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250 | 143 Comments | submitted 2 months ago by Hencley [Post Locked]
[-] Nikkozezim 164 Points 2 months ago

What the fuck is wrong with women, dude. What the FUCK.

[-] weag5l 80 Points 2 months ago

There is no brain-vagina connection. I have yet to see any evidence of it.

[-] Nikkozezim 59 Points 2 months ago

Been redpilled for years, but shit I see still knocks my fucking socks off here and there. Fuck. Im genuinely mortified at this.

[-] weag5l 47 Points 2 months ago

An article about sex research: it will shock you. Women have absolutely no idea if they are turned on or not.

What do Women Want?

[-] RedEyeDude 10 Points 2 months ago

It does seem to have implications for rape accusations. Because they themselves don't know when they are turned on or not.

Cognitive dissonance is a evolutionary feature of the female brain

[-] weag5l 8 Points 2 months ago

Yes. I am convinced that they can send out sexual signals and not be aware of it.

It seems women are not entirely aware of themselves sexually. It also strangely gives credence to the old "evil sexist rapey" notion that "she wants me -- she just doesn't know it yet." And also the observable behavior that what women really want, is to be wanted. This would not be possible if women were testosterone-driven like men. So the horniness is there, but they are mostly unaware of it. It's under the surface and needs to be unleashed. But it has to make past their conscious brain first. i.e. "the hamster."

They say men think with two heads. Women are similar, but their "heads" only vaguely know of each others' existence and don't speak the same language. They coordinate poorly. Thus the maddening fact that some women can send out sexual signals and can be completely unaware of it. This is why you should always watch what women do, instead of listening to what they say.

Evolutionarily this makes sense because male raging straight out libido motivates them to move the world and provide resources for women. Women's libido is suppressed so that other more "social" hormones have the upper hand. Their primary needs are social.

Some scientists speculate that women unconsciously lube at the sight of all sex because in the event of rape there is less damage.

[-] Heil_Boobs 2 Points 2 months ago

This is something I knew for long time.

I've managed to sleep with women that I'm sure would reject me if I said what I want before it happened. Everything was going on with non-verbal language and flirting that she wasn't even aware she was doing.

Later on she was asking what happened and was genuinely confused.

[-] conquersex 1 Point 2 months ago

Thus the maddening fact that some women can send out sexual signals and can be completely unaware of it. This is why you should always watch what women do, instead of listening to what they say.

Doesn't this mean we should listen to what women say instead of watching what they do - since they are unaware of what they're doing but can exercise there free will and whatever little thinking capacity they have in their speech?

[-] weag5l 2 Points 2 months ago

What I mean by that is, you are really speaking to two people. The hamster, and the vagina. Women's actions are a chaotic mixture of both. Neither is the boss. The vagina does not speak through words, it speaks through actions and body language. But ultimately you have to come to an agreement with both of them.

[-] conquersex 1 Point 2 months ago

Actually you only have to agree with the hamster, since the hamster is what the system and the courts believe. If the vagina wants to speak it can speak pretty clearly by shutting down the hamster and being direct.

[-] weag5l 2 Points 2 months ago

Not completely. If you have a video of her sucking your cock willingly, it doesn't matter what she says in court.

Unless you mean these new verbal consent laws? Yes they prioritize the hamster.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Imperator_Red 2 Points 2 months ago

We're simply rediscovering what men through the ages always knew. Women are fundamentally unsuited for roles in public life because they are completely different creatures.

[-] Synthetic_Citizen 2 Points 2 months ago

An interesting read thanks for that.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] sadomasochrist 19 Points 2 months ago

It's likely related to the concept of "free will" and consciousness. Free will is absolutely a myth. But "free won't" is likely true, meaning you have a way to veto your mental processes.

That degree of "free won't" that someone has is likely biologically influenced.

And so you could say this woman is "impulsive." And more or less, the biological mate assessment process forced her to act and overwhelmed her "free won't"\her impulsiveness.

Basically, this was inevitable, because these processes are biological, not socially constructed.

[-] weag5l 15 Points 2 months ago

Of course it's biological. It makes no sense for males and females to have the same mating strategy. Relative freedom from libido allows women to give other things higher priority. Women are slaves to a different hormonal master than men are. But make no mistake, they are slaves just as we are.

[-] conquersex 1 Point 2 months ago

I've seen this in other places also but why are people saying women have relative freedom from libido? If anything, they are far lustier than men and long for sex with a stronger desire. This makes sense because men were made to control themselves and administer society whereas women are meant to bear children and there basic function and purpose of existence involves sex - they are driven to fulfill and achieve it by having sex (much more than men). If they could safely have sex without fear of getting harmed/raped/shamed by society they would do it far more than men.

[-] weag5l 5 Points 2 months ago

If anything, they are far lustier than men and long for sex with a stronger desire.

Not true. This is feminist propaganda. No matter how you measure it, men as a group on average have higher libido than women of the same age. Libido tapers off with age though, so a 50 year old man has the libido of a 25 yr old woman or so.

One way to measure it, is to ask women and men what they would give up in return for sex. Think about the following thought experiment: ask 1000 men and 1000 women (all 25 years old, let's say) whether they would rather have a lot of friends and almost no sex. Or a lot of sex and almost no friends. They can only pick one.

