ago

I don’t think that frame is delusional at all. It only comes once you’ve built value rmv though.

[-] vujnovich 22 Points about a month ago

Austin did that on an American college campus? I'm shocked he isn't being charged with sexual harassment. Probably because he's got relatively low BF% huh. Funny how that works.

[-] Theguygotgame777 19 Points about a month ago

Well, it's actually a Highschool, and we're in Texas, one of the last vestiges against the feminist horde.

[-] Atheist_Utopia 8 Points about a month ago

The last stronghold against feminism ahaha

[-] AnonymousUser163 3 Points about a month ago

I think I got second hand cringe from this comment

[-] LiveAFTSOV 18 Points about a month ago

I gave an anti-feminism speech in highschool, AND in university - both american.

nothing happeend - still have friends and date people.

I think I was 22% body fat in highschool lol

[-] Chaddeus_Rex 1 Point about a month ago

You're pretty skinny now as I understand. I believe I've seen you irl.

[-] LiveAFTSOV 1 Point about a month ago

I don't catch your drift. But yeah as a youngster I was fat, doing better now.

[-] -saltymangos- 2 Points about a month ago

i mean i would imagine they wouldn’t mind. it’s not high school. it’s an acting course in college about power. the professor and girls dismissed it as “part of the act”.

[-] Obediah_Stane 13 Points about a month ago

This is a good scene about power. Your post reminded me of it.


[-] Straw_Larry 6 Points about a month ago

This sums up the law of least effort pretty well.

[-] The_Red_Choice 6 Points about a month ago

My teacher did this too but called it the Kings game. It was quite interesting, and at first I thought it was about stage presence. Being outgoing and demanding attention. But I was wrong. We had similar outcomes with those trying to win falling into the others frame and thus appearing as the follower, not the king.

[-] halfback910 1 Point 4 weeks ago

What were the different tactics people would employ?

Did anyone try ignoring them and addressing the audience? Was it a rule that you couldn't speak? Because if you could speak I would just argue in favor of a relatively popular and logically correct point, claim that the other person on the stage disagrees with me, and that I'd like to take this opportunity to explain why they're wrong.

If they don't respond, silence implies consent. If they do respond, they're following my lead and either submitting by agreeing or giving me an advantageous position by disagreeing. And if they respond and don't do one of those things, I say that they're trying to shift focus from this important issue.

[-] The_Red_Choice 1 Point 4 weeks ago

Yeah you still couldn’t talk it’s the same game essentially

[-] halfback910 1 Point 4 weeks ago

There goes my plan. Not sure what I would do, then. Anything I could do would feel corny and try-hardy. I am not an actor, it sounds like it definitely plays more to their strengths.

[-] shrimpeye 5 Points about a month ago

Noticed this in one of my workplaces, a very large supermarket. The big dog boss would pretty much terrify everyone without doing much at all. Just always kept himself very professional, didn't get too friendly with anyone, didn't try to intimidate people with raising his voice or threats etc. He didn't make much eye contact either. Slow movements, calm, collected, yet firm voice. Always in control of his emotions when things were getting hectic. While everyone was running around like headless chickens, he was unswayed. People respected that. I often talked about how he was either a natural or studied the shit out of how to project the aura that he did.

[-] mmishu 3 Points about a month ago

So whats the key to displaying power over other men bigger than you in size? What about women who on the off chance happen to be taller than you?

[-] MardGeer 9 Points about a month ago

I think it's not giving a fuck. Not that I can give you any real examples but a big guy doesn't care that you're in the room, why should you care if he is?

[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] themangu6 3 Points about a month ago

What if i dont have a natural size advantage.

[-] [deleted] 8 Points about a month ago

this gets overlooked a lot and people here dont want to admit that height determines strategy. Being "stoic" and "calm" only really works if you're perceived as already at the top of the game. Whether thats being rich, a celebrity, an important leader, or just a big guy with muscles. It's to these people's disadvantage to lash out most of the time (I say most cause you can take eminem's diss tracks as an example of someone who's been rich and famous and still wins through being petty).

