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Flashback Posting

This is the second TRP Flashback posts. These posts will link older threads that once were on the TRP front page and have not been seen my many of our newer members. As this subreddit has grown, many newer members have not seen the same posts as our older members. The purpose of this post is to showcase the previous threads, encourage users to read them, have the users read my commentary here, and then discuss in the comments section.

Women are Children

Here at TRP, we deliberately speak in an over-the-top manner that frequently annoys and antagonizes weak-minded individuals who typically are unable to get past reading a title to see its deeper meaning. The title "Women are Children" is unapologetic, with good reason.

The message RPS conveyed in his piece essentially is that women make excuses. Repeated excuses being made in an effort to justify why a task was not accomplished is behavior befitting of a woman, or at the very least a low-value beta man. Not someone who has improved himself and can be considered as having self-respect. When you go to the office and your boss asks you what progress you’ve made on your project over the past two weeks, are you going to find any joy in making an excuse? You won’t. Which is why you set goals, working steadily until they are accomplished.

It is a hyperbole to state that women are incapable of doing this, but do not disregard or misunderstand RPS’s point. His point is that women are significantly more prone to making excuses and trying to weasel their way out of commitments they made. As a society, we reward this behavior. When a woman says I’m sorry with a pouty smile and puppy-dog eyes, typically, men don’t think “what a failure of a woman,” instead they think “oh I hurt her feelings, I should try making her feel better.”

RPS’s piece goes beyond simply making excuses however. He accurately analyzes what thought processes occur in a woman’s brain when she gives the excuses she does. I want to specifically analyze one paragraph RPS wrote:

While most red pill men understand that living in the here and now is crucial to survival and success, women enjoy the luxury of turning off when needed, and the freedom to be accepted for doing so.

This is perhaps one of the largest differences between men and women. As men, we understand how important it is to be consciously aware of what is going on in any given day. How much of my finances remain after I paid my bills this week? Will I be able to make this rent payment? A close friend of mine needs my assistance, will I be able to make time for him? Is the project at work on-schedule, or behind schedule?

Of course women have mental checklists like this as well, but the big difference is that if a woman feels overwhelmed, society does not deem it wrong for her to feel overwhelmed, shut down, and not manage her own life. However, as a man, you’re not permitted to have an emotional breakdown. If the average person saw a person sitting at a park bench crying, he’d be much more likely to help out if that person was a woman, and not a man. Female weakness is seen as something to protect. When a woman is hurt, our instincts is to comfort her. Male weakness is seen as a defect. It is met with disgust, by both genders.

RPS recognized exactly this, and brilliantly elaborated in his following paragraph:

Imagine if during something as dangerous as a life threatening scenario, or as important as a business meeting, a red pill man were allowed to simply go silent and fail to react until they are more comfortable.

The fact that women can, should give you credence as to why women are children.

Treating Women Like Children

GLO shared a more comical post about the same topic. Sadly, some of the images won’t load now. Nevertheless, his point is similar. Women make excuses, can’t regulate their emotions, and submit to strong male leadership. Understand that GLO’s comedy is founded upon reason and red pill thinking. He too wrote some good lines.

If a woman sucks a dick, she tells a realy long story about how she was put in a dick sucking situation.

And this particular line should underscores another idea: women view themselves as perpetual victims.

Lastly, I highly encourage you to read through the comment made by /u/trudatness in GLO’s thread. It is a revealing anecdote about his wife, who works with some high-powered men, and (you guessed it), still acts like a child.