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- Hide Preview | 132 Comments | submitted 3 months ago by 1kschmeckles [Post Locked]

You spend a huge percentage of your life at work, so you'd better enjoy what you do for a living.

No matter how big your salary is, if you have a job that causes you more discomfort and stress than wellbeing and happiness, you'd better quit. If you feel like you'd rather kill yourself than going to work when the alarm goes off in the morning, then something's wrong with your life. Everyone will eventually notice that you are unhappy. And yeah, guess what: no matter how good looking you are, women don't want to be around a bitter dude who hates his job and complains about it.

Don't let others discourage you or dissuade you from choosing a career path just because "it's a profession with low wages" or "there aren't many options if you choose that field". Yes, money is important, but what's the point of having a well paid job if you hate it? Also, it doesn't matter if your field/industry of interest has a reputation of having low wages, because you will quickly go up the ladder and, sooner than later, you'll get good positions and salaries if you are really, really good at it.

If you have an extraordinary talent, and there is a profession that you know you would enjoy and excel at, don't hesitate to choose a career path related to your passion.

Look at me: I grew up in a poor household, so I chose my degree with the only idea in my mind of making lots of money. Got a job with a good salary in a powerful industry shortly after graduating, but soon I came to realize that I hate it and I'm 0% interested in it.

Hating my job has been the source of my recent pitfalls in life: feelings of emptiness, sadness and having no purpose, and realising that I am wasting the prime years of my youth; also, since I hate my daily life, I ended up developing oneitis and displaying beta behavior for my last plate because she was my main source of happiness and pleasure, which is a recipe for disaster and inevitably led to her dumping me, as she sensed she was too important for me because my life sucks. There's no point in being rich if your job depresses you.

INSTEAD, if you love your job and your profession, you will display an evident aura of confidence like you own the place. You will be more magnetic to people because you'll always be in a good mood and you'll be fun to be around, as your job will be a source of happiness to you and your demeanor will convey that you love your life, so in all likelihood, you won't need any crutches to get by, such as seeking comfort in bad habits or "the love of a woman". A woman should be a supplement to your already happy life, not a patch to your unhappy life (which will inevitably lead to you putting her on a pedestal and hence a broken plate or terribly failed relationship).

Money should never be the only reason why you choose a career path. Now I plan to abandon this job that makes me miserable, and study the degree that I should have chosen when I was 18. Thankfully, I am currently 25. I am still young and don't have any major life burdens, but there is something I do have now that I didn't have when I was 18: self awareness and life experience, so mark my words: it's never too late for a big change.

[-] Overkillengine 179 Points 3 months ago

To counterbalance this; you also need to be pragmatic and realize that a career in underwater interpretive basket-weaving is very unlikely to pay the bills. So figure out what will pay those bills without also sucking your soul out.

Bonus points if it is something that either involves moderate physical activity or allows you the option of time for such; as physical fitness is important for multiple aspects of life.

Extra bonus points if you can manage to find an occupation that lets you set your own workload and reject inane client demands.

[-] ScratchinCommander 22 Points 3 months ago

The way I look at this is... my job may not be the most fulfilling ever, but it guarantees a really really good standard of living for my family, and although I wish I could use my brain on what I'm really good at, the trade off is that I don't have to worry about money and I can enjoy hobbies, travel, etc.

Your job doesn't have to be only source of fulfilment and happiness in your life. I found this to be a big issue in the U.S., but some other countries look at it differently.

[-] baeslick 10 Points 3 months ago

Nursing is a great opportunity for this. Guys who become nurses are benefited by flexible work schedules, fantastic starting pay and increases + management positions, AND you are SURROUNDED by beautiful women as working in a female-dominated field.

I won’t be only doing nursing, but as my “day job”, it’s definitely the best decision I ever made for myself in terms of looking for maximum maneuverability

[-] UniversalFapture 5 Points 3 months ago

Any hospital jobs for a cs student?

[-] Sumsar01 5 Points 3 months ago

Why would you waste a computer science degree on a shitty hospital job?

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] askmrcia 3 Points 3 months ago

Plenty. They have software that the medical staff use to monitor patients, keep records and whatever else.

I know because I work with said software. A lot of it are legacy systems so you will want to pull your hair out

[-] estrogenmilk 3 Points 3 months ago

Been somewhat involved there previously. It's a predominantly female environment, watched poor saps get bullied into getting fired. Seen people crack it after dealing with too many people charged up on amphetamines. and switch to disability or something instead. But alas i don't think I'd mind getting involved into that field. Any knowledge on slithering into one of those vague ''social worker'' positions??

[-] frenchfortomato 3 Points 3 months ago

Any knowledge on slithering into one of those vague ''social worker'' positions

Yes. I have a master's degree in public & nonprofit administration, and studied with a ton of those people. It is about the least RP field you could ever get into. Low pay, and shit working conditions to make up for it. No natural path to management or leadership positions. And you work with people who assume that since you're a man, your motives for literally everything are selfish and evil. Don't even think about it.

