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- Hide Preview | 244 Comments | submitted about a year ago by AlfredKinsey [Post Locked]

Last year, I approached and befriended a dude who I admired at my gym. I shit you not, his real name is shockingly similar to Chad. He stands about 6'2", keeps a blonde buzzcut, and looks like the Incredible Hulk's aesthetic cousin.

[Chaz] is efficient as fuck in the gym. He is in and out in under 30 minutes. That's it. He is always focused and I'm envious as fuck of his body. [Chaz] is a nice dude who was more than happy to share what he outs into his mixer (BCAAs and L-Glutamine) and his basic training regimen.

His number one secret, he says, is to work abs every single time you go into the gym, every day if you can. He does six sets of 15 decline sit ups 5 days a week, just adding them in at the end of his other sets. That doesn't take as long as you'd think.

I did some research and found out that the Terminator himself followed a similar ab routine: "I believe in doing some abdominal exercises every training day--or at least 6 times a week. When I was really in a hurry to get my midsection in shape, I worked abs twice a day." - Arnold.

Research further and you will find that the seven-time Mr. Olympia recommends 100-200 a sit ups a day. As all us normies know, moderation still yields results. As any good gym bros know, small muscle groups take way less time to recover. This includes your abs.

Ab work gets a bad rep in a lot of modern fitness circles, with a lot of lifters saying that they get worked by proxy in most exercises. This isn't wrong, but why settle for less?

If anything, we should consider that stronger abs means better lifts all around, since they are activated in almost every major exercise. They are the home to your center of gravity, your natural weight belt, and what every girl wants to look at before she closes her eyes to swallow a meat stick.

I've been running 3 sets of [Chaz's] 15 decline sit ups and a few posted leg lifts every time I step into the gym for the past five months and the results are undeniable. I've had a good six pack for awhile, but this advice kicked that shit into Kratos mode. Most noticeably, I have deeper definition, taller rectus abdomini, leaner love handles, and more visible serrati. It also gets my heart racing, so I often count this as my post-workout cardio.

Find the ab exercises that work for you, but remember some basic principles of biomechanics:

  • Full contractions. To properly contract your abs, you need to exhale just before the peak contraction. This is because of your lungs being all up in the thorax, right next to your abs.

  • Extension is important, too. This is one reason I like the decline sit up. Leg raises also help guarantee that you aren't going to stay scrunched up like you might with a crunch. Many trainers advice following an ab work out up with lower back crunches to fully work the full circumference of that area.

  • Go hard. If you're trying to lean out, add some reps. Bulking up? Grab a plate, medicine ball, or ankle weights and learn to use them in your ab exercise.

  • Remember to breath. Exhale up, inhale back down.

  • Be conscious of your spine and take good care of it.

EDIT: To address a lot of comments...this end of workout ab burndown regimen is not a standalone workout routine. It's not for fatties and beginners. You should have dieting under control, be lean, and be consistent with weighttraining fundamentals before worrying about this. If you aren't concerned with targeting this muscles group, more power to you. Some people are, though, and don't consider that abs need to be hit on the regular to get next level results.

For the guys complaining that not all like abs, or that they also like other muscles...yeah. But still go out and improve your ab aesthetics if you want to. I doubt it will hurt your self esteem or rapport with women.

[-] 420KUSHBUSH 83 Points about a year ago

Do you want to know what the number one sexiest muscle group on man is, according to women?

Not to undermine your post, I thought it was biceps

Edit: Nevermind

[-] whatsthisgarg 43 Points about a year ago

Do you want to know what the number one sexiest muscle group on man is, according to women?

Not to undermine your aI thought it was biceps

Now we're listening to what women say?

Seriously, it depends on what they can see, doesn't it?

Personally, my abs are the center of my soul.

Edit to 420KUSHBUSH's edit: I should have expanded that:

I have had the same woman at different times get wide-eyed over different muscle groups. I lifted something one-handed, she gushed over my biceps. I lifted her rear entry standing in front of a mirror, she gushed over my triceps and forearms. She was on her knees in front of me, she gushed over my dick and abs.

I have asked her at different times what part of my body which was not my dick she likes the best. It was always the muscle group she had seen most recently.

[-] 420KUSHBUSH -8 Point about a year ago

Now we're listening to what women say?

Don't give me that shit. Something like ~60% of women (still a lowball number compared to actual amount of women who have it) have stated that they have rape fantasies, women have said what they fantasize most about and have provided a pretty good picture (vampires, pirates.etc). So yes, in this case I will listen to what women say, thank you very much. When I believe or find this doesn't get me anywhere then I will stick with my own guns

[-] whatsthisgarg 23 Points about a year ago

Don't give me that shit.

Whoa, chill out a little bit. I was joking around, and you go from a simple muscle group preference to complex rape fantasies.

It's just after 4:20 where I am.

[-] 420KUSHBUSH -10 Point about a year ago

You wouldn't believe the amount of people who have said that exact same line but were being unironic. Gets tiring after a while, ya know? The latter was to enforce my point in case you were being serious about not listening to what women say

[-] BurnieSlander 11 Points about a year ago

Looks like somebody has run out of Kush..

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] 38 Points about a year ago

I would have guessed forearms actually

[-] AlfredKinsey 21 Points about a year ago

Dress shirt with forearm veins is a popular choice. I'm just trying to get dudes pumped up for improving their core aesthetics.

[-] Morphs_ 5 Points about a year ago

I've gathered some info from women I've had sex with over the years what they found most sexy:

  • Forearms/veins

  • Well developed back (heard this one the most)

  • Chest

  • My ass (I've been gifted in this department)

Lost the well defined sixpack last year because of injury. When the clothes come off women still drool even though I don't like my stomach right now.

Most important is to NEVER show any focus on your looks/physique. In the presence of a woman, act like you're totally oblivious to your own looks, as if you're surprised women find your body hot. Women generally hate the locker room biceps pics because those come off as try-hard, but when you're digging a hole shirtless in the sun they suddenly get wet.

That said, I am definitely going to aim for getting into my best shape ever this year.

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

If I remember correctly, the sub ladybonersgonewild requested shots of forearms in dress shirts and the resultant thread became wildly popular.

[-] Morphs_ 1 Point about a year ago

My first glance at the subreddit gives me the idea that it's mostly gay dudes posting and looking at pictures, but I could be wrong :)

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

Oh, there's definitely a great deal of that going on in there.

[-] [deleted] 15 Points about a year ago


[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Nihev 20 Points about a year ago

Women like everything that is rare. Everyone has biceps. Six pack is relatively rare

[-] AlfredKinsey 6 Points about a year ago

This seems like a solid theory.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Nihev 3 Points about a year ago

Ehh I dunno. 3 Plate bench is really rare but women't care for it

[-] AlfredKinsey 13 Points about a year ago

Girls like lots of different kinds of muscles. We get it. It's just rhetoric to motivate you to improve your abs.

[-] Andgelyo 4 Points about a year ago

Read somewhere arms was the most attractive muscle group to women (because it’s visible with a shirt). Second was shoulders and third was back I believe. Essentially a v taper with above average shoulder to waist ratio. Abs are only visible when you take your shirt off( I still work them out almost everyday though).

[-] Piyush_ 3 Points about a year ago

It's the deltoids, broad shoulders which gives you a more muscular look and people can see it from a distance...

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] BluffButt -4 Point about a year ago

To be completely honest, building boulder shoulders with a wide chest and narrow waist has more appeal to women. Big arms can look good but can also be a bit awkward if done un proportionality. Besides biceps are a small muscle group that need maybe 3 isolated workouts per week. You’ll grow them through Deadlift, Overhead press and Bench press anyways. Be efficient in the gym, work on compound lifts

[-] HannibalTheCommander 15 Points about a year ago

Biceps don't do work in pushing movements lol

[-] NoOneMakesItOutAlive 5 Points about a year ago

Yeah not sure how he got upvoted. Bench press works the triceps as the minor muscle, not biceps.

[-] HannibalTheCommander 15 Points about a year ago

I love this sub, but lifting advice is really something I would not take from here. You never know who is behind that keyboard. 8/10 it's a dyel who just started lifting a couple weeks ago. Stick to fitness related channels on yt etc, where you know the guy has a great physique and is just sharing his experience. One important note though: If you're natty, you need to take advice from (legit) nattys.

[-] AlfredKinsey 3 Points about a year ago

Do you have any YT-fitness favs?

I like Scott Herman, Elliot Hulse, Jeff Nippard, and Jeff Cavaliere (The Jeffs!). Definitely a few others, but I find myself watching them the most. If anyone here likes biochemistry and research, Jeff Nippard's videos are amazing from an academic perspective.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] BluffButt -1 Point about a year ago

I probably understand the human body and how it moves more than a majority of this sub. Read what I said, I did not say Push movements will grow biceps substantially. It is a stabilizer and will activate them enough for a pump.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point 10 months ago

I assume he got upvoted because some bros just don't lift...or they don't think about it very hard.

[-] BluffButt -8 Point about a year ago

Biceps are activated by stabilizing through the push compound movements. Not saying it specifically targets biceps, but you do still use them.

[-] HannibalTheCommander 4 Points about a year ago

Bro, you know what I'm saying. You will NOT by any stretch get big biceps if u were to do only push exercises. It's simple - you want big ceps, you do pulling movements and curls.

[-] BluffButt -5 Point about a year ago

I hear ya, yes you will get better results from pull for biceps, all I’m saying is you still activate biceps through Push. my original comment says that you don’t need to focus too much time into isolating biceps. Instead do compound lifts, listed most aside from squats for obvious reasons. That includes BOTH push and pull

[-] 420KUSHBUSH 2 Points about a year ago

Oh yeah absolutely, I know that the pear shape/T shape is most appealing to women. Brad Pitt Fight Club abs seems to be women's favourite

[-] joedevice 1 Point about a year ago

This is way to specific. Woman don't think about this much. Looking like you lift in a shift is all you need.

[-] BluffButt 1 Point about a year ago

Agreed, but lift for yourself and for what you want to achieve. If it’s for aesthetic then you need to be specific with how you lift. If you’re doing tone strong, same thing. Lifting isn’t just picking up heavy weights my guy

[-] joedevice 2 Points about a year ago

Of course it's not. But the idea you can't mix the two is ridiculous.

[-] RandyBumgardner85 -1 Point about a year ago

Those are my 3 favourite bicep exercises. I also find pull-ups are great for my calves.

[-] rp-Ubermensch 32 Points about a year ago

I did a variation of this for a little over 2 semesters, and haven't worked on my abs since, they're still visible two years later.

Hear me out on this, got a pull up bar? Put it in your bathroom door. You're bound to go to the bathroom at least once or twice a day. Now make it a reflex to do sets of 20 leg raises, knee raises, and leg holds on a daily basis.

I started this routine to be able to do front lever raises, took me a year and a half to be able to do a set of 10, but I had a very visible 6 pack by then.

[-] [deleted] 24 Points about a year ago

You got a door!?! You got a gym!!! Gym door!!!!!

[-] throw31337 1 Point about a year ago

I bough a cheap door bar and put it in my bathroom. I do 20 pull-ups, 20 chin-ups, leg raises, etc. Every day, and I mean every day, sometimes more. I'm now starting to do 10 weighted pull-ups, with a 10kg backpack.

6 month later I'm a beast, my back is huge, didn't go to gym since 2000.

[-] ImHerWonderland 1 Point about a year ago

Yeah but how the hell do you close the door with a pull up bar in it

[-] rp-Ubermensch 2 Points about a year ago

Our college dorm bathroom was designed in a way where you had a door that opens to the sink and shower, and a smaller toilet room inside the bathroom with its own door. So my roommate could be going about doing his business while I did some leg raises after brushing my teeth.

Your bedroom door is another good option, as long as you keep the pull up bar set up and you develop that reflex, you'll find yourself doing abs/back/lats workouts on a daily basis.

[-] ImHerWonderland 4 Points about a year ago

Makes more sense. Nifty idea, used to do this with pushups. I'll have to pick up a pull up bar.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] 30 Points about a year ago

dead lift and diet to low body fat worked for me

[-] Whisper 32 Points about a year ago

Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. I've seen eight year old gymnastics girls with abs.

I'm wonder who these guys are who already have their shirts off when they cold approach women.

[-] AlfredKinsey 32 Points about a year ago

I'm talking about how to develop visible abs further, sculpt and improve them. This is like saying that eating steak will give you the best biceps possible, so don't bother with hypertrophy.

I'm also talking about being naked in bed with women, not approaching. Again with the false dichotomy. Nowhere does this post say ignore all of your other muscle groups and quite lifting.

[-] LeftHookTKD 0 Points about a year ago

You don't need to hit them every day to sculpt them

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] AlfredKinsey 3 Points about a year ago

This is very much my point. When you hug Chaz, it feels like you're hugging a mattress made of bricks.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

Shitpost: 8 year-old gymnastics girls are shredded compared to their peers and a great deal of it comes from working the core/abs, though I won't discredit the role of athletics more generally in their development.

[-] doomguide 11 Points about a year ago

Not training your core directly is straight ignorant. It is where all of your power comes from regardless of what you do and may be considered the foundation of your entire body.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago

yea pretty sure every guy who weighs less than 200 and deadlifts 250+ and has 10 percent bf has abs

[-] doomguide 7 Points about a year ago

I don't care who has abs.

Since you haven't taken me seriously; A strong and efficient core is necessary for maintaining proper muscle balance throughout the entire human movement system. The body’s core stabilization system has to be operating with maximal efficiency to effectively use the strength, power, and endurance that has been developed in the prime movers (muscle that is the initial and main source of power for movement). If the movement system musculature of the core is strong and the local stabilization system is weak, the kinetic chain senses imbalance and forces are not transferred or used properly. This leads to compensation, synergistic dominance, and inefficient movements.

[-] 10211799107 4 Points about a year ago

Tell me, who has a stronger "core". Same body fat level, height, weight and sex.

