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- Hide Preview | 42 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by deltaunit18 [Post Locked]

Know your value.

So what is my value? You won't find answers here on reddit, or netflix, or even a Malaysian anime image board. I tried this and continued to feel motivated with no real change in my life. Then it sorta hit me, nothing will change because you don’t value yourself nor your time on earth. The desperation, depression, anxiety, etc (for me) seems to be rooted in this. Do something and experience life; paint, draw, read, lift, hike, swim, get a pet to love, do some drugs (moderation duh), sit outside and take in the world around you, jog, call your parents, cook, bake, create something. You are on this earth for a limited amount of time and life can end at any moment, value your time in the universe you’ve been born into. Spending hours on netflix or reddit isn’t going to get you where you want to be in life. Women are not even a necessity to live out a happy life, if you think you need a girl by your side you’ve fooled yourself into believing that lie. That's how too many failed marriages start, "I need a wife/LTR to create self worth in my mind because if I have someone that means I'm okay." After fucking a few women you should realize that they ain’t shit, as in most of them are average in personality and do you want that? But guess what, those better chicks are essentially lynxes. No point in trying to find one because you won’t find that lynx. So focus on yourself and be happy you're fucking alive. Women will come and go. Always act like you are single.

A little saying I got from here still resonates a lot with me: “You don’t become the king by chasing after the queen. The queen comes naturally as a by-product of you being the fucking king. Chase the crown, never a bitch.” I have it written on a stickynote and a plate saw it one night and loved it. At the time I hadn’t realized why she reacted positively to the note.