Most "cake jobs" with fixed hours and no chance of getting fired, will kill both your soul and career, at least at the entry level. Pick something that incentivizes you to grow, like sales, or at least fun, like a blue-collar job.

[-] ZachMeadows 1 Point 3 months ago

It depends, I got a friend who's a nurse in France. Either you work in a hospital whose laws and regulations are managed by government laws or you open a private practice.

In the first case you are barely paid for the amount of work and pressure you deal with ; the second you are somewhat free to do how it pleases you, but you mainly change old people diapers and bandages for a profit, working with 1 or 2 colleagues.

I don't know the practice in other countries, but it's definitely not a chill job where I'm from.

[-] SalporinRP 1 Point 3 months ago

I went business but I considered doing nursing for a while. I have a cousin who is a nurse and he loves it.

Three 13-hour workdays a week and 4 days off. I'd be completely fine with that schedule. So much free time to do shit.

[-] Ass-a-holic 1 Point 3 months ago

Working with women sucks ass. I've been in female dominated offices/medical facilities, had female coworkers and superiors and hated every second of it. The first day is awesome because you see all the pretty faces than it goes downhill from there, at least for me it did.

It was actually one of the things that red-pilled me the hardest.

[-] jackandjill22 2 Points 3 months ago

This is true. These are all important concerns & no OP you will not always "move up the latter" some chosen fields are so volatile that you won't make any progress ontop of that in order to gain money; & this is a common misconception it isn't just an upward ark. You have to do something that works, you don't accidentally become a success. There are many people who spend their entire lives attempting; failing & retrying & continuing to fail with no success.

[-] frenchfortomato 1 Point 3 months ago

Yes. Also would like to add, once you spend more than 2 years doing one particular thing, it becomes very hard for people to imagine you doing anything else. Your box, if you will, has 1/2" plate steel walls.

Move up or GTFO

[-] Dallosaurus -6 Point 3 months ago

I get your point but that has to be the worst example of a dream job I've ever heard in my 65 years of living.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] Alpha_Bucks 91 Points 3 months ago

This post is dumb. This is you pining for a new job and circlejerking with yourself over how happy you think it's going to make you. Write us a report once you've actually made the switch before advising young men to quit their jobs

[-] MR_SKINNYPENIS69 63 Points 3 months ago

English teacher in foreign countries guy here.

Became a manager when offered because it seemed like the right progression path to take. After a couple of years, I realised I would much rather take the lower salary and not have to put up with all the bullshit of babysitting people and managing assholes and people bitching and complaining and instead just focus on improving my teaching ability.

Rising up is not always the best move - sometimes it's better to focus on improving your skill in your current position.

Been much happier ever since I gave up management. Less money, but I really don't feel the difference in my bank account but I feel a whole lot different in my life. Now I go in, do a great job, and get out. No more calls late at night and on weekends to handle other peoples' problems. My only concern is how well I am doing and my own skill set.

And yeah, back on topic - I'm definitely fulfilling a RP lifestyle much better with this new worklife.

[-] [deleted] 14 Points 3 months ago


[-] MR_SKINNYPENIS69 6 Points 3 months ago

When I was a manager the difference meant I could afford a nicer place to live, so it was a lot more than that... But still, I'm much happier now without the extra stress. Most of all its great not having to look after weak people who can't solve their own problems.

[-] andyturbo2000 3 Points 3 months ago

Exactly. Where is the trade off? I'd much rather punch and punch out, then have time to concentrate on passive income streams, funded by my main job, that will pay off later.

[-] andyturbo2000 1 Point 3 months ago

Exactly. Where is the trade off? I'd much rather punch and punch out, then have time to concentrate on passive income streams, funded by my main job, that will pay off later.

[-] Insnspst 2 Points 3 months ago

Interesting, 8 years I worked as a design engineer for a big international company. I hated my desk job. 2 years ago I decided to quit and travel. Did that for 1 year and after that I worked one year as a sports and fitness instructor in a 5 star hotel. Never regretted quitting my job as an engineer, I had more time to work on myself and to improve. Never been happier and really enjoyed those last 2 years. Made lots of personal progress, also with girls. I definitely agree with OP. Now I'm looking for a new opportunity, can you give me more information about your job? In which foreign countries/cities are you teaching? Do you need a special degree?

[-] MR_SKINNYPENIS69 2 Points 3 months ago

You need a University degree and then you need to get a TEFL qualification. You can get a decent one, like CELTA (the best one, the one I have), or just do a quick fire online one which takes 20 hours. Some employers care which tefl you have, but most don't give a shit because it's just a visa requirement. As a starting teaching it won't matter which one you have because you'll just be meat for the grinder with zero experience, you can always just get a quick one now and then get a decent one later if you decide to make a long run of the career.

I am in Indonesia but I'll be leaving soon after 5 years here because I'm tired of the place. Now I have good experience and good qualifications I could get a good job in just about any country I like. I could go to China and make money (5-8 thousands dollars a month + provided housing against the living costs means you can save a lot of money there), or go to Saudi and make shit loads helping rich kids pass their English tests to get into foreign universities but have to put up with living in a Sharia hell hole. I'm thinking Japan next, even though the pay to living cost ratio isn't as good as some other places, I'm drawn more towards living a nice place over great salary.

