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- Hide Preview | 26 Comments | submitted about a year ago by maverick9759 [Post Locked]

Let's take an imaginary man, let's give him an average body, not too skinny/fat not too aesthetic. An average face, not Ian Somerhalder but not triple chinned neck beard either. An average sense of fashion, not Zayn Malik but not a clown either. Not 6'2 but not a minion.

Now theoretically roughly 50% of the men should be better than him and roughly 50% should be worse. But is that truly the case ? What I did was I made this imaginary guy in my head and measured him against all the men who I personally knew on my Instagram. This guy beat 68% of the men. So the guy with 'average' looks is roughly 32nd percentile by being 'average'.

Now let's look at the number of things he can control to shoot up higher. +Add good fashion ( create " a look " ) +Add tattoos +Add muscle +Top notch grooming, eyebrows cleaned up and shaped, beard done with a nice fade, haircut suitable to his face shape.

I compared the new guy to the same group of men. Results ? 6th percentile.

The black pill is real for some people. I have seen people who weigh 125 kgs and bad eating habits was not the problem. People who've been through a terrible accident.

But seriously, consider this post before you throw the red pill will work for you only if you were born with the dreaded top 20% genes argument. Do this experiment yourself by your own standards,then do the same experiment but with you in your mind (what would you become like if you did all the things you can) you will be surprised and motivated. This is a form of fear, and it's a natural human tendency to make the situation worse in the head than it really is when the mind is colored by the emotion of fear.

[-] wobbleelbbow 33 Points about a year ago

Stopped reading at "+Add tattoos"

[-] AdorableGuidance 18 Points about a year ago

Interesting read. I am heavily tattooed and i have not found it to have boosted my SMV as i had hoped. Instead, in my experience, it has simply changed the demographic of women who are into me. Before the ink i seemed to constantly pull good girls/ academics/ gamer girls etc. Post ink i am now pulling party slootz/ other heavily tattooed girls/ older women as a top 3.

[-] ohmanitstheman 3 Points about a year ago

It's never about what you do. It's about how you do it. You don't go fly fishing for bass. You find what you enjoy, so you can become the best of the best at it. There are good looking girls in every group. It's not about doing something that's appealing. It's about doing something so well that people it appeals to are attracted to you in droves. Hell the world champion magic the gathering players slay some decent girls.

[-] maverick9759 2 Points about a year ago

Tattoos demonstrate risk taking behavior, that good girl wants it as bad as the bad one, let there be some plausible deniability, when the chick has an excuse to explain how she accidentally landed on the leather jacket tattooed biker dick she'll hop quicker than a rabbit.

However I plan it as a form of contrast game. If I have one on my chest related to my religion, when the shirt comes off it will create a surprise. " This athiest like pragmatic guy has religious beliefs ? " Although honestly that's not what I intend primarily, I'll work jobs in the future where tattoos on arms are a big no, so I'll have to keep it under my clothes and what I will get tattooed is something really valuable to me.

[-] trollreign 15 Points about a year ago

This is one of the dumber posts I've seen on here. All your conclusions, especially the 68% one, simply demonstrates that you are REALLY bad at imagining the average man.

For one, if you check people on instagram, you already have preselection, a sample bias. That's a well-known statistical error.

The second biasing error you make is that if you are a reasonably attractive young man then this same group will be over-represented among your friends/acquaintances.

So even though you have such a biased sample towards reasonably attractive young men, you still managed to put the "average" person at 68%. By the very DEFINITION of the word, since physical traits are normally distributed, the average should be somewhere around the 50% mark.

Now if we exclude the sampling bias, preselection and confirmation bias errors, it is a fairly good guess that what you actually consider "average looks" or average starting point is actually somewhere around the 80% mark among the total male population.

And it follows fairly straightforwardly that if someone is significantly below your "average" - which hilariously lies at about 80% - then for this person the black pill will be real shit. Imagine a guy with no money, no social status, 5'6", ugly face, balding, obese, no social skills, not particularly funny. I can think of many such people from my past, even though these guys will certainly not be on Instagram. This guy is not rare. He is a 3-3.5 on the 10 scale. 1 in 3 guys is like this.

Assume this guy follows TRP to the letter, he gets muscular, starts standing up straight, loses weight, makes some money, buys fashionable clothes, goes to the barber. He will still be an ugly short dude with no social skills who does not know many single women. This guy, with all the effort he has put in, will still only be a 6/10 tops.

1 in 3 guys - those with luckier gene pools - will be better off as a starting point with zero effort than the short ugly dude after many years of hardcore TRP. And don't respond with the argument that he can get rich and get social status; we all know that genuine desire is what we really want, not just sex.

[-] lapeparoja 3 Points about a year ago

He is just a dumb kid, cut him some slack. I bet he has some poster of the new-kids-on-the -block flavor of the day.

[-] incelinthirty 1 Point about a year ago

I lost him when he said the average man beats 68% men. Either he is delusional or doesn't know what average is.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] fds_1 10 Points about a year ago

Looks matter but what matters the most when it comes to girls and people in general is how you make them feel. If you are likeable, cocky, funny and just fun to be around, you'll be able to make friends and pull girls. It's as simple as knowing if people enjoy your company.

[-] maverick9759 5 Points about a year ago

I think all that cocky and funny stuff is more of a check than a tool. If she responds well, you are high enough SMV for her. It does increase your perceived SMV in her head because again holding frame and poking out of the bubble society expects you to be in is a courageous act and chicks are hard wired to be attracted to it. But it's an add on, a woman does not know if she'll end up getting fucked by you but she definitely knows if she will not at the very first sight.

[-] Vikingcel 6 Points about a year ago

So being average is actually being top 30% ^^/s

[-] decunnilinguist 3 Points about a year ago

I think you’d get laid more if you didn’t spend all that time on Instagram

[-] Kurush559 3 Points about a year ago

All that shit about being too short or ugly applies to maybe the bottom 5%. Maybe even 1%. The ultimate male privilege is having a flexible and movable SMV.

[-] Vikingcel 2 Points about a year ago

Are you short and/or ugly yourself? That would put a ton of weight behind what you say.

(Inb4 'No, I'm 5'10, good looking, but not a model.)

[-] Kurush559 0 Points about a year ago

I'm 5'10 and look fine but don't have much of a jaw. Nothing that would impress someone. Deep voice and muscular body help out a lot, plus I take good care of my facial hair and skin fade.

[-] Vikingcel 1 Point about a year ago

Define 'fine'. I look fine too, as in I'm not deformed, despite having a weakish chin. I look goofy without a beard. I too have a deep voice and a muscular body. What are your stats?

We are seemingly comparable, but you get laid and I don't at all, so I'm sure we really aren't.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] wildtimes3 3 Points about a year ago

There is more than a 50% chance that you are 90% wrong about this.

[-] TwentyEighteen 2 Points about a year ago

based on POF statistics, women find the average man unattractive. Put your average man on tinder and he’d get barely any matches. Women don’t like average, they want above average and beyond. Female standards are cut throat.

With that being said I heavily support self improvement. But don’t underexaggerate the difficulty. It’s a real challenge. But a good challenge to take.

[-] whiffofass 1 Point about a year ago

Exactly. Average is useless. Most men I see are unfuckable. They will never have sex in my opinion.

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[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] jimmyjoejimbob -2 Point about a year ago

You don't need to be the top 20% of men, you only need to be in her top 20% of men.

[-] reversec 1 Point about a year ago

are u saying that being on top 20% won't mean that she sees you as part of it?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago