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- Hide Preview | 27 Comments | submitted about a year ago by Kara__El [Post Locked]

Modern attitudes about marriage tend to heavily focus on the negative. So what are your favorite little perks to being in a committed relationship?

[-] Kara__El 106 Points about a year ago

I hate driving. My husband prefers to drive, so I never have to if he's with me. He doesn't listen to the radio and just prefers to have company.

I have someone to split things with, be it an appetizer or a treat. If I want half an Oreo, he will definitely eat the other half.

Being part of a duel income family is awesome. Together, we were able to save for a downpayment and buy a house. We're tackling debt together. We have a lot more disposable income. I'd have never been able to do these things alone.

The workload was all on me, when I was single. Now I have a teammate to wait for the cable guy, get the oil changed in the car, pick me up when I have a dental procedure. He has someone to do the laundry and stop by the liquor store on the way home.

I get company every day after work. It's like having a slumber party with my best friend forever.

[-] Tailback 45 Points about a year ago

It's like having a slumber party with my best friend forever.

That's how I view it with my wife. When I go to bed late, she almost always semi wakes up, grabs my hand, and puts it on her boob. (I'm a boob guy and she knows it) It's probably childish but there's nothing like drifting off to sleep with your loved one's boob in your hand. I'll never get over it.

[-] toodleoo77 32 Points about a year ago

I want half an Oreo

There are people that only eat half an oreo???

[-] Kara__El 46 Points about a year ago

People who are bad at diets regularly eat half Oreos.

[-] Pxzib 5 Points about a year ago

This is how I imagined it would be before I got married.

[-] Finishedschool 5 Points about a year ago

how has your experience been different?

[-] Pxzib 1 Point about a year ago

A lot more... I don't know what to call it... resentment?

[-] Finishedschool 1 Point about a year ago

You resenting her, her resenting you, or both?

[-] bambiliftsweights 5 Points about a year ago

This is 100% accurate. I love being married!

[-] FlyingBaratoplata 2 Points about a year ago

This is great

[-] LookingForEquanimity 2 Points about a year ago

This sounds SO nice.

[-] i_have_a_semicolon 1 Point about a year ago

I'm not married yet but yep this is us lol!!

[-] 19_LadyScarlet_90 28 Points about a year ago

Gosh, there are so many- I'm so blessed! But these are a few of my favorites (in no particular order):

  1. Going to bed together every night. Rarely ever does one of us stay up & watch tv. We pretty much always climb into bed together, kiss, cuddle, & drift off to sleep together every night . I love the feeling of security ♡
  2. An amazing sex life because we are completely in love & totally trust each other.
  3. Having someone to cook for, someone who appreciates it.
  4. Being able to totally trust my husband in his decisions is such a relief & a weight off my shoulders. He's a great leader.
  5. Watching dumb/interesting/funny TV shows together.
  6. My husband working hard to let me be a STAHW & pursue some of my interests.
  7. Husband does most of the driving when we go on trips.

I could go on. ♡ I love being married to such an amazing man

[-] nightroseblue 2 Points about a year ago

Awwwww, everything you mentioned sounds so awesome! ????

[-] 19_LadyScarlet_90 2 Points about a year ago

It is! I love my husband so much! He just got to work for the day, & I already miss him lol

[-] nightroseblue 2 Points about a year ago

Hehehe this is adorable! I think you guys are lucky to be married to each other.

Now, let me work harder to find my future husband lol.

[-] 19_LadyScarlet_90 2 Points about a year ago

We are very blessed ♡. And good luck to you! Just be the very best version of you. You'll fond someone!

[-] artemis286 21 Points about a year ago

Gosh there are SO many, I could write books about them all. Some that have recently been on my mind is being able to share new experiences together! We are traveling accross the country currently and have stopped in several amazing places, and being able to geek out with my husband and share the excitement makes it twice as amazing!

Sharing joy also. When something good happens to one of us, it essentially happens to both of us. Having someone in your corner that celebrates your successes and thrives in your joy doubles the joy felt.

Much more superficial, I get to watch my hot husband cut wood and build us a fire when we've been camping recently. He puts on his flannel, and I get to enjoy all the views haha! I get to relax and prep the food while he builds the fire. It's just amazing to be able to split the work, and do what we are both good at, and support each other.

I still say thank you in my prayers every day for the blessing of being married to a good man!

[-] bikermonk 12 Points about a year ago

1)We both need only one washing machine between us

2) On our Europe Trip this summer, she agreed to give me the window seat on the flight. ......^(and even on the train)

[-] Guywithgirlwithabike 8 Points about a year ago

I know that there's one person who will always speak in my defense when my back is turned.

[-] raeonmon 7 Points about a year ago

Cliche as it is, having someone you know you can count on no matter what. We both actively work to make each other's lives easier. There is a definite difference between being married and being in a committed relationship. In marriage, there is no easy way out. You know that you guys are a team no questions asked. You are both bonded and working towards shared life goals as opposed to two individuals working towards similar but individual life goals.

[-] Kara__El 3 Points about a year ago

I personally feel the same way about marriage vs. cohabitation.

[-] troubador127 4 Points about a year ago

My husband is a good snuggler. I'd feel really lonely if he werent around. Even if we're just sitting around, feeling even just his foot rubbing my leg or something makes me relaxed.

[-] bunniebell 4 Points about a year ago

When he or I are invited places, it’s automatically intended for BOTH of us to be invited. We often double check, just to be sure, but it’s always the case. Especially at weddings!

[-] Kara__El 3 Points about a year ago

Oh, my goodness, yes. I can be super introverted in new setting and it's so great to have my best bud with me.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Kara__El 2 Points about a year ago

Nope. I wanted to be inclusive of people who might not be married yet. Your negativity is yours alone.