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- Hide Preview | 45 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by Psychological_Radish [Post Locked]

Every once in a while I’ll see a question on askTRP about plating strippers. Can it be done, what is it like, and so on. Having established an ongoing FWB relationship with a stripper myself, I think I’m qualified to answer these questions. In the time I have known “Jasmine,” I have learned quite a bit about the profession, which lays bare many Red Pill truths...sometimes in unexpected ways.

Let’s start with the question I see the most: is it possible to plate a stripper?

Obviously the answer is yes. I’ve done it. But you aren’t going to do it in the club.

Contrary to media portrayals, modern strip clubs aren’t mobbed-up brothels. Most are legitimate businesses that go to great lengths to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Leaving with customers - that is to say, prostitution - is strictly forbidden. Unless you are a billionaire or celebrity, you might as well take those one dollar bills and stuff them into the scratch ticket machine. You’ll have a better chance of winning there than getting sex with a stripper.

In one post a few months back, a guy claimed that a beautiful stripper gave him her phone number after a lap dance and hinted at sex. He came on askTRP wondering what his next move should be. The poor fellow actually thought he was Gaming her. In fact, it was the total opposite. Any stripper worth her salt maintains a contact list of regulars she can call up when she needs a cash injection.

In the words of Jasmine, “strippers don’t sell sex; they sell fantasy.” The most successful girls – the ones who pull in six figures a year – aren’t necessarily the hottest. They’re the girls who are the most charming, the hustlers, the ones who make the guy feel like he is genuinely desired. Most men don’t know what that feels like, and that is what keeps them coming back. Sometimes a guy even starts believing the fantasy, that the girl sees something in him.

To quote Jasmine again: “All I see are dollar signs.”

There is a level of desperation out there that is truly mindboggling. Grown men shelling out thousands of dollars a night just so they can feel wanted for a few hours. Dating a stripper is actually good practice for Frame control, because these girls invariably come to view Betas as ATM machines to be used and abused. Jasmine simultaneously loves and hates the fact that she can’t control me.

Guys often look at me with admiration when I tell them about Jasmine. Surely I must possess unparalleled Game! While I do nothing to disabuse men of that notion, she was all over me from the start. It was easy. We met at a bar and hooked up within the hour. It was sheer chance that she happened to strip for a living. Sorry guys, I have nothing to teach you in that regard. Just focus on the girls who genuinely want your cock.

What strikes me the most about banging, plating, and later dating Jasmine is how downright ordinary it is. Strippers possess an aura of unattainability, which I suspect is what makes them so attractive. But take away the sexy outfits, the makeup, the flattering stage lights and they’re no different than any other chick. The same can be said for most girls. How many actually look hot without the smorgasbord of beauty and fashion products?

Of course, there is the usual chorus of guys warning against getting involved with strippers because they’re “crazy.” You’ll get beat up by pimps, catch STDs, and suffer various other misfortunes. True, many strippers are indeed trailer park trash, but these guys are talking out of their asses.

Jasmine herself is a student at a top-30 U.S. university. No tattoos, no weird piercings, doesn’t drink or do drugs. A rare girl that actually has hobbies outside of Netflix, eating food, and partying. She has a good relationship with her Dad, although the man is unfortunately one of the biggest beta males I’ve ever met. Probably why she feels okay with this profession in the first place.

In the grand scheme of things, though, she’s less fucked up than a lot of girls I’ve met. Hell, if she wasn’t a stripper I might have considered an exclusive relationship with her. And that's the scary part - had she not told me, I might have never known. She's compartmentalized this aspect of her life quite effectively.

In the year Jasmine and I have been seeing each other, we’ve never had an argument. Not once. She knows I wouldn’t tolerate it, even though I have never outright said it. Sometimes she flashes irritation at the fact that I still bang other girls, but she’s largely come to accept things on my terms, at least for now. I suspect she occasionally sees other guys, but after a few weeks she invariably dumps them and comes back to me.