A guy who can do 100 situps five days a week or a guy who can Deadlift 405lbs x 5, Squat 450 x 3 with a straight back?

Strength is not gained by high reps. Big compound movements over time is 1000 more superior for strength than situps.

Situps with high volume will give you more definition and slightly more hypertrophy on the abs.

Don't confuse endurance and anaerobic stressors.

[-] doomguide 10 Points about a year ago

I did not say "don't do compound movements". I stated why it's important to do direct core work. Various types of planks, twists, crunches, etc. Stronger in all lifts, more resilient to injury, stronger center of gravity, better posture, and even more aesthetic for a few extra minutes a day. Who the fuck would not supplement their training with this? If you're looking for fuckin "gains bro" and you don't train abs while taking worthless supplements (supplements are fucking trash, eat like an animal instead) then fuck you.

Are you arguing that if you do compound movements that it's OK to not do direct abdominal work?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] AlfredKinsey 5 Points about a year ago

I'm not telling anybody to avoid classic lifts. Nor am I saying that you can't get visible abdominal muscles without ab isolation excercises. I'm just offering a way to supplement a weight-training program and take them to the next level in terms of aesthetics. What is this false dichotomy?

[-] 10211799107 1 Point about a year ago

We agree on the aesthetics part for sure. The slight hypertrophy your abs get from extra ab work makes them more defined granted your low on bodyfat.

What I was trying to convey to this clown below who got pissy is that big compound movements put the body in positions that it goes through every day in space (picking stuff up, sitting down, putting stuff overhead). So training the big compounds for strength, trains the core too and makes it strong as fuck. 100 crunches vs 405 x 5 deadlift, i'll take the deadlift strength because the core is strong to pull that weight with a straigh back.

If you want extra aesthetics for sure, ab work will do it if you have low enough bodyfat.

[-] Kingoffistycuffs 2 Points about a year ago

I hate to break it to you dude but your core isn’t a power grouping. It’s an endurance group. So mr 100 crunch a day guy has better abs(assuming he’s not flexing his lumbar trying to get them). Your strong lifter can snap his muscles into action faster letting him move that weight fast enough to get it up(at least for the deadlift.) for the squat? As long as forms good ( knees not going over toes straight back chest out etc) and the strength is there then good. Keeping in mind that the core isn’t just abs you’re trying to compare apples to pomegranates.

[-] DarkMountain666 1 Point about a year ago

Agreed. They're not really comparable to compound movements although both are important.

[-] wanderer779 3 Points about a year ago

You are saying you need a strong core to lift heavy. Wouldn't the corollary be that lifting heavy with proper form gives you a strong core?

I used to do the routine on the bodyweightfitness sub which has planks from all directions. Then I switched to weights. I don't feel like my abs are any less tight now. When I do the planks they actually seem easier than before. And I'm not even strong yet.

[-] doomguide 0 Points about a year ago

Compound movements will make your abs strong(er), but they do not attack the various small muscles that surround and stabalize your abdomen.

I'm not saying just do 100 crunches. I'm talking doing EXPLOSIVE woodchops, twisting wall balls at full power, russian twists, weighted situps (failure at 15 reps), dragon flags, front and side isometric holds (planks), front levers to help generate efficient and stable power distribution throughout the kinetic chain.

[-] blacklightsleaze 2 Points about a year ago

Straight body dragon flags are insane for abs. I mean straight going up and down like a clockwork arrow. On the next day I feel soreness I my whole front core.

[-] doomguide 1 Point about a year ago

Yeah they are wonderful. Glad someone gets it. Keep getting after it and you will reap the reward.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a year ago

abs can be skippped if you do compound movements.

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point 10 months ago

Abs can also be trained in isolation if you do compound movements!

[-] Nihev 3 Points about a year ago

wut? 250 deadlift is nothing

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago

correct. but its sufficient for abs if bodyfat low

[-] bootymage69 1 Point about a year ago

can confirm deadlifting heavy abs coming in

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point 10 months ago

This is not most men, though. Most of us are shooting for the top quartile, not Mr. Universe.

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 1 Point about a year ago

The start of the deadlift is initiated by your abs and quads. At the knee level it is your lower back as this is where the bar can be the furthest away from the hip joints. The strength of the lockout depends mostly glutes and hips, also if your technique is good.

I suggest doing standing ab pushdowns. Technically its the reverse opposite of a deadlift and it works your hips too.

[-] 10211799107 0 Points about a year ago

Yep. Deadlift with a straight back 405lbs x 3 x 5, or 100 crunches every workout. I'll take the deadlift

[-] AlfredKinsey 9 Points about a year ago

It's not an either-or situation. This is just supplemental to a basic lifting regimen.

[-] 10211799107 5 Points about a year ago

Not disagreeing. But if you're an intermediate lifter regarding your strength numbers the ab work might interfere with your recovery for the next compound workouts. If you're just working out like BB style stuff, absolutely, I agree with you.

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

I can get behind this. That is an absolutely valid concern.

If it's unclear, all of my friends and I have been bodybuilding (or powerflifting for some of them) for years. If you're fat or just starting out, this advice doesn't apply right now. First, get your diet and training fundamentals in order.

[-] doomguide 1 Point about a year ago

Ignorant and closed minded. You're definitely going in the right direction here on TRP.

[-] WISE_TURD 19 Points about a year ago

If you live in a city by a beach, abs will definitely come in handy.

If you game with a shirt on:

  • delts
  • lats
  • pecs
  • traps (can be overdone easily for some people)

Basically all the muscles that make you look thicker and wider with a shirt on. Small waist is important as well.

Although if you're already working all those out, you may as well work out 5 days a week and do everything.

[-] Checkmystreak 3 Points about a year ago

So if I live in FL, you gots to have abs am I right?

[-] UncleWarwick 9 Points about a year ago

Hey, not a shitty lifting post for once. Good work /u/AlfredKinsey

I want to expand on this idea: turn your sets into super sets for everything.

Squatting? Core work between sets. Deadlifting? Core work between sets. Pushing? Add a pull. Just back? Add some lunges or more core work.

You will never see me just squatting or benching. I’ll be squatting + core or benching + row.

Twice the work in the same amount of time. Plus it’ll improve your conditioning.

[-] Jake_le_Dog 5 Points about a year ago

It's not bad if you aren't doing sets at rpe 10's and 11's ( 90-100% training max). I personally need to take 2-4 minute breaks between sets depending on which of the big 4 compound exercises I am maxing out at.

But if I'm doing fairly lightweight compounds I'll fit in some isolated work for supersets. Those are actually fucking effective as extra cardio I shit you not. I'll sweat like an idiot during these ss's and I know it looks weird, no other guy sweats like I do, but I've felt the crossover to my boxing and sprinting sessions.

[-] UncleWarwick 2 Points about a year ago

Oh totally agree. But 95% of this sub aren’t competitive powerlifters/weightlifters/strongmen so they have no business hitting those weights. Those who are should have coaches/enough knowledge to not listen to random dude on the internet.

I’m at a point in my life where I just care about general strength, athletic performance and physique. I have no care about peaking anymore. Therefore all my sets are supersets.

