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- Hide Preview | 23 Comments | submitted about a year ago by Jazzeater [Post Locked]

I had an interesting experience this weekend on a night out that reinforced the power of sexual competition between women, and how it can be used to your advantage.

The Setup

Two female acquaintances were having a joint birthday party and my roommate and I offered to have people over before we all headed out to the bar. One of the birthday girls, L, is a casual plate who I have seen sporadically over the past 2 years. From the jump I could tell she wanted to end up back at mine at the end of the night - dressed and done up to the nines (not really her style usually) and lots of little flirting, standard stuff. During the pre-drinking fun I was chatting up some of L's other friends who I found attractive, being funny, testing their boundaries a bit by teasing. This was setting me up in the right mindset for the night - confidence, attitude of abundance and setting my own sexual terms.

The Bar

As soon as we get to the bar I run into two old acquaintances I haven't seen in a while, R and B. I boned R a few years back but we haven't stayed in touch much. From the jump I could tell R wanted me to take her home (hand on my arm, asking what I was doing after the bar - very obvious). I wasn't trying to hit on B overtly, but I have always found her very attractive so was enjoying some conversation with her. As it became apparent to her that R wanted to take me home, B started to warm up considerably. The flirting escalated a bit while we danced. At some point I felt like going to see my other friends, so I left R and B on the dance-floor. I didn't think much of leaving them at the time, but realize after the fact it probably helped my case - I had shown interest but enjoying my night was still priority #1, not trying to land B. I was leading, not chasing.

When I caught back up with R and B, some guy was trying to spit game to B, buying her drinks and such. While this happened I talked to L, and her other friend S who I had been flirting with back at the house. This immediately brought B's eyes back to me. Now she realized there were three other women there who appeared ready to go home with me. Her attention flipped to me as this other guy tried his game (she was looking over a lot, giving the other guy cold body language, etc.), so I went over and immediately escalated - grabbed the drink he bought for her, took a sip, and put my arm around her waist. We went and sat down at a table with some of the group.

At this point, things were going my way, it looked like B would be coming home and I was happy as she was by far the best looking for the three girls. The deal was sealed when L came up to the table. B didn't know that L was a plate of mine, but as soon as L came to the table it was like a switch flipped. It went from light playful flirting to her hand running up my thigh the minute L came up. Within 5 minutes she whispered in my ear to take her home.

We fucked all night and the next morning. No sleep for me that night, but Sunday is the day of rest anyway.

My Lessons Learned

Sexual competition among females is, in my opinion, the most powerful force you have at your disposal. I have experienced its effects before, but never to such a glaring degree. Men of TRP, if you have the opportunity to take a plate out, use that sexual tension to entice other women. Women want you to be pre-approved by other women - if they see you are, they are yours if you have any game whatsoever. Not only does this allow you to achieve your sexual goals with new prospects, but reminds your plate(s) that your attention is never guaranteed - if they want it they better work for it.

Happy Hunting Brothers!

[-] iambecomechad1 19 Points about a year ago

Full Chad Mode. Proud of you brother!

[-] Jazzeater 5 Points about a year ago

Thanks brother! It's a great memory to draw and and learn from for me.

[-] Olram_Sacul 18 Points about a year ago

"grabbed the drink he bought for her, took a sip, and put my arm around her waist"

???????? Love it!!

[-] Jazzeater 3 Points about a year ago

This was for sure the boldest move I've made in a bit. But fortune favors the bold!

[-] MurkyArtichoke 3 Points about a year ago

The guy was standing next to her as you did it huh? Haha

[-] Jazzeater 2 Points about a year ago

Yea he was. Poor beta. The drink was tasty, a bit girly, but I don't mind.

[-] RightHandWolf 1 Point about a year ago

Nice AMOG display, for sure.

[-] Foobyx 8 Points about a year ago

yeah. I used to carefully invite only one target at a time. Now it's: everybody welcome and who cares what happens.

All the girls seem totally on you, what kind of SMV do you display?

[-] Jazzeater 3 Points about a year ago

Hard to say for sure. I def get a reasonable about of female attention. I'm tall, fairly fit (but lots of work left to do - really the work never ends), and most people find me funny.

I would say outwardly I'm medium SMV but I use confidence and humor to really bring it up.

