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- Hide Preview | 2 Comments | submitted about a year ago by MuchStore [Post Locked]

The following is an archive of the roughly 10,000 posts on r/DebateAltRight, including all comments, starting with the oldest post I could find, "Knowing Where We Stand", made on November 30, 2016.

Filename: dar.7z

Download link:

Format: .7z (7-zip, download free 7z decompression software at

Size: 36 megabytes.

Decompressed size: 300ish megabytes.

Download Link Expiration: 30 days from today.

Once you decompress the archive, you can use a web browser to browse the posts and comments of this sub, directly from your local disk. You can sort posts by date, score, and number of comments. You can also click a user's name to see their post history, but only their posts on this sub.

A few drawbacks: the visual layout is somewhat barebones compared to reddit, and there is no real search facility.

The link will expire in 30 days. Please download a copy if you want to preserve the discussions and links in this sub.

More details for the curious/people who want to be able to archive subreddits:

I used this script to perform the archiving:

It took about 12 hours for the script to download the entire sub.


[-] redpillschool 3 Points about a year ago

For anybody's curiosity, the archive linked in the sidebar here on has 10,562 posts and 251,180 comments archived from this subreddit (all the way to the first post).

The posts are backed up in database form (separated from the full html pages) and can be used to import into other forum software if the need arises.


I am not, nor do I identify as, alt-right. However I do endeavor to fight censorship where I find it. Believing in free speech != an endorsement of everything people say.

[-] Pukalo_Reincarnate 1 Point about a year ago

Is this post implying an imminent Shoah?