If you want to get started I'd recommend joining EF (English First) for your first year. It's a huge international English provider that hires anyone and it's a bit of shit show but it's a great place to learn the ropes and get a lot of real life practice because it'll throw you in and help you get over you fear of working with kids at first. You might be surprised and realised you actually enjoy kids, that's what happened to me, but now I work in corporate language training so I only teach in offices to adults.

Oh, and as an aside, working in these countries as a white guy instantly raises your SMV by at least 2 points.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] no_its_a_subaru 36 Points 3 months ago

What kind of feel good follow your dreams horse shit is this? Not everyone gets to be a YouTuber kid. Guys in your 20’s Do something that gets you paid so you have money to fuel the lifestyle and hobbies you want. Find something that you’re ok doing every day, you don’t have to be miserable but you don’t have to “love” your job either. Monetizing one of your hobbies is great until you realize that you are fed up with something that used to bring you joy.

[-] Haytch1234 13 Points 3 months ago

Doing something that gets you paid will only work for so long if its a job you hate. I think OP is talking specifically about jobs that pay well but make you miserable... Its not worth it. The burn out is real and the misery will leak into other aspects of your personal life.

Anyone that does a job that pays well but is miserable should be planning ahead and putting that money to good use ( I.E investing , learning a new skill, starting a business, etc).

[-] Sendmoneytofly 3 Points 3 months ago

Money matters. Never emotionally invest in a job. Some hobbies require steady amount of cash

[-] Haytch1234 1 Point 3 months ago

Lol. Most hobbies can be funded by a much less stressful and lower paying job

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] GratificationDelayed 6 Points 3 months ago

My dad always warned me not to do my favorite hobby as a job or I might grow to hate it....took about 10 years and then it happened. Wise words from the old man.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] frenchfortomato 2 Points 3 months ago

Guess you could say that if the money lets you afford being the alpha outside of work, then it's worth it. If it doesn't, then it adds nothing to your life, GTFO.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] Chadthundercock531 31 Points 3 months ago

In my experience, most people dont really hate their job, they hate their co-workers.

So look for a job where you will work with people you can be friends with

[-] TruthSeekingPerson 6 Points 3 months ago

While it’s nice to enjoy spending time with the people you work with in many settings that’s impractical. Also, it’s dangerous in that co-workers are often competition.

Just wanted to provide a counter point. For a long time I had that belief as I had a great job with people I enjoyed spending time with after work. But to expect to have friends in a job is often unrealistic—unless you’re working in a high energy and cooperative environment. And even then there’s competition.

[-] Minimalisma 3 Points 3 months ago

Exactly, the power dynamics still exist even though it's not apparent in these rather calm times

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] frenchfortomato 3 Points 3 months ago

The only way to successfully avoid conflict with people is to live in a remote cave. Even if you're self-employed, your ability to direct people toward a mutually beneficial vision has much more of an impact than any kind of technical skill, so it makes more sense to learn how to lead people than it does to avoid conflict with them.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] reluctantly_red 1 Point 3 months ago

most people dont really hate their job, they hate their co-workers

This is very true. Surprisingly the best thing about being a criminal defense attorney is that your colleagues are cool AF.

[-] [deleted] 24 Points 3 months ago


[-] LovecraftsNightmare 13 Points 3 months ago

Ah the old suffer in silence while the world takes you for your best years in the hopes tomorrow will be better due to your labour now!

Fuck that. Tomorrow may never come, be happy now and share that with your first mate instead.

[-] VinterBot 9 Points 3 months ago

Bitter silence kills. That's how you wake up at 50 and realize your life is shit and you want to paint for a living.
Same thing happens with women, hobbies, fitness, shit with almost every part of life.
Live a life so you won't realize one day it has all been a mistake.

[-] ikarianarsi 7 Points 3 months ago

People who plan on saving for when they're 70 so they can retire, broken down and well past their prime, are either stupid or haven't done due diligence

[-] NormalAndy 24 Points 3 months ago

Seems that you have to deal with irritating assholes whatever the weather.

Enjoy what you do: welcome the pain and take the money

[-] Im_smarter 22 Points 3 months ago

Oh the good old typical “Just quit your job and follow your dreams” post.

[-] finalFLAASH 20 Points 3 months ago

I rarely comment on these posts, but I finally think I can provide my own wisdom. Working for someone (unless you REALLY like your job) is extremely counter productive. Not only is your time, money and mental health controlled by someone else, you are working to make someone else's life easier. This is my current strategy to ensure I do not have to live as a wage cuck.

1) get useful degree. Note that I use the word (useful). You want a degree that can almost guarantee you a job, think Engineering, medicine, teaching etc. It does not have to be high paying, but the higher paying the better.

