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- Hide Preview | 21 Comments | submitted about a year ago by OrdinaryEdge [Post Locked]

There are no fixed racial statistics in France as its illegal there. Alt hype said in 2018 that France was 11% Muslim, now there are a lot of lapsed Muslims and Black Christians and some Asians....

In 2004 a far right group estimated that France was only 85% white. Most likely they underestimated White population to scare monger and it worked, there has been less migration to France since the 2000s but the birth rate difference remained...

Plus there was no Eastern European migration...I think its safe to assume that whites are about 82-84% of the Population

What's really dangerous about France and this goes for the UK as well is that the Arabs and blacks brought in their women, this produced a full baby making machine. In Sweden and Germany most of the enrichers are recent arrivals and men, they're not going to produce any baby boom, they rape, go to whores or jack off...

But in France and the UK...

[-] downt0wnman 16 Points about a year ago

Yeah, it's illegal to find things out.

However, there are some 'tells'. check this out:

This is the percentage of babies born with 'sickle cell', a typical African affliction.

This could give you a good idea what's coming. My country also doesn't do racial statistics, but we do keep track of children who speak a different language at home and this also indicates a similar shift. The number of 10 year olds that didn't speak the native language at home went from 6.1% to 25% in 10 years (2006->2016), this is certainly not a peak according to kindergarten data.

What's really dangerous about France and this goes for the UK as well is that the Arabs and blacks brought in their women

Here in Belgium, we had a very lax law instituted by socialists, greens and neo-liberals that increased the population by 10% over 15 years purely by migration. This law was shut down due to the election of a more populist government in 2014. However, due to 'family reunification' and marriage-laws, the influx now can sustain itself without that law.

There is this huge demographic shift coming that hasn't even hit us yet. Whatever problems we have with migrant youths(15-20), their absolute number will probably quadruple in 5 years. Europe is still +80% white but it will take much less time to make it majority non-white than the USA.

[-] Ebrg 5 Points about a year ago

25%? That's absurd

[-] Gnaygnay1 1 Point about a year ago

It is. Hopefully there's some sample bias from them not collecting sufficient data from rural communities or something like that

[-] LGBT7BBQWTF 1 Point about a year ago

but think what this means for cities that are completely given over

[-] LGBT7BBQWTF 1 Point about a year ago

absurd is too neutral a term. outrageous is more like it

[-] OrdinaryEdge 2 Points about a year ago

Are you saying that the enrichers in Belgium already brought their women with them?

[-] downt0wnman 11 Points about a year ago

A significant amount of them go back to their home country to find a husband/wife, usually also their cousin. Once a male enricher has citizenship, him being a ticket to europe is his most attractive quality.

[-] OrdinaryEdge 5 Points about a year ago

And marriage grants automatic citizenship? That's awful...

At least in Germany and Sweden they are refugees with no citizenship and its hard to get citizenship there..

But countries who allowed legal migration are the most fucked...this is why the whole illegal migration stance is stupid, legal migration is far more deadly.

An illegal migrant has little privilege and can't afford to go back but legals can

[-] downt0wnman 9 Points about a year ago

There are of course illegal migrants and people with refugee status, but the legal migration has been horrible enough.

During 1999-2006, there was no language requirement or a requirement to ever have worked and you could still apply for citizenship. Not even a phony integration course. 5500 people got citizenship without ever being in Belgium. That got changed due to pressure of other European countries, that it was unpopular among the citizens didn't matter .

The person in charge bringing us that law is Guy Verhofstadt, the European leader fighting Brexit and fighting Victor Orban for his anti-migration stances.

I voted for this mess, my first vote ever was in 1999 and was for Guy's VLD neo-liberal party. It sickens me that I was part of that. That election was dominated by corruption of the Christian democrats and their attempted cover-up of a food-poisoning scandal in chicken eggs. This has caused a neo-liberal and green-socialist backlash that, without it ever being a topic, turned Belgium into the country with the highest influx of migrants.

Looking back, I'd prefer the egg poisoning.

[-] OrdinaryEdge 5 Points about a year ago

Jesus...what level of cuckoldry was that? Its like they were racing to get as many Arabs and blacks as they could. Now Verhofstadt is maniacally demanding nation states surrender all power to the EU.

Absolute lunatic. He's honestly the ugliest human i've ever seen, physically at least. He looks like he had a truck run over his face, his misplaced yes and somewhat deformed face, how did such a guy ever get elected anywhere?

He looks like Jason voorhees without the hockey mask

[-] downt0wnman 6 Points about a year ago

He actually got better with age:

That bearded guy on the left recently celebrated that our second largest city (Antwerp) is now a minority native and he rejoices that those evil nationalists will never rule it again. He actually celebrated the decline of nationalism in that city due to demographic warfare.

God, I've become to hate these people. And keep in mind, these are the people 'on the right'

[-] OrdinaryEdge 1 Point about a year ago

They used to be 'right wing' now they're centrists...Now there are actual right wing or center right parties...VB and NVA though NVA is kind of traitorish but if they can form a government in Flanders in coalition with VB then they can part Belgium and make a more based and whiter independent Flanders

[-] downt0wnman 1 Point about a year ago

It's likely that every other party forms a coalition against NV-A and VB. Then we're truly fucked.

[-] Zambujoz 1 Point about a year ago

They're usually childless sociopaths or gays getting their revenge on traditional society. There's a good reason why Hitler went after these people.

[-] Fayolunipo 2 Points about a year ago

Guy Verhofstadt actually has 2 children, which makes it worse. I don't understand how you could gleefully give the future of your children away when you know they don't have one in Israel when everything goes to shit.

[-] Zambujoz 2 Points about a year ago

Fucking fuck, France is a goner if nothing changes soon.

[-] Ethnocrat 1 Point about a year ago

Europe is still +80% white but it will take much less time to make it majority non-white than the USA.

That is just not true.

[-] Fayolunipo 5 Points about a year ago

On pol they mentioned 40% non-white babies based on some map with a testing of an illness that only affects non-whites.

[-] IterImpius 4 Points about a year ago

It's fucked

[-] ragegamer1223434 2 Points about a year ago

France deserves everything thats coming to it

[-] OrdinaryEdge 1 Point about a year ago

Took the red pill recently?