[-] oooKenshiooo 1 Point 2 months ago

One way to measure it, is to ask women and men what they would give up in return for sex. Think about the following though experiment: ask 1000 men and 1000 women (all 25 years old, let's say) whether they would rather have a lot of friends and almost no sex. Or a lot of sex and almost no friends.

that is a bit skewed IMO. Sex does not mean the same to men and women, yet they both desire it. Women always have access to sex, so there is no need to give up anything to secure it. For men it is the opposite.

It would be more comparable to ask what women would give up for a quality LTR vs. what men would give up for access to quality sex.

[-] weag5l 2 Points 2 months ago

Women always have access to sex

Only because it is lower on their list of priorities. This is the entire point.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] conquersex 1 Point 2 months ago

Whatever women answer, they don't know themselves well enough for that answer to be taken seriously. Women say they want things all the time, but go ahead to chase something completely different when put to the test. Example : Ask a woman what kind of man she likes and she will never say - dominating, alpha, controlling, does not put me on a pedastal etc. This is what this subreddit is about, exposing the gaps in their self-awareness.

Instead we should look at the points I made in my previous post and also some I'm adding now. Woman have only a fixed window of time in which they can procreate and bear children. Even then every time they have sex there is no guarantee that they will get pregnant. So there is a greater pressure on them to successfully reproduce whereas men can do so at any stage of their lives. Hence they are naturally endowed with a greater sex drive which pushes them to gather men's seed.

[-] weag5l 4 Points 2 months ago

Hence they are naturally endowed with a greater sex drive which pushes them to gather men's seed.

They don't have a greater sex drive. There is no evidence for this.

Evolutionarily speaking they don't need to have a greater sex drive than men. That makes no sense. It's not efficient. It adds nothing. The men come to them already. They just need to be horny enough to let men fuck them. There are things which women want from men just as desperately as men want sex from women. Women want men. But not primarily so they can have sex with them. Like they say: women control sex and men control relationships. It works this way because men and women have different priorities.

EDIT Humans don't bud like yeast or split like bacteria. Sexual reproduction is asymmetrical, and humans are sexually dimorphic. If this weren't the case there would be no advantage to it (other than genetic variation which can be tested to give the best new adaptations).

  1. Women and men are fundamentally biologically different. Physically and behaviorally.
  2. It is then no surprise that what women want from men is not precisely the same thing as what men want from women
  3. This is good because men and women have COMPLEMENTARY strengths and weaknesses. They are an asymmetric team far stronger than two identical individuals would have been.
[-] Synthetic_Citizen 1 Point 2 months ago

Imagine a world where everyone got along, where everyone was fulfulled and there was no conflict. All one needs to achieve such a utopia is to rid ourselves of all these pesky instincts of self preservation, emotions are what make us human and as long as emotiins remain self preservatory there will always be conflict.

[-] FKaroundNfindOUT 2 Points 2 months ago

Imagine a world where everyone got along, where everyone was fulfulled and there was no conflict. All one needs to achieve such a utopia is to rid ourselves of all these pesky instincts of self preservation, emotions are what make us human and as long as emotiins remain self preservatory there will always be conflict.

Check out the movie 'Equilibrium' with Christian Bale. Spoiler: e Sean bean dies early as per usual.

Pretty much exactly what you described with badass fight scenes.

[-] Synthetic_Citizen 2 Points 2 months ago

Ah yes. Why cant movies be that good anymore. These days all movies are contaminated with a politically correct agenda. Ill be rewatching that classic asap. Thanks for reminding me.

[-] FKaroundNfindOUT 1 Point 2 months ago

Definitely levels of meaning beyond innuendo and social programming that has become the norm.


[-] weag5l 2 Points 2 months ago

Agreed. Conflict is what lets humans adapt.

[-] Synthetic_Citizen 3 Points 2 months ago

Thumbs up to that. Many here forget that it is not the first time a prosperous society has been faced with mass female decadence. It repeats itself in cycles, and every time it happens our species adapts a little more.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] inSeason 3 Points 2 months ago

But "free won't" is likely true, meaning you have a way to veto your mental processes.

Still a logical fallacy. A mental process is vetoing a mental process, therefore it is all just a mental process. There is no 'you' that is making decisions, just mental processes responding to the environment. 'Free won't' is as logically fallacious as the concept of free will.

Rereading your comment I can see that you understand, but almost confusing yourself with semantics. As neuroscience develops, we will be able to talk about these things as distinct processes, but until then, it seems spurious to me to claim the existence of 'free won't'.

[-] sadomasochrist 4 Points 2 months ago

I defer to Sam Harris here, if he's convinced we have some degree of it, then I'd rather not dig into neuroscience text to form an opinion. Plus it subconsciously registers as true to me as well.

Either way, the idea that free will in totally is preposterous is powerful.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 2 months ago


[-] sadomasochrist 3 Points 2 months ago

I'm not making an ego defense argument. My argument is pragmatic. You have a possibly true account of the events, but until I "will" myself to do my own research I've deferred to the tawdry hack.

Doesn't really change my argument anyways.

Phrase it how you will, this woman has a low FTO, is impulsive and since the reaction is irrational and biological not rational and socially constructed, that's how it be.

