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- Hide Preview | 6 Comments | submitted about a year ago by rp_nc

With the quarantine of our subreddit, I'm not sure where to go look for quality content.

@mods: do you want to move the users here, manage content here and leave the subreddit as a door to this place, or do we keep this place as a backup in case the subreddit gets shut down completely?

Also, I don't understand what is the feed on (looks like twitter?) and why we direct people to when they would actually be looking for

Maybe it'd be a good idea to write a 'new here' or 'guide' post?

[-] normalandy 4 Points about a year ago

What is now needed is the sidebar where it says 'Welcome to

I like the fact that the front page is not open to new contributions. Let that stay on the twitter feed or on user blogs.

This is good- very good.

[-] trpscience 2 Points about a year ago

These forums are still, for all intents and purposes, completely empty. Although I feel they could be a great alternative to reddit, people are just not coming here. The twitter-like feed on the front page has been going pretty strong on the other hand.

I don't know what the long term plan is, but I'll note one thing. After this quarantine, average votes per post decreased by a LOT. I think that might prove to be a good thing, when only people who really want to access trp will vote on it we will get better vetoing of quality.

[-] Mustard 1 Point about a year ago

There is that silver lining. It will be like a rebirth where only the most committed will remain.

[-] tb87670 2 Points about a year ago

The shame is my account is banned on Reddit starting the day of the quarantine. Search my posts, I wasn't even a hardcore poster with the most extreme viewpoints, I have only been popping in every now and then for the past several months.

The reason this bugs me isn't the loss of Reddit itself, I don't need it. The real shame is that I helped so many people via private messages on r/Phenibut and other places. And now it seems like even with a new burner account I can't even look at TRP on my desktop or my phone, says you need to be invited to see now. Went far beyond a quarantine at this point.

[-] tb87670 1 Point about a year ago

Ok the r/TRP is the one that is invite only, my mistake. Still just a quarantine for r/TheRedPill that anyone can still get into.

[-] normalandy 1 Point about a year ago

You have to keep linking the forums direct from the feed. Same as old reddit. You need to keep pointing them in the right direction - there’s just an extra layer now.