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- Hide Preview | 3 Comments | submitted 3 months ago by jonsmif9797 [Post Locked]

Ever experience your girlfriend implying that you are not strong enough, not fit enough, not earning enough, etc.? I am not talking about shit-tests. I am talking about the glaring weakness that you are having in your life and people closest to you are trying to make you realize that because they believe in you.

What beta males like to do is to feel apologetic about not being the strongest/most alpha male, and then do nothing about it. They either become resentful or go down the rabbit hole of cuckoldry because it is so much easier to apologize, do nothing about them and dismiss the responsibility of becoming a better version of themselves. For example, they will retort and pout like 5 years old "I know I am not good enough for you. Go and find someone else who is more muscular!" or "This is who I am. Deal with it or leave me. There are better girls out there who accept who I am."

You should never improve yourself for someone else, nor you should tolerate deliberate disrespectful put-down. But, if you are having a normal respectful conversation and your friends/family/LTR bring up their concerns with your life/situation, do give them some thoughts and think whether you are really satisfied with the current situation and whether doing what they ask you to do will make you happier. If they have a point, never become apologetic (what beta tends to do). Be like a captain and take immediate action to address the issue.

For example, things that I would consider that they have a point are "The pipe is leaking and the toilet is flooded." or "Your house stinks." or "You are so skinny. I think you are lacking certain nutritious" or "You are too anxious about trivial stuff. I think you should chill out a bit".

LTR is red-pill on hard mode because not only you have to differentiate shit-tests, disrespectful comments, and valid concerns, but you have to take the role of the captainship and do what's right for you and your girl.

[-] KingOfPomerania 3 Points 3 months ago

"This is who I am. Deal with it or leave me. There are better girls out there who accept who I am."

I would say that this sentence is a mix of alpha and beta. The general sentiment is pretty alpha imo. Not compromising for a woman and letting her know you can do without her is exactly the opposite of what a beta would do. He (the beta) would would change himself to meet his woman's demands. He'd also beg her to stay because of his scarcity mentality. The phrasing is, admittedly, pretty beta as it sounds pretty whiney and shrill. If he just cut it down to "This is who I am. Deal with it or leave. There are better girls out there" then it wouldn't be beta at all.

[-] jonsmif9797 1 Point 3 months ago

I agree, but tt's not something you should say. It's what you should behave in an LTR.

If you retort with this sentence during an argument, which first you should not get into in the first place, and second, the woman already knows you enough that you are faking alpha, it would not help.

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