[-] inSeason 1 Point 2 months ago

I deleted my previous comment after writing myself to a better logical conclusion. Perhaps Sam Harris is right in exhorting people to believe in 'free will' as a neural process. After all, your conscious mind does have influence over other mental processes, we know this for certain. If the conscious mind is distinct from the other processes, this is valuable information for the entire system (to make a physical correlation - neurons specifically - more efferent projections than afferent projections). It is also true that the conscious mind is influenced by the environment and mental processes as well, so again we're coming back to semantics.


I see that your argument was not another perfidy and thank you for responding to my comments.

[-] Synthetic_Citizen 2 Points 2 months ago

There is so much gold in this comment. The mental process you are mentioning is instinct. Free will is an illusion, we are programmed to behave in a certain way and to go against our programming is immensely difficult. However, if one were to be conciously aware of our instincts and the way we are compelled by them we can train ourselves to fight our programming to a certain extent.

[-] Metalgear222 49 Points 2 months ago

Headline reads: “Woman lies about what actually happened during sexual encounter in order to maintain appearance of innocence and absolve herself of guilt”

Tbh this isn’t that weird. Girl does something promiscuous and needs mental gymnastics to feel like a victim and not a slut. Chances are she’s very aware of the sex that happened and that’s why she was still attracted to him a year after the fact.

Years later the term “rape victim” becomes a buzzword and she sees an opportunity to generate attention and validation for herself. and Boom. you have yourself this article.

[-] nebder 6 Points 2 months ago

That’s the executive summary. Nothing else to see here.

Outrage is counterproductive. It’s simply repackaged entitlement & self proclaimed moral superiority

[-] _TheRP 1 Point 2 months ago

Right, we're reading this from the point of view of someone who has spent a decade convincing themselves they aren't a bad person because the bad things they did couldn't have been their fault.

Ask the guy she was fucking and you'll get a vastly different answer.

[-] omega_dawg93 1 Point 2 months ago

there you have it...

women will say and/or do ANYTHING to change their slut behavior into victim status.

[-] markinsinz7 17 Points 2 months ago

Imma bust your bubble further. Some of them do all this shit on purpose some kind of glorification. Others are just that fucked up.

Now while most women haven't experienced the exact scenario damn near everyone of them has had that slut phase where they have woken up some nights with 1 or 2 guys(yes I said 2). Sigh.

[-] Nikkozezim 14 Points 2 months ago

This is why the redpill isnt for everyone... sometimes I still wonder if it is even for me. Some need the blue to retain sanity in the face of senseless shit like this.

[-] Son0fRome 9 Points 2 months ago

I wondered the same. My rage phase lasted 4 years. I had times when I hated the friend who introduced me to trp. But I’m over it now because I hated nothing more than cowardice. Endure.

[-] grandmasbroach 6 Points 2 months ago

At the very core of it, the red pill to me anyways. Is just being fine on your own. You can't hold on to the idea of the Disney fairy tale because it isn't real. A woman will never make you happy in of itself. You need to have a balanced life. Too many people, especially men, are turning into these yes men for women because they think they need their validation for something. You don't in the least.

Once you get to that point, your relationships will be better because you won't be needy. Women find that shit repulsive. So, all not doing it will do, is improve your life. You can't find meaning in a woman. You have to find it somewhere else inside of you.

I believe the breakdown of the famy is just temporary. Female happiness is at the lowest point since they've started measuring it. The happiest they've ever reported, was in the evil patriarchal 40s and 50s. Not only that, but even now women with traditional families report their happiness to be almost double that of the blue haired, having a family is basically slavery, mentality. Funny, those slaves are happier than they'll EVER be. I don't think it will take too much longer now, maybe 5-10 more years, and things are gonna go back hard the other way. The youngest generation is reporting to be much more conservative than their parents.

Which, makes perfect sense. Kids will always want to rebel and buck the trend so to speak. In the 40s and 50s, the kids all turned into hippies because that was the opposite of their parents. Now, all the hippies who had kids, are now having grandkids. They are now seeming to go against the grain of their hippy parents. Once they have kids, it'll probably swing back again.

So, you just gotta do you, and be happy with what you have. Just remember, what you have and accomplish, is up to you 99% of the time, and not external circumstances.

[-] TheImpossible1 4 Points 2 months ago

Women are lying about happiness levels so they get more privileges.

[-] Jhamham 2 Points 2 months ago

I doubt they're consciously making the decision to mark their happiness levels as low on survey's under the assumption that it will lead to more wide-sweeping sociological changes that work in their favor.

[-] conquersex 1 Point 2 months ago

Yeah, I upvoted the guy purely for how clever his idea was, but I doubt women are capable of thinking that far ahead. Although they may be able to pull it off if we consider that while they're not worried about society - they may mark their happiness very low based on superficial and petty things in a whimsical way. So it can go both ways. It would be pretty funny if they pulled off this tactic without knowing about what they were doing as a collective.

[-] grandmasbroach 1 Point 2 months ago

Why didn't they before then?

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Hencley 10 Points 2 months ago

My LTR at the moment had it leaked to me that she had a 3 some with 2 guys, I was just like stunned by it. Didn't really even know how to go about it that shit cause it was in the past, but it definitely makes me want to get her out of my life.

[-] markinsinz7 15 Points 2 months ago

Honestly someday you will break up with her. Ltr is just an extended version of plates really she'll want to get married and you know how thats gonna go.