[-] Jake_le_Dog 1 Point about a year ago

Yeah hopefully strength oriented lifters do their own research at least. Although reading posts about fitness can become an obsession at times.

[-] joedevice 1 Point about a year ago

Something to note, other people have different goals than you do. Not everyone is interested in doing extra cardio.

Secondly, sweating doesn't mean you've worked out harder than another guy. I know two similar looking guys, one will barely break a sweat but push himself way harder and the other doesn't really train with much intensity but is always dropping.

[-] Jake_le_Dog 0 Points about a year ago

All I meant was I get my pulse up pretty high, and I've felt a bit stupid at times of it because I haven't yet seen anyone else in my gym do so.

[-] SpecialSpnk 0 Points about a year ago

So I was under the impression that often times, while training, stick to only pushes or only pull exercises. Would this not tire yourself out so you could not use the same intensity? If I am benching and right after I bench I start doing rows or would I be able to keep the intensity the same because it is a different muscle?

[-] UncleWarwick 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah sure if you’re a legitimate amateur/semi-pro bodybuilder who hits each muscle group with 30 sets 5 different ways 6 days a week.

If you’re anyone else, no. Plus we’re combining heavy movements with lighter accessory work. A set of sit-ups isn’t going to tax your next set of squats. Rows aren’t going to tax your bench. If they do, either your conditioning sucks and you need to be doing this, or you’re going too heavy on either your main or assistance (or both)

[-] SpecialSpnk 1 Point about a year ago

I train with a couple people like that so I guess that is where I have gotten this idea. Train with the best to become the best. Just like the inner circle I try to keep

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

Different philosophies and lots of zealotry. Generally speaking, though, working out your chest and tris is not going to appreciably alter your performance when working your back and shoulders.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] -1 Point about a year ago


[-] UncleWarwick 2 Points about a year ago

You know what, Brian Alsruhe lives by this idea, and he’s strong as fuck. So I’m going to listen to him.

[-] [deleted] 0 Points about a year ago


[-] UncleWarwick 0 Points about a year ago

He advocates kb swings, box jumps, and core work super setted with squat and deadlifts.

It’s worked for me so I have no reason not to.

[-] Jalebdo -1 Point about a year ago

I'm sure he's on ped's. If true, then no wonder it works for him. But the concept of giant setting would work for exercises where the muscle groups don't overlap. If you're squatting I wouldn't doing about work like said above because you need your abs in the squat.

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

I'm of the school of thought that it's not all about numbers. But I'm focused on bodybuilding and not afraid to lift at 60/70% max if it suits me.

[-] UncleWarwick 0 Points about a year ago

Everyone should be lifting between 60-85% IMO. Above 85% is for peaking and like I’ve already said, who here is competitive strength athlete. Answer: barely anyone.

[-] BurnoutRS 8 Points about a year ago

Look up the P90X ab workout. Crunchy frogs, in and outs, bicycle kicks, a lot of bodyweight stuff you can easily do with no equipment. A lot of alternatives to just straight crunches which can fuck with your back.

I also highly recommend planks and farmer carries. Hit the captains chair too, that shits fun as fuck. I'll also grab a 25lb plate and hold it while i do bicycle kicks or russian twists, jesus christ I cant believe I almost forgot those.

Abs seem to be one of those muscle groups that benefit more from frequent training, especially with higher rep ranges. Kind of like calves and forearms

[-] 420KUSHBUSH 4 Points about a year ago

Used to wear a firefighter vest (60 lbs) and do declined situps. Damn that exercise was so good. Need to watch your back while doing them though

[-] AlfredKinsey 6 Points about a year ago

Yeah, for sure. What I've found to work:

  • Control through every motion
  • Just let you shoulder blades touch, not the small of your back. This maintains tension in your core and a fairly neutral spine on the extension.
  • Round your spine carefully at the peak of contraction, from the bottom/midsection
[-] ChadTheWaiter100 1 Point about a year ago

Can you pm some before and after ab pix

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

I love me some bicycle kicks. Whenever girls complain about their love handles, I show em how to do em. It always gets a good laugh as we flop around around together.

Interesting insight about high frequency as a prerequisite for real gains. I'll try to remember that with forearms. I definitely don't isolate them as often as I would like.

I love Russian twists with a medicine ball, too, especially when I'm bulking and don't care about breaking my pants.

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 2 Points about a year ago

Maintaining your program around bodyweight exercises is perfect if you are stuck in prison and bored out of your mind.

[-] AlfredKinsey 4 Points about a year ago

Nobody here is saying not to lift heavy weights. Reading comprehension is low in this thread.

[-] TheRedPillRipper 7 Points about a year ago

Great Post. One of the first lessons grilled by one of my most influential coaches was CORE STRENGTH. He used say "Work your core boys; so you can fold c#nts as easily as you fold laundry."

To this day I don't any core work without at least a 10-15kg plate. Going to pinch this one for sure!

[-] joedevice 7 Points about a year ago

All the people in this thread saying 'hurr doing compound lifts will give you great abs'. That's great but not everyone is happy with their abs and wants to improve them further. So you have to add in some focused work.

What do you do when you want to work on your calves? I bet you do weighted calf raises rather that doing more farmers walks.

[-] Scandinavianredpill 1 Point about a year ago

Its fine, then do weighted ab work. If your ab development benefits from doing no weights ab work, you have not earned your right to do ab work in the first place.. Just like you dont get big from running, you wont get big from doing situps. Its endurance training. Put on weight if you want blockier abs. but if you dont have showing serratus, obliques and abs without doing it you simply dont have the bodyfat to be worrying about it. Also fat abs will make your stomach stick out in a shirt, I dont want to look fat with a shirt on because I got stocky abs. You already look big from back to front from doing back workout, dont want to put even more size on there.

[-] Pilliam66 2 Points about a year ago

Just because your abs aren't currently visible doesn't mean you shouldn't do ab work. You should train your abs while bulking the same as you would any other muscle.

[-] Scandinavianredpill 1 Point about a year ago

my abs are currently visible. if you love doing isolation work and it works for you, fine keep doing that. If you got results I bet you that you are using alot of time in the gym, because it requires 5 days a week if you don't do compounds. I am not saying don't do isolation, I am just saying that compounds are so massively more important than feeling the muscle pump through your isolation that the majority of your energy should be spent on that.

I wasted my first training year on isolation, I am trying to help by saying there is a difference between the kind of burn you feel when doing alot of isolation and what builds the most mass which is activation of large muscles and small muscles at the same time through compound lifting.

Like the stretch I get from bent over rowing 100kg for reps in my biceps is alot more than you get from curling, the eccentric part of the motion is just alot better, on top of that I also train lats and traps and they develop in a relationship that favours a good physique.

[-] Pilliam66 1 Point about a year ago

Who said I'm trying to build mass? What you're saying is basically the broscience assumption that "compound lifts are always the best". Yeah maybe if you want to be a power lifter. If you want any symmetry or aesthetics, you need to do isolation exercises.

