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Flashback Posting

This is the third TRP Flashback posts. These posts will link older threads that once were on the TRP front page and have not been seen my many of our newer members. The purpose of this post is to showcase the previous thread, encourage users to read it, have the users read my commentary here, and then discuss in the comments section.

Men are Not Happy

It is important to reflect upon why we are here in the first place. Why do men bother to seek out TRP? If they have not deliberately sought it, and chanced upon it, why do they stay? What is it that makes the fellow who is bored to death, who spams /r/random in the hopes of finding something interesting, and finds TRP, end up reading and becoming a subscriber?

Archwinger eloquently and correctly answered all of these questions. Men are not happy.

The Red Pill is here because men aren’t happy. They don’t want to be sweet and sensitive and do things for women all day long and be the “perfect boyfriend,” while having subpar sex once every six weeks, paying out the ass for expensive dates and gifts, sacrificing personal time, and getting bitched at and threatened with a break-up if any of this perfect behavior ever dips slightly.

There three points to make here.


/u/JP_Whoregan’s comment is telling. A minority of men use reddit and find TRP and follow it. The fact that the marriage rate is in decline means that in general, men know something is wrong. TRP sheds light as to what it is that makes people unhappy. When a man grew up in a single-mother household, and heard that his best friend went through a divorce, and has dated four or so women and haven’t really felt that any of them are wife material, he doesn’t need an explanation. He just knows that marriage isn’t for him. The point is, while it is good to read online to find out explanations for your observations, do not feel as if it is absolutely necessary. Feminists and women are campaigning against men currently, trying to convince us that we are wrong for having an opinion. That we are wrong for using our own brains to think and arrive at a conclusion they dislike. If you think of something, and you end up disagreeing with a feminist, you’re probably right.


Just as /u/Archwinger explained why men aren’t happy, he also explained what can be done to be happy. This is very important to understand. Many of you have placed too much importance on women in your lives.

By all means, go ahead and have relationships with women. Whether that be having multiple plates, telling them explicitly that you are not-exclusive or not telling them, having a single relationship in which you are faithful or unfaithful, or forsaking women altogether, I believe it is imperative that men think long and hard about what it is they want and then they actively go out and pursue it. Of course, not everyone will agree with what it is you “should” do, but if there is one thing you “should” do, it’s that you should not place other people’s values and beliefs above your own.


TRP has a lot to offer, in its posts, and in its members. GayLubeOil has skyped over 300 people to help them plan a fitness routine and get them to the gym. ProtoPill wrote an excellent post regarding networking and how men can better navigate the waters of the corporate world we live in. Archwinger and IllimitableMan consistently pen well-written essays going over theory.

Use this as a resource to improve your life. Instead of remaining unhappy, figure out what it is that you want, get help if you need it, and go out and achieve it.

In conclusion, if Archwinger’s post applies to you, if you are unhappy, the question now becomes, what are you going to do about it? Because I think enough is enough with hordes of men being unhappy. It’s time men start prioritizing what they want in life and achieving it. That is TRP, and it’s why men will finally be happy.

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