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- Hide Preview | 45 Comments | submitted 3 months ago by Psychological_Radish [Post Locked]

Every once in a while I’ll see a question on askTRP about plating strippers. Can it be done, what is it like, and so on. Having established an ongoing FWB relationship with a stripper myself, I think I’m qualified to answer these questions. In the time I have known “Jasmine,” I have learned quite a bit about the profession, which lays bare many Red Pill truths...sometimes in unexpected ways.

Let’s start with the question I see the most: is it possible to plate a stripper?

Obviously the answer is yes. I’ve done it. But you aren’t going to do it in the club.

Contrary to media portrayals, modern strip clubs aren’t mobbed-up brothels. Most are legitimate businesses that go to great lengths to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Leaving with customers - that is to say, prostitution - is strictly forbidden. Unless you are a billionaire or celebrity, you might as well take those one dollar bills and stuff them into the scratch ticket machine. You’ll have a better chance of winning there than getting sex with a stripper.

In one post a few months back, a guy claimed that a beautiful stripper gave him her phone number after a lap dance and hinted at sex. He came on askTRP wondering what his next move should be. The poor fellow actually thought he was Gaming her. In fact, it was the total opposite. Any stripper worth her salt maintains a contact list of regulars she can call up when she needs a cash injection.

In the words of Jasmine, “strippers don’t sell sex; they sell fantasy.” The most successful girls – the ones who pull in six figures a year – aren’t necessarily the hottest. They’re the girls who are the most charming, the hustlers, the ones who make the guy feel like he is genuinely desired. Most men don’t know what that feels like, and that is what keeps them coming back. Sometimes a guy even starts believing the fantasy, that the girl sees something in him.

To quote Jasmine again: “All I see are dollar signs.”

There is a level of desperation out there that is truly mindboggling. Grown men shelling out thousands of dollars a night just so they can feel wanted for a few hours. Dating a stripper is actually good practice for Frame control, because these girls invariably come to view Betas as ATM machines to be used and abused. Jasmine simultaneously loves and hates the fact that she can’t control me.

Guys often look at me with admiration when I tell them about Jasmine. Surely I must possess unparalleled Game! While I do nothing to disabuse men of that notion, she was all over me from the start. It was easy. We met at a bar and hooked up within the hour. It was sheer chance that she happened to strip for a living. Sorry guys, I have nothing to teach you in that regard. Just focus on the girls who genuinely want your cock.

What strikes me the most about banging, plating, and later dating Jasmine is how downright ordinary it is. Strippers possess an aura of unattainability, which I suspect is what makes them so attractive. But take away the sexy outfits, the makeup, the flattering stage lights and they’re no different than any other chick. The same can be said for most girls. How many actually look hot without the smorgasbord of beauty and fashion products?

Of course, there is the usual chorus of guys warning against getting involved with strippers because they’re “crazy.” You’ll get beat up by pimps, catch STDs, and suffer various other misfortunes. True, many strippers are indeed trailer park trash, but these guys are talking out of their asses.

Jasmine herself is a student at a top-30 U.S. university. No tattoos, no weird piercings, doesn’t drink or do drugs. A rare girl that actually has hobbies outside of Netflix, eating food, and partying. She has a good relationship with her Dad, although the man is unfortunately one of the biggest beta males I’ve ever met. Probably why she feels okay with this profession in the first place.

In the grand scheme of things, though, she’s less fucked up than a lot of girls I’ve met. Hell, if she wasn’t a stripper I might have considered an exclusive relationship with her. And that's the scary part - had she not told me, I might have never known. She's compartmentalized this aspect of her life quite effectively.

In the year Jasmine and I have been seeing each other, we’ve never had an argument. Not once. She knows I wouldn’t tolerate it, even though I have never outright said it. Sometimes she flashes irritation at the fact that I still bang other girls, but she’s largely come to accept things on my terms, at least for now. I suspect she occasionally sees other guys, but after a few weeks she invariably dumps them and comes back to me.

And yes, she is absolutely amazing in bed.

Hope that clears up some questions and misconceptions. Don't believe everything you read in the media. And don't believe that cute little college girl who comes off as shy and innocent.