And yes, she is absolutely amazing in bed.

Hope that clears up some questions and misconceptions. Don't believe everything you read in the media. And don't believe that cute little college girl who comes off as shy and innocent.



[-] quartersndimes 34 Points 10 months ago

I gotta call bullshit, I have never left a club without a offer to at least one of my friends. One of my besties fucks a stripper every time we go. Although clubs frown on it women are women and are there for a price, be it opportunity or money. All is the same.

Edit: I'm sorry I forgot what day it was, April fool's y'all!

[-] EgocentricMegaloMan 32 Points 10 months ago

My brother, what are you doing? This whole post reads as a “trickle down” of truth. Please just get to the part where you love her and not all stripper unicorns are like her.

Pointing out some of the flaws we can see here to potentially help you make a righteous decision in your “plating” of a stripper:

  1. “Red pill truths in unexpected ways” - where was the unexpected way?

  2. “Legitimate business that go to great lengths...” - my man... this is male hamstering. Legitimate business in the sense of which it has a market, creates a profit, and pays taxes? Yes. Legitimate as in putting it on your resumé when you’re pursuing a Fortune 500 career? Ask your girlfriend/plate/fiancé if that will come up in her post “top 30 college” interview.

  3. “Prostitution strictly forbidden” -brother, you are telling me strippers don’t fuck Men for money and then a breath later your future wife says “all I see is dollar signs”. That is the only TRUTH she has spoken.

  4. In your paragraph of “in the words of Jasmine” -why are you listening to this woman’s words when stripper non-unicorns prove constantly with facts and ACTIONS that they fuck for money. The wealthiest strippers strip and fuck and probably do online porn too.

  5. “Practice for good frame control” -probably, when this girl you are in love with is pushing her pussy in the face of strangers for dollars while you post paragraphs about her on reddit, I imagine that does take some frame.

  6. “Aura of unattainability” -yes, if you have low SMV strippers do seem unattainable. Strippers are extremely attainable because they are lower than me, period.

  7. “No different than any other chick” -you were accidentally accurate with this one with one small fundamental flaw: they LITERALLY live in solipsism. They give away their one gift, their VAGINA, or at least the illusion of it, for coin. All women act like this in one way or the other.

  8. “Of course there are the usual guys warning...” -let me edit and finish this quote for you... “BuT nOt My UnIcOrN sTrIpPeR” Jesus Christ man

  9. “We haven’t had an argument” -congrats on not arguing with a FWB... I mean a plate... I mean a girl you’re “dating” who’s dad you met... who you’ve been seeing for a year... who may or may not be sleeping with other guys... who is a stripper... who definitely doesn’t fuck guys at work... right guys? Right?!?

But she’s good in bed, and other guys (betas) are jealous of you... pat yourself on the back bud.

Wake the fuck up. You are living in a fantasy land of emotion because you bagged a decent looking stripper. WAKE UP. It’s clear as fuck this girl gives you FEELZ, and you give her feelz too, after she’s done clanking her 6 inch heels together and making her butthole wink for two Washington’s. Cuddles right up next to you, because not your stripper. She’s different. Yikes...

[-] MattyAnon 6 Points 10 months ago

Well said, especially points 3+4.

OP's post has value, but I do like your observations about it

[-] Imperator_Red 5 Points 10 months ago

Please just get to the part where you love her and not all stripper unicorns are like her.

I know, right. Dude is falling for the stripper.

[-] Psychological_Radish -5 Point 10 months ago

My brother, what are you doing? This whole post reads as a “trickle down” of truth. Please just get to the part where you love her and not all stripper unicorns are like her.

Most of your "rebuttal" consists of you displaying your lack of reading comprehension skill by twisting everything I wrote to suit a completely false narrative. I really don't understand how you could read this and think this is some ode to a "stripper unicorn" that I "love." What a boob you are.

Please just get to the part where you love her and not all stripper unicorns are like her.

