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- Hide Preview | 7 Comments | submitted 2 days ago by Domebeers [Post Locked]

" My wife (28F) let her work colleague (33M) temporarily move into our spare room. Now I'm (28M) suspecting an affair has developed. "

You suspect?

" my wife suggested to him *and later to me**, he could stay at ours temporarily since his stuff was at ours anyway* "

Guys...don't be this guy. Don't be weak framed. The answer here was 'No' and if she didn't take it, then the answer is divorce.

" they've been getting on great because he's unemployed and my wife is furloughed. I, on the other hand, have been working my ass off to pay the bills for... the three of us?!"

And also because they've been fucking. Cucks are gross, don't be a cuck.

" My wife has been dressed better than usual at home, doing make-up, dressing up a little - looking sexy basically. I haven't really thought much of it "

Nothing needed to be added here. We all know.

" In the photos/videos of her best friend, was a video inside a club of her KISSING the fucking co-worker who is living in my god damn flat. The video was over a year old. "

I might die laughing.

" But now I'm wondering whether this was just a drunk one-time incident or whether they are actually having an affair within my own god damn household ?!?! Like what the fuck do I do now?

I'm thinking of saying something like; "I want him out tonight. I know you kissed him a year a go."

Whoa slow down there Rambo, don't want to apply dread game too heavily...

" I don't want to break up over this"



Red pill lessons? There's a few. If this guys wife thought her husband would leave her at the drop of a hat if she suggested this, she wouldn't have suggested it. Always be willing to walk away. Always have options. Abundance and dread go a long way.

[-] TXJohn83 20 Points 2 days ago

That can't be real it seems like some form of feminist porn.

[-] DrGandu 7 Points 2 days ago

Update: Guy claims to be trans woman so I am calm now. Thanks for advising me to talk things over guys. I knew we were soulmates

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] fuddubandha 13 Points 2 days ago

She is testing the waters. If he say something and accuse her then she will initiate the divorce on trust issues and ask him to move out.

And if he doesn't say anything then he is being chucked everyday.

Just walk away gather proof and then send the papers

[-] KlayThompsons_Weed 4 Points 2 days ago

It will be a win/win for her in the end. She gets half and she gets to keep fucking Chad

[-] TheUnsteadyDonut 1 Point 2 days ago

To be fair, the comments are all in line with this post here

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