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- Hide Preview | 145 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by Clint_Redwood [Post Locked]

Summary: This post is a quasi 9 month field report of successes and failures through the year, advice, and a thank you to how fucking awesome TRP is.

It’s always commented on here that you don’t make giant leaps of raising your value. It’s more about those little 1% changes that add up to you eventually being in the top 20%. We often have 1 month challenges, think of this as a year in review of everything you've done since finding TRP.

Since it’s the end of the year, I figured it’d be interesting to note down every small little increment that I’ve change in my life since reading TRP and i invite you to do so also. Along with some successes and contrasting my personality preTRP. It’s good to be able to visualize everything you’ve done and see how much you’ve changed. Since a lot of times we forget all the little improvements we did through the year.

This post doesn't have any great revelations or the flash or a GLO post but it might give newbies an idea of what you can achieve in a year and ideas to practice on.

These are in fairly accurate chronological order.

4 months into the year i found TRP

  • ended a 4 year relationship and engagement. My general mood and outlook was horrible, super depressed.

  • started lifting again after doing nothing for 7 years

  • Forced myself to have laser eye contact with people

  • went out and bought some new clothes for the first time in probably a year or two. I stuck with my somewhat outdated style though. Not bad style, just clothes more for a 21 year old than a 25 year old.

  • Got on tinder, started practicing A&A to the extreme after being pretty much a social recluse for 4 years.

  • Got into carpentry, built my own floating bed with backlit LEDs, stained my dressers to match. Cut into my gym time which i was pretty religious about for the first 6 months. Needed to keep myself distracted from ending my engagement.

  • Got into mixology and cooking

  • Read No More Mr Nice Guy, Sex God method and a few more books

  • a month in after some basic strength training I start 5x5 stronglifts

  • buy a lumbar support for work at the desk to correct my posture

  • Became much more dominant in bed. Read a girl’s body language now tells me a lot more than anything she could ever verbalize.

  • Started proactively being direct and never beating around the bush with girls. If i wanted to kiss them, I’d grab them and do it. If i wanted to talk about sex, we’d talk about sex. If i wanted ice cream all of the sudden, I’d grab her and get ice cream. I shut down supplication mentality of the, ”what do you want to do?” subsequently girls have never been happier being around me. Minimal shit tests.

  • A few friends and I take a random road trip to a party a party island a few hours away. We fumbled a bit but the adventure mentality and just doing whatever the fuck we want was great. Men should travel to random places more often, helps push you out of your comfort zones. Also boosted IDGAF and you’re more bold with women

  • Moved in with 3 friend at a local campus for a more social environment. One of them is a natural Gronk alpha and could power talk against Donald Trump, I used this to up my own A&A and dealing with Amog’s.

  • Started using my experience of A&A from tinder, in person at bars. Just saying random shit, to my surprise, never been slapped. Most girls find it hilarious that I say whatever the fuck i want.

  • Started practicing minor dance moves, haven’t gone full bore with it yet though.

  • 6 months in and I went from skinny fat 175lbs to ripped sub 10%bf 190. I’m get hard IOI now, girls even come up to me and hit on me from time to time. They’ll squeeze my arms or play with my hair(I have Thor hair).

  • start focusing heavily on good posture, learn some techniques from TRP to do so.

  • about this time i had 5 or 6 new girls under my belt. 2 plated. Finally started to ”Feel” the abundance mentality instead of faking it. I’d ignore girls, drop contact or completely forget I got their numbers as It wasn’t a huge priority anymore.

  • took my first ever girl home from the bar. Whiskey dicked it but fucked for 4 hours straight in the morning. To this day she “hates” me, we had nothing in common, great sex though. Pro tip, if a girl says she hates you after being on your dick, that’s not what she means.

  • I was never really in the anger phase, but i did have a tiny bit of annoyance from seeing things happen with an RP outlook. This finally started to fade and I was falling into the acceptance phase of , ”don’t hate girls for being themselves”.

  • Girl roommate commented on me as very outgoing compared to most guys. Never would have thought that would be a word used to describe me.

  • backpedaled a bit and one drunken night/fight agreed with my main plate to be exclusive. Broke it off a month later

  • Went hard with IDGAF attitude, 2 days after ending it I had a new plate i pulled from scratch, still have her

  • by now I’m around 8-10 new girls for the year, some tinder, some in person. The experience has made me a lot more picky, I set hard boundaries now on what I want and don’t put up with shit. I’m a bit abrasive on them though and need to work on finesse. At this point I realized how idiotic it is for a guy in today's world to start a LTR after only dating maybe two or three girls. You really need to "feel" abundance mentality to even have a baseline on screening girls and what you do/don't want out of a girl. I'll never put up with the shit i did just 4 months ago, ever again. It's like being pulled out of a fish bowl and thrown into the ocean.

  • got my first, 2 girls in one weekend, one was a plate so it wasn't 2 brand new girls.

  • abundance mentality is setting in more, I no longer need to bake tinder or txt’s, It just happens as i’m busy or don’t care to talk to the girls.

  • Outcome Independence is finally setting in. I no longer go out caring if I get laid, i just go and do enjoy myself as i know i can get laid from my plates.

