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20 | 29 Comments | submitted 2 months ago by max_peenor [Post Locked]
[-] peaceful_strong_man 25 Points 2 months ago

White man bad.

[-] max_peenor 21 Points 2 months ago

The top comment: "Here we go again.´╗┐". The thing is we never left where we started. This commercial should be no surprise to anyone--VW has long been a vanity brand very popular with younger women. When I was in high school it was not unusual to hear "she is just a Jetta Bitch." However I think here are at least a couple lessons here and there are probably a lot more.

One of the lessons is why is there even a guy in this commercial? Moving itself can be a be a positive opportunity--a nicer place, a better location, etc. The girls are bonding and having fun doing it. There are smiles all around. Why add the stab at the guy? It's almost as if women measure their status and situation as it compares to the status and situation of men. Without this guy losing, this gal isn't winning. It doesn't matter if she is moving into an objectively better situation, there needs to be some emotional salt sprinkled over. Good marketing.

[-] MoDuReddit 10 Points 2 months ago

It doesn't matter if she is moving into an objectively better situation, there needs to be some emotional salt sprinkled over.

Fuck me if this isn't the raw truth.

[-] AvatarStinky 8 Points 2 months ago

One of the lessons is why is there even a guy in this commercial?

Not only that, but the commercial would make more sense if there were no guy in the commercial. Somehow the woman owns everything in the apartment but her name isn't on the lease?

[-] bakamoney 1 Point 2 months ago

Hey, the guy is important. He owns the car.

[-] death-loves-time 1 Point 2 months ago

plot twist, neither of them own the car, its on a lease, times are tough

[-] 1v1crown 2 Points 2 months ago

plot twist, he owns everything and she just stole it all

[-] curiouschipmunk1010 1 Point 2 months ago

It's almost as if women measure their status and situation as it compares to the status and situation of men.

Grrrlll power, everyone is equal. Now play nice everyone.

[-] WarriorMonkMode 14 Points 2 months ago

Um, I've never seen a women "move" in my life.

I left my girlfriend out of the blue and told her I'd fuck a man before I sleep with her again. It really fucked with her head.

Imagine my surprise when she comes crawling back 2 months later needing help to move.

Told her $40 bucks to let her use the bed of my truck to move her bed and I wasn't lifting a finger. Took me 30 minutes and it was 5 miles.

When I get there, there are these two guys waiting to unload her stuff. It's so obvious what they were hoping for but as the saying goes: "show me a girl you can't live without and I'll show you a guy who's sick of her shit."

As they're struggling to move this whole bed up a flight of stairs, they're struggling and looking to me. I stand there with my arms crossed and smile, "don't look at me, I was only paid to drive here."

The look on shock on one guy's face. "You're getting paid!?"

The fucker still moved the bed with his friend and I ended up getting head on the floor of her room after the guys cleared out.

Don't lift a finger for a girl who you aren't fucking. Even if you are fucking, don't break a sweat doing stuff for her. There are an army of betas ready to do her bidding, you don't want to be painted with the same brush.

[-] death-loves-time 5 Points 2 months ago

how out of the blue was it? it seemed that your strategy is best, the earlier the better, especially if they dont have time to remove any mental associations with you in time, and have that be put on hold from the shock of your announcement...

short selling the short seller, i like it, please elaborate more

[-] WarriorMonkMode 6 Points 2 months ago

Meaning she didn't even exist in my mind anymore and I received a text saying "hey, I know we ended on bad terms but you're a pretty cool guy and I need your help. I understand if you refuse."

Simply replied with "it's all good. $40 bucks and I'm not lifting a finger, if that's cool I'll help."

[-] 1v1crown 3 Points 2 months ago

I was also going to call bullshit one women moving stuff. Especially that that is literally all they own in the trunk of a shitty VW...

[-] ZachMeadows 2 Points 2 months ago

Honestly, I really want to believe it's true, because that's pure gold.

But then again, a plate paid for my trip to Milan to fuck her brains out the day after her husband and kid left.

Ever since my break up I'm getting paid to do shit with women who wants my attention. And I get to fuck them.

That's the real spirit guys !

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] u-r-silly 1 Point 2 months ago

The only times I've seen women "move" were when they are forced out.

[-] jonpe87 13 Points 2 months ago

If the advertising was about the VR would make more sense, the guy is the only one having fun here´╗┐

[-] redpillschool 4 Points 2 months ago

That's my takeaway. VR must be really good these days. You can ignore your annoying girlfriend. Gotta check it out.

[-] MentalBeat 7 Points 2 months ago

This twitter account is your one-stop shop for dumb white men in commercials.

[-] redpillschool 5 Points 2 months ago

That's rich. Thanks.

[-] SalporinRP 7 Points 2 months ago

2 seconds after the commercial ends: "Thank fuck that bitch is gone now I don't have to put up with her bullshit anymore"

If he didn't have such a retarded look on his face when he took off the goggles I'd say what he was doing was a power move. Playing VR in the living room not giving a fuck while your presumably ex-gf moves her shit out.

[-] DrMrJrSr 3 Points 2 months ago

I love how the way these writers come up with ridiculous situations just to throw salt at men.

Not saying that there aren't oblivious guys out there like this, but what dumbass HONESTLY decides to play VR while his girlfriend is moving?

And if the genders were reversed, how do you think women would respond to this?

[-] 8380atgmaildotcom 2 Points 2 months ago

And Chad will find someone else that will pay his rent soon

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Acceptable_Camel 1 Point 2 months ago

It's honestly comforting seeing the dislike ratios and the comments universally shitting on this.

Gives me hope for the future as I add volkswagen to the list of companies I will never purchase from.

[-] centaursg 1 Point 2 months ago

Judging by his look at the end, he is a stupid fuck and who needs TRP. These days many - commercials, TV shows, plays and movies written by feminist writers and they use every opportunity they get to hammer the society with shit like this. Just go to any Communications, HR class in some university, you`ll see what I`m talking about. Cant blame them, we have really become stupid fucks. The fact that we need a place like TRP to understand evolutionary psych traits tells us how off track we are. We need to get our assess off of video games and do some productive shit. If TRP spreads like a religion, in 50yrs, may be the commercials will be different again.

[-] nofilmynofucky 1 Point 2 months ago

I love that she took all the stuff with her.

I've only cohabitated with 2 women but ime they don't tend to arrive with much more than:

  • their wardrobe
  • a fuck tonne of makeup
  • live, love, laugh wall decals
  • childhood soft toys
[-] Serj_Buketov 0 Points 2 months ago

I don't get it, what is wrong with it again?

[-] death-loves-time 2 Points 2 months ago

white men not girl servant



[-] max_peenor 1 Point 2 months ago

Who said there was anything wrong with it?