For short guys, if money and fame isnt in our favor then status, social circle, and being chatty should be. A short guy trying to out stoic the bigger guys is dumb. Instead he should win by humiliating the bigger guy verbally or by having more friends in the room.

from personal experience, i was a big partier in my 20's and most of the bars I frequented typically had a lotta people who knew me. If a bigger stranger saw me get mad love from the bartenders, waiters, and friends there, there'd absolutely no reason he should ever mess with me.

if you dont have the status, then being chatty is how you subvert "stocism". You can be unreactive all you want but someone who's cocky and keeps dropping backhanded compliments and passive aggressive jokes will eventually win.

[-] JohnnySixguns 1 Point about a month ago

Aka “Ridicule” the ultimate equalizer.

People just need to understand the art involved.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 1 Point 3 weeks ago

As a short guy, social proof is huge

[-] ReadyPlayer15 3 Points about a month ago

One highschooler to another, this is a great read

[-] Peter_B_Long 2 Points about a month ago

Observe, but don't react. Great post OP.

[-] oooKenshiooo 2 Points about a month ago

Taking some improv or acting classes can improve your game by miles. Also, the chicks there are usually DTF as hell.

[-] PM_ME_UR_NIPS_GURL 2 Points 4 weeks ago

Thanks for this write up. Really important information.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a month ago

Conor mcgregor shit talking any other ufc fighter is another great example of the power game. Both frames are impenetrable.

Actually, the only time mcgregor lost the power game was vs floyd mayweather. Its painful watching as floyd does whatever he wants, in his own frame, and mcgregor bouncing around him, clearly in floyds frame as well. It would have been far more entertaining if they both held their own seperate frames til the very end.

[-] awkward_3rd_ball 1 Point 3 weeks ago

I'm just seeing your comment after watching his face off with Khabib yesterday. I feel like khabib absolutely applied the concepts described in this post,and made Connor look like a fool by keeping frame the entire time. Can you tell me what you think about it once you watch the video?

[-] kendallb183 2 Points about a month ago

The power of he who cares the least has the most power

[-] marcusmccambridge 1 Point 4 weeks ago

I feel like i do this naturally, however i just go unnoticed instead of standing out as powerful. I don't think i ever "follow the leader" as such and try to make things my way but i just come across as either unnoticed or an asshole. Any tips?

[-] Theguygotgame777 2 Points 4 weeks ago

Do fun shit. If you're the guy always kayaking or other big events, people will want to come along. Always have a purpose. And don't listen to anyone who dissuades you.

[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] brokegirl11 1 Point about a month ago

Quan, Austin, Wyatt, Desiree.. where the fuck do you live and what fucking year is it?

[-] Theguygotgame777 1 Point 4 weeks ago

Quan is actually his last name. He goes by it because Ryan is such a generic name.

I live in Texas.

[-] brokegirl11 2 Points 4 weeks ago

I can't even imagine a world where these names are real. It's like some weird John Wayne film mixed with some ghetto you see in American movies.

[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] [deleted] about a month ago
[-] [deleted] 3 weeks ago
[-] M-em-o -7 Point about a month ago

Read this laying naked next to a girl

[-] FindTheBus -13 Point about a month ago

Afterwards, my classmates unanimously agreed that Quan was the winner.

You see, Quan wasn't trying. He was naturally bigger and taller than me

If you and Quan swapped behaviors, they still would have called Quan the winner. Take the black pill and admit it.

[-] ArchetypicalDegen 7 Points about a month ago

It's pretty common people see confrontational behaviour as weak, no matter how jacked the guy is.

[-] drbldmny 6 Points about a month ago

lol imagine being alpha'd by somebody with a 4" asian penis

[-] FindTheBus -3 Point about a month ago

Yup. Height, and facial attractiveness, and a lack of un-social autism, is all that is necessary.

Take the blackpill.

[-] drbldmny 1 Point about a month ago

or I could just keep being tall and handsome

[-] FindTheBus 0 Points about a month ago

exactly, that's all you need.

game is bullshit beyond "don't be socially retarded"

[-] [deleted] about a month ago