You spend a huge percentage of your life at work, so you'd better enjoy what you do for a living.

No matter how big your salary is, if you have a job that causes you more discomfort and stress than wellbeing and happiness, you'd better quit. If you feel like you'd rather kill yourself than going to work when the alarm goes off in the morning, then something's wrong with your life. Everyone will eventually notice that you are unhappy. And yeah, guess what: no matter how good looking you are, women don't want to be around a bitter dude who hates his job and complains about it.

Don't let others discourage you or dissuade you from choosing a career path just because "it's a profession with low wages" or "there aren't many options if you choose that field". Yes, money is important, but what's the point of having a well paid job if you hate it? Also, it doesn't matter if your field/industry of interest has a reputation of having low wages, because you will quickly go up the ladder and, sooner than later, you'll get good positions and salaries if you are really, really good at it.

If you have an extraordinary talent, and there is a profession that you know you would enjoy and excel at, don't hesitate to choose a career path related to your passion.

Look at me: I grew up in a poor household, so I chose my degree with the only idea in my mind of making lots of money. Got a job with a good salary in a powerful industry shortly after graduating, but soon I came to realize that I hate it and I'm 0% interested in it.

Hating my job has been the source of my recent pitfalls in life: feelings of emptiness, sadness and having no purpose, and realising that I am wasting the prime years of my youth; also, since I hate my daily life, I ended up developing oneitis and displaying beta behavior for my last plate because she was my main source of happiness and pleasure, which is a recipe for disaster and inevitably led to her dumping me, as she sensed she was too important for me because my life sucks. There's no point in being rich if your job depresses you.

INSTEAD, if you love your job and your profession, you will display an evident aura of confidence like you own the place. You will be more magnetic to people because you'll always be in a good mood and you'll be fun to be around, as your job will be a source of happiness to you and your demeanor will convey that you love your life, so in all likelihood, you won't need any crutches to get by, such as seeking comfort in bad habits or "the love of a woman". A woman should be a supplement to your already happy life, not a patch to your unhappy life (which will inevitably lead to you putting her on a pedestal and hence a broken plate or terribly failed relationship).

Money should never be the only reason why you choose a career path. Now I plan to abandon this job that makes me miserable, and study the degree that I should have chosen when I was 18. Thankfully, I am currently 25. I am still young and don't have any major life burdens, but there is something I do have now that I didn't have when I was 18: self awareness and life experience, so mark my words: it's never too late for a big change.