What's up, guys. I want to make a post addressing the stages that people go through after discovering the red pill. It's modeled after the Kübler-Ross model, which is a psychological theory regarding stages of grief.

The 5 stages are as follows:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

These five stages are typically undergone anytime someone loses somebody close to them, but I think it's very applicable to the red pill, as well. As you're reading this, ask yourself which stage you're in.

Stage 1. Denial

This is what happens when a blue pilled AFC reads his first ROK article or TRP post. He's immediately met with a sense of denial, which is a protective mechanism to preserve his belief system.

The "Denial Stage" is also rife with ad hominems used to protect one's own belief system:

  • "TRP is so sexist!"
  • "TRP is so cynical!"
  • "TRP is so delusional!"

If somebody is in the denial phase, it doesn't matter how much evidence you show them that contract their belief systems... they will not budge. If you know people like this, it's best to move on and stop trying to convince them.

Stage 2. Anger

This is often referred to as the "Red Pill Rage" stage in our community. Stage 2 is characterized by an intense sense of anger, at society, at women, and at life as a whole.

The "Anger Stage" is rife with comments such as:

  • "Women are such sluts!"
  • "Society is so full of sh*t!"
  • "The media just LIES to everyone!"

The "Anger Stage" is one that's typically short and intense. If one is unable to let go of their victim complex however, this stage can continue on for years, and eventually create violent offenders.

Stage 3. Bargaining

Once an individual begins to accept the "red pill truths," they will try to bargain with the ideology laid out in this subreddit, and will often accept parts of it, but deny other parts.

The "Bargaining Stage" is typically represented by comments such as:

  • "Not all women are like that!"
  • "Hypergamy only affects some women!"
  • "Yeah, people care about looks, but personality matters too!"

The bargaining stage is the last stage where an individual still hangs on to their old blue pill ideology. Desperate not to let their old belief system crumble, they still hang onto any last remnants of it which they find plausible.

Stage 4. Depression

This is the phase that typically lasts the longest. It is a severe sense of nihilism and cynicism regarding the world, after one realizes he has been lied to, duped, and tricked by society and others.

I would also like to point out, at my own risk, that this is the phase that many of the people here are stuck in. They don't believe they can improve their lives, and don't believe it's worth it to try.

This phase is marked by comments such as:

  • "What's the use? All the Chads will just get the girls anyways."
  • "Make more money? Yeah, so the Chads can f*ck my wife on the side."
  • "All girls cheat. What's the point of even getting a girlfriend?"

This stage marks an inability to understand nuance, and is very depleting. Once an individual lets go of their emotions however, they can move onto the final stage: acceptance.

Stage 5. Acceptance

This is the stage we're all trying to get to. It's marked by a calm serenity, and an acceptance that yes, the world simply is how it is, and no amount of thinking or emotion will change this.

The "Acceptance" stage is marked by the following comments:

  • "I'm going to improve my life and try to find a loyal woman."
  • "Even though not all girls are loyal you can still screen hard and find a decent one."
  • "Yes, cheating is a possibility, but if you guard your family and your life, you can drastically reduce its odds of happening."

The acceptance stage is the holy grail, because it allows one to fully accept the red pill ideology, without being burdened by the often heavy emotions which come with it (anger, depression, etc.).

Which Stage Are You In?

Now, the important part. Ask yourself which stage you're in, and then you will gain a greater understanding of what you need to do. I would guess that most people here are either in the "anger" stage or the "depression" stage.

Of course, even after accepting the red pill, you will still be met with these emotions. I occasionally get angry that society is so blue pilled, and feel cynical over the future. The key however, is that this is not my overarching state.

These stages represent an "overarching stage" that guide an individual's thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Thus, someone in the "Anger Stage" will still feel calm at times, and someone in the "Depression Stage" will still feel happy at times. It's about the general feeling however, and the general belief system.

I hope you guys gained some value out of this. I know it certainly helped me navigate the red pill reality, so I hope it gives you some clarity in where you may be at in your journey.