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- Hide Preview | 340 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by atticusfinch1973 [Post Locked]

Daily on the asktrp sub we see threads where guys lament that they can't get laid because they aren't in the top 20%. This is the magical number it takes to get laid, have a baller lifestyle and be able to have an incredible life. Apparently.

There’s tons of good advice that has is usually given. However, what I decided to do is actually show the real stats for what it takes to get into the top 20% of several items. The point of this isn’t to rehash, it’s to give a bit of a reality check. Likely you're able to achieve these things somewhat easily or they don't matter as much as you think they do.

All these statistics are taken from US sources, so take them for what you will. If you live in Europe or another country things might be slightly different.

Height: If you’re 5’11’’ or above you are in the 80th percentile for height. Most women judge a guy if he is under 6 feet but don’t realize that only 16% of men are that tall. That’s one in six.

By the way, I checked stats as well from other areas. Anyone 6 feet is a giant in South America or any Asian country, averaging about the 95th percentile. Europe skews slightly taller overall but overall anyone 6 feet is still 76th percentile.

ProTip: Lie. If you’re 5’10’’ you can easily say you’re six feet and nobody is going to call you out. If it even matters to the person you’re with.

Dick size: If you’re above 5.7 inches then you’re in the 80th percentile. Meaning if you’re packing 6 inches then you’re well ahead of the game. Girls have no idea about normal dick size so when you whip it out unless you’re severely small then don’t stress about it. Frankly, if she’s seen so many cocks she can actually compare visually them then you’re probably with the wrong girl.

Guys obsess about this which is why I included it but realistically unless you’re exceedingly small it won’t make a difference at all. And no, you’re not eight inches long. If you were even 7 inches, out of 1000 dicks, only 33 would be your size.

N-Count: If you are 30 years old and have banged 21 women you’re in the 80th percentile. If you are 25 and have banged 16 women you’re in the 80th percentile.

The interesting thing about this calculation is that if I put in the same numbers for women who are 25 (16 partners) they are in the 92nd percentile. Meaning either a lot of women lie on these surveys or the ones with a high N count balance out the ones who wait for marriage and only have a couple of partners.

So don’t stress about having sex with a lot of women. If this is an achievement you want to unlock, you can hit that number fairly easily by the age of 30 if you stay single and have decent game.

Debt: I put this is because it’s something we don’t often speak about in TRP, but it’s important especially for younger guys. Here’s a scary statistic:

If you have zero savings and no debt – you’re ahead of 85% of the population in the US. So many people let themselves get into high amount of student debt, credit cards etc that really you should be shooting for debt free EVEN WITHOUT SAVINGS. Hopefully you’re smart enough to not fall into this trap, and if you’re one of those people who spent 100k on a useless liberal arts degree and now work at Starbucks I have nothing for you.

Debt free – make saving automatic from your paycheck – and don’t spend money on useless things (like a useless degree).

Earnings: Another one that might blow your mind or make you feel a lot better. If you make $72,000 a year in the US you’re in the 80th percentile for income. Now, cost of living is a thing. If you live in New York, San Francisco, etc then you likely need to make a higher amount but this is the average. There are cheaper places to live and work across the country.

The 1% statistically makes just under $400k a year – so if you’re even making six figures you’re laughing in comparison in the US. And if you moved somewhere else? That 100k would easily make you a king. Try heading to Thailand with $10,000 and you can live with servants and hookers daily in a suite for three months.

To summarize, the reason for this is to show people that you likely are ahead of the game. The other important rule to follow is not to compare yourself to others, especially the fake lifestyles you see all over social media. To get into the top 20% there are some simple adjustments you can make. Instead of complaining about how you’ll never get there this is an example of what it actually takes and it’s likely not as hard as you think it is.