  • Ran into my the girl that ”hates me” at the bars again. Didn’t say a word to her just had fun with my friends. Text her at last call, ”hey”, ”sup”, just to get the confirm, called her, walked down the road to meet her, threw her over my shoulder and took her to my place. When i know a chick is into me now, I’m extremely direct, you can literally get away with anything. Never would have even thought of this preTRP

  • Start studying into fitness sciences more. Learn the ins and outs of macros. Figure out deficiencies I might have. Fix my constant lethargy with ZMA and 5-HTP, was lacking in some minerals.

  • Start practicing some basic machiavellian stuff. When girls come over to the house(I have a girl roommate) I’ll get them to do small things for me to practice positive reinforcement and the Ben Franklin effect. Now girls will just come over and help me with things, play with my hair massage me, get me drinks, help me cook, etc.

  • When a girl asks me to buy her a drink now, I pressure flip her a bit just to mess with her, then get her to go get me and her a drink, but only if my current one is running low. Sometime I’ll make them wait quite a while.

  • Get two new girls in one weekend

  • redid my wardrobe again, much more modern and stylish. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone for clothes. Started caring about shoes(I've always been a 2 pairs of shoes guy, work and casual. Always thought more shoes than that was stupid as shit or something only girls did). Now I match from head to toe, have been getting tons of compliments on my appearance now. Shoe matter.

  • subsequently I’ve been getting a bit of beta shame from other guys as my physique and apparel is getting better. I counter it with complements and positivity, it’s a rare issue now.

  • Learn that cold showers can be great for invigoration, immune system, testosterone production. I now take them right before parties or going out at night. Puts me in the zone and ready to take on anything.(Don’t do them after a workout though. read the comments if you want to know why)

  • with 8 months of cooking behind me, I am now the master of salmon/tilapia and filet mignon. Next year I’ll master chicken and maybe something a bit exotic. I kinda took the title of ”cook” in our circle of friends from another guy who is probably better than me. Could see it hit his ego a bit, beta shame and started getting hyper critical of my cooking. Countered it like earlier with positivity and the 48 laws, ”Never outshine the master”. I invite him over to help me cook and show me shit.

  • Pulled a girl from a bar, heavy LMR. I know full well i can get this girls pants off if i want, but for the first time ever, i have a half naked girl in my bed and don't really care if i get laid. I fucked my plate 8 hours earlier. We mess around a bit and go to bed, was a fun fucking night. I pulled her cause she entertained me, not because I just wanted to fuck. True outcome independence.

  • Bulking for the past month, up to 195, trying to hit 210 before spring.

  • Yesterday my girl roommate commented to another as ”Clint_Redwood does not give a fuck” referring to how i handle girls, guess I’m doing something right.

That’s only what I could remember, there was a lot more that i did. Pretty much making sure every day I did something to improve myself and be better than i was yesterday.

back before my 4 year relationship i was a quasi alpha/beta that had an ugly duck syndrome. I lost my V card at 20 and kind went Ham for a few months before my 4 year LTR. I was blessed with good genetics so the shoes were a bit easier to fall into. When i started TRP my goal was to get back to that level before my LTR. Today, I'm not anything like i thought i would turn out. TRP has rebranded what i thought i would be when looking back at my short run before the LTR.

Goals for next year

  • 210-220lbs

  • get heavy into dancing

  • find more hobbies

  • find more sources of revenue (I’m already successful at what i do)

  • possible buy a house

  • threesome

  • maybe a second language


TRP is fucking awesome and has changed my life faster and better than I could ever have imagined. I made some great proactive strides back when i was 21 before my LTR but TRP is like bettering yourself while injecting social steroids. I've achieved more this year than i could have ever imagined, I can't wait to see what I'll be like in another year. It's very much a snowball effect, once you start you just can't stop.

For the newbies, I'm definitely more cynically than I was preTRP. Life looks bleak after swallowing and you do sometimes reminisce of the old Disney fantasy relationship but then all you have to do is remember how miserable you actually were. And knowing that you can not ever go back to them, the red pill is very much an irreversible self revelation.

I think the redpill opens you up more for highs and lows. If life is a spectrum, using say light as an example, bluepill thinking would be visible light, once you swallow the red pill, you can see everything from gama rays to AM radio. Kinda like the saying, "you have to get hurt and be sad to appreciate being happy". The redpill will drop you low at first, it will flip your mentality but once you learn to accept it and craw out of what seems like bleakness, everything you find is that much more fulfilling and vibrate. We often talk about women with a negative connotation or even contempt here. But once you see that it's mostly flashy writing and a protective barrier for newcomers to adopt a healthy & critical mindset, similar to AWALT and the loaded gun analogy. You learn to accept women and get to truly appreciate them for everything they bring you. you learn to be the ying, the stoic, unmovable rock while learning to appreciate the yang, girls for their innocence and youthful nature. You'll also start to be turned off by the abrasive, masculine type girls, the slutty or party girls will have less appeal.

It's definitely a struggle to keep improving every day. It's draining to know everything you know about women's subconscious nature and all the social dynamics at play, to push yourself out of comfort, forcing the introvert to be extrovert. But every day it gets easier and better, the mental and physical pain is worth the reward.

Thank you to everyone that contributes. I’d be married and fucking miserable right now.