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- Hide Preview | 28 Comments | submitted 2 months ago by coltrain1212 [Post Locked]

Long time reader , but this is my first ever post. I thought that maybe it would help a few people starting out to maybe hear my expirence and learn from that. Although , im sure alot of you have had worse experiences than me...

So i married right out of highschool. Long story short , she cheated 5 years later. After i found evidence on her phone i immediately asked for a divorce but was looked at as the bad guy even by some of my own family.. Why is that? Anywho , fast foward a bit , i thought i had swollowed the pill and was a bit of a expert in terms of the redpill. However i met my match.. I met a girl , she seemed cool so i was like fuck it , why not? Turns out , she was the craziest bitch I've ever met in my life... I mean fucking nuttier than squirrel shit , this chick broke her own hand once after i broke it off with her , purposly. She's called the police on me on several occasions in a last ditch effort to keep me around. By that , i mean , she understood how to manipulate the system. She would use that to keep me around , after a few years i finally stood my ground. I was miserable , i had gotton to a point where id rather be in jail than in this relationship.. So , i thought she was exaggerating but she was right , the system is completely against me. The courts treat me and speak to me like im some sort of monster even though I've never done anything wrong. There's even a restraining in place against me that she'll freely violate herself. I've had to leave my apartment complex because she'll come over to the area to see friends and im considered in the wrong if i stay , ive been to jail on two seperate occasions over her and both times i never did anything. Cops , are prone to show up as white knights. So my friends new to the pill , please learn from this. Lift , focus on you , everything else is a bonus. I skipped alot of detail to keep it short and to the point , if you guys want me to elaborate just let me know.

[-] MachineLearnz 19 Points 2 months ago

Called police Few years Stayed around

If a girl calls the cops on you, it is over.

[-] noct3rn4l 3 Points 2 months ago

That shit really took a turn when he said he stuck with the crazy hand bitch for a couple years. I was expecting maybe a couple weeks or months. Guy stuck in the trenches taking grenades for years before just completely accepting his possible fraudulent incarceration as the only means of escape.

[-] coltrain1212 9 Points 2 months ago

I believe I've heard something along the lines of "you can swallow the pill and its a big pill to swallow or life can shove it down your fucking throat" in this instance , life held me down amd force fed me the pill. In the end , im more enlightened about it. So theres that i suppose.

[-] death-loves-time 1 Point 2 months ago

how is it that you did not break things off earlier? like after the first burst of madness /threats?

and were there any red flags you discarded earlier on? if so what were they and why have you ignored them?


[-] coltrain1212 1 Point 2 months ago

Looking back , there were red flags that ignored yes. That actually , is easy to do if you arent careful and dont understand what it is your seeing. I stayed in this for a few years , just off the fact that she would hold things over my head and she proved to me several times how hard she could make my life. Either way , it should have never gotten that far. I should have gotten out asap. Keep in mind , i called this a learning experience. Also , at the beginning i was still semi recently divorced and dealing with that , honestly i was probably in a poor mental state and in no shape to date. It is what it is.

[-] death-loves-time 2 Points 2 months ago

fair enough, but do you think besides the fear from the threats, the sex kept you stuck in that relationship for longer then it should of?

[-] itiswr1tten 5 Points 2 months ago

If you're going to post you need to edit and proofread. Structure it into an intro, body, and conclusion if you can't naturally write with flow.

[-] herpaderpadont 5 Points 2 months ago

The woman might be crazy...But I have a hard time believing you can be forced from your own home simply because she stops in the area to visit a friend.

"After a few years, I finally stood my ground..."
A few years?
Any true man with his eyes open knows to stand his ground from the beginning.
Sorry you got burned, but looks like you still have a shit ton of learning to do.

[-] coltrain1212 5 Points 2 months ago

I completely agree , this was a learning experience for me. I absolutely own my mistakes. The few years came from , things being held over my head such as introducing the law. I dont have to explain to much how a girl putting on a show and crying and throwing a fit can sway some men. However , your right , i do have much more to learn and each day i believe i work more and more towards that. Im by no means a soft dude , i lift daily , do mma and I'm reasonably attractive. It should have never went as far as it did. Thats my fault , but i learned from that and ive been golden ever since.