2) get a shit job. There is a Joe Rogan clip going somewhere which accurately defines what this is. Get a job where you are paid maximum, do minimal, and essentially can do other things whilst at work. The trick is to use work time to learn new skills (in my case investment) in order to build your wealth on someone else's time. I currently work as a supervisor for a data tech company (a trade I picked up whilst at uni) and make well above min wage doing jack all. The above mentioned degrees will immensely help with this step.

3) build a passive income portfolio. Buy a business with decent cash flow and profit etc... The point is to do this WHILST working to maximise your free time to learn new skills, etc.

4) Monk mode through steps 1-3. This part is extremely important. Make sure you don't spend money on useless things, grow your wealth and invest wisely. The point is to be semi retired by your mid to late 20's.

I'm currently up to step 2-3 of this plan, as I graduate soon. Many of my friends have implemented a simmiliar plan and are seeing success. The point is to maximise free time, and self improvement and obviously your bank account.

[-] beepboopbebop13 4 Points 3 months ago

How do you get a job where youre paid to do jack shit? what sort of qualifications would help?

[-] mikrodizels 7 Points 3 months ago

I work as a hotel night-shift admin. In off season, the hotel barely gets around 20% occupancy, which means, that the hotel is quiet and no one needs shit, especially at night when the guests are sleeping. From the 12 hours I spend there, I do actual work maybe 5 of those hours, which leaves me 7 hours that I can choose to do whatever on the work computer (with the occasional demand from a guest or check-in/out). Nothing is blocked, I can freely browse TRP or even sleep in the back office. I get paid my hourly rate + 50% night shift rate on top. For someone without a degree, I noticed this job is a blessing for me. The only downside is that shifts change every week and you cant have a good routine with unpredictable shifts and it fucks up your sleep. But in those 7 hours, you can do homework, work on your business, plan out your future, reflect etc.

[-] Overkillengine 2 Points 3 months ago

Jobs with a large seasonal variance in workload are great for this too, especially if one maximizes it like you have by taking a graveyard shift. I happen to have one that is similar in that aspect but also allows me the luxury of telework; which was more than worth the nominal paycut to take given I no longer have to spend over an hour or two everyday just getting to/from work, nor do I now have to pay the fuel expenditure and extra vehicle maintenance incurred by commuting. (And for those wondering- no I will not get more specific about my work than that, too many hostile actors browse this place looking for opportunities to doxx.)

Side bonus is a massive reduction in workplace drama and politics that one has to deal with.

[-] liberty1127 1 Point 3 months ago

This is my job. I work a lot from april to september and then maybe work 2-4 days a week and can take a lot of time off in the fall and winter. It's great for my mental health after working 80-100 hr weeks 4 mo this out of the year

[-] Fielder57 4 Points 3 months ago

Almost anything in IT. You are paid for what you know, not what you do.

[-] ManOfTheTimes 2 Points 3 months ago

Very much agreed and, to expound further, it depends on which field in IT you end up in. Operations, projects/engineering and project management can all be extremely low-stress, low-effort gigs if you can navigate yourself to one of those positions and play the corporate game well. Coding and certain jobs in cyber security (ISSO documentation/accreditation/etc.) are generally high-effort gigs.

[-] TruthSeekingPerson 3 Points 3 months ago

A lot of office jobs are bs. Government jobs too.

[-] finalFLAASH 2 Points 3 months ago

It takes a bit of work. For me, I worked extremely hard for a year and proved that I was a trustworthy employee. Eventually got to my current rank which basically involves paper pushing and checking up on workers during the day. It's all about finding a specific role then trying your best to get it.

[-] GatienCash 2 Points 3 months ago

Independent consultant / developer.

[-] good-afternoon 2 Points 3 months ago

Business degree. Project management is my field and I identify with this comment quite a bit.

[-] xavijo 2 Points 3 months ago

Absolutely kidding yourself if you think you're going to be semi retired in your mid 20's

[-] finalFLAASH 2 Points 3 months ago

Ignorant comment. I got into investment and business at a young age because I needed money because I come from a poor family. Managed to work my way out of that shit hole through both investing in a variety of markets, working and studying full time. I would say that by my mid twenties I'll be at the point financially where I'll only need to be working 1-2 days a week and can live solely of my investment. I've also had friends who had gotten extremely lucky whilst trading, and now own homes at a really young age. I just want to clarify that this plan works for the area I grew up in. I might make a more detailed post on how to adapt this plan to other parts of the world.

[-] ImAnIronmanBtw 1 Point 3 months ago

Yeah... lots of stupid 18 y/os on here lmao

[-] Omnidempotent 1 Point 3 months ago

Going to college is like getting married: don't do it.

[-] finalFLAASH 2 Points 3 months ago

That depends on what you study and the cost. Having a degree in any of the above I mentioned where I come from is extremely valuable.

[-] Omnidempotent 1 Point 3 months ago

I am coming at this from an American perspective. In America, the only time I personally would advise someone to get a degree is if they are dead set on becoming a medical doctor. Otherwise, it is not worth the cost.

[-] SyntheticPut 1 Point 3 months ago

Try getting a high paying law or finance job without a degree.