[-] Scandinavianredpill -1 Point about a year ago

keep doing your fluff excercies and spent 3 times as long for fewer results. You are imitating people that are bodybuilding for a living and are on drugs. no shit sherlock they can afford going to the gym 12 times in a week. You can't. and you cannot recover from it, so use your recoverability on what counts. the fact that your bullshit is upvoted is because people dont want to train the compounds. or they dont want to train them HARD. which is what you need to do to grow - as a result you will only get abs but no size and you will accuse everyone who has size and abs of being on gear :-).

[-] Pilliam66 1 Point about a year ago

You're making so many assumptions it's hilarious. "Fluff" exercises, as you call them, presumably because you think your precious compound lifts are so big and manly, are the best way of targeting a specific muscle. Whether you're a professional or not.

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point 10 months ago

This is funny, because people are accusing my buddy Chaz of being on gear and he does plenty of isolation work. I'm pretty sure every major boydbuilder ever does isolation work.

[-] joedevice 1 Point about a year ago

Got it. Compound movements only. Whatever your goal. Bodybuilding is stupid. Only functional strength is to be respected. If you train abs you'll look fat with a shirt on.


[-] Whisper 5 Points about a year ago

Do you want to know what the number one sexiest muscle group on man is, according to women? You know what the fuck it is.

Someone has been listening to what women say, instead of watching what they do.

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

Oh? What do they do?

[-] SwoleyMoleyFrijoley 7 Points about a year ago

They fuck guys with abs. There are a shit-ton of fatties on here trying to hamster it to themselves that abs mean nothing.

[-] [deleted] 4 Points about a year ago

Also vastly reduces injury of the lower back. I do abs every day too, but I would recommend not just doing spinal flexion movements. Throw in planks and ab wheel.

[-] AlfredKinsey 3 Points about a year ago

Note on the planks: I've heard that planks only need to be 2 minutes long or less. Supposedly, there is no benefit beyond that (unless you are just trying to set a PR for fun).

[-] [deleted] 3 Points about a year ago

I would go one minute tops. Chris Duffin has a great video explaining why

[-] [deleted] 4 Points about a year ago

"Chin ups work abs more." Sit up niggas: ????

[-] anabolic92 4 Points about a year ago

I workout abs every workout and forearms. Do not ask me why, I cannot prove any science behind if it is the best thing or not to do, for me it works.

[-] Dmva100 3 Points about a year ago

Abs are great if you have the V taper and low BF%. If you're over 10% BF (unless youre like 6'5 and your bodyframe gives you leeway) don't train abs everyday or you will look like a pregnant man and you will be praised in the subconscious minds of the SJW drones who believe you are trying to be gender-edgy with your bigg tubby.

This is especially worse if you're say 5'7 And you don't have a well developed chest because buff abs with a minimal layer of fat will be even with/ or protrude beyond your pecs when viewed from a profile and will make you look like a fucking lawn gnome.

If you're doing the 'Big 3' properly and regularly, that will give you a strong enough foundation and definition without having to do crunches in the crossfit cuck corner for 16 mins of every workout.

And for any tv-watching, magazine believing drone people out there, for the record, you cannot spot-reduce your abdominal region.

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 11 Points about a year ago

If youre natty and below 10% BF you are anorexic.

[-] Austin6403 4 Points about a year ago

Or you're a fitness guru and really want to get shredded and minced. Edit: Alberto Nunez

[-] liberty1127 2 Points about a year ago

Ehhh some people just have good genetics. I've been sub 10% natty when I was a track athlete sprinting and bodybuilding. 5'10 190lbs sub 10% looked good to me

[-] LeftHookTKD 3 Points about a year ago

Lol doubt you were sub 10%. Most people have no idea how to judge bf.

[-] liberty1127 1 Point about a year ago

I agree some people have no idea how to judge it but I was measured by two different doctors. 8% bf. Striations all over the place. I looked crazy

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] Trooper_1868 2 Points about a year ago

This is me 100%. Although I wouldnt say I have abs per say, i look fucking fat a shit, because of the fat on top. No clue how to change this apart from slowly losing fat over time. I actually look fatter but I want to keep working on abs :(

[-] EddTheEdducator 2 Points about a year ago

Im at 18-17% body fat, 215pounds, 6feet tall. Ive been consistently hitting biceps,triceps,back,and chest (bro split)4 days a week for 2 months now. Ive been wanting to add a 5 day to my routine with abs and legs or maybe start doing the daily abs suggestion. Do you think at my heigh/weight if i start hitting abs ill get shell belly?

[-] Mr_Badass 1 Point about a year ago

Definitely add an ab/leg day. You will get really sore the first 2-3 times but in the end you will make gains faster. Deadlifts, Squats, Lunges, Planks, Decline Crunch, and Glute Bridge are highly recommended.

[-] Dmva100 -6 Point about a year ago

Take steroids bro and you can cut it down to 3 days.

And eat tacos n shit

[-] riverraider69 2 Points about a year ago

I guess my trainer is right. His parting words every session: "Abs and go home".

[-] Self-honest 2 Points about a year ago

Good post man. I haven't been doing any abs. I'll give something similar a try.

[-] Zeparic 2 Points about a year ago

This post could not have been more coincidental. I was mirin my gains last night and realized that this new ppl routine I'm following is lacking in ab workouts. It's the fastest routine I've done, literally an hour if I slept right. Gonna add them abs

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] GREYnRED 1 Point about a year ago

It's been 5 months since I've started lifting .after reading your post I tried to implement it but my trainer didn't allowed me. What should I do? Whose advice should I follow?

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

Lift regularly for another six months, then worry about this. Beginners should focus on compounds and strength training. Isolation is for later on, when you are developing lagging regions.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago

Sorry to be annoying here...but, I hate when it's called "Abs." I prefer to refer to the muscle group as your "Core."

I used to work core every workout (5-6x a week). I typically would do some decline sit-ups, mat work, etc. Never did a ton of cardio. Results were okay.

About a year ago, I started running more and switched core to my cardio days and now only focus on core 2-3x a week. I do more sets and treat it a lot like my other muscle groups by pushing my core to the point of failure. I attribute a lot of improvement to the running and increased effort plus more rest.

The hardest part in achieving the chiseled core aesthetically is obviously defining the bottom part of your 8-pack. Cardio and nutrition really are the only way you'll get the lower core to be well-defined, unless you have badass genetics or some shit. I do a lot of medicine ball v-ups and side to sides with some leg raises also.

It's hard to push back on Arnold, but I really do believe your core needs rest and recovery and should be pushed to the point of failure like other muscle groups. Plus, if you have too much fat around your gut, no amount of crunches will show that definition.

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

I sprint once a week for pushing core to failure. Normally, I try to have a buddy so that we race, i.e. go harder.

Sprint day is right before my off day. It's easy to hit failure quickly when you are going all out on the track.

I still do the sit ups, though.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points about a year ago

Yeah honestly I think a lot of training and working out comes down to reaching that failure point and from there going to work to push past it. The most important part of a workout is what you do when you're tired and at your plateau.

Do you ever do any distance running? That's where I spend a lot of my focus and I'm open to any sort of training advice that's out there.