One of my main goals in this post was to show that if a girl like Jasmine does this shit on the side, then any girl is capable of it...with future boyfriends husbands being none the wiser. Of course, this point sailed right over your head because you haven't renewed your Hooked On Phonics subscription. Maybe it's my fault for not explicitly spelling that out for those of us who don't read anything beyond the Buzzfeed top ten lists.

It’s clear as fuck this girl gives you FEELZ

Yeah I enjoy her company. She's fun and feminine. What a crime! Maybe I'll write about the other girls I see too and you can tell me more about how I've gotten feelz and I want to wife them up.

I thought this story might be of interest to people here. If you get value from it, great. If not, go pound sand.

As to the prostitution piece that everyone is talking about...if that is the case in other parts of the country, then I was unaware of it. So maybe I'm wrong on that point. And even if it is true, it's still transactional sex.

[-] EgocentricMegaloMan 6 Points 10 months ago

I thoroughly comprehended what you wrote. I’m not sure you thoroughly communicated your intent properly.

Maybe you need to analyze yourself and your situation more thoroughly as you are taking a strippers word for face value, saying your plating, then dating, then meeting her dad.

As for your solid “frame”, it seems quite shook from an outside perspective from someone who is not a psychological garden vegetable.

[-] Psychological_Radish -5 Point 10 months ago

I’m not sure you thoroughly communicated your intent properly.

I'll be sure to dumb it down more next time.

Maybe you need to analyze yourself and your situation more thoroughly as you are taking a strippers word for face value, saying your plating, then dating, then meeting her dad.

Let's review the normal progression that this forum espouses:

Bang -> Plate -> FWB -> LTR

In fact, I say this in my post:

"What strikes me the most about banging, plating, and later dating..."

This is getting tiresome. If you want to dispute me on a factual point, like the prevalence of outright prostitution in clubs, or some other idea that I put out, then I'm open to that discussion. However, I'm not going to respond to blatant mischaracterizations.

[-] AWorseManThanYou 16 Points 10 months ago

I’ve plated two escorts and two strippers over my “career.” They are all bad bad bad news. But oh so much fun.

Highest percent of BPD. 75% of them had emotional problems. Half of them were severely abused while young.

You can meet them at the club, but can’t game them while working. Usually (one stripper threw her number at me).

Game strippers when they get off if that’s your bag. Escorts you’ll just meet in the wild. It’s a numbers game. Get enough fish and a few will turn out to be escorts. But all in all I’d say to avoid them.

This guy ran into one of the better ones and thinks he’s an expert now. Lol. Contrary to what OP says, strippers and escorts are all bad bad bad news.

[-] uwey 5 Points 10 months ago

Roller coaster thrill in incomparable fashion.....

I have few in my belt, and I got my truck tire slashed and keyed for various reason.

Sometime just drink and fuck is easily a win-win solution in life, but do expect consequences if you went too deep into the emotional realm.

[-] AWorseManThanYou 3 Points 10 months ago

Deep down, and 10 years later, I still got a bit of heart for my first one. She’s probably suckered some sap into marrying her. That, or she’s dead. Who knows. She wasn’t exactly on the best life path.

[-] uwey 2 Points 10 months ago

Then you fuck, drink, fuck some more.

You might become a poet one day.

[-] Psychological_Radish -1 Point 10 months ago

I already acknowledged that many of them are trailer park trash. I understand this situation is not the norm. And that's what's so fascinating...a girl doesn't necessarily have to be BPD to get involved in this sort of thing. She can be relatively normal.



[-] AWorseManThanYou 4 Points 10 months ago

Buddy, you can’t here as an expert without enough experience to be an expert. That’s the stupid thing about your post.

It’s also worse because you happen to be very wrong. I am going to laugh my fucking ass off once this bites you in the butt.

How long have you been with this plate?