[-] herpaderpadont 3 Points 2 months ago

Oh for sure dude...and it's easy for me to sit back in a chair and judge. You are soft...mentally soft when it comes to women. I have seen it before...jacked dude getting dragged around by the cock by some sub average woman. A lot of reason they are jacked is because they are compensating outwardly for what they feel inwardly.

So you might be able to stand up to other men, but obviously you can't stand up to women. Which have you found to be more dangerous? A dude might jack you in the jaw...but a woman can destroy your fucking life.

[-] coltrain1212 2 Points 2 months ago

Dude , couldn't have said that better myself. Thanks for the input bro. Oh and to eleborate a bit more about the being forced from my home part , she cant violate her own restraining order technically is what the judge said. However, the sherrifs department did say i could call them if she shows up around the area and tbey would handle it. Just to put it bluntly , they dont handle how they would if it were a man. Im sure you guys already know that though.

[-] herpaderpadont 3 Points 2 months ago

My ex wife tried to pull that shit on me...Unwarranted PFA...Judge threw it out though.

I feel ya man, there is nothing worse than a scorned, mentally ill woman. You are way better off, but I know from experience that if you don't change, you will wind up with the same type of woman. Happened to But, the second time it clicked a lot faster to get the fuck out.

If more men realized that white knighting doesn't get you laid, the better off we would be as a society.

Doesn't make sense to me...she is so scared of being abused by you to the point where she got a restraining order....but she voluntarily goes around your living space. Yeah...she sounds real scared.

I would just find a way to get far away from her.
If you aren't already, follow The Red Man group on that shit. Get The Rational Male and study the shit out of that too. You can't change the past, but you can avoid having another crazy woman trying to ruin your life.

[-] CigsInsideMe 4 Points 2 months ago

Being a long time reader doesn't mean too much. It seems like you still have a lot to learn considering you made the mistake of letting it get to that point. The world isn't against you.

[-] drkinferno72 2 Points 2 months ago

Gotta read it, learn it, love it, live it

[-] SpicyCurry07 2 Points 2 months ago

Agree I can't say much but I would never allow myself to be in the situation. If someone is causing my life to be miserable, use everything in your power to cut them out. If they threatening you with some leverage. Let do whatever. You're in charge of your life.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] OutsideTheCage3 3 Points 2 months ago

So i married right out of highschool. Long story short , she cheated 5 years later

Remember folks: don't get married. Marriage is a bad contract.

If you absolutely must, at least wait till you're 35.

[-] CoinMemo 3 Points 2 months ago

Seems like you came across a BPD female, just remember to keep building for yourself and for your future, also remember that there are many different types of relationships:

Casual Relationships - Won't explain this much but is basically the same as "spinning plates"

Comfort relationships - Relationship with a female for comfort or support, female version of "Beta Bucks"

Sexual Relationships - Also known as "Friends With Benefits", purely jump off style companionship, she is the female version of "Alpha Fucks"

Convenience Relationship - Relationship for convenience, maybe you want a companion or easy sex but you have no true deep feelings for each other

Passionate Relationship - Sometimes described as a "soul mate", however you simply have really great mental and sexual chemistry


You want to find a balance between a Passionate Relationship and Comfort Relationship. You ever see the player in school who ended up settling with an average girl, whilst the average girls grew up to wife the sluts the players had before? Well there you go.

[-] silent_dominant 3 Points 2 months ago

Women get support, men get blame

[-] JustaTroll2019 2 Points 2 months ago

I think you should move to Asia

[-] Hyper_Sonik 2 Points 2 months ago

I got the cops called on me after I left for some fresh air.... Apparently I assaulted her 3 times in the span of a year and a half. Children's Aid is now involved and her step son is "scared" of me. Why? Seems like she is trying to put her beta in his place ... I guess that's what happens when you unknowingly give her all the power, is that when you try to use some sovereignty, she attempts to punish you. Shitty thing is I have a kid with her and she is stuck between me and some jail bird who wants to raise my kids. Clustercucked

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Bone_Coat 1 Point 2 months ago

one of my teachings of life: the first person that uses the law and justice system, is the one with advantage.

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[-] metallicdrama 1 Point 2 months ago

Sounds borderline? Was she at least a good fuck?

[-] coltrain1212 2 Points 2 months ago

Yeah , she was altleast a good fuck. Especially when she was being apologetic or trying to talk me into staying in the relationship. But , thats a given now isnt it?

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[-] [deleted] 2 months ago