You'd be surprised how many crazy number of girls have done 2 guys at once. Especially city girls where no one finds out and no rep to maintain.

As for you, do the next guy a favor and don't react to the whole 3some thing or ever let her know that is a factor in the break up.

Side note she could very well end up marrying an uber Chad that will not care about her past at all. Marriage and shit don't mean anything anymore. I've met couples 10+ years with kids that are swingers throw sex parties and all that kind of jazz.

It is what it is.

[-] BewareTheOldMan 1 Point 2 months ago

I've met couples 10+ years with kids that are swingers throw sex parties...


This is not a problem because although the wife's a slut, the husband reaps the benefits with threesomes, orgies, wild sexual experiences, etc...

Most Beta-Providers will NEVER receive the benefit from a woman's slut years. For most men, the husband is too lame for the wife to put forth the effort. The insult is that at some point, he'll discover how much of a slut the wife was with everyone else long BEFORE he tied himself to marriage...except he's either stuck or loses out big-time in divorce.

[-] markinsinz7 1 Point 2 months ago

Fair enough. It's just icky on deciding whether to spend resources time and above all a family with such a slut. Then again unless one gets lucky this is one of the better options

[-] RedPillHanSolo 3 Points 2 months ago

I didn't ask for an advice, and I'm not really advising, just my 2c. I'd hard next her the instance she mentioned that. And not because of "insecurities" or some other contrived BS, but because by staying in LTR with such a girl, you're essentially overpaying a huge amount for what others got for free.

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 2 months ago

You have to dude. I couldn't live with it.

[-] Nikkozezim 1 Point 2 months ago

Unfortunately, its more than just some hypergamy.

[-] We_Are_Legion 4 Points 2 months ago

Nothing is wrong with women. You were just taught wrong. This woman is functioning normally. Anyone ready for a red pill ":O" moment should realize that...

Women do such hamster gymnastics all the time. Often on a smaller scale and about less shocking things, but this is part of how a woman fundamentally thinks.

This is how they process cognitive dissonance between how she wants to perceive herself, and how she actually is. Sharing this story with others and being validated for it is an important part of the process.

[-] Nikkozezim 1 Point 2 months ago

Yes. Agreed... this case is just so particularly extreme.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 2 months ago

Women falling for rapists is easy, its biological: power/strength/competence + viciousness. If her rapist cared/provided for his own young she'd marry him in a second.

[-] Kevin19Fish 2 Points 2 months ago

No blue pill, but to be fair, this is a small sample size.

I doubt even 1% of women have done this

[-] redpillschool 161 Points 2 months ago

I just love the intro.

I did my best to piece the fractured night together like shards of glass. The last thing I remembered was arriving at a beach-themed frat party with my roommate, *who had primed me with several shots during our pre-game and convinced me to forgo a shirt for a bikini top. Evidently, other friends noticed that I was dangerously drunk, and one deposited me in the common room of her dorm suite to sleep it off**, along with her brother, who was visiting that weekend.

Remember, for girls, they get to impair themselves with all sorts of drugs and alcohol, and it's everybody else's responsibility from there on out. They have to make her decisions for her. They have to protect her. She didn't choose the bikini top. She didn't choose a room to sleep in. She couldn't. Because women are children. Far be it from her to decide not to get blackout drunk in a public setting - how dare you try to responsibility-shame her!

I told close girlfriends the bare minimum, letting them assume the encounter was consensual. I retained so few memories that it was surprisingly easy to let the whole incident recede from my mind. I started dating someone new. I graduated. I got a job.

I mean if she was passed out and this dude stuck his dick in her, that's rape. No doubt about it.

But if you're blackout drunk, that doesn't mean you're pass-out drunk. It just means you're not creating memories. Were you passed out? Or did you engage in sex and fail to record the memory? There is a distinct difference here.

In fact, I've partied drunk myself, and I've had girls approach, get on top of me, and do all the work. If they forget it because of alcohol, does that mean I raped them? What if I forgot as well? DID WE RAPE EACH OTHER?

I knew I should be ashamed and, frankly, worried that my boyfriend—who I’d been with for a year and would go on to date for another three—would find out. But I was neither.

I know that all the programming our culture does keeps telling me I've been damaged. But what if I'm not? Oh, I'm just in denial about it. Because culture is always right.

You know, drunken hookups happen all the time. Back in the old days nobody held on to it for fucking years because nobody was in their ears whispering "you're a victim now, act like it!"

Once again, if she was legitimately passed out, it was rape. But these details are always coupled with "I drank and don't remember." It's too easy of a copout.

And she has to debate in her head whether she's actually a victim.

If you get shot in the leg, do you have to debate your victimhood?

If somebody robs you at gunpoint, do you have to debate your victimhood?

Why is this one so hard to grasp? If a drunken hookup is so egregious that it should be considered one of the worst crimes against humanity ever, then why is anybody having a hard time grasping their own victimhood on this?

[-] Hencley 80 Points 2 months ago

Glorification of victimhood. It's one of the worst things for society right now but it's becoming more of the norm than it is a rarity these days. If you pulled random people out of a crowd chances are every single one of them has been a victim at some point in some event, but now we are supposed to look at *certain* victims and have *super empathy* for them.