[-] Andorli 10 Points 3 months ago

Come back to reality my guy, and stop posting stupid crap like this. Hurr durr quit job, feel good, be more alpha huurrr. Not everyone can quit their job on the spot, not everyone can afford to lose that extra in the paycheck and definitely not everyone will find jobs in fields they want. You have to be pragmatic and rational and take calculated risks, emotions come last in professional matters.

There are soany factors to account for. Your post boils down to, "You can't be authentic with yourself if you do something you hate", and in an ideal world everyone would do what they desire, but as I said before come back to reality my guy. If getting where you want to be in long term means you grind it out at that shitty job now, you better do it and do it better than everyone else.

[-] philltered 9 Points 3 months ago

I do not fully agree with this and would like the 30yo+ gang to share their thoughts. This might end up making a few teenagers and young adults astray.

[-] Fielder57 10 Points 3 months ago

34 years old here. It Depends on a few factors. Let’s rate your hatred for your Job 0-10, 0 being you love your job, 5 being you like the people around you but find being trapped in an office annoying and 10 being you hate your job and the thought of spending another day in it make you want to stalk the halls with a carbine.

I’ve worked a couple of 9s, But I had to in order to get to the next step in my career. Sometimes you have to walk through the shit to get to the good stuff. I’m now at 34, Making good money and working in a 5. I enjoy the people around me but being stuck in an office all day is just not for me but they pay me enough not to care.

There is nothing wrong with suffering and being out of your comfort zone, It leads to good personal growth. I'm contemplating leaving my 5 to go to a 8 because i will earn significantly more, enough to pay off my mortgage. Provided your level of hatred is 7 or below you can probably put up with enough shit knowing you will have the money to buy a house, a good car and a boat for the weekends. It also massively depends on what you are getting back. Working a 9 for minimum wage is the worst. Working a 9 for £250,000 a year knowing it will buy you a house within 3 years is fine.

(Also, a side note. A lot of it depends on who you are. I know some guys who thrive in high-pressure jobs and love it. My superpower is being able to put up with large amounts of conflict and come out unscaved so i can (and have) work anywhere provided the money is good. Long story short - Don't bankrupt yourself becuase somebody on the internet told you that if you don't you can't be 'alpha')

[-] trancedj 3 Points 3 months ago

Well said. Early 40’s here. I’m probably at a 3-5 depending on the day of the week. The pay and benefits cannot be beat. I’ve worked 9 and 10’s to get where I’m at. If I’d avoided the marriage trap I’d be retired already. Or at least working because I want to not because I have to. YMMV.

[-] Dick-Wraith 1 Point 3 months ago

Did you have to get a divorce? Alimony?

[-] Atheist_Utopia 5 Points 3 months ago

Actually I do agree with it, because I don't see the point in living 80% of your life miserably to enjoy 20%.

[-] Dick-Wraith 1 Point 3 months ago

Depends at what age you retire. Some can do it by 40 if they're wise with their investments.

[-] Atheist_Utopia 1 Point 3 months ago

Still wasting the prime years of your youth doing nothing but working.

[-] Dick-Wraith 1 Point 3 months ago

95% of men have to. Unless you're born with a silver spoon, or somehow get extremely lucky with investments or a business in your early 20s, I don't see how you can escape it. Unless you wanna room with some friends and work part time, or something.

[-] Atheist_Utopia 1 Point 3 months ago

me have silver spoon me work part time

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] DiskKiller2 4 Points 3 months ago

38 here. I've struggled with a lack of purpose and ambition for my job. This despite it being a well-paying, high status one.

I can confirm that it's definitely an attraction-killer, so I often switch into a "career guy" mode when I'm around women.

If you're making bank and are visibly successful, yet somehow try to avoid the playing the part, you just come off as a beta.

[-] 10211799107 3 Points 3 months ago

Nothing is so damn binary as most people make it. It's your choice what you do not some random teenager on reddit.

If you learn to use manipulation tactics from books like 48 Laws of Power, How to Win Friends etc you can manipulate people around you at work to make it not suck.

No matter where you go, where humans congregate there will hierarchy and politics. If you can navigate that world then you're good. Then your high paying job pays for all your hobbies.

It's not common to find a passion that also generates a shit ton of money. If you work for yourself you work long hours(mostly)and need to do a bunch of paperwork that business owners do. (not talking about the online "coaching gurus" here).

My choice was to do my job well but don't emotionally invest in it. It pays really good for all my side hobbies. I don't want to spend 15hrs a day running my own business.

Keep your expenses low, don't buy shit you don't need, and save for financial independence one day. That's my moto.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] Feliponius 3 Points 3 months ago

I don’t know. I’m 30, currently hate my job, and am considering taking less money for a job that won’t suck out my soul.

Hard to disagree with this at the moment lol

[-] Fresh_Pulse 3 Points 3 months ago

Depends. I've had jobs that didn't suck so much, and jobs that absolutely sucked. You need to take a sober assessment of the job as a whole and not compare it to some fantasy ideal. For example, I had a job where:

-my boss was an inept, inconsistent sperg

-60% of my coworkers were decent people

-pay and benefits were good, commute was not

-the work was varied, but wasn't exactly what I wanted to do

I stayed at this job for a while even though there were definitely days when I dreaded getting out of bed. The key is always having abundance. Careers are dying out, so you should always be reassessing your options in the marketplace and be interviewing for new positions constantly.