[-] Psychological_Radish -1 Point 10 months ago

Well, 'buddy,' if you're such an expert with your two stripper notches, then why don't you write your own field report detailing your experience? Clearly you know a lot more than I do.

I've been seeing her for a year.

[-] AWorseManThanYou 3 Points 10 months ago

Maybe I will.

Let me know how that goes. Normal women don’t do this. The mindset required to “hustle” is a dark one. Temptation to go down a darker path is always present. And they don’t make any money by being honest.

Your sweet peach is a sociopath if nothing else.

[-] AWorseManThanYou 2 Points 10 months ago

Wrote that post for you. I didn’t call you out or anything. I called you “some idiot” (because you are) but didn’t put in your username or anything. I’m not tryna beef with you or anything.

It’s on the main sub, you can read more about my experiences with strippers there.

[-] mental_models 10 Points 10 months ago

Not worth the time/effort unless it "falls in your lap" lol

[-] CryingHappyMonkey 7 Points 10 months ago

My university roommate dated a stripper he met at a strip club. But it was sort of weird how he met her. He found out the club's lunch buffet was super cheap and pretty good and it was close to campus... so he started going there regularly to eat lunch. A few time he'd get a group of friends from campus and walk there. He didn't even notice the tits of the servers anymore. So I guess he stopped being a strip-customer and just became a guy she saw regularly.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] DarkSyde3000 6 Points 10 months ago

I'd believe this maybe if we didn't use to get laid in the VIP rooms or whatever in our 20's back when we still went to these places. These women aren't the beacons of intellect in the galaxy. Last place I lived I had 3 for neighbors, that was even easier. I've moved on to more target rich environments that aren't filled with imbeciles. Not to mention most are either alcholics, drug addicts, or both.

[-] mental_models 3 Points 10 months ago

co-sign the drug habits & trashy environment (not that there aren't strippers who live in Four Seasons, just cosigning experience w/ lower level) ...

Met them bc they had just been robbed and wanted me to stay at their apartment until the cops came back.

Soon some shady dude arrives and is traded a bathroom blowjob for some ketamine.

[-] DarkSyde3000 3 Points 10 months ago

Yup, they're insistent on living that life so that's what happens. Those daddy issues get pretty serious.

[-] mental_models 2 Points 10 months ago

'daddy issues' I was blue-pilled at the time, but probably why they asked me to provide security...

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] 0kool74 6 Points 10 months ago

This sounds like a really good April Fool's post.

With all the knowledge that has been posited in this community since its inception, if you were going to try and tell us about a NAWALT case you probably should have picked something other than a stripper.

[-] Psychological_Radish 1 Point 10 months ago

You have it totally backwards. If this girl is capable of this, then who isn't?

[-] lapeparoja 2 Points 10 months ago

I dunno, a more estable/moral girl. Dude you are fucking a ho, it is OK since I suppose she is somewhat hot and you protect yourself. There is nothing to admire about that. And even less to admire about the chick. I agree it is cool a kid like you is fucking a ho, but that's it, there is no more knowledge to take from it, other than your naivete.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] EdmondDantes777 5 Points 10 months ago

why do people idolize strippers? I will never understand it.

[-] Philhelm 5 Points 10 months ago

It's likely similar to women getting wet for drug dealers. A stripper is a woman who obviously has very little inhibition and works in the sex industry, so would (presumably) be up for some hardcore sex. Some men don't really consider how low-value these women actually are though.

[-] garrypig 3 Points 10 months ago

Not exactly poppin the pill, but u/Paychological_Radish I’ve been off and on plating a stripper who has a boyfriend. Last year I noticed she would start fights and arguments when she realized she couldn’t manipulate or control me, but she always came back because I could charm her and make her feel great without degrading myself.

Do you find that Jasmine does stuff like this too?

