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- Hide Preview | 0 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by Aerobus

Explaining Flashback Posting

This is the first of many to come TRP Flashback posts. These posts will link older threads that once were on the TRP front page and have not been seen my many of our newer members. As this subreddit has grown, many newer members have not seen the same posts as our older members.

Some of these threads may have a couple hundred upvotes, or a couple thousand. The original author may be currently active or inactive. Regardless, the common theme among these posts is that they capture the essence of TRP and can deliver an important lesson to be learned by the user base.

Flashback posts will occur roughly twice a month, however this is not guaranteed.

She Doesn’t Love You

SoftHarem wrote this piece before many of you joined TRP, in which he shattered a fantasy that many of us men falsely believe: your woman actually loves you. She doesn’t. He says it in the first line, she loves her attraction to you.

Women and men are very different. /u/IllimitableMan said it best: Men love women, Women love children, Children love dogs, dogs love nobody. This is the hierarchy of love. The faster you realize that your woman does not love you, the faster you truly become outcome independent, and you will depend less on deriving happiness from women. This is key. Women should not and cannot be the primary source of your happiness. This is why it’s essential to lift. To pursue your own hobbies. To develop skills. All of these things make you a better man, which is attractive to women, which can help you get laid and or get a relationship. But even then, your woman won’t truly love you, she’ll love her attraction to you.

Read the post, and the top few comments. Discuss.