Being on fucking Earth is being a victim to everything you have to endure, but if we all just realized that every time we over victimize ourselves we are only making it worse then things wouldn't be this bad. Instead we have women who can barely function in society because of PTSD's, depression, anxiety, all kinds of shit caused from God knows what. I've never seen it be so sexy to be a poor little victim.

[-] kellykebab 22 Points 2 months ago

Glorification of victimhood.

This is it, exactly.

It used to be common sense that being a victim was an unfortunate thing that one wanted to avoid. Now it is good to be a victim. It is admirable, laudatory, enviable.

Imagine how good those in the gulags had it. If only we could repeat their success.

[-] Standgrounding 7 Points 2 months ago

therefore, incels want to remain victims.

That's 300 IQ

[-] WaspOnAWall 6 Points 2 months ago

Incels wallow in their self-pity, that's different. Socially, they're not victims, they're losers.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] We_Are_Legion 1 Point 2 months ago

Male victims are losers or genuine unfortunates. Not "victims". They are not glorified.

Only a few institutions struggle to offer glory to male victims like militaries but even they mostly fail outside of the closely-knit male bands.

[-] omega_dawg93 1 Point 2 months ago

for most, the PTSD "thousand yard stare," comes from all that cock trauma.


[-] WarriorMonkMode 24 Points 2 months ago

If women were so concerned about not getting raped, it would stand to reason that they'd stop putting themselves in bad positions. It's like standing in the middle of the road and then getting hit by a car: they say the car should've been watching where they were going, rather than being mindful of their own situation.

What's fun about getting so drunk that you can hardly stand. So drunk that you're blacking out and puking black. So drunk that you're walking around like a zombie.

The answer is it isn't fun. What's "fun" is surrending all reason and accountability under the guise of "partying."

Frat parties are nothing more than glorified hunting grounds for sociopaths and psychopaths. The fact that women repeatedly place their hand on the stove and continually burn themselves goes to show that that's really what they want: they want to be treated like objects so that the pressure of responsibility is taken from their shoulders. After all, they're the victim right?

In any case, remove all reason and accountability from someone and you've found a woman. The alcohol is simply plausible deniability. The lizard brain of the woman seeks out sexual assault.

It's high time that we draw the distinction between actual, bloody-knuckle rape and guilty sex. Women are having sex, regretting the fact that they've given it up so easily, and want to at least get something after the fact out of the exchange besides a loose pussy and a higher n count.

[-] largepaycheckaddict 8 Points 2 months ago

Honestly, as fucked up as it sounds.. it seems like some women almost want to get raped. But obviously by chad who is not your average true creepy rapist because he doesn’t need to be.

I see these chicks on social media fantasizing about serial killers and all these other dog shit degenerate criminals from pop culture. I’ve slept with a decent amount of girls who are really into getting dominated and treated like a brainless fuckdoll.

Most of these types of women are on psychiatric medications (aka doctor prescribed brain rot) and abuse alcohol or drugs and probably are into some stupid tarot card/occult crap.

Also the rape victim comes with boxes to check these days as victimization is the new heroism in our society.. which is so backward and sick our forebears would turn in their graves.

Back in the day, when society was more hardline.. these women would be burned at the stake for heresy and the rapists would be turned into slave eunuchs or put to death in the town center as a social event. This is how civilization kept everyone in check and how cultures become strong a strong immune system to rid the social parasites.

[-] Imperator_Red 6 Points 2 months ago

Honestly, as fucked up as it sounds.. it seems like some women almost want to get raped.

Dude it's by far the most common female sexual fantasy. I can't recall the exact number but a majority or close to a majority of women have rape fantasies.

[-] trpboy123 9 Points 2 months ago

There's also another part... I think the fourth or fifth paragraph about her hamster this crap. I can't fully link because I am on phone

[-] BarbarianPursuit 11 Points 2 months ago

Hi phone, I’m Dad.

I’m sorry for this reply.

[-] death-loves-time 5 Points 2 months ago

never thought it was possible, to rape each other, but its also impossible for a girl to be a rapist


[-] rexdor2010 1 Point 2 months ago

Responsibility shame

This is seriously what our society has come to lmao. DOWN WITH THOTS

[-] aDrunkenWhaler 1 Point 2 months ago

Remember, for girls, they get to impair themselves with all sorts of drugs and alcohol, and it's everybody else's responsibility from there on out. They have to make her decisions for her. They have to protect her. She didn't choose the bikini top. She didn't choose a room to sleep in. She couldn't. Because women are children. Far be it from her to decide not to get blackout drunk in a public setting - how dare you try to responsibility-shame her!

Not only that, but it's not even her fault she got drunk in the first place. The roommate 'primed her with several shots'. Obviously, the roommate is at fault for this as well.

[-] hmsthinkingmeat 135 Points 2 months ago

So this guy thought nothing of "raping" her on the first encounter, thought nothing of showing up where his "victim" was, and then in the second encounter didn't try anything on with her?

More like: She had drunken sex the first time, and felt so bad when she sobered up that she convinced herself it was all his fault so she didn't need to feel bad.

Then when she met him the 2nd time she realised she thought he was pretty hot so hooked up with him, then to not feel bad a bout cheating on het SO, she concocted the story she was doing it to regain "control" over her "rapist".

Crock of utter shite.

[-] redpillschool 36 Points 2 months ago

So this guy thought nothing of "raping" her on the first encounter, thought nothing of showing up where his "victim" was, and then in the second encounter didn't try anything on with her?

