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- Hide Preview | 4 Comments | submitted about a year ago by superBasedNinja [Post Locked]

I would say that I am center-left on economic issues and quite right wing on social issues.

[-] Staplesdrone181 1 Point about a year ago

Not full Orthodox Natsoc but definitely lean heavily in that direction. I don't care for the Nazi model of government as I believe it was too authoritarian but I do believe that the economy should serve the people and that capitalism can be just as degenerate as communism.

[-] Dobix 1 Point about a year ago

Not a national socialist, because I believe in economic freedom and freedom of thought.

I do have some sympathy for nationalism, because I don’t think every culture is equal, and some cultures do more good in the world than others, but not in the socialism part, where a certain party or clique has power over the means of production.

[-] ItchyConclusion 1 Point about a year ago

If yes, why?

There are some but NatSocs get a really bad rap in general, even when compared to other alt-right groups. Most of the NatSocs I see are edgy 14 years olds.

I see myself as aware of the fundamental nature of both race and class issues, and see many social problems of the world driven by capitalists in a cuttthroat race for money and power.

I don’t necessarily think immigrants are coming into the US because (((they))) want to destroy the west or something. In my mind that’s a lazy analysis. It seems much more clear that elites simply want to use these people as wage slaves, and they ultimately will demand and complain less than US residents. A drive to collect capital is going to drive a mass marketing of porn, materialism, media propaganda, immigrants, etc.

As for race, I’m much more muted than most “NatSocs”. I believe in the axiom that cultural groups have the right to self-determination of their own people, and that putting significant groups of different ethnic and cultural people under the same governance is going to intrinsically cause points of conflict between their self determination. This alone I see as justification, the alt-right seems to toil endlessly over IQ rates and I just don’t see it as necessary. As long as no country try to go and imperialistically conquests these nations I see no obvious reason for them to self destruct.

[-] BasteAndRedpiIIed -2 Point about a year ago

No bc I don’t wanna dictator UwU