[-] AlfredKinsey 4 Points about a year ago

I haven't since I was quite young. I live in a pretty urban area and

1.) running long distances on pavement is a no go in my book (love your joints)

2.) Running long distances on a track is boring as fuck

3.) Running long distances in general is boring as fuck

When I did do distance running, though, I would run on the beach for added resistance and softer ground. Idk if that's an option for you, but there it is.

My gf does distance running stuff and her thing is just do load up on carbs and do aftercare/sleep right if you're training hard in that discipline.

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 0 Points about a year ago

If you only do sit ups for your core you have no clue what youre doing.

[-] IWasMadeFromStardust 1 Point about a year ago

ab workout is a waste of time. as are all isolation exercises, that is, unless your a body builder. you workout to be fit and strong not to look good. granted if youre one of those guys who just cant seem to get abs. ab work might be good for you. but thats rarely the case unless youre over the hill.

[-] joedevice 5 Points about a year ago

This might blow your mind but some people train for both. Amazingly, you can train to be fit and for functional strength all while also training to look good.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

Some people are bodybuilders and do workout to look good.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago

I never overdid it with ab exercises. I'm not shredded myself, but 3 sets of stop being so fat is the best. Everyone got abs, but it's hidden :)

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] joedevice 1 Point about a year ago

Cue /u/Scandinavianredpill saying you can build great abs with compound movements only.

[-] Itachikun 1 Point about a year ago

This guy's juicing like jack lalayne

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

Haha. I actually do drink smoothies/juice on the regular and idolized Jack LaLanne in my youth. Carrot is my absolute favorite. I even have a Jack LaLanne juicer. Do you know if he used gear? I always assumed he was natural, but w/e.

I just had an omlette with salsa and Fritos along with a a pineapple, mango, strawberry, kiwi, and kale smoothie for breakfast. NutriBullet is where it's at.

[-] kick6 1 Point about a year ago

If you do complex movements don't have to do ab work. If you just go in and do concentration curls, bench press, and leg price then yea...your core is undertrained.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Crespius66 1 Point about a year ago

Didnt read the post.

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger you can work Abs and hamstrings Every single day. Dont do it for the six-pack do it for the core strength

Just started implementing this, every single day I workout.

read it on testosterone nation

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] zyqkvx 1 Point about a year ago

I don't want to go any lower on my body fat %. I don't want to be completely shredded. It seems the only problem is my belly pouch layer. Is there a way to make it go away without going to an insane low body fat?

[-] apex_313 7 Points about a year ago

No. If you have that layer you're probably not as low on body fat as you think you are. I thought I was 12 percent once and did a dexa scan. Found out I was 18 percent.

[-] zyqkvx -4 Point about a year ago

Regardless to body fat level, I'm sure theres some gem information about why each person has a body part where fat is by far the slowest to disappear.

[-] apex_313 3 Points about a year ago

That's true, it comes down to genetics where you gain and lose body fat first. But there's still nothing you can do about it (except liposuction I guess...). There's been research done into spot fat reduction and the conclusion is that it's not possible. Everyone has their genetic gifts and burdens. If you want it gone, diet down a little more.

Alternatively if dieting is really tough, you may have low test (especially if you're over 40). Might be worth it to get it checked. If the doctor gives you test, it'll be way easier to get leaner or build more muscle.

[-] zyqkvx -2 Point about a year ago

That's true, it comes down to genetics

I don't think it's a genetics thing. I think it's posture based and the solution is to correct muscles somewhere else. I've had some results by generally improving my posture and developing upper body, ignoring the abs like OP mentioned. I'm pretty sure there's an answer.

[-] apex_313 0 Points about a year ago

I mean... Does it go away if you stand up straight or correct your pelvic tilt? I suspect not. Maybe stretches out a little as your skin compresses it.

When you lose fat, fat cells lose volume. You don't actually get fewer cells. The number of fat cells in your body is fairly constant. So if your particular body has a larger concentration of fat cells in certain areas, you'll need to get your overall body fat percentage lower to shrink that area. Since the body will drain energy and size from fat cells about equally as it burns fat.

Just trying to help you with your goals. There aren't really any shortcuts to abs. You need a low body fat percentage some people need it lower than others. If there was a way to magically get abs, somebody would have made a lot of money off of it by now but all we have is gimmicky bullshit exercise machines because most people are too lazy to just lose the fat (including me). You need to be pretty damn lean to have visible abs.

[-] Kingoffistycuffs 1 Point about a year ago

A couple of interesting things that can be tried in that regard however conjoining a clean keto diet( veggies for carbs only plus keto treats if you injoy sweats allot) and low weight high rep workout to put you into an enhanced oxidative state will help burn fat reserves. Then doing fasting and intermittent fasting to enhance atophegy(spellings hard) and that might help break down empty fat cells. Very speculative though.

[-] joedevice 2 Points about a year ago

That's nice. Do you know what else will burn fat? Reducing calories and not overcomplicating things.

[-] Kingoffistycuffs 2 Points about a year ago

That’s nice. You know what else will burn fat? Getting a little complicated and giving some extra info for people who just want to maximize results and minimize investment. Or you can just “eat kleen and consume less kalories bruh!”

[-] joedevice 1 Point about a year ago

Oh does keto break the laws of thermodynamics? I didn't realise. If going on keto helps you stick to your macros and calorie deficit then good for you but don't be deluded into thinking it magically burns more fat.

Keto is not a special diet when it comes to long-term weight loss "all calories being equal". Short term Keto will always show a fast weight drop but this is because of glycogen and water loss. Long-term Isocaloric diet studies have shown no significant weight loss difference between low fat and low carb diets.

Keto is literally just a dieting tool that helps people stick to their diet. People tend to think it's more effective due to the short-term loss of weight caused by glycogen and water loss following not eating carbs. The end result is the same.

[-] riverraider69 2 Points about a year ago

That's 10%

Abs are visible below 15%, and that's definitely doable. You're probably thinking 3% competition bodybuilder, but that's just plain unhealthy and honestly, not so good looking.

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

I'm not just talking about visibility here.

[-] joedevice 1 Point about a year ago

That's 10% for that guy. Everyones fat is distributed differently.

[-] riverraider69 1 Point about a year ago

And having bigger abs helps, which is the topic of this thread :)

Point is, it's very easy to underestimate your percentage. I was at 25% and in denial for a long time, blamed it on the scale battery. Turns out I was just fat. I'm far from shredded, but progress is visible, and abs are stating to be visible too, even though I'm probably still around 20.

[-] joedevice 3 Points about a year ago

A good tip is that your body fat percentage doesn't matter. What you see in the mirror matters. Not a single person ever saw someone who is lean and thought 'wow he must be 8%', no, they thought 'damn, nice abs/he's ripped'

[-] Andgelyo 1 Point about a year ago

When you’re a adult man (assuming past 21) you tend to store more belly fat, I think it has something to do with being a guy and testosterone or something. I was lean AF when I was a teen and even though I’m bulkier now, I still have a bit of a spare tire. I think it’s normal man, when you get older getting abs gets harder.

