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- Hide Preview | 30 Comments | submitted 8 months ago by Chemtrails2k16 [Post Locked]

[f30]My ex shaped me to his preferences, and now that I am dating someone new[m27] i'm struggling to find what it is that will make me 'wife material.' We've been together roughly over 2 months, and he seems very happy, but has yet to make things official. He has said he wants to take things slow because he is hoping his next relationship is his last, as is mine.

My anxiety comes from the fact he is so different from anyone I've ever dated. ('Chad') he seems to appreciate traditional roles, and when I've asked him if he's looking for a woman with a serious career he has said "No, happiness is all that matters." He owns his own business, and seems calm and well put together. With his only obvious faults being a picky eater and a bit untidy. Though not an issue for me as I like to cook and clean.

tl;dr All this to say, what is expected of me this early into the relationship? I dress well, pamper, support, appreciate, and try my very best to be happy and polite at all times.