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- Hide Preview | 2 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by Aerobus

Flashback Posting

This is the fifth TRP Flashback post. Flashback posts will showcase older posts that have not been seen by newer members. Users are encouraged to read the linked post, the analysis here, and discuss in the comments.

Women are Incapable of Change

Unlike my last post, I will keep my analysis short and simple because RPS does such a good job that writing even more here would be a waste of my time and yours as well.

Women are incapable of change. Yes, that is meant to be taken literally. No, none of the mods or ECs care if your feelings are hurt about it.

The biggest support to RPS’s argument is that women will hamster away their excuses and never accept personal responsibility. Personal responsibility, an essential catalyst for self-improvement and positive change, is a plague to women. Oil and water do not mix.

Just hours ago, /u/CisWhiteMaelstrom wrote an accurate and incredibly necessary post titled [“Women are not objectified. They’re objects.”]( Open that link, and just read the first three bullet points he lists. How many of you have heard something similar if not verbatim in your lives?

Ultimately the point is this: don’t ever expect a woman to change for the better. Don’t ever expect her to not throw a temper tantrum. Don’t ever expect her to stop making excuses.

Expect her to behave like a woman, and you will slowly and steadily be less angry at them and accept them for the creatures they are.

Read the posts.

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[-] navarangibaba 1 Point about a year ago

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