[-] SwoleyMoleyFrijoley 1 Point about a year ago

While I agree that's the common message, I'd say that is a defeatist and untrue attitude. I think people just care less as they get older, so it seems harder.

[-] Ubiquitous-Toss 1 Point about a year ago

My understanding is fat sits different on everybody. I have the same exact problem and the only time my abs become more visible is with lower bf. But when I started focusing abs like op my belly just got bigger but was still round.

[-] zyqkvx 3 Points about a year ago

I think it has to do with unproportionally developed hip flexors from sitting too much and suspect there are some counter muscles I need to develop.

[-] Ubiquitous-Toss 1 Point about a year ago

That could be possible. I know when my posture and flexing is on point it looks significantly better. And also that office life leads to poor posture when I'm not careful.

[-] sbudbud 1 Point about a year ago

Yes. This for sure, I started doing hip flexor daily with abs and I've seen my ab workouts getting better.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Luckylancer96 1 Point about a year ago

How can i protect my spine while doing sit ups?

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

Check the comments, I give some advice on this. Don't just take my word for it, of course; do some research on your own, too.

[-] Luckylancer96 0 Points about a year ago

Comments are messed up buy "Mr. Legal"s. Can you copy paste here?

I looked for safe spine at internet a d answer was plank. Crunches was bad acording to internet.

[-] AlfredKinsey 0 Points about a year ago

I'm not an expert, so take my advice with a grain of salt. This is advice for decline sit ups:

  • Control through every motion
  • Just let you shoulder blades touch, not the small of your back. This maintains tension in your core and a fairly neutral spine on the extension.
  • Round your spine carefully at the peak of contraction, from the bottom/midsection

There are plenty of other ab exercises, too. I do posted leg raises, which don't require you to round your spine. One of the leg raise stations at my gym also has a half yoga ball in the back of it to encourage a neutral spine position.

[-] Campfire_Ghost 0 Points about a year ago

Thanks for the advice. Tbh I’m in that crowd where I neglect my core because I strength train every group twice a week, run 4 times, swim 3 times, and still see my abs not quite getting there in definition. Cutting down fat now, down 10lbs in the last month from 5’11” 194 lbs 24% fat to 184 20% and counting.

One thing you guys should also remember is the importance of square meals, a good diet, and my personal opinion is no snacking other than only one fruit or veggies.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] redvelvet_oreo 0 Points about a year ago

Squats work just fine for me. I got a decent core just from squatting. You can supplement it if you I really want super chisled abs but you have to brace in all the 3 main lifts so I don’t take it’s that necessary. Maybe focus on abs once a week.

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

I used to do abs once/wk and it just doesn't do as much. Chaz was right. I think someone else pointed out in the comments that abs need super regular work for solid results. Think of them like plants in your garden.

[-] juhlordo 0 Points about a year ago

Arnold was known to pop dbol like tic tacs, i don't think natty bros should necessarily subscribe by his methods

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

-_- Guys who take steroids exercise. Therefore, you shouldn't exercise.

[-] juhlordo 1 Point about a year ago

not saying that, just saying volume and frequency can be vastly increased when on steroids along with faster recovery. you'd be stupid not to acknowledge that

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

Fair enough. He did curl 100lb dumbbells. I'm not trying to do that. I think 100 sit ups in a day is manageable for any reasonably fit dude. Small muscle groups like shoulders and abs really do benefit from very regular exercise, even for nattybros.

[-] kaane 0 Points about a year ago

I would advise the opposite.

I've been exercising for a long time, and the last two years were very consistent. I have not done one single abs exercise once.

But my abs are still kind of visible.

The thing about abs is that it is defined by your diet. The lower body fat, the more visible abs. So don't beat yourself with all those crunches.

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

Abs are muscles. They will get bigger if you train them. I'm not talking about visible abs, but next-level abs. Also, I didn't say shit about doing crunches and wouldn't recommend them.

[-] kaane 0 Points about a year ago

When you do compound moves like squats, dips, lunges etc. you work your abs. I dont think its necessary to work them further.

If you want to do them anyways, you should be careful about the muscle imbalances, especially between anterior and exterior chains. For every set you work your pulling muscles , you should balance with working pushing muscles

[-] Scandinavianredpill 0 Points about a year ago

its alot of work for small results. girls don't love abs. they love a well developed body, I feel like abs get enough work from the heavy compounds such as squat and deadlift.

If you want very blocky abs and don't mind using the time, then heavy ab work is great.

[-] AlfredKinsey 3 Points about a year ago

If you avoid oblique work and don't use weights when doing sit ups and such, you can avoid this effect. Ensuring full extension and contraction helps, too.

[-] Scandinavianredpill 0 Points about a year ago

If you dont use weight there is no point in doing situps. I know Arnold did, he wasn't famous for his abs. You will gain exactly nothing from thousands of situps without weight. The tension from compounds will be more stimulatory than that.

[-] Pilliam66 2 Points about a year ago

Of course there is a point. It's just the same as doing high rep work in any other exercise

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

This is not true. I'm not saying don't use weight (I definitely do much of the time). It really depends on your physique and strength goals. But the physics of declines and leg lifts (the exercises I mentioned) means that you are lifting body weight. Pull ups are effective without weight. Not knocking using weight, just denying that it is necessary for everyone.

[-] goldaxis 0 Points about a year ago

That’s a good way to develop a thick waist if that’s what you’re going for. You can have abs with zero core exercise (though you should do a little), and zero cardio. All that matters is having a low enough BF%. Diet is the key.

[-] frendo223 0 Points about a year ago

exactly what i thought i don’t wanna fuk up my small waist i heard doing direct ab work will make ur waist bigger since it’s working obliques

[-] SgtBrutalisk 0 Points about a year ago

I find focusing on abs alone wasteful. You can do what the girl in this video does: hold a weight with both hands between your legs, go into a semi-squat and use your hips to swing the weight to eye level while standing up and extending your arms. The best part is how little room it takes to do this exercise – if you can stand in a spot, you can do this exercise that works pretty much every major muscle group in your body.

[-] tibikush2012 -1 Point about a year ago

your chad friend if probably TRENing very hard at the gym he if he goes every day over there

[-] AlfredKinsey 7 Points about a year ago

You don't need Tren to lift five days a week for a total of three hours.

I know the guys who juice at my gym; he's not among them.

He also doesn't compete, he just likes to be healthy and get laid.

[-] tibikush2012 -2 Point about a year ago

Yeah whatever... It must be the BCAA and L-glutamine (both proven to be wrothless wastes of money btw.. check up the scietific literature) he is adding to his mix.

I have been to the gym long enough to know that juicers will never admit they juice and will always "help" nattys by telling them how to train and what worthless supplements they should take. It is always funny to see that after a year or so the natty remains the same as he started and the juicer will just say "you probably didn't train hard enough" or some other shit.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

Did you know protein doesn't work either? Don't eat protein!

[-] tibikush2012 1 Point about a year ago

Show me research from 2012 till today that say they are efficient

[-] AlfredKinsey 3 Points about a year ago

I know and and love my friends. We talk openly about illicit drugs. Some of them take steroids and are honest about it, others talk about how it might be nice to try them, but don't. We still hang out and work out and its fine.

If you knew Chaz, you probably wouldn't think he was roided. He just doesn't look the part. I'm not saying I can't be wrong, I'm just saying that we have no reason to lie to one another when 1/3 of us use and nobody is judgmental.

I'm actually going to plug steroids here: all of my friends who use them lift heavier than my friends who claim not to. They also look like alligators and spend over 12 hours in the gym each week. This doesn't interest me or Chaz.

Not everyone who is strong and is built uses gear. It's such an Internet cliche to scream steroids at any gains.

A general PSA to young men: You can get the results that a lot of guys get on steroids without them. It just takes self-discipline, dedication, and some research. On the other hand, there are levels of strength and muscle mass that are unachievable without the use of steroids. I personally don't find these aesthetic, but to each their own.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] AlfredKinsey 4 Points about a year ago

Even if Chaz uses Tren, he also does 100 fucking sit ups five days a week and it's effective. Stop diverting.

He didn't just tell me to do them. He does them. Everybody in the gym observes this. I don't think he's doing it to pull one over on the cucks. Jesus, that word gets abused on this sub. I'm amazed at how many Internet magicians on trp know exactly what the fuck is happening a thousand miles away. Try just a shred of critical thought and humility.

[-] [deleted] -1 Point about a year ago


[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points about a year ago

Well, I got remarkable results and I don't consider his workouts particularly hardcore. Pretty basic bro split and, as I said, he's in and out of the gym in under 30 mins every day.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point 10 months ago

I would never advise an ab wheel and I'm not advising anyone to avoid compound movements.

[-] TissueBabies 1 Point about a year ago

Ab wheels are very limited. I'm a fatass. The ab wheel already doesn't do enough for my abs. Leg/knee raises is where it's at. Heavier work and much more time efficient.

[-] mallardcove -1 Point about a year ago

I do zero ab workouts and never do. Yet I have a six pack. Weird.

You know what strengthens your abs? Doing shit like squats, dead lifts, overhead press and weighted chins.

Show me a guy who can do multiple reps of dead lift 3x his body weight or do 10 solid form reps of weighted chins with 50+ pounds hanging off his waist that has a weak core with no abs or a weak core.

[-] AlfredKinsey 25 Points about a year ago

Jesus Christ, people want to argue all the time. I already addressed this perspective. Don't tell me that you think adding targeted ab exercise wouldn't improve your aesthetics and core strength. Why you gotta argue w/Arnold?

[-] BurnoutRS -8 Point about a year ago

Its almost like there are many different ways to get results in the gym. Weird

[-] Don_Himself 4 Points about a year ago

as usual, nowadays the real solid advice in a TRP ithread s buried in downvotes. this place has been consumed by the cucks who love trying to take shortcuts in life.

[-] LeftHookTKD 0 Points about a year ago

These guys think a 6 pack alone makes you big or attractive. You see all these 110 pound fucks taking shirtless selfies lmao. Abs alone mean nothing, focus on being strong instead.

[-] Don_Himself -3 Point about a year ago

weighted reverse crunches at the end of your heavy squats and deadlifts is really the only exercise you need to build rock solid abs.

then, just cut out all carbs from diet and/or fast 24hrs for at leasy once per week to get your body fat down to make them visible.

[-] AlfredKinsey 2 Points 10 months ago

the only exercise you need

Statements like this are fucking retarded. No homo.

[-] Don_Himself 1 Point 10 months ago

me, a retard: has abs thanks to 400lbs 1rm squat and 500lbs deadlift and weighted reverse crunches

you, an adonis: still wearing shirt inside pools because you think laying on the floor doing hour long bicycle kicks will burn your belly fat and give you abs

good shit bro

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago

If I don't eat 500 carbs a day I lose too much weight. I'm 6 foot 225 with visible abs. Don't recommend cutting carbs out entirely when you don't know the individual

[-] Don_Himself 0 Points about a year ago

that BMI with that much daily carbs, there's no way your waist is at the healthy/optimal measurement. 225 is borderline obese at 6'0". that means your testosterone is lower than it would be if you were at your ideal body fat (10% - 12%)

carbs are cancerous, and cause insulin spikes which make fat-burning substantially more difficult. they also cause drowsiness and crashes, make you more hungry, and bloat you.

cutting out carbs is always better than consuming them. but if you're lifting Strongman weight, then they are acceptable to consume on weekends to replenish your carbs stores. but only CLEAN carbs (think whole wheat, complex, etc like oats, pasta, quinoa etc). hell, if you have a hellish workload, it is even okay to consume some clean carbs immediately after a grueling workout - in moderation of course.

but carbs, even the cleanest kind, can't be consumed daily with every meal. that's literally suicide. especially if you have a high fat & protein diet already (which you should automatically be consuming since good fats increase satiety and testosterone).

[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a year ago

You're a loon lmao I get bloods done once a year and I'm literally in top shape. Sound like a jealous no-Masser to me

[-] Don_Himself 1 Point about a year ago

6 feet 225lbs with 500g carbs daily is not top shape fam, that's a high BF %. i used to eat that exact amount at 6'2" 20%ish body fat, got up to 220ish as well, and i also had "visible abs" thanks to squats and deads. yet i had a shit body compared to the one i have now with no carbs, 190lbs. 11% BF.

[-] AlfredKinsey 1 Point about a year ago

This is bullshit. 220 at 6'0" does not indicate obesity if you have quality muscles mass. Also a 0 carb diet is a bad idea, especially if you are highly physically active.

[-] Don_Himself 1 Point about a year ago

if you have quality muscles mass.

Bingo - IF.

however, with 500g carbs per day, that 225lbs is hardly pure quality muscle. 500g = lots of fat storage. so your body % is very close to 20% if not more.

lean 225lbs is a totally different story.

[-] Timthetiny 3 Points about a year ago

How the fuck would you know?

[-] Don_Himself 1 Point about a year ago

how wouldnt i know? i just told you i had a dumb bulk phase eating a similar diet.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] KrankinTheHog -5 Point about a year ago

I'm 5'11 and 142 pounds lol 22 years old I have that v shape coming in and the two pac on the top but right now I'm so focused in bulking with upper body and legs. Lol I only hit my abs like twice a week. Lol

[-] Campfire_Ghost 2 Points about a year ago

Same age and height 184lbs with 20% fat, just a tad over the fat percent I’d like to be, but I’m cutting atm and looking for 15% by April. When I was on a bulk I’d almost hit 200lbs before I started wanting to trim down.

My opinion is that you should try looking into clean bulks, eat more than three meals a day but make sure it’s all good stuff with a variety. I can’t vouch for it health wise but I can see the ketogenic diet being a good thing to check out, eating tons of meat cheese and fats but burning them instead of sugar.

[-] KrankinTheHog 1 Point about a year ago

I wish I had more weight on me. Honestly 170 would be ideal for me! I've been meal prepping and eating 4 meals a day. Yogurt, oats, eggs, turkey sausage, brown rice, chicken, broccoli, potatoes, even sandwiches. Those are things I usually eat. I've never been on an actually diet before