I’ll call her Maggie because that’s her stage name. She is a narcissist with daddy issues (her dad tries to avoid her and won’t respond to her texts. Once when I told her to get the fuck out of my friend’s house because I didn’t love her anymore and I think she’s gross, she started crying and saying “I want my daddy”) and has manipulated me in the past, and when I put my foot down to that she cuts me off.

Recently it’s gone as far as her lying to people saying I beat her, have broken into her home, told her mom I said she looked like a drug addict. I proceeded to tell her mom to fuck off as well as her friends.

Like, does Jasmine do this bullshit too? I know a few strippers personally, in fact 2 others are my best friends that I just chill with at their house, they aren’t like this at all and tell me that Maggie is a crazy bitch.

Do you have any stories like this?

Also, for those wondering, no girl, no matter how hot or charming she is, is worth this shit. Stick to pursuing someone high level.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] TheRedPillRipper 3 Points 10 months ago

First time I dated a stripper I thought it was next level. For a while it was.

First time I ever fucked on a nudist beach. In front of some random dude who she asked to take videos of us. First time I ever fucked on a trampoline. With a sprinkler. First time I ever fucked a woman on her stripper pole. In front of her mirrored wall. In her dining room.

But she definitely was well on The Crazy Hot Scale. Ticked some firsts off the bucket list though so that was nice.

[-] thewrecker8 2 Points 10 months ago

As a general rule as you've stated, most strippers have quite a few red flags. Many need to get fucked up just to get on stage with drugs or alcohol. Most "normal" girls don't find it easy to get up on stage nude or in a thong and pasties on their nipples and spread their ass cheeks and legs in front of mostly old, overweight men who try and grope them any chance they can get. Especially night after night. Regardless of how "empowered" they try and feel, in the grand scheme of things it's degrading. Deep down they know it, but it's easy money also. There might be the rare unicorn you're describing out there but they're very few and far between

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[-] bjcm5891 1 Point 10 months ago

The humblebrag is strong with this piece. Why did I read it and picture Muscle Man from 'Regular Show' writing it about his Starla?

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] csajhr 0 Points 10 months ago

I'm dating a dancer now (she happens to dance topless) and she's a really cool person. She lost a job she thought she had and ran into some tough times and turned to dancing to make ends meet. She has a normal life, has hobbies (she's also a fire dancer at festivals), and is emotionally stable. She's not really any better in bed than any other girl I've seen. She's just normal.

Jesus Christ, they aren't all cracked out coke-whores who will throw their pussy at anything that moves and has a $20 bill. Get a grip guys.

[-] cpandt__ 3 Points 10 months ago

Stopped reading at fire dancer

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] DigitalDragonSlayer -2 Point 10 months ago

Good situational post. Very specific but good.

Don’t be an autistic kid if a stripper gives you a number in a club, good takeaway for a lot of young guys haha.

[-] Throwaway_5252 -3 Point 10 months ago

I had one relationship with an escort where I didn't pay. She was the love of my life and then she ghosted me and I don't know what happened and I've never been the same since. I've have great experiences with escorts and bad ones too. I'm sure a fair amount of them have mental disorders, but then again so do average civilian girls.

I've had a few strippers express interest in me, but 1. I don't like to shit where I eat (meaning if the relationship fails I don't want to have a reason to not show my face in that club again. it's my second home) and 2. While some of them are nice, they can't be trusted. A fair amount of them are thieves, single mothers, have crazy ex boyfriends that could get you murder-suicided if they find you're seeing them.

I go to the strip club when I want a massage and to drink and oggle at some T&A without being berated. I see high-end escorts when I want to be pampered like a king. When I want love....... well, I don't have anyone to go for that right now.

[-] MentORPHEUS 3 Points 10 months ago

Don't shit where you eat doesn't mean what you seem to think it does.

[-] Throwaway_5252 -1 Point 10 months ago

Sorry. Wrote that right before I went to bed.

I just meant to imply I don't want to sabotage my reputation at that club by getting involved with a girl who works there only for the relationship to go south and I feel ashamed to show my face there.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago