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- Hide Preview | 390 Comments | submitted about a year ago by CoupDeGrace22 [Post Locked]

Well color me surprised.

Caught my eye this morning and thought I'd share for you guys who give RP a quick glance more often than you do the news.

These are the same faggots who had done a video in the past photoshopping their soyboy physiques alongside a celebrity's for the intent of passing another feelgood message of men shouldn't be forced to be fit , feelz before realz BS.

Aside from the asian dude who looks kinda ok for how skinny he is(and ironically is the only one within the lower-normal T- range), the remaining guys most likely can't even do 1 single pullup and bet my left nut never cared of structuring their diet properly, let alone do the other small things to optimize their health.

This should remind you that your testosterone is a paramount catalyst in your life, which is why everyone in here repeats the same old advice of "hit the gym". One of the biggest maladies of our age, depression along with every other symptom it entails, is 9/10 times accentuated if not caused by low testosterone.

If your health doesn't allow you to lift, it's up to you to figure something out & make up what you're missing , just make sure you are not making excuses and remember there's this guy out there:

Never a bad idea to have a blood test.Quick search on google or sidebar will get you going on how to get your T- to healthy levels.

Lift, diet, sleep, reduce stress(meditate), zinc, sunlight(vit D), posture, Ω3, winner effect, etc.

Stay healthy bros