That's my thinking.

Absolutely nobody thinks raping a passed out chick is okay. Anybody who is evil enough to try it is probably smart enough not to poke the bear afterwards. Is he gunning for criminal charges?

Or did he see it as an enthusiastic drunk chick started getting handsy and it was a blast (that she just doesn't remember much of except the end)?

[-] max_peenor 30 Points 2 months ago

(that she just doesn't remember much of except the end

We aren't just responsible for their physical safety, but we are responsible for their memory too. Just look at the whole Kavanaugh/Ford clusterfuck. She was (almost-)raped in a place she can't remember at a time she can't remember after a party she can't remember with people around her that she couldn't remember. But she remembered the rapist. Then there was a whole army of people trying to fill her memory in for her to declare the rape valid.

[-] WarriorMonkMode 3 Points 2 months ago

Guess she shouldn't of been doing stupid things, with stupid people, at stupid a time, in a stupid place.

Accountability is a heavy burden to bear. It makes sense on an evolutionary level that they'd be doing everything they can to retain their slipping grasp on their victim hood and their privilege. Once they lose it, they're no better than beta men.

[-] Synthetic_Citizen 2 Points 2 months ago

"Guess she should'nt of been doing stupid things"

"Should'nt of been doing"

"Should'nt of"

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] conquersex 6 Points 2 months ago

Also I don't believe that they didn't do anything except make out in the bunk bed (all alone, drunk lol). She just added that because she didn't want to tell her boyfriend of one year that she had had sex with her 'assailant'.

It was all very PG-13; the way I might have behaved with a high school crush.

aka they had full-blown sex.

Did anyone notice this gem?

Ten years after my rape, I can finally call it by its name. I’m grateful to people like Hopper, who are dedicated to helping people understand that recovering from sexual assault is a long, thorny process.[...] I now understand that there were complex survival instincts at play when I chose to climb back into bed with my rapist. It’s time we stopped being surprised that the primitive, unnatural act of rape can trigger equally primitive, unnatural responses in its victims.

aka I'm grateful to people like Hopper who make a living out of pandering to female emotions and help me rationalize my rabid-animal-like behaviour in a way only a clever male can. Through his reassuring words I have 'recovered' from my assault and can safely shift all the blame away from me (hopefully convincing future aghast questioners in the process). Complex survival instincts - my tingles at being dominated need to be put to rest (and inside I knew I probably am not attractive enough that he would've risked raping me, it was probably consensual). Unnatural - let's go with that word instead of calling it what it is - a woman acting in her natural state, freed of accountability and responsibility and indulging in drunken sex without a care. Oh, and my response, hooking up with my oh-so-evil attacker and offering him even more sexual pleasure to 'dominate' him and 'master the situation' was also unnatural (read : illogical).

[-] antariusz 1 Point 2 months ago

More like she doesn’t want to tell her current fiancé/husband.

The past is malleable, what a woman wants right now in the present, is not.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] MisplacedSanityP 76 Points 2 months ago

Red flags are red flags for a reason boys. This bitch is sociopathic in her lack of empathy for her BF. "An obscure yet palpable sense of relief drove away any hint of guilt before it could take hold." Translation: "It made me feel better so why should I feel guilty about it?" Don't buy damaged goods.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 11 Points 2 months ago

Translation: "It made me feel better so why should I feel guilty about it?"

Yep: "Whatever deep-seated need I’d satisfied that night was more important than fidelity."

Translation: "I wanted 'Round 2' with the guy who showed that he'd take what he wanted."

[-] Yozki 75 Points 2 months ago

Aaaand we're back to anger

[-] RealMcGonzo 40 Points 2 months ago

At first I was amazed. Then I realized what actually occurred. It's incredibly easy to fall back into the trap of women being rational and speaking the truth. The reality (probably) is that she had drunken sex with some guy who never called her. Ran across him again and fucked him again. He still didn't call her and now the hamsters are in full spin.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Quo210 19 Points 2 months ago

Don't kid yourself. No one fully gets over it. It's always there, we just learn to handle it.

[-] jobinbonjovi 11 Points 2 months ago

I wish I could upvote this more

[-] strikethrough123 63 Points 2 months ago

“My rapist”. Not “a rapist”, but “‘my rapist”. And here I was thinking they were trying to get rid of “rape culture”, but now it almost sounds like having your own personal rapist is the thing to do.

[-] RemyPrice 37 Points 2 months ago

It’s a badge of honor for some people. Like veterans saying “I fought overseas”. Weird as fuck.

[-] strikethrough123 23 Points 2 months ago

It’s actually hilarious. They’re cultivating the very concept they’re trying to get rid of.

These bitches don’t realize that rape is a serious fucking crime. When the words “rape” and “rapist” are being thrown around so loosely, the real rapists and the actual rape victims get drowned out by the noise.

If you shoot a gun while fireworks are going off barely anyone would notice.

[-] HumanSockPuppet 37 Points 2 months ago

I started to escalate my small talk to flirtation. It was like shifting into an autopilot mode I didn’t know existed. Without a clear thought or strategy, I drank enough to soften my focus and banish my inhibitions, but not so much that I lost control. I knew where I was and how to get to safety. I could pinpoint my friends on the dance floor—the better to dodge them as I moved closer and closer to my assailant. Eventually I suggested we go back to his apartment.

