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- Hide Preview | 4 Comments | submitted 2 years ago by OmegaRed

Practice abundance. Open a girl and escalate, but remain unattached to the idea of closing. Walk away. You extracted the use out of her in that moment you wanted and now her novelty ceases to amuse.

Don't simply do this because it's a strategy that can work. Do this as a matter of course.

Your emotions are yours, and the universe starts and ends with you. She may be a part, but you don't need her to make your universe one of abundance. Don't just fake being the alpha she wants, BE the alpha she wants.

[-] RedMoonAscendant 1 Point about a year ago

I recently went night-clubbing solo and I think I did this. Just chat up a girl for a while, then go to the bar to get a drink and pay her no more mind. I got lots of furtive looks from the other HB's when I did this.

[-] illacertus 1 Point 2 years ago

You are now obligated to watch this! Abundance vs DEEP Abundance

[-] redpillschool 1 Point 2 years ago

That's all I do. Chat with strangers and then walk away.

[-] redcapsule85 1 Point 2 years ago

You know, this sounds like something I need to start doing.