[-] throwawaybpdnpd 8 Points 3 months ago

This post is BS. I think it’s more a matter of personal choice...

I’m self employed and struggle every day with new problems, for me that’s a feeling that makes me proud of myself very much and pushes me to get comfortable being uncomfortable but most people just go nut, quit and go back to a comfortable but well paid job that they’re “OK” with; and prefer it

I’d say go with what you’re good at instead of going with what you “like”... because usually when you turn something you like into something that makes you money, it kills some of the interest

[-] notadaddy 7 Points 3 months ago

I quit my job......I was a middle school teacher and over a snowy spring break last year while driving around beautiful Lake Tahoe I was like “I want to feel like this everyday.”

I went back to the school district the day I got back home and handed my resignation letter: I wrote the words “I quit” and my name on a post it note.

Now? I’m in Thailand working out and eating healthy, taking the time to do what I’ve been neglecting since my 20s, and well...I’m a lot happier now and got my military pension to at least help fulfill my dream of getting buff...

Then once I work up to where I’ll be then it’s go full force with my art and music. Luckily I’ve freelanced in art and video / animation since I was 19, even when I was in the Marines, I’d get work done between lunch and after work if we weren’t in the field of overseas and as a teacher so I haven’t been wasting time.It sucks going from quitting my job until now, but at least no more “what ifs” in my life”. And it’s nice getting stronger.

[-] Andorli 3 Points 3 months ago

Good for you, but you are financially independent more or less, this post however doesn't account for many various factrs, its just feel good, mental masturbation load of crap.

[-] juddshanks 7 Points 3 months ago

I think it really comes down to a few key points.

  1. Career matters, a lot. If you don't get a sense of fulfillment from your job you probably won't succeed and it is going to be very hard for women to respect you or for you to respect yourself.

  2. It is absolutely not as simple as just chasing your dreams- the ugly truth is if your dream is to release a platinum rap album, start for an NBA team or become an award winning travel documentary maker, you're probably not going to have the combination of natural ability and luck necessary to make that dream come true, even if you work extremely hard at it. If you're smart, as soon as you finish school you'll start asking yourself (i) what am I good at (ii) what do I like doing (iii) what can I earn good money from. Your ideal job is whatever best intersects those three areas.
[-] 10211799107 1 Point 3 months ago

If you're looking for fulfillment from a job then your priorities are wrong.

A job generates money. Your fulfillment comes form your hobbies and skills you develop outside your job.

[-] 57ashdot 6 Points 3 months ago

Loving your job is a bunch of millenial horseshit we were fed by our parents. If it wasnt tedious in some way, people wouldnt be paying you to do it.

[-] nofears 5 Points 3 months ago

Exactly. It's not a coincidence that millennials are by far the poorest generation, and socialism is on the rise.

[-] 57ashdot 6 Points 3 months ago

Agreed. I fall into the group and I see my peers doing this shit all the time. Our parents fed us lies. We are all getting older now, finding a job you actually love would be like actually finding proof for the existence of Santa Claus. Im not betting money on it happening. Having a job you tolerate. That is an actual thing to strive for. I dont need to love my job. And no job will ever live up to the expectations some people place on it.

[-] nofears 3 Points 3 months ago

Glad to hear my man. I'm a tad older and luckily just missed being indoctrinated with the fairy tale.

That mentality is ass backwards. You don't find a job you love... you go for whatever job or business venture makes you the most money, then you love that venture if it makes you bank.

[-] 57ashdot 2 Points 3 months ago

That or you use the bank from a high paying job to fund the stuff you care about.

[-] abstractplebbit 1 Point 3 months ago

That’s literally not true. There’s so many things that people get paid to do simply because they’re one of the only people available who know how to do it and projects require a number of specialized people because it’s too much work for a single person.

One person could not have learned every single skill in his relatively short lifetime before then

[-] TruthSeekingPerson 5 Points 3 months ago

I think the title is true but I think the advice to quit is not. Much of life is suffering. Whether you’re an Alpha or not. Being an adult requires sacrifice. You do the daily grind because it humbles you and it’s best for you in the long term.

“There is no one in the world who cannot arrive without difficulty at the most eminent perfection by fulfilling with love obscure and common duties.”

There is something to be said for doing menial work. Yes, it doesn’t satisfy the ego’s desire for fame and fortune. But it gives you purpose and meaning in life.

The idea we can all be Alphas is great in theory but in practice it is limited to certain people who are in the right place and the right time.

I left my first job out of college and I’m glad I did. I make more money now and enjoy the work more. But I still have a daily grind I long to escape.

Even Alpha’s have to do things they don’t want to at times to achieve their goals.

If you’re young and hate your job definitely look into alternatives. But the better plan is to take a chance on a great career before you start working. If you don’t get it you have many careers you can fall back on.

