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- Hide Preview | 5 Comments | submitted 2 days ago by Zaoismus [Post Locked]

Part l


I waken in the morning seeing the blackness of eyes yet awaken.

Inside I feel the urge to get up however I feel chained in shackles.

I feel the shine of sun touch my skin and the birds begin to chirp. I am still in the dark.

No matter what I see it dose not matter. I stay in shackles.

Shall I get pleasure watching other men be free? No.

The darkness has distorted my vision. For the things they are and have are foreign to me.


Lesson: The man in the darkness is unknown. To himself and to others. He is blind. The man wasn't in shackles, his muscles were too weak to support himself. However his situation he felt an urge to get up. Will he follow his impulse?

At the start things are tougher to begin. Momentum is what makes things easier. An object in motion stays in motion. Do not stop, only slow down when need be.

Part ll

The Man in The Shadows

The night, with the moon giving his share of the sun's light.

However light is needed for those scared of the unknown. The moon is their protector.

I sit on top a building, alone. City makes it noise and it's lights flicker. Dim as the hope they provide.

I am unknown to the world. I own nothing.

I am not apart of society. I have no identity.

Without others I am free to do as I please.

However without weight, sometimes I float away.

I find freedom a gift and a curse.


Lesson: The darkness can be your ally. If your enemy doesn't know you exist it makes dismantling them that much easier. However without weight to keep you grounded you can lose sense of yourself. Freedom can be a curse. Freedom is light, fulfillment is heavy you must chose the weight you carry.

Part III

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

A man named MacMurphy pretends to be mad in order to get out of prison and is sent to a mental hospital. While there, he opposes the authority of the nurse who controls his ward, and encourages other patients to think for themselves instead of always following orders. But by the end of the novel MacMurphy has had a lobotomy (had part of his brain removed). He is completely unable to think or act for himself and the Nurse once again has control over her patients.


Lesson: The weak have to want change in themselves for it to be everlasting. Secondly, If you do not think for yourself you are still a slave. Others will not always be able to think for you.


A mans journey is for him to obtain power. "Masculine mastery" as it is called. However once a man has true power he shall not need to use it. For it speaks for itself.

“The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them”― Miyamoto Musashi

For those of TRP, think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world; do not let things get in your way for enjoying life. All things can be an obstacle if you make them one. Especially women.

[-] thebluthbananas 4 Points 2 days ago

Damn. Really well writte. I'm currently the man into shackles. I'm trying to break out but whenever I try, my brain paralyzes me so hard with massive amounts of jealousy and regret that I just fall back down. It fucking sucks.

[-] throwabcdaway4 3 Points 2 days ago

Ok power is nice but i still dont get the whole "men must only follow power & strength". I mean ok but how many people are going to work their ass of until in the end crying on their deathbed that they would have rather worked less. Its literally the most common regret of the dyings.

[-] Brnd-New 2 Points 2 days ago

Power and strength allow a man to wield his world view in a significant manner. Without it, we are irrelevant. Our needs will go unmet and our views will be dismissed. I don't personally believe power and strength are the only things that matter but they are a key part of what helps us be happier and fulfilled. The balance must be set somewhere in between, somewhere where you can provide a positive path towards the future for yourself and others, but not lose yourself and become drunk with power. I also don't think people's regrets are worth significant weight. I've also heard those who didn't do anything with their lives say they wish they would have traveled more or built something. If I was a minimum wage worker my whole life of course I would have wanted to work less, but if I build a generational improving empire, I think my regrets would not be the same.

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