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- Hide Preview | 28 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by coltrain1212 [Post Locked]

Long time reader , but this is my first ever post. I thought that maybe it would help a few people starting out to maybe hear my expirence and learn from that. Although , im sure alot of you have had worse experiences than me...

So i married right out of highschool. Long story short , she cheated 5 years later. After i found evidence on her phone i immediately asked for a divorce but was looked at as the bad guy even by some of my own family.. Why is that? Anywho , fast foward a bit , i thought i had swollowed the pill and was a bit of a expert in terms of the redpill. However i met my match.. I met a girl , she seemed cool so i was like fuck it , why not? Turns out , she was the craziest bitch I've ever met in my life... I mean fucking nuttier than squirrel shit , this chick broke her own hand once after i broke it off with her , purposly. She's called the police on me on several occasions in a last ditch effort to keep me around. By that , i mean , she understood how to manipulate the system. She would use that to keep me around , after a few years i finally stood my ground. I was miserable , i had gotton to a point where id rather be in jail than in this relationship.. So , i thought she was exaggerating but she was right , the system is completely against me. The courts treat me and speak to me like im some sort of monster even though I've never done anything wrong. There's even a restraining in place against me that she'll freely violate herself. I've had to leave my apartment complex because she'll come over to the area to see friends and im considered in the wrong if i stay , ive been to jail on two seperate occasions over her and both times i never did anything. Cops , are prone to show up as white knights. So my friends new to the pill , please learn from this. Lift , focus on you , everything else is a bonus. I skipped alot of detail to keep it short and to the point , if you guys want me to elaborate just let me know.