[-] ForeverImproving 5 Points 3 months ago

Fuck that. I want to travel, I need money for that. I want to go on exotic vacations, I need money for that. I want a nice car, I need money for that. I want to start a hobby that requires something, I need money for that. I want to buy something without looking at the price tag. I want to stop looking at prices in menus. I want to leave everything behind and do something stupid, I need money in my account first.

With this mentality I should quit gym too right, because I hate every second of lifting weights but I still do it.

Ofcourse you should enjoy your work but don't tell me money doesn't buy you happiness.

[-] Sendmoneytofly 2 Points 3 months ago

This. As long as its not on a sinking ship, any sucky ass grind job will suffice. Given that you also plan your exit for all the shit youve gone thru.

[-] surfingjesus 4 Points 3 months ago

This is the kind of stuff my father says and he's poor as shit lol

[-] hans1193 4 Points 3 months ago

This post is stupid as fuck. Don’t love my job but it pays a lot and finances a great life. This post reeks of 22 year old dipshit.

[-] liberty1127 4 Points 3 months ago

I disagree. The reason being I have a particularly shitty job/business (owner operator for a moving company) and I am your age but I have the option to make anywhere from 150-350k a year and take home 40% of that after taxes/expenses. A job like mine can set you up to start businesses, invest/retire early. Don't quit your job just cause you hate it. Look at it pragmatically.

[-] Bulok 4 Points 3 months ago

One of the saddest things I hear people say is "if I win the Powerball first thing i'm gonna do is quit my job".

Really? This is something you do 70%+ of your life and it's the first thing you want to get rid of? You need to re-evaluate your life. People ask me why I drive 1.5hrs one way for work expecting me to say it's the pay but it isn't. I love my job, it's fairly stress free and I get paid real good money to browse Reddit and watch Youtube. Can't beat that.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] Overkillengine 1 Point 3 months ago

Fuck, I'd still keep my job for a while at least. Not because I love it ( I don't, it's a means to an end) but because in off season it's damn near passive income.

Easy money that I can just stack bills with and invest if I also had lotto winnings to count as "fuck you" money.

[-] shadysal 3 Points 3 months ago

Quiting your job while you are starting your career is a pretty bad move. Even if you hate it. I would move around a bit Within the field first. Try to find a cushy job with great coworkers at least. Maybe the technical part of the job is of zero interest to you but if you can move up a bit or side to side like a management position, it might suit you better.

If you hate the industry completely, at least gain massive capital and try to save for a business or other passive income strategy like the others are saying.

[-] nofears 3 Points 3 months ago

Seeking happiness from external sources such as your job is a childish mentality. The real “alpha” move is to make as much money as you can, given your current circumstances and resources available to you.

If you have a shitty job, but make a ton of money, keep making the money but fix your perspective about your shitty job. Learn frame control and continue to extract as much money as you can, while exerting the least amount of effort. Laugh your way to the bank while you practice your Machiavellian techniques.

[-] Shaman6624 2 Points 3 months ago

Even if I love my job I'm only taking a job if it's a 3 day workweek. You only live once and it's been proven that people working a 3 day workweek are just as productive as those working a 5 day week (in most industries). I refuse to cave in to some arbitrary number of work hours some industry tycoon made up during industrialisation.

to add to that: I think that you don't really follow your passion. Your passion follows you but in some fields it's just not possible for people to feel passion for what they do because it lacks either: Creative freedom, Feeling of Contributing something important, or control over your when and how. This is the case Cal Newport makes in this book:

[-] davidscream 2 Points 3 months ago

I did the same fucking mistake now I deeply upset about myself and the way that I use to think about the money.

Money is never the reason and the answer.

[-] cracksniffer666 2 Points 3 months ago

I hate my job AND make shit money.

[-] Imperator_Red 2 Points 3 months ago

What does this have to do with alpha/beta???

Alpha means women desire you for your genes. Beta means they want you for your resources. Read the fucking sidebar.

[-] masterpiece00 2 Points 3 months ago

This is such an American problem - the pressure to go to college before you know anything about yourself. And a largely useless post as it is very elementary at heart.

-- About 1 in 30000 people will be lucky enough to work in a job they LIKE (not love) and a smaller fraction will get paid WELL for it and not have to put in countless hours per week.

Anyone can say "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life", anyone can go to college for a few years, LIFE will hit you hard when you realize EVERYONE is trying to do this, so there is no room in your dream field, too much demand, which leads to lower wages.

Add to that employers now days save a boatload of money by bringing in cheap third world labour.

[-] Siyuen_Tea 2 Points 3 months ago

Here's what I've noticed, there's not many bad jobs. Just many people who make a job bad. It's rarely the work that's killing you. It's either a boss who's a dumbass, a co-worker who sucks the life out of you or sometimes the standards you set for yourself ( commission jobs )

[-] FromBPtoRP 2 Points 3 months ago

Thanks for sharing this. Your story is interesting. It's a very strong decision and I wish you all the best in your life. You've got balls to stand out for your own interests. Would you mind to share what exact path had you chosen and what are you going to pursue now?

