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- Hide Preview | 22 Comments | submitted 8 months ago by rookebay [Post Locked]

I’ve had a really great couple of weeks. I feel like my joy and peace has returned to me full force. My SO also seems very happy. Especially in response to my demeanor.

There are weeds all over our front yard. We got a notice about a week ago about them. He started pulling that day, in the small section. I genuinely thanked him.

We got a final notice today. I am out here pulling them. There are a lot. He really wanted to make it to the gym. I said go ahead! pleasantly. I have been working for a while now and there is so much. My nose is running, I am coughing, it is getting dark, and I am growing resentful, but I don’t want a fine from the city.

I want to stop bad thought processes in their tracks and keep my serenity. What is the best way to proceed, ladies?