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- Hide Preview | 8 Comments | submitted about a year ago by PoliticalAccount1 [Post Locked]

I've been seeing a lot of posts about the banwave of right wing groups across the internet. I generally agree that the banwave is bad (but as a centrist Jew, it's probably for different reasons than you). However, I'm curious about if the banwave is objectionable because of the hypocrisy of being pro-free speech but banning right-wing platforms, or if it's genuinely because you don't think you'd be doing the same thing in your ideal society.

So that begs the question: Would people be able to protest or go against your state in an ideal world?

[-] Fayolunipo 17 Points about a year ago

I don't think freedom of speech would create any issues in a white country not subverted by Jews.

[-] downt0wnman 14 Points about a year ago

I'm of the European variate and I was already born in an "ideal world" meaning a world run and populated by my own ethnicity and culture.

However, for some reason this is coming to an end and had public opinion have been implemented we would never have had mass migration. Even now you can find up to 2/3rds support for blocking all non-white migration and 80% think Islam is incompatible with "our way". This is despite the media messaging to the contrary and politicians advocated the contrary. If you ask them to "to help refugees", sure, you get majority support, but if you get specific (migration), that drops far below majority. So what is my problem here? certainly not the will of the people or their opinions. Mass migration is unpopular, right-wing parties and central parties vow to fix it and yet it keeps happening. In the US, american whites were never in favor for more migration and yet they went from 85% to a minority in 60-70 years.

I don't fear the will of the people, my enemy is within the system and it is the system that needs a good cleaning up.

but as a centrist Jew

You know, progressive jew or conservative jew, when it comes to the issues that bother me, they all sound the same.

[-] Fiveos2 4 Points about a year ago

There isn't an ideal world. I can say all day long that in an ideal world all conversation would be allowed and it would be 500 iq big brains discussing the nuance of contradictions between law and liberty or other such stuff.

But in reality amy idea, when turned into revolution, ceases becoming an idea at all and represents more of a strange convoluted pile of contradictions and emotions.

If the elite are bad enough then simply replacing them can be a good enough end itself regardless of how poorly a political vision becomes butchered by the masses. Nicholas, Charles 1, and the bourbons were not actually such bad leaders...if anything they were too kind and complacent (which makes revolution easy)

So obviously I am in favor of free speech. And liberty. And law. All that good stuff is good.

[-] pcpmasterrace 4 Points about a year ago

Contrary to popular opinion, there was absolutely room for dissent under Fascism. Obviously, if your newspaper was dedicated to Mussolini-bashing, it would be shut down by the state, but you could voice your legitimate disagreements without issue. Censorship has always primarily a tool of the Communists and the liberal plutocrats that backed Communism. Under Hitler, around 1,500 books were banned (mainly Marxist propaganda, pornography, "sexology") - in Germany today, 30,000 books are banned.

[-] TheMythof_Feminism 4 Points about a year ago

I was under the impression that the third-position stance is fairly anti-liberty of expression.

Isn't it? eh, I'm not sure.

[-] FUCK_SNITCHES_ 3 Points about a year ago

Would people be able to protest or go against your state in an ideal world?

They should be able to critique specific policies but they should not be permitted to propagate self-hatred and demoralization.

[-] discreetlog 1 Point about a year ago

The social media bans are perfectly fine. Freedom from association is far more important to white separatists than it is to anyone else on Earth. We should be applauding the Left for having come to our side on the issue.

The problem with social media and financial/internet infrastructure companies isn't the banning, it's that they are essentially monopolies. No business should be allowed to have more than 20% market share in the US.

[-] LGBT7BBQWTF 1 Point about a year ago

I always assumed it protected us, not endangered us. until the internet it had been subverted by money and jews which is why it's under attack now.