[-] 1kschmeckles 2 Points 3 months ago

I appreciate your empowering words.

I am a supervisor in the food processing and manufacturing industry. I start very early in the morning and work long hours stuck in huge, noisy factories monitoring a myriad of parameters and workers. When something goes wrong in the process, I have to deal with people who are often narrow minded and won't accept a little bit of self-criticism and admit what they did wrong, let alone rectify it. On top of that, my bosses are very strict and I am accountable for what my subordinates do. Too much pressure.

I have always been naturally talented at languages, and I love teaching - I taught English part-time in a private school for a year while I was in college, and it was really easy for me to build rapport among my students and make them enjoy the content of my lessons. I'm considering studying Translation & Interpreting, then try and apply for a position as a university professor. If not, I can always teach in a high school, or work in an embassy, etc. As long as I can put my brain to use for something that I enjoy and I'm naturally good at, I'll be happy.

[-] Sendmoneytofly 2 Points 3 months ago

This is all fine and idealistic but money really matters.

[-] harmonicpinch 2 Points 3 months ago

I think if you are lucky enough to be smart and naturally able to succeed, but find yourself in a boring or soul sucking job that pays well... all is not lost.

You have to do the hard mental work of reframing your life positively:

Work towards intermediate goals that you can leverage in the future for a pivot (ex. Become a better developer, even if you don’t like the stuff you work on).

Get in, do a good job, and get out. Spend time on the stuff you want to outside of work.

Minimize the talk of work with people and especially girls. Anything you say, say it in a confident manner to convince both of you that that part of your life is squared away just fine. Throw in a strategic and earned “expensive” treat like a dinner to convince you both again. Leave it at that.

For instance, software engineering is a 21st century skill. You may not love your job but the skills will always put you in the top 20% of earners. So one day you take your huge jump and it doesn’t work out. Well you’re still gonna be fine. Be confident about that fact.

[-] TroglodyneSystems 2 Points 3 months ago

Uncomfortable truth bombs, incoming!!

[-] hiktaka 1 Point 3 months ago

Turning something you're really passionate about into a daily job will make you hate it (or love it less). Believe me.

And some jobs are alpha by definition (firefighters, welders) so game-wise, an alpha job is worth to be clung to. Hating your job is a strong word tho, and you should realize that any job has its ups and downs just like everything else in life.

Pick one that feeds you well, avoid any that particularly feminine (hairdressers, etc), and if you're happy to do it 70% of the time, then it's a good job.

[-] ImAnIronmanBtw 1 Point 3 months ago

Yes and no... I use to hate my job but it didnt change the fact that i lifted weights, was tall and had a big dick. Still slayed and had mad confidence.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] zed65 1 Point 3 months ago

Agreed. I love my job. It's extremely physically strenuous, carpentry, but i love it.

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[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] ForemanErik 1 Point 3 months ago

I can't downvote this nonsense fast enough lmaoooo.. If you're posting paragraphs in redpill, you're not alpha

[-] Nergaal 1 Point 3 months ago

This is the type of content admins want to remove from reddit

[-] rosbergsessa420 1 Point 3 months ago

I fundamentally disagree with the title's proposal. Also find the "be alpha" a bit gimmicky at this point.

Obviously it helps to do something that you enjoy, makes for a more enjoyable day to day routine. But if you are doing something you don't like a lot and it gets you 5-6 figures, you might as well do it for a little longer until you are able to invest smart. Of course, this applies if you are entrepreneur-minded for the long run, which isn't for everyone. If you want to work for another company forever then yea you may want to stay away from stuff that drains you out

If you tick all the boxes for absolute cachiavellian Chad alphaboy and you happen to work at something you hate but pays well (and you're only doing it until you're able to upgrade), you won't suddenly become a Billy. This is just autistic, misleading and inaccurate

[-] Zech4riah 1 Point 3 months ago

You have to deserve your right to do only things you like. Usually it means that you just have to push it through for some time to reach a point you can start doing what you like.

Sometimes it even means that you have to be miserable for quite some time.

Be a man and plow through some shit for long term happiness.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] MeansToABenz 1 Point 3 months ago

I am 26 and made a similar career trajectory change. Best decision of my life. Lots of peasants ask why? Your last career sounds so rewarding! Blah blah blah! I tell them all some variation of because I can (“ I am [also] still young and don't have any major life burdens”). It is the best feeling in the world being self sufficient and not reliant on anyone or any one job, try it out if you haven’t.

What u/overkillengine said is true, heed these words wisely. Men also need to understand that if they do have major life burdens that this kind of drastic switch is much more difficult. I have seen many strong-willed men make it through this change but I have also seen many men fail. Failing is not bad just heed my warning and think long and hard before you make drastic switches as you and your family should not end up ass up and drowning.

[-] ikarianarsi 0 Points 3 months ago

I've spent the last five years of my life doing software development, fucking hate it. I think I'm going to sell sarms and HGH now. Fuck IT