And to think, we let these things vote.

[-] jonpe87 32 Points 2 months ago





[-] Standgrounding 8 Points 2 months ago

"Don't worry, everything will be okay bad anyway" \~ a wise friend

[-] max_peenor 30 Points 2 months ago

"How did I get here? Did I say yes to this?"

Yeah, that's what we all say when the tiger is on top of us and starts eating. It just magically happened. Invisible sky tigers patrol the airspace waiting to pounce in an instant. Never mind you actually jumped a fence at the zoo.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 3 Points 2 months ago

"Invisible Sky Tigers". I salute you, sir!

[-] memer935115 29 Points 2 months ago

Truly shows the irrationality and the unpredictability of the female brain.

[-] atticusfinch1973 19 Points 2 months ago

Scary thing is if she thought she was going to lose the boyfriend she likely would have claimed rape from years ago and that it was trauma that caused it.

I know a guy who just got nine months in jail because he banged a girl with a boyfriend and - when she got caught - she claimed he raped her.

[-] jihocech 4 Points 2 months ago

Nine month for rape? Rape is a serious crime, punished by death by traditional societies. But today, words have no meaning at all.

[-] atticusfinch1973 5 Points 2 months ago

It was brought down to I believe sexual assault because obviously consent was questioned. The only reason he even got charged is because they were both drunk and that meant she couldn't consent (even though she was the aggressor).

[-] jihocech 3 Points 2 months ago

Study, dear Anglo-Saxon friends:\_Trial

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Layback 13 Points 2 months ago

Misleading title. It was drunken sex not rape.

[-] dr_warlock 11 Points 2 months ago

I couldn't read past the first paragraph. The unnecessary woo is me metaphors that sound like a try-hard beginning writer: "putting together the memory like shards of broken glass" (barf). Every line is written in a way to transfer responsibility to a 3rd party. Textbook victimhood badge bullshit. The only good thing about it is the first picture. I can tell she has some nice hips and ass. Would bang.

[-] Don_Himself 9 Points 2 months ago

Rape is a display of very high testosterone, sex drive and High value.

If youre not rayp-fucking her pussy to oblivion when you have sex, you will be cucked by someone who will. This should be the #1 roleplay/theme under every man's arsenal.

Few know this

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
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[-] rpsheepdog 5 Points 2 months ago

For some reason I can't open the link.

A story circulated like this a while back on here, it read very odd, like the girl had the guy's phone number and rode around with him all night, boyfriend finds out she had been seeing the guy and suddenly he becomes the "rapist" yet she still was seeing him. Boyfriend even condoned it as some kind of coping mechanism.



[-] ntvirtue 5 Points 2 months ago

How can we put a Hamster of that magnitude on an electrical generator?

[-] bonslytoss 4 Points 2 months ago

I think the biggest takeaway from this thinkpiece is that it clearly illustrates the thought process that the 25% of rape victims on college campuses undergo to come to the identity of "victim." She starts off thinking that she would rather be a "cheater" than a "victim." Fast forward long enough, and she is proud enough of her victim status to publish an article for attention.

[-] conquersex 3 Points 2 months ago

She starts off thinking that she would rather be a "cheater" than a "victim."

This right here is the crux of the matter. She didn't really think this - in the moment she simply wanted to feel the tingles of being dominated again by her supposed rapist. But later she rationalized it as wanting to be the cheater rather than the victim. She was also helped by sexual assault experts giving her all the right psychological words to help her shift the blame to 'complex survival instincts' and 'unnatural responses'.

[-] Nicolas0631 4 Points 2 months ago


- the girl got supposed complely drunk and lost control. When she was already hard drunk and had opportunity to stop, she didn't.

- the girl can't remember anything including if is she approved or not and so conclude she must not have. I can't understand how she can be so sure.

- nobody ever heard anybody shooting and there was no violance. Nobody was surprised neither she took the night with him. Nobody actually seen it as a rape.

- the supposed rappist didn't consider it a rape neither didn't have issue to see her again and she didn't have issue neither, even agreed on concensual sex.

- it is only like years after the fact she rationnalized this as rape.

- she consider fidelity to be of no importance and to shit twice her boyfriend as normal. Why ? To be raped and to then willingly perform sex with her rapist.


=> Sorry but this girl is the problem not the supposed rapist. Whatever anybody says, once adult you are supposedly in control of your behavior. If you can't, then please get a yellow star or something saying you are irresponsible and shall be avoided at all costs. Don't be authorized to drive a car, get a credit or sign any contract neither as obviously you can't keep on what you aggreed.

While raped people have all my empathy, I have none for her. She is a dangerous person to be avoided at all cost. No one shall ever trust her on anything.

[-] Twobithatter 3 Points 2 months ago

This is why one of my personal rules is NEVER mess around with a girl who’s been drinking or if I’ve been drinking. I remember at a party me and a girl were drinking and the whole night she’s grabbing my dick, while I push her hand away, gettin on top of me, trying to pull me to a closed room and etc. so finally I decided to leave and push her off of me. The next day everyone was asking why I would push her off me, why I got mad, and how she didn’t remember anything except that I got mad and pushed her. It was such an eye opener like really you don’t remember anything about the night except the part were I push you.