[-] moltenw 5 Points about a year ago

Sexual Competition = Pre-Selection, right? Just different names for the same thing.

[-] Jazzeater 1 Point about a year ago

Correct. I didn't use that term when writing but should have - this is textbook pre-selection.

[-] MurkyArtichoke 2 Points about a year ago

Can’t agree enough on this. Don’t get too invested in just one girl for the night, you risk ending up with nothing. I have a great example of this, which shows exactly what i mean. At the bar one night with friends, two girls came over when my friend went to the bathroom. I quickly got in good terms with one of them, a blonde. We talked for a long time and flirted. Out of nowhere, one girl i had previously slept with, and who had «rejected me», came over to talk to me. She showed zero interest in even looking at the girl, and was leaning in to me and looking at me. After she left, another girl whom i’d previously slept with approached (i remember thinking wtf is going on tonight). She had ALSO «rejected» going further with me. She did the same fucking thing, leaned into me, put her hand on the table and hinting for me to hold it. I didn’t know how to act exactly, and i kinda juggled between the two girls. At one point the girl i had slept with grabbed my hand under the table. She was kinda drunk, which she usually is, but i’m quite confident she wanted me to take her home (only times she is interested in me is when she’s drunk and she sees me at the bar).

Here’s where i made a mistake. Instead of continiously talking to these girls and creating competition and dread, i put all my eggs in the basket with the girl who initially started talking to me. I don’t really know why, i just figured it would be easy to seal the deal, and she had huge tits lol. So after a while i didn’t see the two other girls. I then asked the girl to walk with me, and she did, but she declined coming home with me. Probably not enough escalation on my part. She also seemed more distant and cold, and i figured she lost interest because i didn’t maintain my SMV from earlier.

I have several other examples on girls who initially didn’t seem interested, who just flipped because they could see me with other girls. Their hamster starts to immediately go crazy when they see stuff like that because they start to think «is that girl hotter than me?» «why isn’t he still trying to get with me?». They need confirmation all the time that they «still got it», even if they don’t necessarily want to sleep with you.

[-] Jazzeater 1 Point about a year ago

I had a similar "what is going on tonight moment". I wanna be clear I'm not a super chad who can pull every 10 with just a glance. I simply hit the right buttons at the right times when they were presented this night and it fell into place. It could have gone sideways if I didn't follow my instinct (which has been honed over the years - I'm late 20's with good experience).


If you find yourself in a similar situation again escalate the ones who initiated kino contact first, they are the home runs.

[-] redpill77 1 Point about a year ago

No sleep for me that night, but Sunday is the day of rest anyway.

So many people ask if they can be vulnerable and tell girls about their struggles. Yes, if it's downplayed like this^^

[-] SuperCrazy07 4 Points about a year ago

Lmfao, I’m not sure the vulnerability and struggles they’re referring to are: “Holy shit, I’m so worn out from banging hotties that I had to rest up on Sunday!”

[-] Jazzeater 1 Point about a year ago

Haha good point. I think that kind of vulnerability is the kind you SHOULD share with women - it gets their competitive juices flowing.

[-] Jazzeater 3 Points about a year ago

Such a great point. When I was younger I made the mistake of getting too vulnerable with girls, nothing kills the vibe faster IME.

[-] Aizenchair-sama 2 Points about a year ago

How do you keep the vibe good but avoid those type of vulnerable conversations? Since for me I’m usually quite drunk or on the after clubbing high and during the downtime of just talking in bed it’s usually ending up with personal conversations whilst cuddling which I know you should try to avoid but honestly they’re just nice to let out a bit

[-] Jazzeater 3 Points about a year ago

Practice. I used to do the same as you, consistently and to a fault.

It helps to have some "false vulnerable" stuff you can say - stuff you don't actually feel vulnerable about but may let them feel like you are opening up, and will scratch the itch you have to open up without weakening your frame.

For me I spin some tale such as "usually I'm pretty shy with girls but it was just so natural with you". It's BS, they probably know it is, but it still works.

[-] OfficerWade 1 Point about a year ago

Females are talent hunters. That’s why if you keep yourself from burning all bridges and remain steady in a relationship, that is with integrity. Women will pay attention. They will line up for you when you and your significant other, break-up. They will ask you if you are lonely. They will ask you if they can make it better. Indeed, build it and they will come...

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[-] [deleted] about a year ago
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