[-] sileegranny 3 Points 2 months ago

You absolutely can make this shit up; in fact I'd bet good money she did.

[-] Cum_Victor 3 Points 2 months ago

And people want this to lead the free-world.

Fucking nuts.

[-] NoGotGits 2 Points 2 months ago

Her pride has been scattered when she defenseless was demonstrated to her violently.

Logically, the only way to recover that lost pride and rid of that sense of shame... is to do something shameful.

[-] Irtotallynotrobot 2 Points 2 months ago

People never do something just once. she got drunk and slept with a guy She was attracted to and did it again later. It's all the typical mental judo after that. Fancy psychologist tend to miss the obvious conclusion, she's partaking in patterns that she enjoys.

[-] tempolaca 2 Points 2 months ago

I was objectively a bastard with my Ex-gf. Planted her on weekends, ignored her, fucked other girls, etc. She dumped my ass obviously.

Last week she came back crying and I've been fucking her all week.

[-] AbjectGrapefruit 2 Points 2 months ago

Far from the first trashy, used up girl self sabotaging and trying to make themselves a hero for it.

[-] civilizedfrog 2 Points 2 months ago

Articles like these push average guys over to the red side. My friends and I were having a discussion about this topic. Most of them were ok with being in relationship with a girl who was raped. Me and another guy, who is somewhat purple, was against it. I posted this article on our whatsapp group to show that this is how they think. Now atleast they will think about being cuckolded before getting into a relationship with a broken person.

[-] SalporinRP 2 Points 2 months ago

The whole topic of being able to provide consent while under the influence of alcohol is such a massive clusterfuck for men. What idiots these days need to get through their head is that blackout/brownout drunk doesn't necessarily mean that the person is passed out.

I don't really drink much now, but there were nights in college where I would blackout but I would still be up and moving and dancing and even getting with girls. And I wouldn't remember shit the next day, or at most very vague images. There were also other nights where I had more to drink than those blackout nights, puked my guts out, and I could remember every detail. It's a crapshoot.

So if I game a girl, take her home to fuck, but then forget it the next day because I blackout suddenly I was raped?

Also when both parties are drunk suddenly women have no agency and it's all the man's fault. So if both parties were extremely drunk, meaning neither could consent does that mean they both raped each other?

And that's not to say rape doesn't happen. I know for a fact that some guys at frat parties are straight up predators and will even resort to spiking drinks. But making every instance of drunk sex count as rape just diminishes real victims of actual rape.

[-] Omnidempotent 2 Points 2 months ago

The assault filled her with anxiety, which is a response to insecurity and lack of safety. Being weaker than her assailant, her only option to relieve this anxiety and regain a sense of security was to appease him. That's why she found herself flirting with him. It was her anxiety pushing her to make sure that he viewed her favorably so that he would not assault her again. By gaining his favor, so to speak, she could feel safe and secure once more.

It is the same thing beta males do when faced with an aggressor. They know they would lose in a physical altercation so they become submissive and extra friendly to try to defuse the situation and make sure the other person likes them. Because if we're friends then he won't hit me, right? And so it goes with rape victims and their assailants.

Edit: if she was indeed raped

[-] Razkolol 1 Point 2 months ago

Let’s translate this from hamster to reality. She doesn’t remember what happened during that night, but she remembers getting fucked hard. She gets into a new relationship > bf sounds beta, prob fucks her gently not to damage his princess, > she remembers the rough fucking from that nigh > is exited to meet Chad again > meets him > invites him to fuck > cheats on beta bf; years later tells the story to her psychologist and bf, bf is in too deep now, interprets it as rape. She regrets having sex with Chad 10 years later. Rape =/= getting drunk and having sex. Derrick Rose breaking into some chick’s house with 5 of his homies, that’s rape.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Chadster113 1 Point 2 months ago

Jesus this is brutal. Is this baseline female behavior or is this an outlier?

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] funkyjunkymonkey 1 Point 2 months ago

I'm calling BS on her post. If she had indeed been raped, there's no way she'd hook up with dude later. I don't know if the whole story is made up or if she's just altered some key details, but this doesn't pass the smell test.

[-] AllahHatesFags 1 Point 2 months ago

This wasn't a rape, she got drunk, fucked Chad, and then decided to do it again later on when she got bored with her beta simp boyfriend. It's gotten so bad now that every time I hear "rape" I immediately get really skeptical because they have broadened the term so much that they have diluted its meaning.

[-] javiercer20 1 Point 2 months ago

You guys are missing the key point here. Women rather be raped and be treated like trash than being stuck with a blue pill accommodating beta male. That old dirty used up aggressive man gives her way more tingles than good hearted Bob.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] RedPillWintergreen 1 Point 2 months ago

The amount of rationalization this woman displays for her bad judgement is hilarious. Reminds me of Ghostbusters 2. "So your alien had a room at the Holiday Inn?"

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] GirlsHateMtgplayers 1 Point 2 months ago

Hahaha jesus christ.

It worries me that shit like this has become expected for me. I don't get shocked or surprised at headlines like this, i just get amused and have ao "of course she did that" reaction.

It just makes sense in the nonsensical way that women do the exact opposite of what would be expected of them if they were thinking rationally.

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 2 months ago

I've tried three times to write a comment on this post, but I just can't. I legitimately cannot believe that the society we live in is real.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago